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Tony Visconti, Mick Rock and David Bowie - 17/12/98

Session Start: Thu Dec 17 20:16:31 1998

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*** Topic is 'Mick Rock and Tony Visconti'
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Mick and Tony: We'll be starting in 7 minutes

Moderator: just about 2 minutes now!

Moderator: hi tybalt

Moderator: Let's Get Started! Any questions for Mick and Tony?

Total Blam Blam Hallo Mick - Hallo Tony - Tony I have an old Doo Wop single from way back when, (1974 actually) called "I Remember Brooklyn" - Is this the sort of thing that one should keep quiet about?

Mick and Tony: Tony: It's too late, the truth is out.

Mick and Tony: Greetings everyone

Gilly When did you get to know each other, Mick and tony?

Mick and Tony: Mick: it was through David, probably at a party.

Mick and Tony: Mick: I don't remember when.

Mick and Tony: Tony: I have to agree with Mick. We must have met at a party. Although neither of us were sober at that party.

Emilio Mick Rock: in your opinion, what's the difference between rock videos in the early 70's (like the ones you did for David) and in the MTV era? Don't you think the old videos were better in that they complemented the song, like an animated record cover, instead of competing with it?

Mick and Tony: Mick: One is the budget.

Mick and Tony: Mick: None of them were budgeted more than about $1,000 US.

Mick and Tony: Mick: I don't think that's necessarily true.

Mick and Tony: Mick: There was less pressure about those older films because they were rarely used.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Many more are used today than at time.

Raven Hi Mick and Tony! Mick, thanks for putting up the special website! Very Nice. Do you have a favorite picture that you have taken of David?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I think maybe the one of him slashing his wrists from 1973.

Mick and Tony: Mick: He's doing his fake Judy Garland act, lunging toward the camera.

Mick and Tony: Mick: With a suitable, anguished expression on his face.

Mick and Tony: Mick: only published once.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Rock & Roll Suicide, I call that one

Straffer What do you both think of Marlin Manson???

Mick and Tony: Tony: I think he's the best thing since David Bowie.

Total Blam Blam Tony - Has Mick done any headstands yet this evening?

Mick and Tony: Mick: How do you know about that?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Yes, I do them every day since 1970

Mick and Tony: Mick: (I hate to admit)

Mick and Tony: Tony: I have 2 favs, the man who sold the world, and scary monsters.

JoniVeSadd Tony which is your fav album u made with David and also one u didnt??

Mick and Tony: Tony: hunky dory. A great album.

Mick and Tony: Tony: I play it to this day, even though I had nothing to do with it.

SpaceFace Tony: how has working with David changed from 1970 to 1998?

Mick and Tony: Tony: his voice got deeper

Mick and Tony: Tony: and so did his brain.

Sculley Hi Tony. Have a question for you: When working with Marc Bolan and T.Rex, did Marc usually go with the flow in the studio, or was it a total dictatorship?

Mick and Tony: Tony: Working with Mark was a total friendship. He can be very salty at times.

Mick and Tony: Tony: But, it was a total collaboration.

Straffer Mick is there someone left you would like to take a picure of???

Mick and Tony: Mick: I'm talking about Marilyn Manson at the moment.

Mick and Tony: Mick: but the one I haven't taken, but won't be able to, is of course, John Lennon.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Why don't you ask me what my favorite subject was?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I think clearly David and Lou Reed rank up there.

Bill Tony - can you tell us what happened regarding the recording of TMWSTW - is it true Bowie only had a few bits and pieces ready at that time?

Mick and Tony: Tony: the man who sold the world was the first album when David came into the studio with only bits and pieces prepared

Mick and Tony: Tony: at first, I found this an impossible situation to work with.

Mick and Tony: Tony: because it never happend to me before.

Mick and Tony: Tony: After that album, David continued to come into the studio with songs only partially written.

Mick and Tony: Tony: and I've got to say, he's written some of his best songs that way, with the band present in the room.

Raven Mick will you take a picture of RonRoy so we can finally see him on bowie.net?!?!? :)

Mick and Tony: Mick: Only if he'll agree to pose naked and pay me money.

Total Blam Blam Tony - Apart from The Prettiest Star can you remember any other time when David and Marc recorded together - Or is just rumours and lies and stories they made up?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I'd like to lay this one at rest once and for all.

Mick and Tony: Tony: That's it. Apart from a bootleg cassette that's floating around of David and Mark writing a song in some hotel room somewhere.

GlamGnome Who in your opinion was the most influential artist of the time and why? You don't have to be biased cause your chatting in Bowie-Net. he he he

Mick and Tony: Mick: I think that without a shadow of a doubt, David Bowie, and I think one should also count Lou Reed.

Mick and Tony: Mick: His influence also pre-dated Davids.

Mick and Tony: Mick: I don't think there's any discussion about htat.

Amalgam Tony - what was it about the song Space Oddity that you didn't like?

Mick and Tony: Tony: At the time, the 1st man was sent into space

Mick and Tony: Tony: And I thought writing the song was a cheap shot at commercialism.

Mick and Tony: Tony: I've been kicking myself in the butt ever since.

Sculley What was your guys' take on Velvet Goldmine?

Mick and Tony: Yes, we've seen it.

Mick and Tony: Mick: I heard Tony's description. Should I repeat it Tony?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I think VG was grossly inaccurate about those times,

Mick and Tony: Tony: I think it was unfair to borrow from Bowie's life

Mick and Tony: Tony: and distort it so much, and create the illusion that it was Bowie, and not some fictional character

Mick and Tony: Tony: Basically, I thought it was a gay porn film disguised as a musical.

Mick and Tony: Mick: I haven't actually seen the film yet. It's going to be hard for me not to be very crititical.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Having read the script, I realized it was something I need to keep distance from because

Mick and Tony: Mick: it had nothing to do with the period. A fact that gets lost is that a boy in those days wearing a lot of makeup

Mick and Tony: Mick: would probably attract a lot of girlfriends, speaking for myself. Makeup was nothing to do with being gay,

Mick and Tony: Mick: it had a lot to do with getting laid, for a very heterosexual person.

Mick and Tony: Mick: You couldn't fuck a lot of girls unless you were wearing some mascara.

SpaceFace tony, which artists are on your wish list to work with today?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I am very attracted to the music of Marilyn and the Pumpkins, but I'm curious as to which artist I think I should be working with.

Mick and Tony: Mick says, "Hi Helen. I hope you're behaving yourself."

Mick and Tony: Mick: And if you're not, Have fun.

Emilio Mick Rock, what kind of film did you use in the 70's? And today?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Mostly exactly the same film.

Mick and Tony: Mick: on the Hasselblad, the 120mm, E6 120 64 ASA

Mick and Tony: Mick: in B&W, Triax 400.

Mick and Tony: Mick: It's really about the way you process the film that's important.

Bianca Tony, is there a full film of you and the Hype performing at the Roundhouse in London on February 1970?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I have just learned of its existance.

Mick and Tony: Tony: After seeing the behind the music special on VH1.

Mick and Tony: Tony: I would love a copy of it for myself. Can anyone help me?

KelMar666: Hey Mick,Mr Rock, did you ever get a nice picture of David's butt?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I certainly got some rather jolly pictures of him in his underpants.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Beyond that, I refuse to answer any further.

SqueakBox Tony or Mick: do you think the glam revival today is much different than the glam of the 70's?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I would say so. The world is in a completely different place.

Mick and Tony: Mick: 1 thing about Glam, for those of us involved in it, it was certainly revolutionary.

Mick and Tony: Mick: We saw ourselves as on the outside. Glam was pretty punk.

Mick and Tony: Mick: It upset people just as much.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Today, like most things, it's a form of reclycing, but I'm glad it's happening. I'm enjoying it.

Mick and Tony: Mick: It's letting me garner new work. But it's a different world today.

Bianca I have a copy:))))

Mick and Tony: Tony says, "Bianca, could you forward a copy of that tape to the liveandwell.com PO box, listed on the website.

Bianca Tony, is there any truth behind the story of "Heroes" and the couple who met each other at the Berlin Wall?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I went for a walk with Antonia the backup singer on Heroes at David's request.

Mick and Tony: Tony: He was a little stuck finishing the lyrics for the song. And he looked out the window after a while, and saw Antonia and I walking along the edge of the Berlin wall, holdling hands.

Mick and Tony: Tony: I was told by someone close to David that we inspired the verse where the couple is kissing by the wall.

Mick and Tony: Tony: Etc.

Orange Was there anything fter Glamrock that had thesame impact for you?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I got very involved with the Punk rock scene, especially in NY.

Mick and Tony: Mick: I did a lot of work with the Ramones, Blondie.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Like Glam, it was about looking for an edge, and looking for a way to upset what was then the status quo.

Mick and Tony: Mick: can't forget about the Deadboys and Talking Heads.

VernardsTwinningAphex Tony,what do u think of todays music scene in general??

Mick and Tony: Tony: I think it's healthy. I think people are returning to writing great songs instead of depending upon flamboyant production techniques to make the record.

Mick and Tony: I think Marilyn is a healthy indication (believe it or not).

Mick and Tony: Tony: Pumpkins, Green Day. I think the best music is coming from America.

JoniVeSadd Mick what was it like working with debbie harry was she a goddess as we all thought she was

Mick and Tony: Mick: DH was and is a delightful person. Certainly, she had no attachment to the idea of being a goddess. She had a very ironic view of her beauty.

Mick and Tony: Mick; Fabulous sense of humor.

Helen2 Mick or Tony do either of you have projects planned with David for the near future?

Mick and Tony: Tony: David and I got together in August of this year and recorded two songs for 2 projects.

Mick and Tony: Tony: Speaking for myself, it was a wonderful experience.

Mick and Tony: Tony: We will be working on a project in the very near future. I will leave it up to David to tell you what the nature of that project is.

Mick and Tony: Mick: ditto.

Total Blam Blam As David has enjoyed role reversal in the past, (For example Boy's Keep Swinging, for the recording of the track itself and the video gendre bending) why don't you both get involved with the next album, except Tony do the sleeve and Mick produce it - both in drag of course!

Mick and Tony: Tony: I can do some wicked things in photoshop, so your request might not be all that unusual.

Mick and Tony: Tony: and with a bit of makeup, I can come up looking like Susie Wong.

Dodo Mick,how did you get the idea for the "Life on Mars" video?

Mick and Tony: Mick: It wasn't so much an idea as a moment in time.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Remember, all those videos (or promos as we called them) were done for very small budgets.

Mick and Tony: Mick: I wanted to do something that looked a little bit like a painting.

JoniVeSadd what was it like when Iggy , Lou and David were together any good stories??

Mick and Tony: Mick: what sort of stories are you talking about? Give me a hint or two.

Bonster1 tell us about the bar fight ;)

Mick and Tony: Mick: Somebody fucked up there, it wasn't me.

Emilio Mick how did you see David's "Video Collection"? Did you notice that the "Life on Mars" video was re-edited and also blurred? Do you think they couldn't get a decent master so they had to use a second generation copy and blur it?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Somebody fucked up there, it wasn't me.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Somebody didn't tell me what was going on.

Mick and Tony: Mick: but that's another story.

Dodo do you feel yourselves as part of rock history?

Mick and Tony: Tony: When I read books on rock history, I definitely feel myself.

Mick and Tony: Tony: In fact, I have one pocket with a deep hole in it.

Mick and Tony: Mick: It makes me feel like I'm a bit passed the first flush of my youth.

Bianca Mick, when will be your next photo-exhibition?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Gavinda Gallery, in DC in March.

KelMar666: Mr Visconti, is it true you were scared to go to sleep at haddon ahll?

Mick and Tony: Tony: Everyone was scared to even walk in the dark at Hadden Hall because

Mick and Tony: Tony: everyone who lived there saw a ghost of a thin young woman walking early morning in the garden.

Mick and Tony: Tony: It was definitely a haunted house.

Gilly what about that "moonage daydream! video?

Mick and Tony: Mick: That was the first video I ever did with David.

Mick and Tony: Mick: It was shot on a bowlex 16mm camera in April of 1972.

Mick and Tony: Mick: It was a collage of live footage

Mick and Tony: Mick: I can't remember if it's ever been publically shown, but I'm sure that some point in the not-to-distant future,

Mick and Tony: Mick: It will get seen. There's also a video of Rock and Roll suicide that hasn't aired. Edited in the 80's,

Mick and Tony: Mick: Footage from that time. It's a wonderful thing.

Emilio Tony, when is your book coming out?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I'm still writing it. I don't have a publisher yet. And it probalby won't see the light of day until the year 2000.

KelMar666: Mick, do you think those godawful shag haircuts will make a comeback???

Mick and Tony: Mick: I bloody well hope not.

Orange What are you up to New years eve 2000??

Mick and Tony: Mick: Why, are you looking for a date?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I hope I get a gig that night. Scale is trippled.

Tybalt We're doing a BowieNet Babes of 1999 Calendar... does Mr. Rock wanna photo our BowieNet Babes

Mick and Tony: Mick: Yes.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Any Tony will assist me.

Bonster1 Mick, who is the most fascinating person you ever photographed and the pics looked like shit?

Mick and Tony: Mick: None of my pictures ever look like shit.

GlamGnome Tony, I live in Chicago and was eaves dropping on a conversation because I heard your name. A gentleman was referring to a local Chicago band that you may be producing. Any more info or just a rumor?

Mick and Tony: Tony: the group is called Extra Very, but it's still at the rumour stage.

Valerius What you do think of photographing us in fetish wear? Quite a few of us are into that.

Mick and Tony: Mick: One day I'll show you a more interesting box of my photo collection.

Moderator: please be patient...

KelMar666: Mick, do you have a photo of bowie getting spanked or summink?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I have a few pictures of summink.

Grazia hi Tony, what group of musicians David stayed better, give me your opinion

Mick and Tony: Tony: I think you're asking me what group of musicians I prefered working with. First, there would be Mick Ronson and Woody Woodmansey. The next group of musicians would be the band we used on Low, Heroes, Larger, and Scary Monsters.

Mick and Tony: Tony: They are Carlos Alamar, Dennis Davis, and George Murray.

Total Blam Blam Mick - Was your background graphic design? I ask because you did a more than convincing job on the Cockney Rebel albums. Mick - Was your background journalism? I ask because you did a more than convincing job on the early Ziggy articles. Mick - Was your background photography? I ask because you did a more than convincing jo

Mick and Tony: Mick: My background, I studied modern languages at Cambridge, then I went to the London film school. I kind of wondered. And in those days, I would flex my modest talents in many different, related directions. The truth is, no one payed very much money for any of those activities in those days, so it was a good idea to perform in all those areas

Emilio Could the two of you give us your impressions of the late Mick Ronson?

Mick and Tony: Mick: He was a sweet, wonderful, almost innocent human being, and much more talented than he realized, and maybe the world in general realized, until after he died. He really was a very very special talent, but very modest in his own appreciation of those talents.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Him and David together was probably one of the finest moments in rock and roll. We love you Mick.;

Ginger Here's my impression of Ronno. garrrrrrrang straaaaaaaang baaaaaaaaang whoooooosh

Mick and Tony: Tony: That's fabulous Ginger. If I close my eyes, I could just hear those tones right now. But then again, if I close my eyes, I couldn't read this.

Gilly Can you tell me something about Steve Harley?

Mick and Tony: Mick: He was a very interesting guy. He was very much impressed with David Bowie. And that was why he contacted me in the first place. But he was a very different talent, although he was posted at the time as being the "pretender to the glam rock crown". I think he's a fine songwriter, and it's great to see he's had some kind of resurgence today

Mick and Tony: Mick: Come up and see me was just a terrific single, especially Jim Cregan's guitar.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Beautiful spanish guitar.

SqueakBox How do you think Sadam Hussein would look in Glam attire?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I think he should shave his legs first, definitely.

Mick and Tony: Tony: He's definitely got a Freddie Mercury thing going.

Mick and Tony: *** laughing ***

Gilly i think, Steve Harley also did some songs with Marc Bolan. Did you record any of it?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I know he was very friendly with Marc, of course, this was after Marc's years of success, but I don't know if they actually recorded together.

Akros Tony don't you feel you are from the past now ; that all your work is behind you ?

Mick and Tony: Tony: You're absolutely right. After this, I'm going to walk right in front of a bus. I hope that makes you feel terribly guilty.

Emilio Mick, I understand you took some pictures of Queen in their early years. How did you like the new turn their music (and image) took, especially after "A Night at The Opera"?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I never felt quite the same about Freddie's image once he started doing his village people imiation, because there was indeed a guy in the VP that was doing what Freddie did, at least 3 years before Freddie. I used to see him in the West Village at the Anvil.

Mick and Tony: Mick: I'm talking about the guy from the Village People at the Anvil. Anyone remember the Anvil?

Gilly Tony, are there still unreleased outtakes of the albums you produced with David?

Mick and Tony: Tony: yes, there are several unreleased outtakes that I know of. I think David and I should sit down and compare notes about this.

Amalgam Mick - have you captured any supernatural phenomena on film?

Mick and Tony: Mick: David Bowie and Lou Reed.

Mick and Tony: Mick: For starters, that is.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Absolutely supernatural.

Orange I live in Asia at the moment, howcome this kind of music never influenced this part of the world?

Mick and Tony: Tony: Because you guys were so much into kabooky.

SpaceFace mick, who is the most gorgeous woman you have photographed?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I could be getting into a lot of trouble over this.

*** Bowie (ronroy@chat01) has joined #GlamChat

*** Bowie sets mode: +o bowie

Mick and Tony: Mick: But there was this stripper in 1979, somewhere in the East Village....

Mick and Tony: We have been joined by David Bowie.

David Bowie: Hum of the earth and fiends

Dodo What do you think of Nile Rodgers as producer?

Mick and Tony: Tony: Nile is fantastic. Ironically, as members of the recording academy, Nile and I sit on panels together, and he never stops talking about Let's Dance.

David Bowie: thanks Joni

David Bowie: he only everde the tea

Canney What do you think of Rolan Bolan's band. I saw them at the Ritz in Manchester - I was very impressed

David Bowie: Hallo SQ

David Bowie: What new project

Mick and Tony: Tony: Rolan is very talented, and is a beautiful looking man. I keep in touch with him and I am trying to help him with his career when I can, but he lives in LA and I live in NY.

Sicco Would David Bowie be who he is now without the Glamperiod, I mean I like him because of his music not particularly because he had make-up...

Mick and Tony: Mick: David Bowie is a force of nature, and should be locked up after dark. Always.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Yes, of course he would. He's a phenomenal, wonderful, overwhelming talent. blah blah blah.

Total Blam Blam Tony - When you recorded Low, did you realise what a new sound had been created, and did you think it would be such an influential album?

David Bowie: Hi folks Im a wonderful overwhelming SOB

Mick and Tony: Tony: We knew were on to something even before the album started. I had a conference call with David and Brian about what new things we would be bringing into this project. You could tell from the start that something quite incredible was about to happen. After one week in the studio, we knew we were doing something very far out.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Fuck You, Vernards.

VernardsTwinningAphex Tony DAY,what do u think of Bowie;s excursions into Jungle.Drum and Bass???

David Bowie: Tony and Mick are in NY and I'm in my element

Akhros Did you like it working with midge ure Tony ?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I never worked with Midge Ure.

Dodo Lodger was dismissed by Eno,what do you think of it?

Mick and Tony: Tony: this is the first I heard of that.

David Bowie: h yes you did

David Bowie: Oh yes you did

David Bowie: iits behind you

Mick and Tony: Tony: I think it was a dark album, sonically, but songs like African Night Flight Fantastic Voyage, and Boys Keep Singing make it one of David's best albums ever, but there's no pleasing Brian.

David Bowie: hi blam

Canney David: I saw the disabled kids in the recording studio yesterday doing the tracks for the Access All Areas album. It was a very humbling experience. Thanks for the support via BowieNet - PK.

Emilio Tony, do you regret the fact that a lot of people think Eno produced "Low", "Heroes" and "Lodger"? I've seen this mistake in books and magazines.

David Bowie: Thanks Canney. Talk later

David Bowie: busy now guys. its fast

Mick and Tony: Tony: Thank you for asking. It amazes me how so called responsible journalists don't even bother to read the credits on the album, which read, "Produced by Bowie and Visconti" Brian is a great musician, and was very integral to the making of those three albums. But he was not the producer.

David Bowie: Eno DID produce them ALL I didn't even know Tony at the time

David Bowie: ENO also did Space OdDtity

Mick and Tony: Tony: You know David, you can buy those fabulous Gingko pills in health-food stores that improve your memory.

Akhros Tony do you think that David Bowie is deaf these days ?

David Bowie: Odd titty, I mean

Mick and Tony: Tony: Hey, why don't you go play with razor blades.

GlamGnome Tony, what is best thing that David gave you and David, what was the best thing that Tony gave you?

David Bowie: ht fight in the room lads

Mick and Tony: Tony: The worst thing we gave each other was the clap. The best thing was obviously penicillin.

David Bowie: don'tmake me come over there

Total Blam Blam Chaps can you confirm what everybody already knows: that David has the knob of an ant!

Mick and Tony: Tony: Yes, it's true, he's into taxidermy. The ant's knob is mounted in his den.

Canney Tony: Name you all time favourite band line up if you could chose absolutely anybody?

David Bowie: LOL Total is a leading scumbag of our time

Mick and Tony: Tony: Hendrix and Ronson on guitars, Keith Moon on drums, and ME on BASS!

Zardoz What is Mick's fav pic of db?

Mick and Tony: Mick: IT's probably one I can't possibly publish.

David Bowie: Mick, amalgam wants to know if you dig Kirlian photography

Bonster1 Tony, would you rather play bass or produce?????

Mick and Tony: Tony: I get bored with playing bass after an hour, so I guess I'm stuck with producing.

David Bowie Mick, amalgam wants to know if you dig Kirlian photography

Mick and Tony: Mick: Only on Sunday afternoons.

Sicco Did Bowie invent Glam Rock or did Glam Rock invent Bowie/

David Bowie: anythig i made with T....oh!

Mick and Tony: Tony: David Bowie invented Glam Rock. But that is a rhetorical, journalistic question that either deserves a full-length article, or to be ignored.

David Bowie: Never let me down

Helen2 Mick can i put a picture of you on the member database on Bnet? would you mind?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Depends on what the picture is.

Bianca Is there a chance that the David of nowadays will pose for a book of you again, Mick?

Mick and Tony: Mick: We've talked about it.

David Bowie: my servers gone all treacly and slow

Ilsa Well, what about Marc Bolan and his influence on glam rock?

David Bowie: I have to type a letter a minute to get there

Mick and Tony: Mick: It wasn't Marc Glitterrock? And wasn't David Glam? There is a difference you know.

Emilio Mick and Tony, how do you feel about David disturbing YOUR chat?

Mick and Tony: Mick: We're going to talk to him about that later.

Mick and Tony: Tony: I think he spends far too much time here, and should be writing songs instead.

SqueakBox Is Gary Glitter a Glamboy

David Bowie: OK. The Space Odd story

Mick and Tony: Mick: That's a hell of a question, especially given the trouble he's been in lately.

David Bowie: Tonys memorie oor thing is blinking

JoniVeSadd was David really that good on the melatron or however its spelt???

Mick and Tony: Tony: David is a whiz on the melotron, and the chamberlain. It's bastard grown-up son.

Bill Can't you three talk later? and stop messing us about? Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells!

Mick and Tony: Mick: Why stop now? We're having a good time. (Messing you about, that is)

David Bowie: by the time gus and I had finished rcording it Nasa still hadn't even announced they were doing there thiause it was so secret

David Bowie: Tony had merely thought it corny and didn't want to do it

Canney Tell us a joke

Mick and Tony: Mick: What's the difference between Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson???

David Bowie: so there

Bianca What do you think of the new book "Glam, Bowie, Bolan and the GlitterRock that came out lately?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I think it's pretty good. In fact, I think it's very cute. In fact, I think it's not bad at all. See David Bowie's critique on the Barnes & Noble web-site in the near future.

Sicco on my vinyl record Lodger is written (scratched in the vinyl) "No sense is better...than none at all" Why is that?

David Bowie: My review hould be on Barnes and noble tomorrow

Mick and Tony: Tony: In the days of vinyl, I used to engrave message on the outer grooves, mainly to make sure RCA was using my cuts. So, I kind of ran out of things to say after a while, and just had the disc-cutter engrave that. Look at all your Bowie vinyl, and you will find messages in the inner grooves.

Mick and Tony: Tony: By the way, Phil Spector started this trend in the 60's when he scratched Phil loves Ronnie in the outer grooves of one of his singles.

David Bowie: He used to scratch em BAD. you shosfnre at home

SpaceFace tell us the punchline mick

Mick and Tony: Mick: My lawyer advises me not to answer that. I could get sued.

VernardsTwinningAphex Tony,whats yer opinion on OUTSIDE????

Mick and Tony: Tony: Hey, do you want to step outside? I liked it, and earthling.

Helen2 Mick is your book going to get released in the US? I am tired of having to get people copies everytime i go home

Mick and Tony: Mick: Call me. I'll tell you where to get copies in the US.

David Bowie: im overloading like f--- here

Bianca What do you think of all the Drum and Bass on there?

Mick and Tony: Tony: It was well done, but I think we're all a little tired of drums and bass by now.

David Bowie: youre also tired of guitars and singers and...

Moderator: please be patient...

David Bowie: sicco: wht gets a map

David Bowie: half my letters are getting wiped.

JoniVeSadd what do you think David's last truely great album was???

Mick and Tony: Mick: Scary Monsters was a superb album.

Total Blam Blam Mick - how do you feel about all those pix of yours on all the different Bowie Sites - Is a credit enough?

Mick and Tony: Mick: IT's OK, I do it for love.

Emilio Mick, I really don't know whether you went on directing videos or not. In case you haven't, do you think you'd be able to direct one by today's standards? Would you know where to start?

David Bowie: God, theres some really great questions today. I wish we could get to them all

David Bowie: Don't go yet guys

Mick and Tony: Mick: I did in the '70's quite a few, including for the Kings, Paul McCartney, Steve Harley. In the late 80's, I did serveral, including one very racey number for Ace Freely of KISS. I'm going to do a new one soon for a band called the L.E.S. Stiches

Mick and Tony: Mick: They're a superb NY east village punky kind of act.

Bianca Are you involved in other projects than music-projects? Do you paint like David does, Tony?

Mick and Tony: Mick: That's L.E.S. Stitches.

Bianca Are you involved in other projects than music-projects? Do you paint like David does, Tony?

David Bowie: I really did object to the impression given in some articles that I did not write the songs on man who sold..

Mick and Tony: Tony: Yes, I have been working on the latest Luscious Jackson album for half the summer, and that should be out in April. Earlier this year, I produced local NY heroes D-Generation. Their first single, Helpless, is now on the soundtrack of the new motion-picture, "The Faculty"

Mick and Tony: Tony: I have also been slowly writing songs with Richard Barone of the Bongos, for his next solo album.

Helen2 either of you: do you think of glam as an English genre or something that started in the US and perfected in the UK?

David Bowie: you only have to check out the chord changes. NO ONE writes chord changes like that

Mick and Tony: Mick: Well, there was definitley a meeting of London and NY. In it's finest form, Glam was definitely a British affair.

Bonster1 Have you heard the Soundtrack? Shawn Mullins Covers Chages pretty well

Mick and Tony: Tony: Yes, Shawn does a real great job.

David Bowie: I'm in my onrd over here. As usual

Raven What are your plans for the holidays Mick, Tony, and David?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Poor David. Boo-Hoo

Bianca who was the first who started Glam Rock in your opinion? Bolan or Bowie?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I already said Marc Bolan was Giltter Rock. David Bowie was Glam. It's a subtle difference, but a definite difference.

David Bowie: Wee Willie Harris started glam. And I'm not joking

Sicco Well I just wantto know what you think of Marilyn Manson as the new Glam rocker

David Bowie: Total you are wet willy

Mick and Tony: Mick: Marylin Manson is definitely an event, and he's certainly taken up a lot of the glam accoutrements. But I would have said he's more Alice Cooper than Ziggy Stardust.

Midge Is there really a difference between glam and glitter?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I think Glam was much more decedant than Glitter. In fact, decadent rock was another phrase used to describe the turf that Bowie, Lou Reed, and Iggy Pop trod.

Dodo Which album was the best of the Trilogy?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I take the Trilogy as a whole. I think they are equally very poignant albums. Which one do you think is the best, Dodo?


Mick and Tony: Tony: Why?

David Bowie: John Lennon said Its just rock n roll with lipstick on. Of course, he was completely wrong but what a great guy

Helen2 Low is like an aural massage

Emilio Low is the best, period.

GlamGnome Where does Queen fit in? Glam or Glitter? How about Roxy Music?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I think Queen were, especially Freddie, were definitely Glammy. And Roxie Music was somewhere in-between.

David Bowie: lol

Emilio Low is the best, period.

David Bowie: Tony, is it true you are starting an online producton course

Mick and Tony: Tony: I think Low was fabulous, but I think Heroes was the positive outcome of Low, which was a very dark album. Also, we recorded Heroes in a better studio than Low, and sonically, I think we did very well there.

Dodo Mercury said he was glam before bowie did anything,what do you think?

Mick and Tony: Mick: That's a very heavy question...

David Bowie: Tony, is it true you are starting an online producton course

Mick and Tony: Tony: Only if you sign up.

JoniVeSadd Mick if you could photograph one of Davids alter ego's or just David Bowie as himself who would u pic?

David Bowie: As Freddie asked me to produce their first album I would take that with a pinch of salt

Mick and Tony: Mick: I think I'd probably settle for one of the alter-egos. It's safer.

Mick and Tony: Mick: For my health, that is.

David Bowie: is that a hint?

David Bowie: is that a hint?

Mick and Tony: Tony: No, it's a blatant insult.

Dodo I think Bowie invented glam and stardom,don't you?

Mick and Tony: Mick: But what about Gretta Garbo?

David Bowie: Ed: enough fairy glam now

Canney Tony: The Seahorses - what's going on? Anything new?

Mick and Tony: Tony: Due to a big reshuffle at Geffen records, I think the Seahorses future on that label is very dubious, and that's a bad thing.

Mick and Tony: Tony: I haven't spoken to John Squire since the end of the album, and he has gone on to work with another producer, but I can't tell you anything more than that, since we're out of touch.

David Bowie: Tony, how did you meet May?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I first met May when you asked me to come and meet John Lennon at your hotel suite in the Hotel Pierre.

Mick and Tony: Tony: That's when we were making Young Americans.

Mick and Tony: Tony: May, of course, was John's girlfriend at the time.

David Bowie: Tony, how did you meet Boy George

Mick and Tony: Tony: I remember staying up all night, having lots of fun with you and John drawing pictures of each other, and May and I sitting on the sofa together watching you both. When I finally turned to May, who was silent all night, my first question was, "Does your father do Kung-Fu?"

David Bowie: Never wear a new girlfreiin front of Tony

Gilly Mick, is your heart alright?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Yes, my heart is very strong at the moment. In fact, I wrestle aligators for breakfast every day now. A very American activity, I might add.

David Bowie: lol

GeneralKelmar Tony have you ever met the great tom jones?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I have never met Tom Jones, but I would love to be able to sing just like him, or Boy George.

David Bowie: Mick's heart is in the right place, next to his wallet.

Mick and Tony: Mick: That's very cute. It's very warm... Just like my wallet.

Freecloud Tony, what's the hardest part about producing a David Bowie record?

Mick and Tony: Tony: The hardest part is to always be sure that the tape recorder is running, and the mic is working. He's very fast, and nothing he does is a demo. It's always for real.

GeneralKelmar Maybe Mick has some buttshots of tom hones?

Mick and Tony: Mick: What's this fucking hang-up you've got with Tom Jones??

Canney Is Clinton fucked?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I doubt if he's had very many blow-jobs lately.

Bianca How was it to be in Berlin doing "Heroes" that time, comparing to today, Tony? How was your reaction when the wall came down?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I fucking loved that wall. The other side of the wall was like stepping into a time machine that took you 30 years into the past.

Total Blam Blam Mick - Is the Ziggy book you were doing with UFO still gonna happen?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I was never going to do a Ziggy book with UFO. However....

Akhros Tony Mick Bowie do you have the feeling sometimes people are kissing your asses ?

David Bowie: Mick and I are doing something really great with all the Ziggy stuff. for 2002. watch out for that one

Mick and Tony: Mick: Would you pay for the priviledge??

David Bowie: prefer it to having it kicked

David Bowie: yes

SpaceFace akros does pay for the priviledge

Mick and Tony: Mick: Good man.

David Bowie: Grant Mitchel threw Tif down the stair. No argument!

Canney Mick: Is Rock your real surname or a pseudo?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Lou Reed always had a theory that my real name was Rockburger, and that I was from Long Island. But that's not actually true.

David Bowie: I LOVE Eastenders. Next best to Chekov

Canney Where does it come from originally?

Mick and Tony: Mick: I was born in Shepphard's Bush

David Bowie: I've book-marked all their sites

Orange Why did you became a photographer I tried it too but always felt to sleep in this dark room

Mick and Tony: Mick: I wish I knew. I've never been able to figure that out.

Dodo Which is David's best haircut????

David Bowie: 87 witha touch of mohawk

Mick and Tony: Tony: The one I gave him in Berlin. He and Iggy wanted to blend in with the crowd of German working-men, so that they could go into a pub and be un-molested. As an italian, I always carry a pair of scissors with me. It's in our blood.

Emilio Mick Rock: what do you think of digital photography? As practical as it may be, do you think it will ever match the beauty of a slide?

Mick and Tony: Mick: It's a great new toy, but I'm addicted to film.

David Bowie: Being Italian Tony left his long so he could be molested by working class germen men

David Bowie: Being Italian Tony left his long so he could be molested by working class germen men

Mick and Tony: Tony: David, you promised we wouldn't get into this.

Bianca Will there anymore live-footage released you filmed of David in the 72s like the Santa Monica-concert in 72? Anymore unseen live-footage that will be released soon, Mick?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Yes, there is a lot of unreleased footage.

Mick and Tony: Mick: David and I are discussing synchronizing the release of this material with the new Ziggy push in 2002.

Canney So how many shags in total do you two reckon you got in the 70s

Mick and Tony: Tony: We've had lashings of shags in the 70's. Mick: But not so many in the 90's.

JoniVeSadd Mick / Tony what was the last D.Bowie concert u were at?

Mick and Tony: Tony: We both saw David at the Super club in NY. Mick: Wonderful stuff. Vintage Bowie.

David Bowie: Speak for yourself Tony

Mick and Tony: Mick: Intimate, and close to the audience, just they way we like. Hot and Throbbing. Didn't get shagged that night because the old lady had the painter's in.

David Bowie: about the shaggs I mean

Dodo I WAS IN SUPPER CLUB!!!where were you?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I was upstairs in the balcony, stage right with my wife May Pang, and my boyfriend Carlos Alamar.

David Bowie: lol

SpaceFace arent your bots aching yet?mine is

Mick and Tony: Mick: Yes, I've nearly had enough of this nonsense. Ha ha ha.

Grazia Tony, convince David to make a tour before 2000!

David Bowie: my f--- server is so slow

Mick and Tony: Tony: Go ahead, David. You're better off. It's good for you. Was that OK, Grazia?

Bianca What do you think of Placebo?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Very interesting.

David Bowie: im about two questions behind

Mick and Tony: Tony: I just met a group from a BBC TV show called Hype, that's the show, the group is called Suburbia-very placebo. I like them.

Dodo They're saying David's a good actor...

Mick and Tony: Tony: Who started that rumour??

Mick and Tony: Tony: Actually, apart from his films, he was fabulous on Broadway. As the elephant man.

David Bowie: I did

Bianca What did think of Tin Machine? Would you like to produce the third Tin Machine album, Tony? I hope they will come back one day....

Mick and Tony: Tony: Reeves is a great player.

David Bowie: Ut was very hard work with Tony and Hunt. For too many reasons to go into here

Total Blam Blam I got offered the part of The Elephant Man first when David Lynch saw me with me todger hanging out and me trouser pockets turned out!

Mick and Tony: Tony: So what happened?

Akhros Hanging on : David Tony Mick are you expecting to offer a free live-concert to Iraq wounded people in two years (I know my questions are maybe awful but I am doing my best tonite !)?

Mick and Tony: Mick: We are planning to have tea with Saddam. Want to come?

David Bowie: Total is so talented isn't he?

David Bowie: LOL

Mick and Tony: Tony: We intend to plan an Ecstasy drop on Iraq.

Mick and Tony: Tony: That should solve the problem.

Mick and Tony: We've been going for almost 2 hours now. Let's wrap it up in 10 more questions.

David Bowie: Its not my height thats impressive....

Freecloud Tony and mick, how tall is David REALLY?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Horizontal or Vertical??

Mick and Tony: Tony: He's shorter than I remember.

Gilly David, is it true that your fellow actors swopped the pic of the "elephant man's mother" for a porn pic, when you sat on the bed and had to say: my mother was so beautiful?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Gilly, get over it!

GlamGnome We haven't talked about the drugs! What were your favs?

Mick and Tony: Mick: None of your business. What are yours?

David Bowie: as I just said Its not my HEIGHT that's impressive. Its not the reason I got the elephant man role

Mick and Tony: Tony: Gilly, are you THE Gilly? Who's trying to write the Mick Ronson book?

David Bowie: Mine were def: speed, coke or sometimes speedballs.

VernardsTwinningAphex Mick,suffering from those 70's acid flashbacks???

Mick and Tony: We're having one right now!

Mick and Tony: Can you smell our fear?

Gilly Too bad, but I'm the other THE Gilly

Total Blam Blam Can you smell my ear?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Can you smell my rear?

Zardoz What will you all be doing at midnight Dec 31st 1999?

Mick and Tony: Shouldn't that be "WHO" will you all be doing....

Dodo What do you think of Ken Scott as a producer?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I think he is a fine producer, but a real excellent engineer. One of the best.

David Bowie: Getting laid

VernardsTwinningAphex Mick,it has been verified by a reliable source that you're always seen at MINISTRY OF SOUND in LONDON,going through a midlife crisis???

Mick and Tony: Mick: Up Yours.

David Bowie: lolOLOLolo

Bianca How do you see internet today? Are you planning to release music also only online that you produced, Tony?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I think within a short period of time, it will be the only way to release music. Record companies, be scared. Be very scared.

Moderator: Of course, you can always check Tony and Mick at their web sites: http://www.tonyvisconti.com and http://www.mickrock.com

Moderator: Here is a special site that Mick Rock put together just for todays chat: http://www.mickrock.com/glam.htm give it a try!

David Bowie: Go to Tony's site for a good time. Whats the URL Tony?

Mick and Tony: Tony: I haven't been updated my web-site for about 6-months now, and I apologize. Hopefully, during the Holiday break, I will do that.

David Bowie: Im F---- Late Again. Story of my life...by Micheal Holliday

Mick and Tony: David's on speaker-phone here in NY.

Mick and Tony: Mick Rock's web-site was updated last week. Check it out for lots of images.

Mick and Tony: Mick: I'm writing a new book, check there for details.

Total Blam Blam Mick finally - did you ever get any decent pix of David in his nightie?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Only in the little pink baby-doll number.

Mick and Tony: Mick: The new book is about Glam, with a lot about Lindsey Kemp in it.

David Bowie: Blam Rock

Mick and Tony: Mick: I'm thinking of calling this new book Blood and Glitter.

Orange Mick did you read Angies book and how much is true or should I not ask this?

Mick and Tony: Mick: Every last word is true!

Mick and Tony: David: But you would, would't you.

Orange I think David is gone

Mick and Tony: David notes that the boys have beaten the 2-hour Bowie-Net record.

Mick and Tony: David: Reeves and I have got to pick up the challenge in the future.

Orange I think David is gone

Mick and Tony: Tony: People have been saying that for years.

Mick and Tony: Mick: In fact, Lou Reed said exactly that to me the other night. And that is true!

KelMar666: If I buy a keg of beer we could hang out all night

Mick and Tony: Tony: with hot wings and professional wrestling.

Mick and Tony: David: Don't you mean with professional wrestlers??

GlamGnome If Lou Reed is the King of New York what is David Bowie the king of?

Mick and Tony: Mick: That's a very big question.

Mick and Tony: David: The King of Queens.

Dogpoop What do you all think of the New Romantic movement...and was it David's fault?

Mick and Tony: Tony: Yes, it was definitely his fault.

Dodo Do you think David's still a teenage idol?I think so.

Mick and Tony: David: No, I'm a 52-year old idol.

VernardsTwinningAphex Was it David's fault that Boy george came about??

Mick and Tony: David: I would not take responsibility for Boy George's coming.... or going!

Mick and Tony: David: but he's a lovely lad.

Mick and Tony: Tony: You meant coming or Blowing, surely.

Mick and Tony: Tony: And yes, but what about Visage? Who's to blame for that fiasco?

Total Blam Blam Mick and Tony? Are you answering for David now? Is he just too lazy to type?

Mick and Tony: Yes, we have David on speakerphone.

KelMar666: Mick who was the weirdest groupie you ever saw?

Mick and Tony: Mick: There was this stripper who was missing two front teeth who claimed to have some very intimate knowledge of David Bowie. It was the UK Club, on 3rd.

Mick and Tony: David: That was Angela, my ex-wife.

Total Blam Blam Did she have her two front teeth removed so she could blow David without opening her mouth?

Mick and Tony: Tony: Didn't they all??

Mick and Tony: David: At least the rest of her teeth were real.

KelMar666: can total and I be your next guests if we promise to be really naughty?

Mick and Tony: David: It depends upon what you'll be wearing...

Mick and Tony: David: But if Blam's wearing man's clothes, then definitely not!

Mick and Tony: Last question please. (We've had a wonderful time)

Dogpoop Ok since we're going for tacky questions? What are you're favourite brand of dildos?

Mick and Tony: Tony: Pocket-Rocket.

Orange David is there any kind of sport you like and surprise us?

Mick and Tony: Mick: David likes Cricket. Tony: Or water sports.

Mick and Tony: David: Now we've reached the dildo questions, Tony feels it can only go down. Pun intended.

Mick and Tony: David: Once again, thank you for your witty and intelligent questions.

Mick and Tony: David: And we're all proud to be associated with you.

Mick and Tony: David: Except for Blam Blam.

Mick and Tony: Tony: Thank you for the intelligent and not-so-intelligent. They were all equally amusing.

Mick and Tony: Mick: Thank you for your time, I shant be back.

Moderator: Of course, you can always check Tony and Mick at their web sites: http://www.tonyvisconti.com and http://www.mickrock.com

Moderator: thanks again guys...that it for tonight.....

Mick and Tony: Tony, Mick, and David have left the building.

David Bowie: see ya later olks

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