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BowieLive Chat Transcription - 30/9/98

Host Moderator: Greetings everyone!

The countdown has started and we will be going live in about 15 minutes and just a reminder, David will be in the "David Live" room at 9:30 EST

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Winkle: sure... I am sort of the angel of your better nature in here.. I see all of you, you see just me. ;)

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ArchanonSpaceboy: WHEN ARE WE STARTING?

db: How about now?

WarpGeniusAPHEX: Hi, Vancouver here..You're an amazing collaborator David, but dont u think that another one with Eno could get stale? What do u think of a collaborative effort of a totally experimental band such as AUTECHRE? Who IMO are far more adventurous and fearless than Goldie...as are Squarepusher and UZIQ..again IMO..

db: I think when two people come into the studio with interested and curious minds that hopefully you never get a situation where you are trying to conciously trying to repeat past performances. I've been fortunate enough with the choice of musicians that I've worked with to have rarely run into a situation that has become immediately sterile.

db: I hope my luck holds out. By the way Goldie is pretty adventerous and fearless. I just don't think he's got it all down on vinyl yet. But hey he's only two albums in.

malford: David, can we presume that since there's only one album left on your contract with Virgin, that they turned down everything but a stufio effort of new material?

Emilio: What's the truth behind the Arnold Corns project? Did you really intend to launch your dress designer Freddie Buretti as a singer or was it just a facade, so you could continue releasing new records while switching record companies? Did Freddie actually sing on those recordings?

db: Things you are talking about Emilio, Arnold Corns, Freddie Buretti, I answered pretty thoroughly on BowieNet.

Lynne: David, did you ever get to work with Glenn Branca as you had planned a few years back?

db: Coincidentally, Glenn, Tony Oursler and myself have just started to talk around the idea of a collaboration. This would probably be after 2000 as we've all got fairly full calendars at the moment.

db: But I would be very excited if this project should come off.

Tura: David, do you think that 20th century art will have an impact on the next generation - and in what direction do you think your art will go - 3-D, computer generated or 2-D, painting and drawing related?

db: I think 20th Century Art is having its impact as we speak. I think that the absolute notion that Art is a trigger for response and question was firmly rooted in the early part of this century and I think that the idea of Art not being an atunomous genre but a real tool for dealing with life is taking root as we speak. The great flowering of the individual as an artist started in the 18th Century. Unfortunatlely the idea that art was cut off from most of society started there too. This situation seems to be changing. As for myself as an artist it is impossible for me to say with any certainty in what direction I will be going.

As most of you probably know I am effected to the greatest extent by the environment, the times and the people around me.

db: These factors dictate the way in which I work. However, I am more and more drawn towards the possibilities of digital and computer art. But only inclusively not exclusively as I still love slapping a brush about.

porkspam: I don't know much about the art world, but is it possible for you to market some of your better paintings in poster versions for like much cheeper.

db: Hey porkspam you make me laugh...geez guy I'm doing them as cheap as I can! Try buying a Schnabel and see where that gets you. Yes I am thinking of doing some posters of earlier work as it has been requested a number of times now. I'll do one just for your porkspam real cheap!

Tybalt: bloody hell, $150 is cheap??

db: Same size by Damien Hirst is about $4,000. Work it out...

"Icon Monster": What is the musical equivalent of a readymade?

db: Eno and I had an idea a number of years ago of creating a band with say the sound of a thunderstorm as a bass drum, the sound of a stream as a cymbal and a famous gunshot like say the one that shot Kennedy as the snare drum putting various natural and historic sounds together in fact to create a band source that could be an example of collaging ready-mades. I guess the ultimate ready made would be to put out a Puff Daddy track.

Mattie: David have you ever considered doing another collaboration with Lulu?

db: Lulu and I during our recordings in the early -70's did a whole bunch of stuff that I thought had been lost. What we just found recently was a really wonderful version that she sang of "Can You Hear Me" from the Young Americans album. I would love to try and get this released as I think it would be quite beautiful.

JonE: Whatever happened to a purported duet with Siouxsie and the Banshees?

db: I have never heard of this purported duet, John, but I do understand she has a new album coming out and I always liked the band, especially with Sid Vicious.

Lynne: You and Iggy sound great together. Anything in the works in the near future?

db: The Ig seems to spend most of the time on the road these days. We bumped into each other last year on the festival tour while we were promoting Earthling and he seemed reasonably happy with life. There are no collaborations in the future, as far as I know.

onE: Nico asserted that the song "Heroes" was written for her in her drama of exile album. What is the meaning of Heroes in your own opinion?

db: Heroes has absolutely nothing to do with Nico. It was written during the time that Iggy and I were living in Berlin and had a lot more to do with the anynmous couples that would meet by the wall.

RadioKAOS: Have you ever thought of doing anything with Roger Waters? Since you both have a penchant for concept albums, and you're both incredible with a studio.

db: The only thing Roger and I have done together is ski. I hate to admit it but he's better than I am. But there again, he also plays guitar better than me! No collaboration in mind.

Pedro: What about Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson?

db: Hey yeah Pedro, what about Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson??

Myk: Do you have any plans to release some of the classic tv shows you did in the 70's?

db: The classic TV shows are free to go any time they want. There's no question as to their release, I'm not keeping them against their will. They;ve been treated well while they've been with me. And I don't feel they bear any grudges. Nobody is holding them against their free will. This is a lie. If they should wish to remain with me, we have to respect their decision. But as far as I am concerned, Iman and I can no longer afford to keep looking after them and it's about time they stood on their own feet.

db: Please be patient while David ponders the next question. Thanks!

JanineGenie: And what do you think of the title of the new Star Wars flick?

db: What is the title of the new Star Wars flick, Janine?

"David H": Star Wars: The Phantom Menace!

db: I'm not sure that I have any feelings about that. Why did you ask?

Tybalt: We BowieFans are wantin ta get together and make a BowieNetMembers profile page.. but we need server space n stuff. It'd be absolutely lovely if you used your god-like powers to coax Mr. Roy here to give us 50megs on BowieNet to set up this member profiles database and such.. *hint*hint* ;)

db: We set up a relationship with tripod to give BowieNet members 11 megabytes of web space to build sites on any subject they desire in the BowieNet pod customized for our ISP. Does this answer your question?

Pedro: David, I would like to know if there really is a Bowie-Nietzsche connection...which books have you read, and how much of it is the songs...I can see some in Quicksand, All the Madmen and Up the hill backward, for example. Thanks.

LaughingGnome: Do you shop at Wal Mart?

db: Please be patient while David ponders the next question. Thanks!

nikados: When are we getting images and sounds of you at studio on BowieNet?

db: The first answer is the next time we go into the studio, the plans are to have the Lucent 360 degree camera live. As of a couple of months from now, we plan on using the camera every which way we can. This means chat sessions, some recording studio stuff, maybe even location things. If we can get it there, we will.

Imadj: Do you worry that the internet camera will inhibit you in any way? Or perhaps it would inspire you?

db: That's a real interesting question. The temptation to entertain will be there. So to some extent it will be rather like creating work in front of an audience which will give the finished work a slightly different nuance than it would otherwise have. I'm as excited about the prospects as anybody else.

Grazia: Do you chat in Bowienet anonymously?

db: Yes and never.

JanineGenie: Has BowieNet lived up to your expectations so far?

db: I think we've made a pretty reasonable start. The man hours involved are tremendous. I guess I should say the person hours involved are tremendous.. If we can live up to our own expectations, within a few months, it should be quite formidable. As not only an archive, but also as a interactive community base. No doubt you will let us know how we're doing and believe me we take your comments very seriously.

DWSA: Are there any Tin Machine tracks which were recorded, but never put on an album? If so, will we ever hear them?

db: There are several tracks that we recorded during our four years together. EMI have plans for an anthology in a few years time and I have no doubts that they will be included upon that.

Host Moderator: David, the Internet has given many small, experimental bands the ability to reach a wide audience. Do you expect to see rock music become more eclectic rather than being channeled into particular genres by the record labels and mass media? Is the age of the rock superstar over?? ;)

db: Is this the Evan I know?

db: If so, Hi Evan! If not, Hi Evan!

db: I think now that we can connect our CD burners to our mean screens the day is so near when down loading our own compilations to being upon us. It will revolutionize the making of records and corporate record companies will have to take more consideration of the diversity of the interest in music again.

db: Please be patient while David ponders the next question. Thanks!

Momus: What do you think of Friez, a more conceptual trendy art magazine then Modern Painters?

db: Friez tends to preach to the converted.

db: Okay we've now been on an hour, but I'm going to keep going on a while longer.

alwayscrashing: David, what magazines do you subscribe to?

db: From the top of my head, all I can think of is Raw Vision, Outsider, Pop Smear, ...

db: I should collect all the play sounds I'm getting and put them together as a track. There's another ready made for you.

Moonlight: What was the last movie who saw?

db: Institute Benjamenta by the Bothers Quay.

Freecloud: What's the first thing you do in the morning?

db: I run for thirty miles then do a seven hour work out at the gym. Swim for half a mile or so and carry my wife up a small mountian. By this time it's about 7 AM. Then we breakfast.

Tybalt: walmart walmart walmart walmart walmart walmart walmart walmartwalmart walmart walmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwalmart walmartwa

db: Okay Tybalt, I did go to Walmarts once. I bought bin liners... can we stop here please?

Nadsat: one more!!!!!!!! Have you ever considered directing a movie? (please 8-))

db: I'd love to, I would have to write it though.

SqueakieTampaxTwin: Bowie when you were filming Exhuming Mr. Rice in Vancouver, did you ever stop by Subeez Cafe??

db: I thought of it but we were so busy but we never got there. Thanks for thinking of me you folks up in Canada. I saw all your plans on the internet. It was very thoughtful

LaughingGnome: What are your favorite playwrites?

db: Beckett, Mamet, anybody whose last name ends in et.

Chris242b: My girlfriend and I, which btw are both here right now, have re-met because of your last show in Buenos Aires...the next year we are gonna get married. Would you come to our party?

db: Congratulations you two, wish you all happiness. I'm honored it was my concert.

HughJ: David, you haven't toured Australia for over 11 years. Did we do something wrong last time?

db: Australia could never do anything wrong. I just haven't been asked to tour there in eleven years.

Pedro: Won't you answer my Bowie-Nietzsche connection question???

db: Pedro, please scroll back. We did answer your question.

Hannah_Aki: What relationship do your self-portraits have to your iconization in the media and via the internet? Do you see them as purely expressions of a private self, or as commenting on/partaking in the dissemination and manipulation of your image by others?

db: Believe it or not Aki, I find it quite easy for myself to refer to in an inner more private realization of an image of myself.

As I find it particularly easy to see all physicalities as mere constructs. I suppose the subtext to that is that I feel more material things are siphers.

and life's purpose for me is to be in touch with their meta essence.

LadyBowie: How about an exclusive BowieNet members-only concert?!?

db: Sure!

Will: I didn't see an answer to the Nietzche question!

db: I think most philosphers would agree with you.

Hannah_Aki: Do you feel that as the body is becoming reducing to sheer physicality, that we are forming notions of embodied minds (e.g. in cyberspace) or that this dissolution is essentially one-way?

db: Hi Aki! We need our own web site! PS: But I would feel "emodied minds" is nearer to my way of thinking.

Freecloud: Do you think you function well as a metaphor for yourself? Or is this just self-parody?

db: All metaphor is self-parody to someone.

Nadsat: What do you think about creating a mathematically sound album-such as one that follows the fibonacci sequence?

db: Believe it or not I have someone who works closely with me who is working along those lines. He loses me entirely as there is a quantum leap from three bags full to Fibonacci. Though Fibonacci can really rock.

(I was serious about my friend, he really is working in that area.)

nikados: do you know what colour your aura is?

db: Unfortunately I sent it off with my shirts and they dry cleaned it really bad. So what was once gold and blue now has little muddy spots all over it. Alexander McQueen has promised to make me a new one.

Rick: david, have you ever wrote your name in the snow?

db: No I paid Frank Zappa to do it for me.

Hannah_Aki: In line with the Nietzsche question.... Kafka once said, "a good book should be the axe to break the frozen sea in us." Would you care to expand on the reference to this quote in "Ashes to Ashes"?

db: Good spotting Aki! To win this round please tell me which quotes from Dostoyevsky's "The Brothers Karamazov" appeared in which song.

ArchanonSpaceboy: Do you look at your hands when you type?

db: Only if they look at me.

Yes: David are you Gnostic in your belief systems and if so why?

db: I must say having wandered from system to system most of my life, Gnosticism as opposed to free masonry holds the greatest interest for me of the judeo christian beliefs; however, I'm still trying to find a synthesis between mystical gnosticism and westernized buddhaism. I think few people in this age are convinced by any religious system per se.. and many others are forging our own spiritual support systems. We often feel that the truths encapsulated by the different systems have validity but we tend to believe in our heart of hearts that the corporation is crooked.

db: Hi Dungarees!

db: Please be patient while David ponders the next question. Thanks!

Chris242b: How many people have you kissed?

db: Far too many and often far too badly.

alwayscrashing: What wallpaper do you have on your computer?

db: A picture of you.

Question: What do you think of Golden years cover by Manson

db: As the Lady Bowie question is crowding me out at the moment, it must have appeared over one hundred times...

db: but I do not think of Manson's cover of "Golden Years". However, I quite liked it when I heard it.

Alchemy5: Why have you always worn that little gold cross? I was under the impression you weren't overly fond of your Catholic upbringing?

db: Acutally I was not brought up a Catholic and the cross that I wear has more sentimental value than anything. My father gave it to me in my teens.

I will take five more questions and don't forget that occassionaly I will be dropping into the rooms... maybe we can continue then.

I do appreciate you all bothering to be involved in this room and with BowieNet... and I hope we continue to keep up to scratch.

WickedWench: Jen asks: Where did you get the title for Pallas Anthena from? Is it related to Gustav Klimt's Pallas Anthena? Or does it have a mythological basis? Or did you just think the name was "kewl"? :P

db: It is indeed based on the mythological figure.

Hannah_Aki: What's up next for 21 Publishing? Will we be seeing a collection of your writing soon?

db: 'Talk 21' which is a collection of interviews that I have done over the years which is primarily of artists and designers will be published next spring. In the meantime coming out this late fall, will be Matthew Collings' second book for us called "Wow or Gee" a survey of American art from the '60's til now.


db: Reeves myself and Tony Visconti are working towards a release for next year - early 1999 and hopefully there will be at least one or maybe two other releases in 1999... I'm staying out of the way of the rush hour of the gods come the year 2000. ..and am working towards stuff for 2001.


db: Not anymore.

RaMOANa: Will you tour in 1999?

db: I plan no live work until after 2000.

jo: Is that your real hair, or do you get transplants?

db: Do you mean Robert Plant's or rubber plants?

db: Thanks very much everyone...

db: We'll get to all the plastic surgery and viagra questions next session...

db: thank you for caring.

db: David Bowie has left the building...

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