"A Speck Of Dust Settles In My Eye"

Toying is the Act of Dis-Closing, the state of being dis-closed/dis-clothed.

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The TOY, like the YOD and the OID exhibits what is Un-Real and conceals what is Real.

Toy is a Pre-text woven in order to cover one's true motives, feelings, reasons.

The wise fool - an exemplification of imperfection?

Is his crazy vision/wisdom child's play or the result of defective wits?

David Bowie's Toy is a Crumb, a snippet unburied.

A concealed matter revealed/re-veiled.

And again made known, sophisticated, sophistic.

This deserted dessert made of many layers now reclaimed.

Toy is a fragment/remnant of an original.

A copy passing for the genuine.

A speck of dust settling in the eye.

Toy - the smallest part of a concealed likeness vanishes/re-appears like a mime pointing away from native forms and pointing toward a worldly wise-guise!

The Original was deceptively Altered/Adulterated.

We are all dis-illusioned now!

"I am a blind man and she is my eyes..."

"Doesn't matter I've seen everything anyway".

"In this age of grand illusion..."



By Nevada Kerr
21st May 2001.

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