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30th November 2015

On this day, 46 years ago, DAVID BOWIE performed at the Save Rave charity evening at the London Palladium to raise money for The Invalid Children's Aid Association. He performed two songs Space Oddity and WEBFF. Guest of honour is Princess Margaret...

On BBC RADIO 5 yesterday, designer by JONATHAN BARNBROOK talks about what it's like to work with DAVID BOWIE - [Listen here]...

Blackstar Record Release and Birthday Bash - DAVID BOWIE Berlin Party taking place on 8th January 2016 - [More details]...

26th November 2015

Blackstar billboard in London W14 TITAN COMICS are to publish a set of three DOCTOR WHO music inspired variant set of covers.

With front artwork created by SIMON MYERS, the three album covers in publication order are: DAVID BOWIE "Heroes", BLONDIE Parallel Lines and BOB DYLAN Freewheelin'.

The Twelfth Doctor Year Two #3 featuring PETER CAPALDI creating the iconic pose has a release date is 3rd February 2016.

The Twelfth Doctor Year Two #3
Writer: Robbie Morrison. Artist: Rachael Stott. Cover C Artist: Simon Myers - Album Variant.
Publisher: Titan Comics. Page Count: 32 pages. Format: Softcover.
Price: $3.99. Release Date: 3rd February 2016.

Synopsis: Chaos descends on the private Scottish school of Ravenscaur, as secrets sunk at the bottom of the bay are dragged into the light! As the Doctor investigates reports of a Tunguska-style event that shook the heavens decades previous, Clara unravels an establishment conspiracy that cuts to the country's heart!

More information will be available over at titan-comics.com website.

26th November 2015

Blackstar billboard in London W14 As the artwork for DAVID BOWIE's new album ★ emerges on billboards and social media, its designer JONATHAN BARNBROOK talks to MARK SINCLAIR @ CREATIVE REVIEW through his latest collaboration with the Rock God. In an in-depth interview, he considers his approach to creating a visual language for the album and what designing for music means in 2015.

Highlights include...

JB: ":A special edition of the font - Virus Deja Vu will be released with all the logos etc in for people to use as they wish. This is something I learned on The Next Day when people started to use the white square as a meme. It was planned that we would do a lot of intervention with it, but I didn't expect people to take it up on Twitter which was amazing. So for this one the system is available to everybody because I do want people to feel included and to be able to use the elements without worry in the way they want to."

JB: "We are, wherever possible, using the ★ for the title. The original idea came out of discussions with Bowie about ways of representing the album, so this is very much his creativity and his direction. But the discussion was partly prompted by a conversation I had with William Burroughs when I met him, which I have told a thousand times for namedrop effect, but did actually finally give me something usable for this project 25 years later.

" I asked him about the future of typography and he said that letterforms would go back to hieroglyphs, similar to the ancient Egyptians. You can actually see it happening with the emoji, they are becoming very common with people creating whole narratives out of them, as well as using them in everyday communication. Will there be a time when we use only these to express thought?

You can read the whole interview over at the excellent creativereview.co.uk website.

(Ed. The location of this billboard is at the junction of Hammersmith Road and North End Road, London W14, right next to Olympia London).

26th November 2015

Mojo magazine The latest issue of MOJO magazine is a rather nice piece of packaging.

DAVID BOWIE graces the front cover of the folder, inside there is a DB collectors' cover magazine plus two quality frameable prints.

Articles include 'The Day After The Next Day' where TONY VISCONTI gives Keith Cameron the low-down on the new ★ album and 50 years of working together.

'Space Aces' features all the musicians who worked on ★ album, 'Send in the Clown' looks back on David's Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 1980 album.

Last but not least, is a two-page review 'To boldly go', which awards ★ with 4 stars.

Well worth buying - this latest issue of Mojo is on sale now. Check out the mojo4music.com website.

25th November 2015

Last Thursday 19th November saw the cinema premiere of DAVID BOWIE's ★ promotional movie presented by NOISEY.

The event took place at the Nitehwawk Cinema in Brooklyn, New York.

Director JOHAN RENCK was in attendance for a Q&A, TONY VISCONTI was on hand and you may recognise several fans that were interviewed.

There were even Blackstar promo popcorn cartons - here is the short film of the happening...

★ (pronounced Blackstar) is released 8th January 2016.

Pre-order links:
[★ CD] [★ Vinyl LP] [★ Digital album]

24th November 2015

Chicago band DISAPPEARS currently on tour in Europe have released a live cover version of DAVID BOWIE's iconic album 'Low'.

The digital release is available now, and the limited-edition orange vinyl follows on 4th December. The vinyl release is housed in a see-through PVC sleeve, complete with a fold-out print and the tracklisting on a sticker, as an homage to the original.

The band ran through the album twice on 22nd November last year as part of a concert series entitled 'Bowie Changes', which featured several Chicago-based musicians reinterpreting the Bowie catalogue to mark the opening of the 'David Bowie Is' exhibition at the city's Museum of Contemporary Art. "Naturally we chose the hardest one," jokes guitarist/singer Brian Case.

On Monday this week (23rd Nov) the band repeated the live 'Low' performance with a one-off show at 100 Club in London.

Check out the official live promo videos below for 'Breaking Glass' and 'Sound And Vision'...

You can purchase the 11 digital release tracks and pre-order Low: Live in Chicago [Vinyl version] NOW.

From Sonic Cathedral.

24th November 2015

Record Collector magazine January 2016 As mentioned on here a few weeks back DAVID BOWIE graces the front cover of RECORD COLLECTOR magazine for their #448 Christmas issue cover.

No spoilers as to what's inside, but the front cover blurb boldly states: 'Bowie: Intimate Tales of Ziggy'.

As you can see, the cover shot is an early Ziggy shot by Brian Ward.

On sale Thursday 3rd December, the magazine also featured in this issue are: Happy Mondays, John Fogerty, Steve Harley, Hugh Cornwell, a free 2016 calendar, plus much more.

For more details and information on this fabulous collectors' magazine pop on over to recordcollectormag.com website.

24th November 2015

JONATHAN BARNBROOK talks with itsnicethat.com about designing DAVID BOWIE's new ★ album artwork...

JB: 'The main star graphic is split into elements across the bottom of the sleeve that spell out "Bowie," as an extension of the main mark and also a nod to Bowie's glam rock heritage. Certain points in the record are influenced by A Clockwork Orange, and the use of symbols hints at the graphic use of the letter "A" on its cover.":

JB: "Once you take the text away and you get those symbols, it just means Bowie. In using a symbol it differentiates the album, this graphic encapsulates everything."

You can read the whole article here

24th November 2015

Psychedelic Suburbia: David Bowie and the Beckenham Arts Lab by Mary Finnigan The memoirs of MARY FINNIGAN entitled: Psychedelic Suburbia: David Bowie and the Beckenham Arts Lab is to be published on 8th January 2016 by Jorvik Press in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Written by freelance journalist and friend MARY FINNIGAN, the book tells the story of DAVID BOWIE's pivotal year 1969.

Containing 188 pages and features some amazing previously unpublished photographs.

About the Author:
Mary Finnigan was born in Manchester, England just before the start of World War II. Marrying an older man at eighteen, she produced two children before bolting to London, where she landed a job as a fashion writer on the Daily Mirror. Her print journalism career included feature writing at the Daily Sketch, Daily Express and freelance work at the Sunday Times. During a five-year holiday from the five-day week she met David Bowie. This book tells the story of their adventures together in Beckenham. Returning to journalism, she worked as a reporter, editor and producer at Visnews, Independent Radio News and the London Broadcasting Company. She now contributes to national newspapers, online publications and BBC radio. Mary lives in Bristol in the west of England with her partner, Chris Gilchrist. She has three adult offspring and three granddaughters.

You can pre-order Psychedelic Suburbia: David Bowie and the Beckenham Arts Lab NOW!

23rd November 2015

This is a MUST read in ROLLING STONE magazine - The Inside Story of DAVID BOWIE's Stunning New Album, 'Blackstar' - Read here]...

Bookmakers WILLIAM HILL list DAVID BOWIE at 12/1 to win the Mercury Music Prize 2016 with his upcoming album 'Blackstar'. The odds are as follows: Villagers (10/1) / Bloc Party (10/1) / Metronomy (10/1) / The xx (10/1) / Savages (10/1) / The Last Shadow Puppets (10/1) / David Bowie (12/1) / Radiohead (12/1) / The Stone Roses (12/1) / Turin Brakes (12/1) / Daughter (14/1) / Gorillaz (14/1) / Suede (16/1) / Field Music (16/1) / Mystery Jets (20/1) / Money (20/1) / Foxes (20/1) / Oasis (20/1)...

Attempting to deconstruct the DAVID BOWIE Blackstar film... FLAVORWIRE have a witty piece entitled: 'Deconstructing the Imagery in David Bowie's 'Blackstar' Video' - [Read here]...

Update: Apparently this is all press nonsense. She knows nothing about it whatsoever... Big rumours floating around in the tabloids and magazines that former wife ANGIE BOWIE has been signed up to appear in the next Celebrity Big Brother 2016. The UK CHANNEL 5 show starts in January - [Read here]...

Taking place in Stockholm, Sweden is a DAVID BOWIE night at Club Cosmopolite on Friday 27th November. Five hours of non-stop Bowie - from music hall to Blackstar and beyond! DJs Fredrik Bergstrm and Jonas Fougstedt. 8.00pm-1.00am. Venue: Club Cosmopolite, Lngholmsgatan 28, Stockholm, Sweden - [More details]...

22nd November 2015

Mojo magazine "This Is Fresh!" The Secrets Of DAVID BOWIE's ★ Album...

TONY VISCONTI opens up about 'Blackstar' - Read more here, and in the new issue of MOJO, on sale in the UK from 24th November.

An excellent ★ review by KEITH CAMERON who rates the album with four stars.

'To boldly go' - What come after The Next Day? Wild cosmic jazz represented by a black star, of course. Hello again, spaceboy, says Keith Cameron. Illustration by Chris Nurse.

Highlights include:...

Bowie inhales twice to count-off 'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore... 'whoops' three times in excelsis... 'Memories of the primitive home demo are outmuscled amid the sheet escalatory thrill of a band tearing up the roadmap.'...

Lazarus - 'A pensive guitar line signals a nakedly unaffected vocal as the sax whirls in sympathy'... '..there's deep intrigue for forensically inclined rune-readers amid the lyrics...

'Halfway through and it's breathtakingly apparent that David Bowie isn't so much back on the horse as riding bareback towards a cliff-edge'...

The new recording of Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)... spiking the city-primeval rhythms with distressed noise...

Girl Loves Me deploys a variant of A Clockwork Orange nadsat vocabulary - "Hey cheena!" "Titty up, malchick say!" plus choice of the f-word. (James Murphy on percussion)...

Dollar Days - 'Bowie sounds wistful, but beware what lurks behind his velvet rope'... "I'm dying to push their backs against the wall and fool them all again."... 'segueing directly into the motorik pulse of the album's final masterstroke'...

I Can't Give Everything Away directly quoting the yearning harmonica from 'A New Career In A New Town' - the lyric is rueful - "Seeing more and feeling less / Saying no but meaning yes."...

'★ somewhat recalls 'Station To Station' in form - epic multipart title-track opener, 7 songs in 41 minutes, odd atmospherics, rhythmic heft, tremendous singing - but otherwise there's no obvious precedent in the Bowie canon.'...

Read the full lowdown over at mojo4music.com website.

22nd November 2015

Looking at the clear album version of ★ the sticker placed on the cover states: The new album includes 'Blackstar' & 'Lazarus' - so I think we can presume what the next single release will be...

New single Blackstar hit position number 5 yesterday, now at number 7 in the Amazon Digital Download Chart... Currently at nuber 39 in iTunes worldwide chart and number #25 in the European chart...

ALBUM - based on pre-orders in the iTunes worldwide chart Blackstar is placed overall at number 8, European chart at number 7..

ALBUM - based on 3 days of pre-orders in the iTunes World chart: Argentina #4 / Australia #53 / Austria #43 / Azerbaijan #14 / Belgium #16 / Bermuda #19 / Brazil #126 / Canada #40 / Chile #5 / Czech Republic #8 / Denmark #17 / Ecuador #57 / Finland #12 / France #22 / Germany #47 / Greece #94 / Hong Kong #29 / Ireland #19 / Israel #4 / Italy #41 / Japan #108 / Latvia #44 / Lithuania #117 / Mexico #32 / Netherlands #18 / New Zealand #51 / Norway #14 / Poland #6 / Portugal #21 / Romania #118 / Russia #18 / Singapore #50 / Slovakia #156 / South Africa #104 / Spain #25 / Sweden #7 / Switzerland #92 / Taiwan #41 / Turkey #80 / Ukraine #114 / United Kingdom #28 / United States #44...

The Rudy Bolly review in CLASSIC POP magazine gives ★ a 4 star rating...

The song I Can't Give Everything Away contains the lyric - 'This is the all I ever meant' / 'The message I never sent'...

22nd November 2015

David Bowie Blackstar CD version DAVID BOWIE's brand new album ★ (pronounced Blackstar) features the following personnel...

On the title track Blackstar are:

David Bowie: Acoustic Guitar, Associated Performer, Composer, Lyricist, Main Artist, Mixing Engineer, Producer, Strings.
Donny McCaslin: Flute, Saxophone, Woodwinds.
Jason Lindner: Keyboards, Organ, Piano.
Tim Lefebvre: Bass.
Mark Guiliana: Drums, Percussion.
Ben Monder: Guitar.

Tony Visconti: Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Producer, Strings.
Tom Elmhirst: Mixing Engineer.
Joe LaPorta: Mastering Engineer.
Kevin Killen: Engineer.
Kabir Hermon: Assistant Engineer.
Erin Tonkon: Assistant Engineer.
Joe Visciano: Assistant Engineer.

Pre-order links:
[★ CD] [★ Vinyl LP] [★ Digital album]

20th November 2015

Nice insightful feature over on NOISEY blog - 'Behind Blackstar: An Interview with JOHAN RENCK, the Director of DAVID BOWIE's Ten-Minute Short Film - Behind The Lens by Justin Joffe - [Read here]...

There is a lovely interview with photographer SUKITA published in TIME magazine - [Read here]...

DAVID BOWIE's latest 40th Anniversay picture disc single GOLDEN YEARS has now topped the number one position in the Official UK Singles Chart, after entering in at number 23. Also Space Oddity is placed at #5, Fame #10, Young Americans #26 and Rebel Rebel #32 - [View chart]...

Published on PLAYBILL is 'The Secret Behind New York Theatre Workshop's Fastest-Selling Production Ever, DAVID BOWIE's Lazarus' by Robert Simonson - [Read here]...

CLASSIC POP magazine have also published a DAVID BOWIE ★ review, which awards the album 4/5 stars. A small photo of David features on the front cover - [More details]...

Sending Happy Birthday wishes to GAIL ANN DORSEY...

20th November 2015

The release of DAVID BOWIE's new album ★ (pronounced Blackstar) is 7 weeks away, but several magazines have published reviews...

On sale now is the January 2016 issue of Q MAGAZINE (Q354 displaying a Coldplay cover) features a review of ★ by TOM DOYLE who gives it a four star rating.

The front cover blurb: 'David Bowie: A Reinvention In Sound' - inside the article entitled 'Spaced Oddities' - 'Don't expect any hits, this is a rock icon at his most intriguing and out there'.

Highlights from the piece includes:

The new album draws a fresh line in the sand in terms of personnel apart from Tony Visconti, James Murphy (percussion on two tracks) and Donny McCaslin...

Sue (Or in A Season Of Crime) and 'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore have both been re-recorded...

Supernatural theme continues with Lazarus - mid-paced groove... words include 'Look up here, I'm in heaven/I've got scars that can't be seen',... a stirring chorus 'By the time I got to New York/I was living like a king!'...

Heavy, strident beat of Girl Loves Me reveals lyrics using nadsat language from A Clockwork Orange. Lyrics include 'Where the f**k did Monday go?' and 'Hey cheena' (woman)... we're back in the stranger parts of Lodger and "Heroes"...

Gorgeous ballad Dollar Days, with echoes of 'Sweet Thing'... 'If I never see the English evergreens I'm running to/It's nothing to me, it's nothing to see.'...

Showstopping closer I Can't Give Everything Away... cryptic admission, 'Seeing more and feeling less,' 'Saying no but meaning yes/That is all I ever meant/That's the message that I sent.'...

There are layers upon layers... revealing themselves play alter play. In essence ★ can be seen as a fourth addition to the Berlin trilogy albums. At the same time, not least because of its experimental jazz figures, it stands alone, unique in his catalogue...

Visit the qthemusic.com website for more details and digital download edition.

19th November 2015

Update: DAVID BOWIE's incredible new single ★ (Blackstar) is released on Friday 20th November.

It is available for digital DOWNLOAD NOW - 9.57 minutes for only £0.99p!

Watch the brand new 10-minute promotional video below...

19th November 2015

David Bowie davidbowie.com have exclusively announced the other various formats available for the ★ (pronounced Blackstar) album released 8th January 2016.

There will be clear vinyl editions, plus there are special deluxe configurations including exclusive lithograph artwork available.

The album title track and first single is released worldwide tomorrow (20th November) via all digital retailers and streaming platforms.

Concerning the 'Blackstar' 10-minute film broadcast today...

Good news if you are unable to watch via Sky - you can view the screening of the video HERE at 16.10 ET (21.10 GMT).

19th November 2015

Mojo magazine "This Is Fresh!" The Secrets Of DAVID BOWIE's ★ Album...

TONY VISCONTI opens up about 'Blackstar' - Read more here, and in the new issue of MOJO, on sale in the UK from 24th November.

Highlights so far:

- Co-produced by David Bowie and Tony Visconti.
- The New York sessions took place between January and May 2015.
- Core Musicians include: Donny McCaslin (saxophone), Ben Monder (guitar), Mark Guiliana (drums), Tim Lefebvre (bass) and Jason Lindner (keyboards).

Read the full lowdown over at mojo4music.com website.

Update: Whilst you're at the Mojo website make sure you check out some stills from the Blackstar promotional movie.

19th November 2015

Updated: The brand new DAVID BOWIE album entitled ★ (pronounced Blackstar) will be available in both CD and vinyl formats, as well as digital download. Both are available to pre-order NOW!

David Bowie Blackstar CD version    David Bowie Blackstar Vinyl version

The album is released on Friday 8th January 2016 which as you know is David's birthday.

There are two tracks listed as 'explicit' and track 8 is a video.

The tracklisting is as follows:

       01. Blackstar.
       02. 'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore.
       03. Lazarus.
       04. Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime).
       05. Girl Loves Me.
       06. Dollar Days.
       07. I Can't Give Everything Away.
       08. Blackstar
(Video) (9.57) - (digital download version only).

Order now and receive a pre-order price guarantee on both the CD and vinyl versions.

The Japanese CD edition of Blackstar is also now available to pre-order. No word on any extras yet.

Pre-order links:
[★ CD] [★ Vinyl LP] [★ Digital album]

18th November 2015

Whilst we all eagerly anticipate the brand new DAVID BOWIE song ★ and the promotional film, here are a few questions - some serious/some funny - that various fans have been asking based simply from viewing the 30-second video teaser below...

In the Villa of Ormen - surely David has been reading César Égasse Du Boulay - aka 'Bulaeus' - the French historian?
Wonder why has the girl has got a tail?
Is that a homage to Labyrinth or a Turkish village?
The bejewelled skull... is that Major Tom in the astronaut helmet?
Are the three scarecrows dancing? Being crucified? Keeping away Ravens? Or both?
The two guys and girl dancing like Spazz Attack, why is a wire dressmakers dummy there?
Did one of the guys steal David's 'NLMD' album cover trousers?
Wonder what that book is with the black star on? Bible? The missing BowieNet diaries? ;)

The world premiere of the 10-minute short film - directed by Johan Renck - will air simultaneously on Sky Atlantic and Sky Arts tomorrow Thursday 19th November at 8.45 pm to customers in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy (23.00).

The video also premieres the same day in NY at Brooklyn's Nitehawk Cinema, with the theatre hosting FREE first-come, first-serve screenings. Also showing in US on Palladia.tv as part of a David Bowie video hour at 3.00pm EST.

The 10-minute ★ promotional film is the first production from Gisla & Renck. Johan Renck has teamed up with Icelandic producer Svana Gisla to form the new London-based production banner Renck & Gisla, focused on advertising and music videos, plus the development of creative content for film and TV.

(Ed. I'm ready - I've got my Blackstar earrings ordered!)

18th November 2015

Not that any of you need reminding, but just in case... Don't forget that TOMORROW at 16.00 hours (that's 4pm) is the end of the ★ countdown at imablackstar.com website.

I'm a Blackstar David Bowie Blackstar

What happens at the end of the countdown? Well the Internet will probably break.

18th November 2015

Tonight sees the first preview of LAZARUS written by DAVID BOWIE and ENDA WALSH at the New York Theatre Workshop in New York City.

Sending a "break a leg!" message to all the performers, crew and everyone involved.

Update: Music director: Henry Hey, other band members include: Brian Delaney (drums), Chris McQueen (guitar), JJ Appleton (guitar), Fima Ephron (bass guitar), Lucas Dodd (alto saxophone) and Karl Lyden (trombone/brass).

17th November 2015

Lazarus at The New York Theatre Workshop Tomorrow evening (Wednesday 18th) sees the first preview of LAZARUS, written by DAVID BOWIE and ENDA WALSH, directed by IVO VAN HOVE at the New York Theatre Workshop in New York City.

Inspired by the novel 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' by Walter Tevis, Scenic and Lighting Design: Jan Versweyveld, Costume Design: An D'Huys, Video Design: Tal Yarden, Sound Design: Brian Ronan, Choreography: Annie-B Parson, Dramaturg: Jan Peter Gerrits, Stage Manager: James Latus, Casting: Telsey + Company.

Starring: Krystina Alabado, Sophia Anne Caruso, Nicholas Christopher, Lynn Craig, Michael Esper, Michael C. Hall, Cristin Milioti, Bobby Moreno, Krista Pioppi, Charlie Pollock, Brynn Williams.

Tickets for Lazarus are sold out! A limited number of tickets are available to members of their patron programme, the Society of Repeat Defenders.

Note: Tickets are being held for a day of Cheaptix $25 lottery for extension performances on 28th December - 17th January 2016. More details soon.

Keep your eye on twitter.com/NYTW79

Update: Kicking off with first preview, a very limited number of last-minute tickets for select performances will be released by the theatre today (18th). To be notified of when they are available, theatregoers are urged to follow NYTW on Twitter @NYTW79 and frequently check the NYTW website. Beginning Dec. 28, NYTW will hold a daily CheapTix lottery at the theatre, two and a half hours prior to curtain. Theatregoers can enter the lottery for a chance to purchase $25 tickets on the day of each performance. Alternatively, they can also join the cancellation line which begins two hours before curtain and will have tickets available at full price.

16th November 2015Mick Rock Shooting For Stardust in New York

The MICK ROCK: Shooting For Stardust - The Rise Of David Bowie & Co. photograph exhibition - on tour direct from The Taschen Gallery, Los Angeles - hits New York on Wednesday 18th November.

Taschen New York's downstairs gallery will feature select "greatest hits" from the exhibition.

Venue: Taschen (downstairs gallery), 107 Greene Street, New York, NY 10012.
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Sundays 12:00 to 7:00 pm.

Visit taschen.com website for more details.

16th November 2015

DAVID BOWIE - 40 years in photographs by SUKITA... after the current New York exhibition, it heads onto Japan and then Italy...

Heads-up, all three DAVID BOWIE publications from Cygnet Committee are available again on the cygnetcommittee.co.uk website...

Taking place at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews, Scotland, Professor WILL BROOKER presents 'Time Again: Narrative, History and Identity in the Work of David Bowie' on 17th November at 5.15-7.00pm. This event is free and open to the public - [More details]...

13th November 2015

davidbowie.com have announced that DAVID BOWIE's brand new single ★ BLACKSTAR will have its world premiere on Thursday 19th November at 8.45pm on SKY ATLANTIC.

The 10-minute short film is directed by Johan Renck and it will premere just before the second episode of 'The Last Panthers' next week.

The single is taken from the forthcoming album which is released on 8th January 2016 via RCA.

13th November 2015

MICHAEL C. HALL who is portraying 'Thomas Jerome Newton' in the upcoming LAZARUS theatre production is interviewed by OUT.

Q: It's not really a musical. So what is it exactly?
'It's certainly not a musical in any traditional sense - the songs don't serve the traditional musical theatre function in some cases - and there's a significant amount of dialogue, but there's 15 or 18 songs in the show. It's not a retelling of the movie or the science fiction book. It's an interior fever dream of the character, there's an interior intimate energy that will be required. But it's also a musical with some pretty dynamic music there will be a more expansive energy too. So I hope it will be a broad-spectrum experience.'

Obviously there are more DAVID BOWIE mentions... you can read the whole article here at the out.com website.

Next up... CRISTIN MILIOTI talks to SETH MEYERS on his Late Night TV show about her awkward DAVID BOWIE encounter... watch and listen below...

13th November 2015

Golden Years 40th Anniversary Picture Disc Single Today sees the release of the next DAVID BOWIE 40th Anniversary Edition 7" picture disc single via Parlophone.

Golden Years gets the special collectors' treatment and this will be the last of the 40th anniversary releases for 2015.

       Golden Years (Single Version).
       (David Bowie).
       Produced by David Bowie and Harry Maslin.
       (Cat. No. DBGOLD 40A).

       Station To Station (Single Edit).
       (David Bowie).
       Produced by David Bowie and Harry Maslin.
       (Cat. No. DBGOLD 40AA).

Both photographs appearing on the A and AA sides contain shots by Steve Schapiro.

This collectors' release is available to purchase NOW.

11th November 2015

David Bowie Blackstar poster Advertising posters for DAVID BOWIE's new single ★ BLACKSTAR have started appearing on the street.

Pictured here is French Bowie fan, writer, musician JÉRÔME SOLIGNY who spotted this one whilst out shopping in London today.

Just in case you haven't realised, the cut-up stars at the bottom of the artwork spell out BOWIE.

The new ★ single is released on Friday, 20th November - check out the imablackstar.com countdown website which is scheduled to erupt on Thursday, 19th November at 16.00.

The campaign and artwork is created by graphic designer, film maker and typographer JONATHAN BARNBROOK, who as you know worked on 'Nothing Has Changed', 'The Next Day', 'Heathen' albums, the typeface on the 'Reality' album, as well as David Bowie Is exhibition print work.

One of my favourite websites is barnbrook.net - go and check out Barnbrook Studio's work.

10th November 2015

Photographer and filmmaker MYRIAM SANTOS is featured in Canada's THE NATIONAL POST today with her DAVID BOWIE photo shoots story in cartoon form.

It tells how she came to photo David and then eventually collaborating on her fabulous 2002 behind-the-scenes book David Bowie: Live in New York book.

Her current exhibition 'Pretty & Flawed' is currerntly showing at Toronto's Analogue Gallery located at 673 Queen Street W., Toronto, ON M6J 1E6.

You can read the whole article over at the news.nationalpost.com website.

10th November 2015

Published today in THE NEW YORK TIMES is A Visit to the Strange, Secretive World of DAVID BOWIE's 'Lazarus' by Alexis Soloski.

In conversation, Mr. van Hove was very conscious about what he could and could not reveal, all the more so as a minder from the show's press agency hovered nearby. "I think I said more than I should have," he remarked, when he really hadn't said much at all. At one point, he opened the script and read a couple penciled sentences that he and Mr. Walsh, had agreed upon.

"'Lazarus' focuses on Newton as he remains on Earth, a man unable to die, his head soaked in cheap gin, and haunted by a past love. We follow Newton through the course of a few days where the arrival of another lost soul might set him free," he read. Then he closed the script again and added, &uot;That's the best I can do."

After the coffee with Mr. van Hove and a phone conversation with Mr. Walsh, a reporter was finally allowed in, at least briefly. An hour of rehearsal observation was permitted, which was both incredibly exciting and minimally illuminating. Mr. Bowie was not in evidence, though several of his songs were.

You can read the whole article over at the nytimes.com website.

10th November 2015

Watch an extended preview of DAVID BOWIE's new track 'Blackstar', cut by Johan Renck, the director of THE LAST PANTHERS.

... more of David's new song is revealed.

The TV series launches simultaneously in UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy on Sky Atlantic, and in France on Canal+.

The show has also been acquired by pay TV service HBO Nordic. This deal will make the show available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The series has also been pre-sold to 365 Iceland and Hot in Israel.

In the UK, The Last Panthers begins on Thursday, 12th November on Sky Atlantic and HD, in the UK at 9.00pm GMT.

The show is also repeated an hour later on Sky Atlantic Plus 1 and HD, UK at 10.00pm GMT.

Then the next day on Friday, 13th November it is repeated again on the same channels at 10.00pm GMT and 11.00pm GMT.

10th November 2015

Published in the UK December issue of GQ magazine, is a DAVID BOWIE / DEREK BOSHIER article written by PAUL GORMAN.

Check out 'Boshier & Bowie: Art, rock and the bad boys of Berlin' double fronter page and also a previously unpublished photograph of David and Derek in 1993 over at paulgormanis.com website.

10th November 2015

Happy Birthday wishes to KEN PITT (DAVID BOWIE's ex-manager), 93-years-young, born on this day in 1922...

On this day, 1 year ago, DAVID BOWIE released the digital download of 'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore. The demo song first featured on the b-side of the soon-to-be released 10 inch vinyl release Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) on 17th November via Parlophone in the UK. The track had its world premiere on BBC 6 Music at 9.45am on the Shaun Keaveny radio show.

David describes the song as: "If Vorticists wrote Rock Music it might have sounded like this."

The song acknowledges the shocking rawness of the First World War and the title is a play on 'Tis Pity She's A Whore' a John Ford Restoration play first performed in 1629 at the Cockpit Theatre in London.

The demo track was recorded, played and written by David Bowie in his home studio...

9th November 2015

I'm a Blackstar David Bowie Blackstar        DAVID BOWIE ★ (Blackstar)
       Countdown to November 19th 2015 16:00:00

       Released November 20th 2015.


Pre-order links:
[★ CD] [★ Vinyl LP] [★ Digital album]

9th November 2015

Bicyclus sigiussidorum A new butterfly species has been named Bicyclus sigiussidorum in honour of the DAVID BOWIE iconic character 'Ziggy Stardust'.

In the documentation it states...

The species is known from 12 identified specimens, with all records confined to the southern parts of Cameroon, north-western Gabon and a single specimen from mainland Equatorial Guinea.

The species is named in honour of Ziggy Stardust, one of the many faces of David Bowie. The wing shape, along with the unique androconial scales below the eyespots, gives the species a rather 'glammy' appearance. The first author also fondly remembers David Bowie's early albums as regular companions during evenings back at camp whilst working in the field. The Latin translation of the lyrics from Ziggy Stardust was retrieved from everything2.com/title/Ziggy+Stardust (accessed on 09 July 2015) and used when naming the species.

You can read the complete documentation here [pages 14 and 15].

© 2015 The Authors. Systematic Entomology published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd on behalf of Royal Entomological Society.

From Oskar Brattstrom @ bicyclus.se

9th November 2015

On this day, 9 years ago, DAVID BOWIE performed at the Annual Black Ball Benefit for Keep A Child Alive (KCA) at the Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, USA in 2006.

He performed 'Wild Is The Wind', 'Fantastic Voyage' and ended with a duet alongside ALICIA KEYS on 'Changes'.

7th November 2015

As mentioned previously it's DAVID BOWIE Weekend on SKY ARTS TV channel.

Don't worry if you miss anything, there are repeat showings on 10th, 11th and 12th November.

6th November 2015

Check out the WARCRAFT trailer for the latest movie by DUNCAN JONES - he is also about to begin work on a new movie MUTE. Keep bang up-to-date with news and activites via @ManMadeMoon on Twitter and blog.manmademovies.co.uk - [View here]...

Taking place in Cambridge next Wednesday (11th November) is 'PLANET BOWIE: Multiple creativities in practice' by LEAH KARDOS at Homerton College (University of Cambridge) in the Paston Brown Room, Hills Road, Cambridge SB2 8PH, England - [More details]...

THE LAST PANTHERS premiere is only 7 days away, on Sky Atlantic and Canal+ as you know it features the new DAVID BOWIE song 'Blackstar', showing 12th November at 9pm. Heads up, the series will be released on DVD...

DAVID BOWIE's 1969 classic 'Space Oddity' featured in movie and TV moments. Made by Menno Kooistra - [View here]...

London charity showing later this month of STARMAN: THE MAN WHO SEWED THE WORLD Frededie Burretti movie by LEE SCRIVEN - takes place on 25th November at Olympic Recording Studios, Barnes, London SW13 - [More details]...

DAVID BOWIE tribute band SPACE ODDITY with David Brighton gig at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, California 90278, USA - More details...

5th November 2015

Emperors of Medieval Japan by Lisa Ronson Singer/Songwriter LISA RONSON daughter of DAVID BOWIE's legendary guitarist MICK RONSON, releases her debut solo album EMPERORS OF MEDIEVAL JAPAN tomorrow 6th November via Maniac Squat Records.

Emperors Of Medieval Japan features special guest appearances from an inspirational line up of prestigious rock musicians: REEVES GABRELS (The Cure, David Bowie), EARL SLICK (John Lennon and Yoko Ono, David Bowie) and Morgan Fisher (Mott The Hoople, Queen) joining guitarist programmer Paul Cuddeford (Ian Hunter, Bob Geldof) and saxophone player Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey, Gallon Drunk, Yoko Ono).

Ronson's rare sound is a dynamic convergence of synth pop and alternative rock with dystopian and existentialist lyrics. Pioneered by Ronson, this contemporary musical style is referred to by her fans as 'Post Synthetic', an emerging musical movement in London.

The tracklisting runs as follows:

       01. Electra (Lisa Ronson/Tom Wilcox/Paul Cuddeford).
       02. Emperors of Medieval Japan (Lisa Ronson/Tom Wilcox/Paul Cuddeford/Morgan Fisher).
       03. One Lunar Month (Lisa Ronson/Tom Wilcox/Paul Cuddeford).
       04. CKSB (Lisa Ronson/Tom Wilcox/Paul Cuddeford).
       05. Oblivion (Lisa Ronson/Tom Wilcox/Paul Cuddeford).
       06. Shopping and F**king (Lisa Ronson/Tom Wilcox/Paul Waterson/Erdal Kizilcay).
       07. Shakin' All Over (Johnny Kidd).
       08. Get To You (Lisa Ronson/Tom Wilcox/Paul Waterson/Erdal Kizilcay).
       09. Je Déteste (Lisa Ronson/Tom Wilcox/Paul Cuddeford).

Lisa Ronson: Vocals.
Paul Cuddeford: Guitar/Keyboards/Bass/Drums.
Terry Edwards: Saxophones.

Except track 6: Reeves Gabrels: Guitar. Erdal Kizilcay: Guitar/Keyboards/Bass/Drums/Viola, and track 8: Reeves Gabrels: Guitar. Earl Slick: Guitar. Erdal Kizilcay: Guitar/Keyboards/Bass/Drums.
Morgan Fisher: Treated Piano on track 1. Organ/String Orchestra/Synthesizer. Plus sampled Gagaku Oboe and Koto on track 2.
Tom Wilcox: Backing Vocals on tracks 3/4/6/8.

Produced by Paul Cuddeford and Tom Wilcox.
Mixed by Paul Cuddeford with Tom Wilcox and Lisa Ronson, except tracks 6 and 8 mixed by Ben Thackeray.
Engineered by Paul Cuddeford, except for tracks 6 and 8 engineered by Paul Cuddeford and Erdal Kizilcay.
Mastered by Ed Woods.
Executive and art direction by Lisa Ronson and Tom Wilcox for Maniac Squat Records.
Recorded at The Chocolate Factory Studios, London. Additional recording by Erdal Kizilcay in Switzerland.

The CD version of Emperors Of Medieval Japan is available to pre-order now.

There is also a 1,000 limited edition white vinyl LP (cat. no. MSL2015V004) released the same day.

(Ed. Maniac Squat Records kindly sent me this album back in August. I haven't stopped playing it. Thoroughly recommended by me. Easily 8/10).

Update: Check out the promo video for the song 'CKSB' directed and filmed by Erica Bergsmeds...

4th November 2015

Holy Holy North US Tour 2016 davidbowie.com have exclusively announced today that HOLY HOLY are to tour North America in January 2016.

The eleven-date tour by TONY VISCONTI and WOODY WOODMANSEY's Holy Holy sees them performing DAVID BOWIE's 'The Man Who Sold The World' album, along with other Bowie tunes from the early 70s.

7th Jan: The Asylum, Portand, Maine, USA - Tickets
8th Jan: Highline Ballroom, New York, NY 10011, USA - Tickets
9th Jan: The Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield, Connecticut, CT 06877, USA - Tickets
10th Jan: Headquarters Live, Salisbury, Maryland, MD 21801, USA - Tickets
12th Jan: The Opera House, Toronto, ON, M4M 1H1, Canada - Tickets
14th Jan: The Birchmere Music Hall, Alexandria, Virginia, VA 22305, USA - Tickets
15th Jan: Colonial Theatre Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, PA 19460, USA - Tickets
16th Jan: Roc Bar, Cleveland, Ohio, OH 44113, USA - Tickets
17th Jan: The Paramount, Huntington, New York, NY 11743, USA - Tickets: on sale soon.
20th Jan: Chameleon Club, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, PA 17603, USA - Tickets: on sale soon.
21st Jan: The Wilbur Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts, MA 02116, USA - Tickets: Presale 18th Nov, On sale 20th Nov.

Tickets go on sale on Saturday, 7th November.

Keep your eye on the Holy Holy Facebook page for more details and updates.

3rd November 2015

Japanese photographer MASAYOSHI SUKITA, known for nearly half a century of working with DAVID BOWIE, holds his first ever US show on 12th November at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in SoHo, New York. The gallery is located at 116 Prince Street, between Wooster and Greene. Opening times: Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm, Sunday: 12-6pm - [More details shortly]...

Published today in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD is 'DAVID BOWIE Is...exhibition at ACMI bows out with a bang' by Debbie Cuthbertson. The article states that the exhibition drew almost 200,000 people through the doors of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. Within that number it also attracted close to 90,000 visitors from outside Victoria, figures to be released today by the state government - [Read here]...

Actress CRISTIN MILIOTI who is performing in Lazarus by DAVID BOWIE and ENDA WALSH is interviewed by The Daily Beast. Just last week, David Bowie himself popped by Lazarus rehearsals and the cast sang for him. Her co-star Michael Esper teased her that when he looked around the room during a quick break, everyone was on the verge of tears, overwhelmed by the honor. When he glanced at Milioti, she was picking her nails and checking her phone - [Read here]...

SNARKY PUPPY guitarist CHRIS McQUEEN is one of the band members for Lazarus in NYC. Chris says: "I'm very excited to announce that I will be on stage playing guitar in the new musical Lazarus by David Bowie and Enda Walsh running from Nov 18 to Jan 17 at New York Theatre Workshop. It's a show that features new arrangements of his hits plus several brand new songs, all tied into a story that is a continuation of Bowie's sci-fi cult classic The Man Who Fell To Earth." - [More details]...

On this day, 46 years ago, DAVID BOWIE performs 'Space Oddity' live in Zurich for Swiss TV show Hits A Gogo in 1969.

2nd November 2015

The Ghosts of d'Hérouville Scheduled for broadcast next month on French TV is the documentary entitled: 'DAVID BOWIE, 'Les fantômes d'Hérouville' (The Ghosts of d'Hérouville).

This 70-minute documentary directed by Gaëtan Chataigner and Christophe Conte shows on France4 TV channel in December.

David Bowie, l'homme cent visages ou le fantôme du chateau d'Hérouville'? - which roughly translates to: 'David Bowie, man or ghost hundred faces the castle of Hérouville'.

In the programme, other artists perform their versions of David Bowie songs. If you speak French, check out leparisien.fr for an article about the documentary from last May, which explains it all in full.

As I'm sure you are aware, David has recorded three albums at the Chateau d'Hérouville studios, 'Pinups', 'The Idiot' with Iggy Pop and 'Low'.

When David and Tony Visconti were asked in an Uncut interview various questions about the studios... 'Is it true that Chateau d'Hérouville was haunted by the ghosts of Chopin and George Sand... and David refused to sleep in the master bedroom because it was spooked? Did this affect the record's mood?'... Eno woken by taps on the shoulder in the middle of the night?... Any good ghostly happenings you recall?'

David: "It was a spooky place. I did refuse one bedroom, as it felt impossibly cold in certain areas of it. To my knowledge though, the place itself had no bearing on the form or tonality of the work. The studio itself was a joy, ramshackle and comfy feeling. I liked the room a lot."

Tony: "I keep reviewing my feelings about the supernatural. There was certainly some strange energy in that chateau. On the first day David took one look at the master bedroom and said, 'I'm not sleeping in there!' He took the room next door. The master bedroom had a very dark corner, right next to the window, ironically, that seem to just suck light into it. It was colder in that corner too. I took the bedroom because I wanted to test my meditation abilities. I never admitted this before. I had read that Buddhists in Tibet meditated all night in a graveyard to test their level of fear/no fear. Milarepa, the Tibetan saint, sat on his dead mother's body all night and meditated. It felt like it was haunted as all fuck, but what could Frederic and George really do to me, scare me in French? I loved the look of the room so I decided to spend one night there. If something happened I planned to shout so loud I'd wake up the village."

Thanks to Philippe Auliac for the heads up.

1st November 2015

The Last Panthers This month sees a plethora of DAVID BOWIE television programmes being broadcast.

First and foremost is the premiere of the brand new David Bowie song 'Blackstar' which features in the opening credits sequence of the new TV crime show 'The Last Panthers'.

The Last Panthers launches simultaneously in UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy on Sky Atlantic, and in France on Canal+.

The show has also been acquired by pay TV service HBO Nordic. This deal will make the show available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The series has also been pre-sold to 365 Iceland and Hot in Israel.

In the UK, The Last Panthers begins on Thursday, 12th November on Sky Atlantic and HD, in the UK at 9.00pm GMT.

The show is also repeated an hour later on Sky Atlantic Plus 1 and HD, UK at 10.00pm GMT.

Then the next day on Friday, 13th November it is repeated on the same channels at 10.00pm GMT and 11.00pm GMT.

Other notable TV highlights this month include the following:

Thursday, 5th November:
Extras: David Bowie, Gold, UK, 2.25am GMT.

Saturday, 7th November:
David Bowie: Serious Moonlight Tour, Sky Arts and HD, UK, 9.00pm GMT.
David Bowie: A Reality Tour, Sky Arts and HD, UK, 11.00pm GMT.

Sunday, 8th November:
Video Killed The Radio Star: David Bowie, Sky Arts and HD, UK, 12.15am GMT.
David Bowie: Glass Spider Tour, Sky Arts and HD, 9.00pm GMT.
David Bowie documentary, Sky Arts and HD, 11.15pm GMT.

Friday, 13th November:
Top Of The Pops, features Bowie ("Heroes" live from 1977), BBC Four and HD, UK, 9.00pm GMT.

To see what else is showing and happening in November, check out the BW Monthly Planner for November.

1st November 2015

Golden Years 40th Anniversary Picture Disc Single This month sees the release of the next DAVID BOWIE 40th Anniversary Edition 7" picture disc single via Parlophone.

On Friday 13th November, Golden Years gets the special collectors' treatment.

       Golden Years (Single Version).
       (David Bowie).
       Produced by David Bowie and Harry Maslin.
       (Cat. No. DBGOLD 40A).

       Station To Station (Single Edit).
       (David Bowie).
       Produced by David Bowie and Harry Maslin.
       (Cat. No. DBGOLD 40AA).

Both photographs appearing on the A and AA sides contain shots by Steve Schapiro.

This release is available to pre-order NOW.

1st November 2015

"A fascinating snapshot of an artist at the dawn of a brand new project."...

'DAWN OF THE DUKE: David Bowie In Vancouver 1976' is the brand new limited edition publication available now from CYGNET COMMITTEE.

Featuring rare and exclusive photographs by ANDREW KENT taken during rehearsals at the Agrodome, and the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, Canada in late January/February 1976.

This 40-page limited edition fan-published book is the third volume that has been produced.

Visit CygnetCommittee.co.uk

Just in case you are new to these wonderful fan-published books, the three created so far are...

Dawn of The Duke: David Bowie in Vancouver 1976.
Bowie In Hunger City: New York 1974.
All American Bowie: Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars at Long Beach 1973.

For full details, purchasing information and photo art print-sets pop on over to the cygnetcommittee.co.uk website.

If you are already aware of these limited edition publications, Cygnet Committee are also about to launch a bespoke sleeve to house them all nice and neat.

Cygnet Committee are also on Facebook and Twitter @Cygnetcomuk for more news, updates and all that jazz.

Heads up, the fourth publication will be 'Soul Love: David Bowie in Philadelphia, 1974'.


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