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2nd November 1974

   I'm just recovering from the most amazing birthday party - and the guest of honour at this party was none other than my loving wife, Angie! That's right - it was Angie's 25th birthday and we've been celebrating up a storm! Angie's always arranged marvellous 'special occasion' celebrations for friends of hers, so this year all of MainMan decided to do something extra-special for Angie!

   We made it a complete surprise - Angie never suspected that we were planning anything for her. And so when she walked into where the festivities were being held, there was a look of genuine astonishment on her face.

   Okay, I'll tell the story right from the beginning. Angie's come out to be with me while I'm doing my dates - quite thoughtful, really 'cos Angie's modelling assignments have been keeping her really busy. Plus, she's been helping her friend, Dana, in her modelling gigs. Dana respects Angie's advice in matters of make-up and fashion and so Angie's been letting Dana in on some of her tricks! Angie's also sending out press releases about Dana's activities and, along with MainMan, is helping to shape Dana's career.

   Anyway, I convinced Angie that what she needed was a bit of a holiday and to spend it with me. All the while, I was making preparations for a birthday bash. Zee, the president of MainMan, rented a huge restaurant for the night, planned the menu and invited all the guests. When the night of her birthday came, I told Angie we'd go out for a quiet little dinner. We walked into the restaurant, which at this point was pitch black, started for a table when - all of a sudden - the lights went up and everybody in the room yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANGIE!"

   There were people from MainMan specially imported for the occasion; friends of Angie's from Hollywood and another very special guest, Alice Cooper, who turned out to be the life and soul of the party.

   Anyway, before we knew it, the champagne was flowing, the music was playing and everyone was having a marvellous time. We talked to Alice for quite a while and discovered that he's not at all like the person you see on stage. He's very sweet, and not at all scary.

   Everyone danced and sang the night away, and made a big ritual out of Angie, cutting her birthday cake. Angie was so pleased that we remembered that chocolate with white icing was her favourite. So pleased, in fact, that she managed to eat most of the massive structure all by herself!

9th November 1974 - (4 Page Special)

   I must confess that just recently I turned into one of your typical camera carrying tourists! Little Zows had a short holiday away from nursery school to be with his mum and dad out here in California. So, I've got the perfect excuse to go all the places I've heard about since I was just about Zowie's age.

   The family's first outing was to Disneyland. We all started out really early - Angie, me, Zowie, Zowie's nanny Marion, and Geoffrey (who was a bit annoyed that he was dragged out of bed so early) and started out to discover just what wonders Disneyland had to offer.

   Well, we weren't in the least bit disappointed. Disneyland is quite fabulous! We began on Main Street which is designed to look just like an American town in the 1890s. It's full of old houses, gas lamps, horse-drawn carriages and people walking around in old-fashioned costumes. All the Disney characters came out to meet us and Zowie was astonished to see all the cartoon characters he'd seen in the movies come to life right before his eyes!

   Of all the cartoon characters Zowie met that day, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and so on, it was hardest to drag Zowie away from Dumbo. Angie had just taken Zows to see the film 'Dumbo' in New York, so Zowie thought Dumbo and he were old friends.

   We spent the whole day going on just about every ride here. Angie loved the Matterhorn, which is a huge replica of that particular Swiss Alp, complete with cascading waterfalls and a roller-coaster which speeds through and around the mountain. I don't know who was more frightened on that 60 m.p.h. trip down the mountain, Zowie or me, but we were holding on to each other for dear life!

   Another trip is the boat ride down the Amazon. It's so well done that one really begins to believe one is down in South America. Lazy hippos gaze at you from the water, and alligators swim right up to the boat. They're not real, of course, neither are the natives who stare fearfully at you from the shore - but they certainly look and act real enough. And I was glad when that ride was over and we landed on safe, dry land. I'm afraid I'd never make it as a great white hunter!

   We went to Frontier Land just in time to witness a gun fight in front of the old-time western saloon. We were really getting into the swing of things - rooting for the good guy and all. Zowie looked up at me and said: "Don't worry, Daddy, they're just pretending." Just what I need, a three-year-old know-it-all!

   But all good things must come to an end and Zowie's little holiday with Angie and me did just that and he's back at nursery school.

   Since then I've been receiving some very curious items in the mail. Marion likes to keep me posted on Zowie's progress and so far I've received a number of finger paintings, one of which I'm told is supposed to be me. Actually, it looks like a big red splotch with something resembling an eye on one corner of the paper and arms and legs going every way. I can't remember ever looking like that and the thought of Zowie picturing me in that condition is rather distressing!

   The next little project of Zowie's I had the pleasure of receiving was a figure made of clay which was intended to be an animal one would find in a zoo. Well, in my travels, I've been to many zoos all over the world and I've yet to figure out what Zows had in mind for this one. At any rate, I look forward to Zowie's little packages 'cos they're always good for a laugh - no offence, Zowie!

   I was paid a very pleasant surprise visit by my friend, Freddie, just a few days ago. He not only regaled me with stories of what has been happening in New York while I've been away, he also showed me designs of all the new autumn clothes that he's been working on for me.

   These days, my off-stage wardrobe has been mostly jeans and t-shirts (definitely due to Californian influence) - and Freddie's replenishing my wardrobe with the splendour I fancy myself accustomed to! He's started on a few more suits like the one I wear on stage now, except in heavier-weight materials for colder weather. But the one piece of clothing I'm really excited about is the new coat he's almost finished for me. It's tan camel's hair, very long, with a large stand-up collar and very loose, widely cuffed sleeves. It's very elegant really and definitely a Freddie original. I know it's a Freddie original 'cos Freddie himself has one almost exactly like it! Freddie and I are always being mistaken for one another and from now on there will be no telling us apart!

   From what Freddie's been telling me I've really been missing a lot that's going on in New York. Mick Ronson and his assistant, Susie, have just arrived in the city to put the finishing touches to Mick's new album and to generally just have a good time. Every time Mick's been to New York it's been on tour with me, so he hasn't had a chance to see much except the inside of his hotel room. But this time he swears he'll make up for lost time.

   Actually while Mick is here I'm really looking forward to one of those really long 'heart-to-heart' talks we used to have together.

   Since Mick left to go solo we really haven't had the chance to get together and talk. Also since Mick's departure the rumours that we don't like each other any more have inevitably started.

   Well, let me tell you that any rumours like that are definitely rubbish. The only reason Mick and I haven't bothered to deny them is that we simply didn't think it was worth it. We reckoned that anybody who cared about us would know that people like Mick and I couldn't fall out overnight like that.

   All that happened was that Mick wanted to find his feet by himself and do the artistic things that he'd always wanted to do.

   The latest thing is that he's joining Mott The Hoople. The Hoople, as I'm sure you all know. I'm very intrigued about this, because it could be a really interesting partnership. I can't wait to ask Mick about it. It sounds great and nobody's more pleased about it than I am.

   I think I'll take him out for a celebration meal at one of my favourite places where I know he'll get the full star treatment. Mick's a bit shy, but I know he'll love it really!

   Of course, there'll be all the news and gossip from England as well. Nobody likes a bit of gossip better than me! I bet you're the same. No, well I don't believe you!

   Okay, it's about time for me to sign off now. Keep on smiling!

16th November 1974

   The Bowie family had its own private power failure the other evening. It was during one of my first days back in New York and I was just delighted to be back in my own house in the midst of my familiar surroundings. I was relishing the thought that I had a whole evening to myself with which to do anything I wanted.

   I started experimenting with all my 'toys'. I switched on my stereo, turned on my TV and began contemplating what film I could put on my movie projector for the night's entertainment. I was also looking forward to a wonderful home-cooked meal which Angie was busy preparing in the kitchen.

   Suddenly, everything came to a dead halt! The TV stopped, the stereo went off in mid-record and all the lights blacked out totally - I was sitting in complete darkness!

   Now, I must say that I never panic in these situations - I also never know what to do and I'd probably be sitting in the dark right at this very minute if it were left up to me! However, I gathered my wits about me and went downstairs to tell Angie of my dilemma. Angie told me not to worry, that it was probably just a blown fuse and that she'd be able to fix it in a matter of seconds. And so, armed with a torch and a selection of new fuses, the fearless Angie descended the stairs to the basement to find the fusebox.

   Anyway, no sooner had she taken out the old fuse and put in a new one when all the lights in the entire house went out, the radio went off and all the kitchen appliances went dead. At this point we decided that we'd better call in an electrician before we managed to black-out the whole neighbourhood!

   Meanwhile, we were absolutely starving. But, thanks to the power failure, dinner was only half-cooked and very inedible. Angie took her torch and peered in the fridge, finally coming up with some leftover road beef and soggy bread. By the way, the fridge was rapidly defrosting at this point. We were quite a sight, eating soggy sandwiches by candlelight.

   When the electrician finally came to investigate we received him as if he were our long lost brother. Really, at that point, there wasn't anyone in the world I wanted to see more! He went down to the dungeon, found out that it was indeed blown fuses - Angie was on the right track - and he reminded us gently that this is what does happen when you use every appliance in the house!

23rd November 1974

   I had a fabulous gift delivered to me the other day. It came in a huge box which quite surprised me because I don't usually get anything of that size in my mail. Eagerly I ripped the package open to find a rather large stuffed toy dog, complete with a diamond-like necklace around its neck... Get it? Diamond Dogs!

   It was a great looking toy - but the best part of it all is that it was sent to me by Anthony Newley, the famous actor-singer who I've been a fan of for years.

   Well, it turns out that he'd come to one of my concerts and really enjoyed himself, so this was a token of his appreciation. He said he even made the dog himself.

   I can tell you I was absolutely astonished! How flattering it is to find that one's idol turns out to be one's fan. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back! I'm feeling quite big-headed at the moment.

   I've been enjoying the old New York night-life once again. Angie and I went to a super party the other night in honour of Stevie Wonder and it certainly was an all-star evening.

   My old friend, Mick Jagger was there - and we discovered that we're practically neighbours. He's living over here now and likes it quite a lot, although he misses Britain, as do I.

   Anyway, it was great seeing him and having a bit of the old country over here.

   After the party Angie and I took Mick to that Latin dancing place we like to go to and introduced Mick to the art of Latin-American dancing, a talent I'm not perfect at yet myself, but I do enjoy it. Mick picked it up right away, though, and pretty quickly he looked like one of the regulars.

   I really must go now, one of my favourite old movies is on the telly and I want to tape it so I can show it to my friends in the future. As you know, my video-tape machine is my greatest craze these days and I can't resist using it constantly.

   So until next time...

30th November 1974

   Well, winter's here - and it's really cold. I've been so busy touring - am I going to need a holiday when this tour is finished! - but that hasn't kept me from keeping up with what's happening on the home front.

   Zowie's been having a great time in nursery school, and celebrated Hallowe'en with all his school mates. All the children were instructed to get dressed in costumes for their school party so Angie got one of my old stage costumes and cut it down really small for Zows. Zowie is now the glitter king of his nursery school! All the other children were dressed as witches and warlocks, nurses and doctors and so on, but Zows was the one and only spaceman!

   Anyway, Zowie had the time of his life and when it came to the time for him to go to bed Angie had a bit of a job getting him to take off his costume!

   You may begin to think that all this work is getting the best of me once I tell you the whole truth about my latest eccentricity. I always have heard that performers are a bit superstitious, but I never thought that I'd fall into that category. Well, believe it or not, I have and I am now the proud possessor of a lucky plant. Yes, you heard me correctly. It was given to me by a fan one day in California and that night I did one of my best concerts, so I've taken it with me to every date since. Actually, someone else has the job of carrying it from city to city and watering it, but I say hello to it every once in a while and pat its leaves for good luck before a concert.

   Yes, it's been proven that plants grow better when they're spoken to! Angie will be astonished when she sees me finally arrive home with plant in tow. I've never been a plant lover, until now that is!

   That's about all for now, I have to go to a rehearsal because we're changing the format of the show a bit. Angie and Geoffrey are so good that they're going to be my warm-up act at the start of the show as well as performing during it.

   So, until next time -

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