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BOWIE TV and WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING IN FEBRUARY - Where can i buy clomid in sa



28th February 2002

Radio DJ DAVE FANNING has just announced a couple of hours ago on his radio rock show 2FM that DAVID BOWIE will be performing at Marley Park in Dublin, Ireland in June.

Updates: DB says he HASN'T as yet signed/confirmed for this Dublin show. Also there's definitely no appearance from him at IOW because according to the organisers "the date clashed with his busy schedule." Line up for the Isle Of Wight Festival is The Charlatans, Ash, Starsailor, The Coral and The Bees for the 2002 Festival at Seaclose Park, Newport on Monday 3rd June 2002 (bank holiday).

28th February 2002

Many thanks to ALISON HALE for sending in her photographs she shot of DAVID BOWIE at the Annual Tibet House Benefit Gig at the Isaac Stern Auditorium, Carnegie Hall in New York City on 22nd February.

Check out the Photograph Gallery.

27th February 2002

DAVID BOWIE is sampled on a new club track by New York producer THE SCUMFROG. 'Loving The Alien' will be released through Positiva on April 29th. The house track samples vocals from Bowie's 1985 hit of the same name.

It is expected to be a hit at this year's Miami Winter Music Conference. Loving The Alien is the follow-up to The Scumfrog's 2001 Ibiza hit 'We Love You', which used samples from the Rolling Stones. The Scumfrog is signed to Roger Sanchez's R*Senal Records. More information about the DJ is available from www.thescumfrog.com.

You can listen to the track here on mp3 - Loving The Alien - The Scumfrog vs. David Bowie.

27th February 2002

In this weeks's New Musical Express, "Manhattan's premier rap mistress" PRINCESS SUPERSTAR chooses her ten favourite songs in the weekly feature to find the ultimate babysitting soundtrack. She decided on DAVID BOWIE'S 'Station To Station' as one of her choices and she had this to say...

The Stooges - Loose "This song is from the 'Fun House' album. It's so raw and sex and dirty and punk rock - it's brilliant. I'm dying to meet Iggy Pop. The Stooges were probably his best work, but I love the shit he did with David Bowie too. Speaking of him..."

David Bowie: Station To Station: "Have you seen how English my list is? It's not even intentional.I love this track and (Bowie's) 'TVC 15 - in fact the whole Station To Station album is so crazy and funky and conceptual. This track is long - you can put on your make-up and be done by the end of the song. It's from his real, mid-70s cocaine period. I don't know whether drugs are beneficial to musicians - it's a tough call. All the famous musicians have gone through their druggy period. I say, do everything in moderation but you should at least try things once."

Other tracks included on her compilation CD included: Black Sheep 'Strobelight Honey', Tenacious D 'The Radio', DJ Shadow 'The Number Song', Roni Size 'New Forms', Pink Floyd 'The Great Gig In The Sky', Radiohead 'Karma Police', Slick Rick 'Children's Story' and her own song Princess Superstar 'You Get Mad At Napster'.

From NME.

27th February 2002

Just released and available now on CD is Pro.File Volume 1: Jack Dangers Remix Collection a collection of remixes by MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO released by Brooklyn Music Ltd. The album includes the famed sound manipulator's takes on David Bowie's 'You've Been Around' and Nine Inch Nails' 'Closer' and others. See below for full tracklisting

01. House Of God - DHS
02. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
03. You've Been Around - David Bowie
04. Stargazer - Deepsky
05. Cetch Da Monkey - Atomic Babies
06. Hyperreal - The Shamen
07. Ava - David Byrne
08. Party Right - Freddy Fresh
09. How Much Reality Can You Take? - Banco De Gaia
10. Status Quo - Papa Brittle
11. Liquid Dub - Tino

You can purchase Pro.File vol. 1: Jack Dangers Remix Collection here.

26th February 2002

Many thanks to DAVID EMERSON for sending in his photographs he shot of DAVID BOWIE leaving after the soundcheck at the Annual Tibet House Benefit Gig at the Isaac Stern Auditorium, Carnegie Hall in New York City on 22nd February.

Check out the Photograph Gallery.

25th February 2002

Coming up next month - a new TV show For Your Ears Only showing on Play UK. Scott Mills presents the new show, exclusive to Play, in which a celebrity guest makes a compilation tape for someone they care about and is asked to think about what tracks they would include and why. This week, Radio One DJ Emma B compiles a tape for rock legend DAVID BOWIE, including tracks by Madonna, Pulp, Beverley Knight and Placebo.

Starting: 19:30 on Saturday 9th March. Duration: 30 minutes.

PlayUK are also showing reruns of Stella Street at 21:00 GMT starting on 4th March. The episodes on 15th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd March also feature 'David Bowie' sketches.

Other Bowie UK television highlights for March include:

Mr. Rice's Secret on Sky Premier 3, 09:00 and 17:00 on Monday 4th March.
Everybody Loves Sunshine on Sky Premier 2, 03:05 on Wednesday 6th March.
The Last Temptation of Christ on The Studio, 22:45 on Monday 11th March.

Check the monthly planner for other tv listings, movies, archives and various releases.

24th February 2002

For those of you interested in the annual nonsense of "guess how much he's worth" report from THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - featured in today's 'Rich Report 2002' magazine - the top 300 British millionaires. DAVID BOWIE is reported to be worth £100m and is placed at number 293. Last year they placed him at number 257 and worth £125m.

Alongside a cartoon drawing of our Dave is the heading 'The Bowie bank falls to Earth', complete with a review containing the usual errors and assumptions.

With £100m to his name David Bowie is not quite The Man Who Fell To Earth. But his famous reinvention of himself as an Internet tycoon has not been the success he might have hoped. Last year Bowiebanc, which is run by USABancshares.com and issues its own credit cards, was rocked by internal disputes and accusations of irregularities. The company, which was investigated by the US Federal Reserve, is now being run under its guidance. Analysts said Bowie would have made £30m if it had floated on the Nasdaq stock exchange as was expected last year. We have trimmed £25m from his fortune.

Another site, BowieNet, provides a range of services and charges subscribers £43 a year. But subscriber numbers are not revealed, so we do not know how profitable it is. However, Bowie, 55, has claimed he was never in it for the cash. 'Working with the Internet for me has been about building the future, not making money,' he said. Surprisingly, he claims not to be have a lost a penny in Internet stocks because he has not invested in anyone else's ventures.

He launching his own record label, ISO, after a split from Virgin Records. Its first release will be a Bowie album, due out in March (Ed. Expect it around June - distribution deal still being sorted).

Meanwhile, his film company, Intermedia Films, is bankrolling Kate Winslet's production of French literary classic 'Therese Raquin'.

The singer lives with his supermodel wife Iman and their baby daughter Alexandria in a vast art-filled apartment in Manhattan.

Also under the 'Wealthy Wives' section is IMAN BOWIE pictured together. She was already a millionairess when Somalian-born model Iman married rock star Bowie in 1992. Iman, now 46 and a recently a mother, became the world's first black supermodel, earning £20,000 a day. She heads her own multi-ethnic cosmetics business, Iman Cosmetics, which is worth £25m.

Elsewhere in the magazine, David's son Duncan is listed in the '10 Eligible Heirs' section, alongside a large colour photograph.

24th February 2002

As hinted at last Wednesday (20th) concerning DAVID BOWIE appearing at this years Isle of Wight Music Festival to be held on June 3rd 2002 - THE CHARLATANS at their official website have posted up on their news pages that they will be headlining the festival along with David Bowie.

The concert will take place in Seaclose Park, Ryde and will run from 2pm to 10.30pm with 5 rock acts making up the bill as well as a newcomers slot. The line-up will be announced shortly and tickets will go on sale towards the end of the month. Ferry deals have been negotiated and transport to and from the gig Island side will be laid on.

Solo are hoping to firmly re-establish the Isle of Wight on the festival calender by building the event up over the next few years. The last festival took place in 1970 and saw Jimi Hendrix headlining. Although there is no official record, it is believed that there were more than 200,000 people at the event, making it the biggest festival Britain had ever seen.

Expect an official announcement of the acts involved this week. See the Charlatans News page.

Thanks to Dave R for the pointer.

23rd February 2002

DAVID BOWIE took to the stage last night at Carnegie Hall, smartly dressed in a black coloured suit with small white checks and white shirt. He performed two songs for the Annual Tibet House Benefit Concert.

David opened with a brand new song recently written entitled 'I Would Be Your Slave' which is to appear on his next studio album. The song was performed with the Scorchio Quartet (4 strings), Sterling Campbell (drums), Tony Visconti (bass), with David also playing harmonica.

The main line/chorus is: "Open up your heart to me and I would be your slave", with several people describing the song as "haunting, romantic and beautiful".

Next up was his golden oldie 'Space Oddity' but this time complete with an excellent brand new string arrangement by Tony Visconti, featuring the Kronos Quartet, Philip Glass (piano), Sterling Campbell (drums), Adam Yauch (bass guitar), with Tony Visconti conducting.

Ray Davies of The Kinks also performed at the event. The encore, which David joined in with, was again a rendition of Patti Smith's 'People Got The Power'.

22nd February 2002

Almost a year to the day DAVID BOWIE plays the ANNUAL TIBET HOUSE BENEFIT GIG again tonight at the Isaac Stern Auditorium inside Carnegie Hall in New York City.

The concert promises to be a powerful blend of musical talent under the guidance of artistic director and Tibet House Vice President Philip Glass, with performers and songwriters David Bowie, Bebel Gilberto, Nawang Khechog, The Kronos Quartet, Patti Smith, Tibetan monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery, Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys) and others.

A fund raising reception with the event's Honorary Chairpersons and artists will be held following the performance. Honorary Chairs are Iman and David Bowie, Elizabeth and Adam Lindemann, and Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke.

There are quite a number of fans going over from Europe to catch David and help inaugurate the 'Year of the Water Horse'. Anyone managing to sneak in a camera and would like to submit photographs and/or reviews to Wonderworld, please feel free to do so. Have a great time everyone :)

(Ed. Break a leg David).

21st February 2002

Please ignore the report in yesterday's Italian La Nazione newspaper from Mimmo d'Alessandro the promoter of the 'Summer Festival', who namedropped DAVID BOWIE and suggested that he might be appearing at the 2002 Festival in Lucca (Tuscany).

Confirmation received today that David WON'T be appearing at this event.

20th February 2002

Previously only available to BowieNet members to read, now MOBY'S official website has now finally added the question and answer session he did with DAVID BOWIE last July 2001.

David and Moby at Tribeca Party Moby to David: Have you ever kissed someone while one of your songs was playing? And, if so, how did it make you feel?
I've sometimes started kissing someone and then broken off to rush over to the hi-fi to slip Laughing Gnome onto the deck but then on my return the party has usually left the building. I have milked a cow to Heroes.

David to Moby: Which living artist do you think should be dead?
Damian Loeb. Cos I own a bunch of his paintings and if he died they'd be worth a lot of money. There is the issue of his being my best friend...but sacrificing a friend for some expensive paintings seems like a fair trade...

Read the whole question and answers session at www.moby.com - click on Essays. Whilst you are there check out Moby's online diaries.

Talking of dairies and other great websites... the quite brilliant artist DAMIAN LOEB has several mentions of a 'new member of their mutation admiration society' who made a visit to his home on 12th December 2001.

Lord of the Rings Damian's wonderful journals are done in a 'photograph with caption' style. To view - click on photos link - start at the base and work your way up (ooer missus). They are all well worth viewing and reading, especially 'Philanthropy; part I' 12/05/01 and 'The mutual admiration society (a new member gets rushed)' 12/12/01.

Visit his excellent website @ www.damianloeb.com and find out just who the new member is.

20th February 2002

IMAN can be seen tonight in the second part of the two part documentary Because You're Worth It: 100 Years Of Make Up on Channel 4 UK TV at 21:00 to 22:00.

This two part documentary examines the birth of the modern cosmetics industry from the early 1900s. The programme features personal testimonies and interviews with beauty historians, plus a look behind the most famous names in beauty.

This second instalment examines the birth of the modern cosmetics industry from the early 1900s. Examining the background to the modern world of cosmetics, with a look at the issues of animal testing, the development of make-up for black women and the most lucrative section of the modern market - anti-wrinkle creams. It also considers trends such as the increase in cosmetic surgery.

20th February 2002

If it's true about DAVID BOWIE also playing some festivals during his 2002 live dates (see below), common sense says that he MIGHT BE one of the headliners involved in the Isle of Wight Music Festival to be held on June 3rd 2002.

For the first time in over 30 years there will be a rock festival on the Isle of Wight this summer. The concert will take place in Seaclose Park, Ryde and will run from 2pm to 10.30pm with 5 rock acts making up the bill as well as a newcomers slot. The line-up will be announced shortly and tickets will go on sale towards the end of the month. Ferry deals have been negotiated and transport to and from the gig Island side will be laid on.

Solo are hoping to firmly re-establish the Isle of Wight on the festival calender by building the event up over the next few years. The last festival took place in 1970 and saw Jimi Hendrix headlining. Although there is no official record, it is believed that there were more than 200,000 people at the event, making it the biggest festival Britain had ever seen.

They should be making an announcement of the acts involved towards the end of this coming week... maybe DB will be included?

20th February 2002

BOWIENET are auctioning exclusive DAVID BOWIE items online - Find Bowie items on eBay - these items are part of a series of exclusive BowieNet auctions featuring clothing and other memorabilia directly from David's vaults and archives. Many rare and one-of-a-kind items will be made available. A portion of all BowieNet auction proceeds will be donated to Save the Children.

The latest items currently up for grabs are:

David Bowie: 1996 Bridge School Benefit Shirt - Long-sleeve thermal shirt commemorating the 1996 Bridge School Benefit Concert, which David played at. Item # 1516232274.

David Bowie Earthling All Access Pass - Laminated pass with neck lanyard. From the 1997 Earthling Tour. Item # 1516233529.

David Bowie / Tin Machine All Access Pass - Tin Machine 'It's My Life' laminated all-access pass. Item # 1516234665.

(Ed. At least now if you purchase a signed David Bowie item that has originated from BowieNet you know you've got a 100% guaranteed GENUINE David Bowie autograph and not one of the numerous fake ones that appear on eBay all the time).

19th February 2002

Update: This is wishful thinking on the part of the festival promoter, David WON'T be appearing at this festival.

From today's Italian newspaper LA NAZIONE... 'Bowie and Rod Stewart at the Summer Festival

The newspaper reports in a small article that DAVID BOWIE (only Italian show) and Rod Stewart might be at 99% among the rock-stars of the 2002 edition 'Summer Festival' in Lucca (Tuscany). The names of the two British artists have been extorted by the journalist to Mimmo d'Alessandro promoter of the Festival. La Nazione Summer Festival con David Bowie news piece.

Let's cross our fingers and hope this is true! Ciao.

From Velvet Goldmine in Italy.

(Ed. The Lucca 'Summer Festival' is a series of open air concerts, mainly taking place in the Piazza Napoleone (aka Piazza Verde) throughout July. This event has grown in popularity in a very short time and now attracts some big names on the European summer tour circuit).

18th February 2002

David Bowie as Baal The National Film Theatre in London's South Bank are to screen 'DAVID BOWIE: IN BAAL' as part of a retrospective of films by ALAN CLARK on Thursday 21st March at 6:15pm in NFT1 and on Wednesday 27th March at 8:40pm NFT2

Ever since his days directing theatre in the 60s, Alan Clarke had been obsessed by Brecht, and here committed to video a version of the great man's earliest play, the tale of an unkempt, carousing poet who crashes into Bavarian high society, leaving chaos in his wake. David Bowie is suitably debauched as the eponymous anti-hero, and lends his vocals to several inimitable BB ballads. Working from a scenario devised by the eminent Brecht scholar John Willett, Clarke's adaptation is bleak and bawdy by turns.

BBC tx 2.3.82. With Jonathan Kent, Zoe Wanamaker. 62 mins.

Plus British Desk, a documentary on South African intelligence in Britain. Central tx 8.5.84. c52 mins.

For further information please click here.

NFT Box Office: 020 7928 3232.

16th February 2002

Hungry Men? Yes I know... My spellchecker isn't working ;) You think of a heading!...

The first ever DAVID BOWIE book to appear in the Hungarian language is due for publication any month now. Written by Gergely Harangi and Attila Újhelyy and published by Palatinus Publishing. The book will describe - besides his musical career and private life - Bowie as an actor, as an artist, and as the pioneering internet entrepreneur. In addition there are discography and videography lists.

The Palatinus Publishing House's main mission is to publish important Hungarian classic and contemporary literary works, preserving a kind of exclusiveness despite large print runs. Palatinus hopes in the future to pay special attention to the youngest generation of writers in Hungary.

From Gergely Harangi.

15th February 2002

A contact of mine - David from PA - has two extra tickets for the Tibet Benefit at Carnegie. They are Orchestra Row Q and he paid 140 per ticket but he'll take face so they don't go to waste.

If you are interested email David Poley at AFPOLEY@aol.com and tell him Paul at Wonderworld told you.

15th February 2002

David Bowie Check out the "new look" DAVID BOWIE photographed by MARKUS KLINKO. Markus is a Swiss photographer based in New York, who originally was a classical musician before he got behind the camera just over four years ago. Together with INDRANI (Julia Indrani-Pal) they experimented with various techniques and quickly developed a photographic style involving elaborate lighting and digital technology. Their work is seen regularly in magazines, advertising campaigns and album covers.

Besides shooting the recent Bowie photographs, he also is the man responsible for the cover photograph on Iman's recently published book.

The New York Post reported back in December that Markus "recently shot the current Joop! campaign and the cover of Iman's new autobiography, 'I Am Iman'. Included in his upcoming projects will be the CD cover of David Bowie's new album, due in March."

Click here to see Iman photographs including the full shot of her book cover.

Michele Filomeno Agency Artists and Portfolios.

15th February 2002

A rare box set of prints by DAVID BOWIE are currently on sale at BOWIEART.COM. The very cool Minotaur box was published in 1994 and first sold at that year at David's first mixed show at the Berkeley Square Gallery. The set is in an incredibly small edition of fourteen with each print being computer-generated.

It is safe to say that these prints are the first generation of computer-generated artwork. David used his own computer and video material to tell the story of a Modern Day Minotaur; the cast of characters includes David and his friend Brian Eno! The set is compiled of 14 images, including a spectacular hand coloured frontispiece. The sale of these sets comes at a significant time as the opening page of the box set tells us; This unfortunate play was first performed at the Globe theatre in London in February 2002. It had but one performance owing to the hideous construction playing the part of the Minotaur. Comprehension was further inhibited by the density and complexity of the script written in part by a Macintosh Quandra 650 computer.

For further images and information on how to purchase this beautiful and unusual print set visit www.bowieart.com or email bowieart@bowieart.com.

14th February 2002

PULP'S new promotional video for their next single release 'Bad Cover Version' shows an array of look-a-like rock stars singing along to the track in a spoof of the Band Aid charity single 'Do They Know It's Christmas'.

The look-a-likes include DAVID BOWIE, Kurt Cobain, Robbie Williams, Liam Gallagher, George Michael, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bono, Missy Elliot, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Kylie, Bjork, Gary Numan and even a bad Jarvis Cocker.

Bowie sings his part with Kylie... "She's trying to replace me, but it'll never work" and then duets with George Michael.

The hilarious video was directed by lead singer Jarvis Cocker, which starts off with a tongue-in-cheek intro to the video claiming: 'On January 23rd 2002, the cream of the world's music talent gathered together in a West London studio to pay tribute to one of the most original and inventive bands of our time.'

Bad Cover Version is released on Island Records on March 25th and you can view the exclusive full video featured at nme.com

13th February 2002

David Bowie in Zoolander 12th March sees the DVD (region 1) and Video release of Ben Stiller's ZOOLANDER starring DAVID BOWIE.

Stiller is Derek Zoolander, a supermodel overflowing with charisma but lacking in common sense. He is targeted by a dangerous crime organization that wants him to carry out some dangerous plans. Suddenly, Zoolander has to think fast - but with his head always in the clouds, Zoolander has trouble thinking at all.

Ben Stiller, David and Owen Wilson Edition Details:
Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby
Commentary by Ben Stiller and writers Drake Sather and John Hamburg
5 deleted scenes with commentary by Ben Stiller
Music video - "Start the Commotion" by the Wiseguys
Alternate end title sequence
Photo gallery
Widescreen anamorphic format

You can pre order Zoolander now on DVD and video via Amazon.

13th February 2002

Dutch DAVID BOWIE tribute band Ch-Ch-Changes play the trendy EDD (Eat, Drink and Dance) at the Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam on February 28th, 2002. The show starts at ten o'clock in the evening. The 5-piece band play a mix of Bowie classics and some less known tracks like 'Fantastic Voyage', 'Look back in anger' and 'Survive'. A great rocking celebration of Bowie music.

From Shlatman.

12th February 2002

Official Royal Festival Hall press release

DAVID BOWIE appointed Director of MELTDOWN 2002
12 - 30 June 2002
Royal Festival Hall

The Royal Festival Hall is delighted to announce that one of the world's most influential and popular artists, David Bowie, is the Artistic Director of Meltdown 2002. He will curate his own festival of events to be staged at the Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room and the National Film Theatre on London's South Bank from 12 to 30 June 2002. The full line-up for DAVID BOWIE'S MELTDOWN 2002 will be announced soon.

David Bowie is the tenth celebrated artist who has accepted the invitation to curate Meltdown, Britain's most cutting-edge festival, since its inception in 1993. Previous participants in the festival have included the likes of Radiohead, Blur, Kylie Minogue, Elvis Costello and Spiritualized.

Renowned throughout the world for its eclectic programmes of rock, classical and contemporary music, film, theatre and exhibitions, each year Meltdown offers a guest director the chance to produce his or her own fantasy festival, mixing artists and artforms, reflecting their own personal passions and interests.

David Bowie says: "I'm excited about this opportunity to contribute to Meltdown. I hope some of the ideas we come up with for performances and artists will transpire for if they do, they will hopefully make this an inspiring and fun Festival. I was very disappointed two years ago when I had to decline Scott Walker's invitation to perform so I am thrilled that I get a second chance to contribute in whatever way I can."

Glenn Max, the South Bank's Producer of Contemporary Culture says: "I'm thrilled and honoured that David Bowie has agreed to take up the challenge. An artist of his vision and stature will produce a festival that will undoubtedly attract artists and visitors from every corner of the world. As an artist, producer and bandleader he always champions the work of others - both renowned and obscure. In many ways he's the quintessential Meltdown Director. His way of thinking makes an eclectic festival like Meltdown possible. With Bowie at the helm, the tenth Meltdown will possibly be the most memorable."

Previous Meltdown Directors are Robert Wyatt (2001), Scott Walker (2000), Nick Cave (1999), John Peel (1998), Laurie Anderson (1997), Magnus Lindberg (1996), Elvis Costello (1995), Louis Andriesson (1994) and George Benjamin (1993). Their programmes have yielded memorable performances from an outstanding range of artists including Blur, Radiohead, Nina Simone, Kylie Minogue, Sir Les Patterson, Spalding Gray, Deborah Harry, Cornershop, Spiritualized, Lou Reed, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Max Roach, Tricky and Sonic Youth. Mini-Meltdowns have also been curated by David Thomas, Daniel Miller, Julian Cope and Talvin Singh.

Book Online @ www.rfh.org.uk NO BOOKING FEE.

12th February 2002

BOWIENET are auctioning exclusive DAVID BOWIE items online - Find Bowie items on eBay - these items are part of a series of exclusive BowieNet auctions featuring clothing and other memorabilia directly from David's vaults and archives. Many rare and one-of-a-kind items will be made available. A portion of all BowieNet auction proceeds will be donated to Save the Children.

The latest items currently up for grabs are:

David Bowie / Reeves Gabrels t-shirt - T-shirt celebrating David's lead guitarist and co-writer since 1988, starting with Tin Machine. This shirt appears to be a small, but the size tag is missing. Item # 1513532608.

David Bowie SOUND+VISION denim jacket - Large Levi's denim jacket / heavy shirt commemorating the Olympic Stadium, Stockholm, August 24, 1990 gig. Item # 1513534318.

David Bowie signed limited 1969 live shot - SIGNED David Bowie / Tony Visconti photo. You are bidding on an extremely rare signed print of David Bowie and his long-term friend/producer, Tony Visconti. The shot was taken of the pair performing inside The Beckenham Arts Lab in the UK by Arts Lab performer Stephen Roberts back in 1969. This is one of a limited edition of only five signed copies generously donated by David Bowie, Tony Visconti and Stephen Roberts for the Chernobyl Childrens Life Line Charity. This 9" x 6" photograph is printed directly from the original negative and is not a digital re-print. Apart from the signatures of David Bowie and Tony Visconti, the text on the print is for eBay purposes only. This really is an impossibly valuable item, the signatures alone would be hard enough to get together, but on this print they are even more special. Bid in the knowledge that this a genuine item available only through BowieNet. Item # 1513563654.

(Ed. At least now if you purchase a signed David Bowie item that has originated from BowieNet you know you've got a 100% guaranteed GENUINE David Bowie autograph and not one of the numerous fake ones that appear on eBay all the time).

11th February 2002

After more the 13 years of existence our DAVID BOWIE German fanzine Panic In Detroit will end now with No. 67 / February 2002. This issue is ready now.

It wasn't a very easy decision, but there are various reasons to quit with this job. It didn't work like it should for quite a longer time now, in times of internet and new media. Well, now it's time to say "Auf Wiedersehen".

If anyone is interested, there are still a couple of old and new issues left. We are still fans and there is always the possibility to speak to each other via internet and our web-page.

Good luck for all of my readers and fans
Greetings from Heike

Panic In Detroit
c/o Heike Moschel
Von-Geissel-Str. 25, 67435 Neustadt, Germany
E-mail: momu@gmx.de
Web-Page: www.moschel.de

From Heike.

11th February 2002

French Convention Next month sees the first French DAVID BOWIE fan convention to be held at 12 bis, rue Froment, Paris 75011 on 9th March 2002 from 8:00 pm until midnight.

Price: 5 Euros. Please register quickly because the venue holds between 80 and 100 people

Click here for full details and Info page which will be updated weekly.

Two tribute bands are booked to perform: The Supermen (guitars, bass, drums, piano, sax) and SuperCreeps (guitars, bass, drums) and other guests.

Any further information or questions please email Chris (webmaster) @ manofmusic.com.

10th February 2002

Update: Meltdown Festival will be staged at the Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room on London's South Bank from 14th to 30th June 2002. David Bowie appointed artistic director. The full line-up will be announced soon. (Confirmed via BowieNet).

The Observer newspaper have reported today that DAVID BOWIE is to curate this year's Meltdown arts event at London's Festival Hall. The annual summer festival is notorious for its bill of eclectic artists. Bowie will be choosing the acts personally and is expected to perform himself.

Iggy Pop and Lou Reed are also being tipped to appear, reports The Observer.

Bowie said: "I'm very excited about curating this year's Meltdown. Fans of the event are in for a few surprises."

He will have a hands-on role and is taking his responsibilities very seriously. He'll be personally choosing all the acts and will be putting his stamp on the event. David plans to use the opportunity to showcase some of the most cutting-edge acts around today. Previous curators of the nine-year old event have included Elvis Costello, Scott Walker, Nick Cave, Laurie Anderson and John Peel.

The Royal Festival Hall's Meltdown festival is now in its ninth year and is the biggest festival held at the South Bank. Each year Meltdown offers a celebrated guest artistic director the opportunity to choose his or her own fantasy festival, mixing artists and artforms in one-off collaborations normally only imagined by audiences and performers.

David was asked by Scott Walker in 2000 to perform at the festival and also asked the following year to perform selection duties. David mentioned in his journal last year (15th Feb 2001) that he was "absolutely gutted" to have to turn down the opportunity because of other work commitments. He said he hoped they would ask him a third time.

Read the full story Bowie adds stardust to South Bank here on the Observer website.

(Ed. The piece in the actual Observer newspaper also states that: David is 'putting the finishing touches to a new album which will be released on his own label later this year following his decision to part company with EMI.' So you can take from that the previously announced 'scheduled' release date in Alternative Press magazine for 12th March obviously will change.

10th February 2002

BowieWonderworlder Tony emailed me to say... I went yesterday to see the ANDY WARHOL exhibition which has just opened at the Tate Modern in London. The exhibition is split into two halves, divided by a coffee shop and merchandise area. Just by the outside of the exit door of the first half they have a TV screen showing a 90 minute video of The Factory Diaries.

This features short films shot of many of the visitors to the Factory - some famous, some not so famous. I was fortunate that just as I emerged from the first half of the exhibition, DAVID BOWIE was on the screen. I had never seen this film clip before, which was short during David's visit to the Factory on his promotional tour of the US in 1971 (or was it 1970?). This features David in his long hair and floppy hat phase, looking extremely young. David was performing to camera his famous 'enclosed in a phone booth' mime sequence, as featured routinely in many of the Ziggy/Aladdin Sane shows. Also the 'flying' routine (arms slowly flapping like an Albatross).

As I say, I was fortunate, because if you go along to the exhibition and want to see this clip, you would have to possibly sit and watch for a full 90 minutes to guarantee seeing Bowie. Lucky me ;-).

From Tony P.

10th February 2002

The Palm Beach Post reported last week... The most unusual sighting had to be on New Year's Day at the Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park. There, among the philodendron and ficus, were DAVID BOWIE, his supermodel/cosmetics queen/author/wife Iman and their 17-month-old daughter Alexandria Zahra Jones.

"We heard they might be here, but we never confirmed it," Zoo Executive Director Garrett Hambuechen said. "We'd love to have publicity like that, but we also like to protect their privacy."

Check out the Palm Beach Zoo website - it's excellent.

10th February 2002

Ex-Motley Crue drummer TOMMY LEE has shed his 'Methods of Mayhem' moniker and will unleash a new album entitled 'Never A Dull Moment' under his own name on MCA Records on May 21st.

Never a Dull Moment was produced by Scott Humphrey (Rob Zombie, Powerman 5000) and is all Lee (Methods of Mayhem's TiLo is out), save for a few guests. Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger appears on 'Ashamed'. The Deftones' Chino Moreno also recorded a track with Lee, but it was unclear at press time whether or not that track made the final cut.

The album also features a cover of DAVID BOWIE'S 'Fame', called 'Fame-02', which once featured members of Cypress Hill, but will be released without their contribution due to clearance issues.

'Hold Me Down' will be the album's first single and will likely hit radio in March. Never a Dull Moment is the follow-up to Lee's 1999 self-titled Methods of Mayhem album.

01. Afterglow
02. Sunday
03. Body Architects
04. Ashamed
05. Face To Face
06. Fame-02
07. Blue
08. Higher
09. Hold Me Down
10. Why Is It
11. People So Strange
12. Mr. Shitty

Never A Dull Moment is released on May 21 on MCA Records.

10th February 2002

Reminder that tonight (Sunday) sees the third and final part of the excellent definitive documentary account on artist ANDY WARHOL - The Complete Picture on Channel 4 television at 7:30 pm GMT.

9th February 2002

David Bowie Still spacey after all these years, the designer THIERRY MUGLER brings his otherworldly brand of futuristic camp to cyberspace, with the revamping of his three-year-old website, thierrymugler.com. The site features mini-interviews with a constellation of Mugler devotees, including the designer's good friends IMAN and DAVID BOWIE, the corsetier Mr. Pearl and the designer Andrée Putman.

Thierry: "Space is the presence that helps me to create a distance from things, because it's something that does exist but it is also mysterious - real and unreal at the same time."

Iman: "Thierry was the genius that came up with the idea of 'Why not bring the African in Iman in full force'?"

David Bowie: "Thierry is not theatrical. On meeting him for the first time I was kind of disappointed as the clothes create such an impression of show that one expects the creator to be much the same. In fact, Thierry is controlled, almost coiled. His energy is compact and carefully expended when necessary. This produces a personality of great charisma. He is knowledgeable and well read. He brings this wealth of reference and awareness to his work. A hint of irony is always projected. And he reads situations, theatrical situations, very well.

"When I toured with my short-lived band Tin Machine in 1990, Thierry clothed us in jackets of the most graphic solid colour for our TV and stage work, blazing red, blue, yellow. Within six months, every male hip-hop and rap artist in the country was wearing the exact same jackets (often re-vamped by other designers I might add). Our music was heard nowhere, Thierry's style was seen everywhere.

"Maybe we should have been writing music for his shows? He has a terrific sense of fun and is great company. You get stories, facts, more stories. Like all great designers and like all my favourite people, for all his fame he never seems to be a part of an industry. He is autonomous and stands outside of it all. A stellar object, a star performer."

You can read the full Iman and David Bowie interviews at Thierry's revamped website @ thierrymugler.com.

8th February 2002

IMAN can be seen in the part two part documentary Because You're Worth It: 100 Years Of Make Up which starts this coming Wednesday 13th February on Channel 4 UK TV at 21:00 to 22:00.

This two part documentary examines the birth of the modern cosmetics industry from the early 1900s. The programme features personal testimonies and interviews with beauty historians, plus a look behind the most famous names in beauty.

The second instalment is broadcast the following week on 20th February, examines the birth of the modern cosmetics industry from the early 1900s. Examining the background to the modern world of cosmetics, with a look at the issues of animal testing, the development of make-up for black women and the most lucrative section of the modern market - anti-wrinkle creams. It also considers trends such as the increase in cosmetic surgery.

Iman is featured in the commercial trailer currently showing.

8th February 2002

French car manufacturers Renault are currently advertising their latest Renault Scenic model. The commercial features a cover version of DAVID BOWIE'S 'Space Oddity'. The advertisement starts off with 'Space Oddity', goes into 'Who Let The Dogs Out', and so on... and ends again with 'Space Oddity'.

From Rupert.

7th February 2002

PATTI SMITH, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch and Brazilian star Bebel Gilberto will join previously announced headliner DAVID BOWIE at the twelfth annual Tibet House benefit concert at New York City's Carnegie Hall on Friday, February 22nd.

Martha Mooke and David Bowie backstage last year David Bowie and wife Iman, and Ethan Hawke and wife Uma Thurman will act as chairpersons for the event, which honors the 600-year-old Monlam Great Prayer Festival marking the beginning of the Tibetan New Year. Nawang Khechog, the Kronos Quartet, and Tibetan monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery will also perform at the event, and more artists are expected to be added.

Bowie and Smith both appeared at last year's show, with Bowie performing "Heroes" and 'Silly Boy Blue', which closed with them and other artists - including Dave Matthews, Emmylou Harris and Moby - singing Smith's 'People Got The Power.' Tickets for this year's show range from $30 to $75. More information on the concert and the organisation is available at www.tibethouse.org.

View the offstage, rehearsal, backstage and performance photographs from last year's Benefit event.

6th February 2002

In this month's issue of HARPER'S BAZAAR (Feb 2002) features 'A Day In The Life' - 24 Hours With Iman. Shopping bores her. Work inspires her. And women who flirt with her husband make her steam. By Daisy Garnett. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. Artwork by David Bowie.

Click on 24 Hours With Iman to see the sample pages.

Iman has written her latest diary entry over on her official website @ www.i-iman.com where you can see a lovely beach photo of Iman and Lexie when they were recently holidaying in Florida.

5th February 2002

Check out some wonderful personal photographs from MIKE GARSON on his website, including The Spiders on the road, backstage shots and a rather handsome dashing guy in uniform back in 1965...

Nice photograph of IMAN and DAVID featured on People.com in the feature Love In The Spotlight which talks about celebrity couples in love...

In his online journal (21st Jan) STEVE HARLEY has said that his BBC Radio 2 show is likely to be extended to a full hour from this April. He is planning on getting guests in for half the show for an interview and he's hoping to get DAVID BOWIE on the show. Further information and details at the Steve Harley diary - check them out...

5th February 2002

Flyer You are all cordially invited to see a live performance of AND ZIGGY PLAYED GUITAR - The Sound and Vision of David Bowie at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go, 8901 Sunset Blvd in Hollywood - in concert with Club Paranormal on Thursday, February 7, 2002.

Doors open at 9:00 pm, Show starts at 10:30 pm. Cover is $10, $8 with printed e-mail flyer.

Be sure to specifically mention at the door that you are there to see And Ziggy Played Guitar, so that we may return for future shows at this venue and can be appropriately compensated for guest turnouts. Thank you! Be sure also to pass this message along to Bowie fans near and far!

And Ziggy Played Guitar are: Stephen Wozniak as DAVID BOWIE / Mitchell Sigman on guitar / Beth Lovejoy on keyboards / Bernie Corrigan on Bass / And Louie Valentino on Drums.

Contact: andziggyplayedguitar@hotmail.com.

5th February 2002

BOWIENET are auctioning exclusive DAVID BOWIE items online - Find Bowie items on eBay - these items are part of a series of exclusive BowieNet auctions featuring clothing and other memorabilia directly from David's vaults and archives. Many rare and one-of-a-kind items will be made available. A portion of all BowieNet auction proceeds will be donated to Save the Children. The latest items currently up for grabs are:

David Bowie Serious Moonlight boxing gloves - Let's Dance/Serious Moonlight Boxing Gloves. New in package. Item # 1510649102.

David Bowie Serious Moonlight tour jacket - Levi's cotton tour jacket. Size: large Tour logo on right breast. Item # 1510647537.

David Bowie Serious Moonlight tour lapel pin - 'David Bowie' logo used extensively on the Serious Moonlight record and tour. This item was originally sold at the shows. Item # 1510645155.

All auctions that close with a final value (before shipping) of $64.99 or more will receive a FREE one-year BowieNet membership, including the exclusive LIVEANDWELL CD. Your members-only CD, and initial log-in instructions, will ship separately after they receive the auction payment.

Find Bowie items on eBay

(Ed. At least now if you purchase a signed David Bowie item that has originated from BowieNet you know you've got a 100% guaranteed GENUINE David Bowie autograph and not one of the numerous fake ones that appear on eBay all the time).

5th February 2002

Graham Hudson - Bowieart Window Pain Project II - Last year saw Bowieart launch the Window Pain Project, a six-month series of exhibitions in a window on one of the capitals busiest streets in East London, now in the core of another of London's most animated districts comes the first of this year's Window Projects.

In the depths of Piccadilly Circus lies its tube station, a twelve-exit monster of a station with each exit leading to the heart of tourist London, a shopping Mecca and fast food heaven overshadowed by the largest and most expensive advertising hoardings in the UK. Back below ground in the belly of Piccadilly is an instant access route to the largest UK record store, Tower Records. It is here, at this entrance to the store that you will find Graham Hudson's invasion of a window space usually used for retail promotion.

Created specifically for the space Pusher presents us with a bank of screens in a style familiar to those on a set of Top of the Pops. Hudson's video installation reconstructs the familiar image of arcades bygone game the pusher-machine. Where coins are swallowed up by a machine that cranks back and forth promising to reward us with more; the epitome of loss and low aspiration. The odds look good, it could be you, but reality keeps the pounds in the hands of those that control the game. The promised coins shine and shimmer within a hypnotic loop, and like the above ground imagery that soars around Eros, it allures you into a love affair with all that dazzles, the quick-fix, low-think materiality of contemporary society. One is left with the reality of broken promises, and even broker pockets.

The artist has also been at work within the store with a series of audio interventions. Throughout a regular day the latest chart toppers can be heard through the store, but for the duration of Hudson's exhibition this output will be interrupted at certain points in the day. At first such interventions may appear to be in keeping with the clichéd in-store DJ selling new trends and goods. However on closer inspection the interventions mimic the nonsensical dialogue of broadcast advertising's one-liners and outrageous product claims. The output also includes recordings claiming to be seized by hidden store microphones, featuring couples arguing in the aisles, and non-couples carrying on like it is a singles night in the store. For updates on when one can hear the in-store audio interventions visit Bowieart.com.

Bowieart.com is a site that utilises the net to provide information and exposure to talented artists at the most important time in their careers.

Pusher opens 12 February and runs till 13 March 2002.
Tower Records, 1 Piccadilly, London, W1

From Beth @ bowieart.com

4th February 2002

JORDAN RUDESS was interviewed by John 'Bo Bo' Bollenberg for Progress World and naturally they touched upon his recent studio work with DAVID BOWIE...

Next to the heavy recording and touring duties of Dream Theater and his many solo sidesteps, Jordan has now also been asked to contribute to the new David Bowie album. Knowing David Bowie worked with Rick Wakeman and Tony Kaye, to name but two, how did he end up teaming up with US citizen Jordan Rudess?

Jordan: "Well me and producer Tony Visconti go a long way. Tony knows exactly what I can do and I immediately feel what Visconti wants. We had worked together on 'The Gunman And Other Stories' by Prefab Sprout and some years ago I recorded two tracks for David Bowie that still have to be released. One was for the Rugrats movie (Ed. '(Safe In This) Skylife') and the other for a John Lennon tribute album (Ed. 'Mother').

"When Tony was asked to produce Bowie's next album he called me up and asked if I'd be interested, as he knows he can rely on me. David Bowie doesn't like a lot of options. He has a good idea of how he wants the end result to sound, so practically what's on his demo is close to what he wants. The first day I recorded some Hammond parts and the second day I recorded some Fender Rhodes and some acoustic piano. What happened was that they had two pianos in the room, one Steinway grand and one old upright piano. Mikes were put in and around that old upright piano whilst the foot pedal was clamped down. I played the Steinway grand but we got resonance from the upright. It was an original experiment, but this once again created new sounds, and you know me and my constant search for new, innovative and interesting sounds!"

You can read the full interview here @ progressiveworld.net

4th February 2002

DAVID BOWIE and guitarist DAVID TORN as you know have teamed up for Bowie's latest studio album. Among the tools they used in the studio is the Electrix Repeater, which according to Torn has "brought with it (an overdue) significance to the multi-hued reality of 'live-looping'; there is humanised technology, here, that's bound to broadly expand both the looping community and its integrated work/play horizons."

What's an Electrix Repeater I hear you ask? No it isn't a washing machine or a refrigerator - it's a loop-based recorder. For you tech heads out there - essentially, the Repeater has four channels with which to record loops on. But since you can overdub multiple parts onto a single track, you have exponentially more than four "virtual tracks". Once a loop is recorded, you can alter the pitch of a track (without affecting tempo), alter tempo (without affecting pitch) or even play the track in reverse. You can assign individual tracks to the effects insert. The repeater also can recognise a beat to automatically calculate a tempo. You can bounce and "slip" tracks as well. The unit records uncompressed, 16 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files, is Macintosh and PC compatible, features digital and analog outputs, foot or keyboard control, a phono preamp, and can be configured to provide an individual output for each track.

The pairing of such unique talents is sure to create one unbelievable album.

3rd February 2002

Reminder that tonight (Sunday) sees the second part of the excellent definitive three part documentary account on artist ANDY WARHOL - The Complete Picture on Channel 4 television at 7:30 pm.

3rd Feb - Channel 4 at 7:30 pm (part 2).
10th Feb - Channel 4 at 7:30 pm (part 3).

The first one was excellent, hopefully we'll get a few more mentions of DAVID BOWIE either via the excellent Basquiat movie portrayal or when they first met at The Factory.

3rd February 2002

A wonderful album title and what a great stress reliever... Prozak For Lovers by BRUCE LASH released on Artificial Records. A mellow lounge duo doing classic hard rock cover songs. DAVID BOWIE and The Clash as Bossa Nova? You got it. The ultimate lounge party CD. Dripping with sarcasm, dusted with irony, drowned in cynicism. You just have to hear the sound clips...

Prozak For Lovers Tracklisting:
01. Proud Mary
02. Pump It Up
03. Aqualung
04. Love Will Tear Us Apart
05. (Don't Fear) the Reaper
06. Message of Love
07. I Wanna Be Sedated
08. London Calling
09. Rebel Rebel
10. Folsom Prison Blues

Click on Rebel Rebel link to listen in RealAudio.

3rd February 2002

In case you've not been keeping notes, or just not up to date with which musicians DAVID BOWIE has used in the recording of next studio album, recorded at Allaire Studios inside Glen Tonche, Shokan, New York and also in New York City studio, here's the list of known names and information so far gathered...

David Bowie - (vocals, guitar, 12 string acoustic Takamine guitar, Fender Rhodes Stage 73 electric piano, Roland TR-707 rhythm composer/drum machine, Stylophone, Longwave Theremin Omnichord, Korg Trinity (miked from a 16t Supro amp), ARP, Mellotron, baritone and alto saxophone).

Tony Visconti - (producer, engineer, bass guitar, recorder and some other things).
Scorchio Quartet led by Martha Mooke - (electro-acoustic 5 string violin).
Matt Chamberlain - (drums).
David Torn - (guitar).
Carlos Alomar - (rhythm guitar).
Pete Townshend - (guitar).
Gerry Leonard - (guitar).
Sterling Campbell - (drums).
Jordan Rudess - (Steinway D & C grand pianos, Hammond B-3 w/Leslie 122, organ, acoustic piano, electric piano).
Annette Peacock - (keyboards).
Stan Harrison - (alto saxophone).
Lenny Pickett - (baritone saxophone).
Steve Elson - (tenor saxophone).
Kristeen Young - (vocals).
Brandon ? - (studio assistant).
Hector Castillo - (studio assistant in NYC).

The as-yet-untitled album will be released on ISO Records, David's own independent label. He has said that he is designing the artwork for the album cover himself, and in an interview published in Alternative Press magazine - that the album is scheduled for release on 12th March.

David talking about working with Tony Visconti again said: "I feel we've touched on things musically that we never could have accomplished those many years ago and I know we're going to be quite proud of this album."

Tony speaking in Tape Op: "The Bowie sessions are going incredibly well. We're putting in a modest 10 hour day, but we cut 19 tracks in two weeks. We used Matt Chamberlain on drums, phew! I'm producing, engineering, and playing bass, so I get very tired after ten hours."

3rd February 2002

Composer, sax player and one of the founder members of The Borneo Horns STAN HARRISON has recorded and performed with everyone from DAVID BOWIE to Serge Gainsbourg to Stevie Ray Vaughan to Radiohead.

Stan has recently released a solo album entitled The Ties That Blind. Check out Stan's official website at www.stanharrison.com for full details, background history and listen to sample tracks on RealAudio.

The Ties That Blind Tracklisting:
01. Feverishly Feeding the Fire
02. NY: Insane Inside The City
03. You Probably Think I Understand
04. A Gentleman Without A Clue
05. Simply Depression, My Dear
06. Into The Perfumed Twilight
07. Shivering With Indifference
08. The Face Across Her Smile
09. Good Enough To Say Goodbye
10. Short Story, Long Ago
11. Starving the Pig Of The Perverse
12. When The Money Runs Dry
13. What A Way To End A Day
14. Do You Ever Wonder?

Check out Stan's official website @ www.stanharrison.com.

3rd February 2002

DAVID BOWIE will be performing at the TIBET HOUSE BENEFIT CONCERT this month at the Isaac Stern Auditorium, Carnegie Hall in New York City, USA. If you're quick about it you might just be able to snap up one of the few remaining tickets. Click here for ticket information and details.

Join Tibet House and Honorary Chairs Iman and David Bowie, Elizabeth and Adam Lindemann, and Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke on Friday, February 22, 2002 for our annual Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall to inaugurate the Year of the Water Horse. The concert promises to be a powerful blend of musical talent under the guidance of artistic director and Tibet House Vice President Philip Glass, with performers and songwriters David Bowie, Bebel Gilberto, Nawang Khechog, The Kronos Quartet, Patti Smith, Tibetan monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery, Adam Yauch, and others yet to be confirmed.

Carnegie Hall is located at 881 Seventh Avenue (at 57th Street). Concert tickets are priced at $30, $35, $45 and $75 and can be purchased by calling CarnegieCharge at (212) 247-7800 or at the Carnegie Hall box office. A fund raising reception with the event's Honorary Chairpersons and artists will be held following the performance.

For additional information, call Tibet House at (212) 807-0563 or visit Tibet House website.

2nd February 2002

Update: The Beckenham Arts Lab Exclusive Photo Pack is still available but the online purchase option for the pack "might" only be available until the end of this month. So if you want to buy via the internet please be quick.

This is your opportunity to purchase 10 exclusive and 'never before seen' full colour photographs taken inside The Beckenham Arts Lab by performer Stephen Roberts back in 1969. Featuring DAVID BOWIE and Tony Visconti, along with other original Arts Lab performers.

This special pack also includes 16 pages of EXCLUSIVELY written contributions from: David Bowie, Mary Finnigan, Stephen Roberts, Ken 'Wild Man' Simmons, Mark Carr Pritchett, David Bebbington and others. Plus a background history including articles and information published over the years.

When David received his own set recently he commented: "I love these photos and I'm happy that we all did such a cool thing with that Folk/Arts venture."

Exclusive David Bowie Photographs

A contribution from each set sold will go directly to the Chernobyl Childrens Life Line Charity, to add to the money already raised on the David Bowie tribute evening on 6th December 2001.

The photographs are printed directly from the original negatives and are not digital re-prints. These and the written contributions are supplied unmounted. The photographs all measure 6" x 9", with frames 11 and 14 being cropped enlargements, along with sixteen A4 pages of exclusive written literature.

100% secure purchases are available online, simply type in the number of packs required and fill in the secure online form. Alternatively you can order by post.

Customer Orders and Enquiries: 01326 569444. Fax: 01326 569555.
Email: bowiephotos@efulfill.co.uk
for any enquiries.

See them for yourself in the BowieWonderworld Shop @ bowiewonderworld.com/shop/3tuns.htm

2nd February 2002

Nelson (aka Pete) has posted up on the BW Message Board telling us he went to see The Who at a warm up gig in Portsmouth. Guitar genius PETE TOWNSHEND said that he and DAVID BOWIE have written a brand new song together.

The track is called 'Slow Mail', and rather than using normal techniques for writing, they have completed it using email. There's obviously a pun in there.

Townshend described the new song as "pretty weird," and went on to say that he doesn't "think" it will be released. Maybe he probably doesn't know that David's got his own label now?

Nelson said: "I'm not sure exactly how they've done the song via emails, but that's what he said."

Townshend has already previously contributed towards David's new album in New York City. In his website diary entry for 19th October he wrote that he went to see David at a NYC studio and was asked to work on a track off the album. David played Pete a number of tracks, he said that it was "surprising, moving, poetic (in a musical and visionary sense). I think real Bowie fans (and a few of Radiohead) will be able to walk tall soon in the knowledge that their hero can still break all the rules and remain cool."

Thanks to Nelson for the info :)

2nd February 2002

To add to the growing list of even more impressive musicians who have contributed towards DAVID BOWIE'S next album, David has announced in his journal on BowieNet that the 'Borneo Horns' have also recorded on his new album last Tuesday.

The horny trio of Lenny Pickett, Steve Elson and Stan Harrison first played with David in the Let's Dance/Serious Moonlight period. David says: "Yet don't expect this track to sound anything like that period." and goes on to say that: "It's probably my favourite track on the album so far," describing it as "Moody and a bit sad with a strong R&B feel." This particular track also features Pete Townshend with "extraordinary guitar breaks and riffs."

On the message boards at BNet, David has also left some tantilising crumbs of information about the new album to pick up on... "Can't compare it with anything... I just think it's brilliant and can't wait to get the distribution of ISO sorted. You are going to LOVE this album."

Info via BowieNet.

1st February 2002

SRT (Sound Recording Technology) in Cambridgeshire, UK have just recently completed a new project, namely the multi-track transfer and archival of David Bowie: 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' soundtrack. So I reckon you can look forward to a re-release of some sort in the near future.

Update: A reliable source has informed me that this is for the upcoming DVD release of The Man Who Fell To Earth. He thinks a special edition is planned with most of the features from the laserdisc if not more.

Trivia TMWFTE movie: The power-boat jump in this movie broke the world record for distance, previously set during the making of Live and Let Die (1973).

Leading lady Candy Clark, wearing a large white hat strategically pulled low over her face, played Thomas Jerome Newton in one scene while David was ill and unavailable to work the day it was shot.

At the end of the film, Dr. Bryce walks into a record store to buy Newton's album (The Visitor) and walks by a sign advertising Bowie's Young Americans album.

1st February 2002

Believe it or not, BowieWonderworld actually costs real money to run, not to mention a fair amount of time! Contrary to what some people might imagine, BowieWonderworld is maintained by ONE person. Not a company, no staff, just me.

Please consider making your online purchases through my partnerships directly from the BW Shop. Every purchase you make via the links in there, gives a small commission directly towards running this website. By doing so, you are helping to support BowieWonderworld, and hopefully keeping it available as a valuable FREE resource for all David Bowie fans.

Any donations and jars of Nescafe coffee gratefully received! ;) To everyone who has already bought items via the shop, donated, supported, contributed and encouraged (you know who you are) - thank you everso for your generosity and kind words of encouragement.

Thank you - Paul.



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