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BowieNet Live Chat Transcription - 26/1/00
Holly Palmer, Emm Gryner, Gail Ann Dorsey,
David Bowie, Mark Plati, and Mike Garson

Session Start: Thu Jan 27 00:45:26 2000

*** Now talking in #ChatGuest

*** Topic is 'Chat with Gail, Emm, Holly, and David Bowie, Wednesday, Jan 26th at 8:00 p.m. EST'

HJ/Mod: Let's get started

Emm/Holly/Gail: Hi all!

HJ/Mod:Any questions?

DEmerson: My first questions are for Holly. First, will you marry me. #2 is your CD coming out in April?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I'd love to marry you, but it's against my religion. My record is coming out May 16th.

Mark Plati: Are you girls here yet?

Rene: Emm Will you Marry Me?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Depends. Do you play any instruments?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail is fashionably late... just Holly and Emm for now.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Hi everyone, officially welcome to the chat.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Joining us tonight we have Emm, Holly, David, and Mark in the room.

Rednik: Holly/Emm - which song did you enjoy most performing on the recent 'hours...' promo tour?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I most loved doing I'm Afraid Of Americans because I love all the Americans in the band standing behind David singing it.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: My favorite was Word On A Wing because I love Word On A Wing.

Simone: Holly/Emm - How did you first get contact with David?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I knew Reeves from when I lived in Boston, and Mark worked on my first record with me.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: so they got me in to sing on Thursday's Child.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Holly introduced me to everyone exciting in my life. Including Mr. David Bowie.

Mark Plati: I remember that record.....

Margot: firstly - Em and Hol - which is the blonde and which is the brunette?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail has joined the chat room.

HJ/Mod: Gail is IN THE HOUSE

Mark Plati: Gail has arrived.....

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm is the brunette and Holly is the blonde.

Mark Plati: let the beaver chat roll!!!

HJ/Mod: David is jumping up and down

Freecloud: Gail Ann Dorsey, when are you coming out with a record of your own? You're a fabulously talented singer and musician.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: by the end of the year.

Mark Plati: DB went out to fetch us snacks

A_Girl: Ok, in all seriousness; is David hard to work with?? (don't be afraid to tell the truth! remember, there are phone lines between all of you! Hehehe!)

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Who isn't hard to work with.

HJ/Mod: let's have a few questions

Bonster1: Mark what is your favorite remix you've done?

Mark Plati: I think that 'I'm Deranged' is my fave

Freecloud: Em/Holly/Gail, what's with David smoking so much?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I think it must be a nervous habit.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Emm and I are trying to start quitting.

Mark Plati: I did a couple of New Order things with him in the 90's, not the 80's stuff he's known for.

LoveAmongPammits: Holly, how much control will have over your spot on the BNetV.2?

HJ/Mod: WOW Mike Garson is here too!!

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I'll be posting new stuff a few times a week. The gorgeous peeps here at BowieNet are lookin' after me real well.

NitrousOxide: Did Talvin Singh open up for the Dublin show and if he did how was it?

Mike Garson: Hello Everyone!

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Placebo opened, and Talvin Singh DJ'd afterwards.

Emm/Holly/Gail: .

Eva: girls, is still David blackmailing you with extremely compromising photographs?

David Bowie: hi Mike!

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Yea, he's been following us around with a camera. It's getting unnerving. But Emm actually likes it.

David Bowie: Mike, look at the photos tomorrow from 'Occasional Archives'

David Bowie: there's a smashing one of you at your organ... 1974

QueerByChoice: when did Emm Holly and Gail get joined at the hip? Why can't they be allowed separate chat personas?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Because we love each other so very much.

Mike Garson: I'm been composing for the last eight hours...I'm glad to be here in chat for a rest!

Emm/Holly/Gail: Tristan, yes.

NitrousOxide: Gail, Which db tour has been your favorite and why?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: my favorite tour... I guess there isn't one because I play on the album.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Everything because I got to go to Russia.

Eva: Emm, you play instruments also, do you?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: I play Bass, Piano, and the skinflute.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: and the nose flute.

EriWilde: Girls, what do you think is the most precious experience you can have when you are in David's company?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: very early in the morning, sometimes we all take off our clothes and cook together.

David Bowie: Eri, they were cheap

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: getting feedback on my eye liner from David.

David Bowie: but precious to me...

David Bowie: as long as I buy them trinkets, they keep quiet.

David Bowie: and keep in their place.

Eva: Why you titled your record Science Fair (Emm)?

David Bowie: (flex his muscles)

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: because my record was an experiment.

Mike Garson: I miss you Holly, Emm and Gail and you too my 12 string friend, MarkP!

NitrousOxide: Do you Girls have boyfriends?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I'm trying to find out what a boyfriend is.. Can someone please define it for me. Pictures would help.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I had a boyfriend about 25 years ago, and it was not anything I particularly needed to repeat.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: I'm accepting submissions at my website. www.emmgryner.com

Spud: my room is full of hammerheads. Am I in the right room here or what?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I had a dream one time when I was a kid in Santa Monica, that through the screen on my window, my room filled with salt water, and a fleet of hammerheads swam in.

ManicBoy: what's everybody listening to at the moment?

David Bowie: db, have you thought of starting a Virtual Mime Society?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: I'm listening to Death in Vegas.

David Bowie: yes, indeed, and here is a piece that I've prepared earlier

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I'm listening to Beck and Deangelou.

David Bowie: (                                  )

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I'm always listening to Karen Carpenter. Always.

Emm/Holly/Gail: right now, DB is making us all listen to the Commediam Harmonists. C-Journal.

Cat: why do the men get their own op and the girls have to share?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Because men always want to watch girls share.

HJ/Mod: lol

Emm/Holly/Gail: David says, no, men always want to watch girls shag.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly says men always want to watch girls share their shag.

David Bowie: no, do men always wanna watch girls shag?

Total Blam Blam: Have you six ever considered performing as a trio - you would make a lovely pair??

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: three lovely pairs, you mean.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly says, welcome again to #BeaverChat

Mark Plati: I think men DO always want to watch girls shag

Mark Plati: hey Piccadilly, puppet girl!

Mike Garson: Hi

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly says, hey Piccadilly, it was good to meet you in NY after the show. Nice puppet.

Rednik: What pets have you all got? I've had a cockatoo

Mark Plati: can I ask the girls a question?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: I used to have a cat, but I had to give her away because I had to go on tour.

Steampunk: shag always like to men watch girls

David Bowie: so do these three

David Bowie: we have three pet beavers

David Bowie: na na na na naaaaaa

Bianca: Gail, Emm, Holly, what was the funniest accident that happened on stage last tour?

David Bowie: :)

Mark Plati: I'm in charge of beaver maintenance

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Come on, didn't you hear Jimmy shrink that shirt again??

Spud: so how many of you girls drink from the furry cup?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I have all kinds of different types of utensils and housewares... I can't give away my secrets.

David Bowie: I presume by 'furry cup' you were referring to

Eva: Gail, I noticed you lit incense during the last tour, any particular reason?

David Bowie: Meret Oppenheimer, the famous cup, now residing at the museum of modern art, nyc

David Bowie: you DO mean THIS do you?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I light incense all the time. They are always burning in my home and all around me. It perks my aura.

Total Blam Blam: Great cover for that Jimmy CD girls - Who designed that?


Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Total Blam Blam, you're our hero!

JanineGenie: What are all of your astrological signs?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Gemini.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Cancer.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail is a Scorpio.

Mark Plati: Libra

Mike Garson: I'm a Leo

Dave Pax: Mike, the VH1 Storytellers's version of China Girl is WONDERFUL! Who had the idea of the beginning, you or David?

Mike Garson: Dave: We are One Mind

David Bowie: none of the girls, of course, reach my majestic 5' 10 1/2

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: 5'6" Holly: 5'3"

Angelinaspain: Holly I saw you sing last Friday, you were awesome, any more shows?

I: Mike who are some of your classical influences?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I'm just finishing up the album art and we'll probably do some more shows next month.

Mark Plati: can I ask the girls a question?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Thanks for coming. Thanks for asking.

HJ/Mod: go ahead Mark

Mark Plati: where are we going later?

Mike Garson: My classical influences are Bach, Chopin, Liszt, Legetti and Gershwin

Piccadilly: Girls -- Have you ever tried to kidnap Bowie and get him to table dance for you????

Mike Garson: MarkP: Wish I was in NY with you all so we could get a slice of pizza in the village

David Bowie: do I table dance?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Jane Siberry, Brian Ferry, Tears for Fears, Gang Of Four, Sophie B. Hawkins.

David Bowie: if I were a little taller

Mark Plati: yeah, I could go for a slice right about now.

Susan_S: girls have you ever hidden his ciggies

Mark Plati: Just to let you all know, there are people yodeling in the building

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly, no but we've hidden In his ciggies. Emm: no, but I've bought him an ashtray.

Mark Plati: Holly and Emm are table dancing to the yodeling

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Never hide ciggies. Just a word of advice.

Electric Blue: Can you hold the chat for a second so I can feed my cat please?

HJ/Mod: OK

Angel: Girls, If you guys were breakfast cereals, what kind of cereal would you be and why?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Honeycomb.

Mike Garson: Gail: Congrats on quitting cigarettes

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Maybe sugarcrisp.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I'd be Captain' Krunch.

David Bowie: hi Coco

Mark Plati: I would be Count Chocula

JanineGenie: Emm, Holly, Gail, what do you do for fun when you're not playing with db?

Mike Garson: I would be Snap Crackle and Pop

HJ/Mod: boo berry here

David Bowie: hows my quitting going?

David Bowie: really well..

David Bowie: its my 25th day

Mark Plati: Garson would be that coco puffs bird

David Bowie: (snigger...)

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: We quit smoking, Gail says, fun, what is that? Emm says, I try to find different kinds of fake eyelashes to go with my new glamourous clothes that I got from the Bowie tour.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I go to the post office and quiz the guys about their security measures.

Kate: Everyone: what is the most influential album you have ever bought or listened to?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Joni Mitchell, Mingus album.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Ricky Lee Jones, Pirates for me.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Joni Mitchell, Blue.

HJ/Mod: Bob Marley Survive!

Mark Plati: Joni Mitchell 'Blue' and Revolver

David Bowie: mine is Marcell Marceau Live

ManicBoy: girls, any male groupies yet? Can I be one?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: you're number one.

Mike Garson: Mine would be John Coltrane's Love Supreme

Piccadilly: What do you guys think of Macy Gray?

Repetition: Mike, do you have nostalgia for the Spiders From Mars period??

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Macy Gray is a Queen. Love her.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Holly and I danced to Macy Gray in London.

Mike Garson: Repetition: Sometimes I do get nostalgic

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: to the song I try.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: 7 times in a row until 3 am.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: but of course, no drugs at all.

A_Girl: Gail, Emm, Holly, would you get David to come to Utah for my sweet 16???? Could ya? Huh huh huh????? PUHLLLLLEASEEEE?!!!! Pretty pretty please with cherries on top? (standard question for all chat guests!) *kicking Howard, forcing him to put this up finally* (please Howard?)

Emm/Holly/Gail: No.

HJ/Mod: ouch!

Mike Garson: Repetition: But when David and I recently performed Life on Mars it quenched my thirst

Mark Plati: I'll come to the Sweet 16

Simone: Mike, your playing of Life On Mars at Net Aid just gave me goosebumps , it was so awesome

Mark Plati: I bike there from here

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: that was a highlight of the tour for me as well.

Mike Garson: Simone: Thank you very much....truth be told I was a nervous wreck before we went on stage!

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I have a bit of that on digital video, which I'm going to put up on my site soon.

JanineGenie: What's each of your favourite db tune to listen to and what's your favourite one to play?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: right now, wild is the wind.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Ashes To Ashes, and live, I'm into I'm Afraid Of Americans.

Mark Plati: Ashes to Ashes

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Wild Is The Wind is my favorite to listen to, and my favorite to play is Strangers When We Meet.

Mark Plati: And Station to Station, if I had to pick an album

Mike Garson: I have several favorites

David Bowie: ok, what would you like me to say?

David Bowie: which title will get me the most friends?!

HJ/Mod: let David answer this one

Mike Garson: Life on Mars....Motel (Outside)....Lady Grinning Soul (which we've never performed live)

David Bowie: I think I have a thing for 'Small Plot Of Land'

Angel: Gail, you are so lucky you are able to shave your head... I can't because my head is lumpy. You have a nicely shaped head.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Thank you.

Mark Plati: props to Gail's head

HJ/Mod: yes she does

Mike Garson: I second Small Plot Of Land!

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: we get to see the back of Gail's head at every show.

Piccadilly: Hey Girls, should I get Station To Station? Is it worth buying?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: buy all of them.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: now!

Mike Garson: Bianca: Looks like I will be headlining the Iceland Jazz Festival in the late summer

Bowiebabe: Gail...did u know that Howard Stern told Courtney Love to see if you would be interested in joining her band?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: yes, I heard all about it, and I'm flattered.

Bowiezooo: Emm when's your birthday

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: June 8th, 1975.

DEmerson: To HJ: How many questions do you pour through on something like this?


Simone: Girls, how old are you all?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I'm 17.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I'm getting too old to tell, but I'm 37.

Angelinaspain: Emm what is up with playing in living rooms?

Total Blam Blam: Emm - are you looking down my bra?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: do you want me to come and play in YOUR living room?

Total Blam Blam: Emm - are you looking down my bra?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: No, that's me.

Spud: Markyp.. don't you get hot in that hat on stage?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: nice tits.

Mark Plati: I'm always hot

Lambugi: Could you all sing something for us right now?


Electric Blue: Blam needs a bra - big time ;)

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: "Jimmy, shrink that shirt again..."

Mark Plati: We're being treated to an impromptu version of 'Jimmy...'

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: NO, let those baby's fly!

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Mine don't fly anymore, they kind of float.

Total Blam Blam: I am afraid I have to tell you this - In Copenhagen Rednik stood on the balcony just above the girls to try and peep down their bra's TRUE - can't blame him though....

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: OK, that's why we were burning.

NitrousOxide: Ladies did ya get to hang with Jagger after the Astoria show?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: didn't get to hang with him, but I took some secret video.

Mike Garson: Does anyone have a bootleg from the Denmark concert?

Mark Plati: Hey Mike Garson, we're all having pecan pie over here

ZigaZag: Holly, we were talking about you in the other room, and we are having a fight about your age, How old are you REALLY?!?!?!?

Mike Garson: Hey Mike Garson, we're all having pecan pie over here

Mike Garson: Too much sugar for me!

David Bowie: hey Garson, pecan pie IN the house!

Mark Plati: Mike, you would LOVE this pie, carbs be damned!

HJ/Mod: We are all eating pie now! ;) yum

ZigaZag: Holly, we were talking about you in the other room, and we are having a fight about your age, How old are you REALLY?!?!?!?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: what do you think?

Mike Garson: Okay I've just changed my mind.....just put lots of whipped cream on it!

Margot: someone take Howard's pie away

HJ/Mod: I will boot you!

Freecloud: Seriously, what will you do when the bubble bursts?

David Bowie: same thing we do when the cherry bursts

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: we walked like a cowboy for a couple of days.

Mark Plati: when the bubble bursts, have a pie.

Eva: Mike, have you ever considered to swap your keyboards with Marky guitar just for one track, during concerts?

David Bowie: I've walked like a cowboy all my life

Mike Garson: Eva: You wouldn't want to hear that

Angelinaspain: Anyone else you dream of singing with, girls?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: He'll always be Prince to me.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Beck.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Willie Nelson.

HJ/Mod: Big WillY!!!

Mark Plati: Emm should sing with Robbie Williams

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I must sing with that man one day before he days.

Billydoll: youch Holly! that's raunchy!

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Purple Rain. Come on, that record changed my life.

David Bowie: OOOHHH YES! Willie Nelson!

Mike Garson: Everyone else I'd want to work with is already dead!

Mike Garson: Billie Holiday, Lester Young, John Coltrane

HJ/Mod: lol Mike

Mark Plati: aww, poor Mike.

Mark Plati: I'm still here for you

Bonster1: Girls, take a vote...Bowie hair: Long or short?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: I say long, definitely.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Short!

HJ/Mod: let it grow

Mark Plati: can I vote too, even though I have the wrong gear?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Long, short, I don't care. I'm just trying to get him to use my crimper.

Mike Garson: I would like David's hair fully shaved

Mark Plati: I'm with the mohawk

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: As long as it's not a mullet, it's ok by me.

David Bowie: mullet?!

David Bowie: careful girl

David Bowie: it took me YEARS to develop the mullet

David Bowie: tread VERY VERY carefully

Mark Plati: ooo, I'm switching to mullet

David Bowie: Gail, is it true that you're on the Michael Hutchence CD?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Yes, it's true. I'm on a new single with Bono.


Mark Plati: (room applauds)

Margot: Mike, I have a trick where I do a massage/mime on people's backs of your big solo in Aladdin Sane. It is a real hit at parties. (most beautiful piece of db music I know of btw).

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I like the way Gail says "Bono"

Mike Garson: Margot: I'm sure your fingers got a great workout....I'm flattered

HJ/Mod: pie anyone?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Hi to philly, princess ramsey

PrincessRamsey: Gail, just wanted to say hello from Philly, hope you get to visit often

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Don't get home often, but Philly is still Philly.

David Bowie: go girl

Mike Garson: Howard: When will you be able to digitally deliver the pie to my house?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Rhymes with Oh No.

HJ/Mod: you got it Mike

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I have visited Hawaii. Holly: I love Hawaii. Gail: Just went for the 1st time last September. Love it!

Atone: Girls: have you visited Hawaii?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I will disappear to Hawaii to smoke buds with the Vietnam vets.

Spud: Holly...How much is that doggy in the window?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I don't know if you can afford it...

Burgy: should I get a Ziggy hair coloring? If so, where can I get one?

David Bowie: it was taken off the market as I it was so dangerous...

David Bowie: it was made by Schwartzkopf, and it was called Schwartzkopf Red

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: it's no Nice 'N Easy.

Putzi: is anybody a diver? (sea, fish,...of course ;-))

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I'm an expert diver. Ask anyone (David said). Emm: I've seen her dive.

Mark Plati: I'm certified

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I'm trying to get Emm diving with me. I love it.

Tristan: David Bowie what is your favorite Beatles song

David Bowie: 'lets spend the night together'

Mike Garson: David: I think you should move to California with me....you have too much energy where you're located now!

Angel: Holly, I'll dive with you

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: You got to know how to clear a mask.

Seven: Encyclopaedia Britannica: mullet any of the abundant, commercially valuable schooling fishes of the family Mugilidae (order Perciformes). Mullets number fewer than 100 species and are found throughout tropical and temperate regions.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: How about the definition for Merkin. Anyone know that one?

Bonster1: Gail, Holly, Emm: Commando?????


Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Marks and Spencer's Days of the Week.

Mark Plati: I said last time.....

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Whatever is on special at the convenience store.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: As long as it's cotton.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: none. Whoo Hoo!

Total Blam Blam: Pubic Wig!!!!!!!


Mark Plati: Right on Blamm...now where's my pic?

ZigaZag: David how's that thong holding up for ya?!?!

David Bowie: it phinging every day


Piccadilly: Girls does David ever look @ you with his wonky eye?

Mark Plati: !!!!

David Bowie: one of the nicer attributes these girls have, is that when it falls out on stage, they roll it back to me

David Bowie: Gail even blows the dust off it

HJ/Mod: OH my

Piccadilly: does she put it back in for you?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: That's a very good question.

David Bowie: I'm a married man, but hey.......

Mike Garson: One day David's third eye fell on my piano and it exploded!

Total Blam Blam: do they do sleazy tricks with it Dave - you know into a polystyrene cup from 15 feet away???

David Bowie: I can do that myself, thank you

Mike Garson: the piano exploded that is....

Bianca: Gail, when will you have your own web page?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: March, for sure.

Piccadilly: Holly where do you get your clothes?

QueerByChoice: Mike, where was David's third eye located?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: The red skirt is from le Chateau, otherwise known as le Crappeau.

Mike Garson: Queer: David's third eye is located in his 12 string guitar

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: What's wrong with my clothes?? *tears*

Mike Garson: Queer: It was also used on the set of the Outside Tour

DeSurd: David -- what do you think about when you're on stage? Are you always in the moment or do you ever think about what you had for lunch?

David Bowie: I'm usually in the moment, but often I fantasize on what the audience mightve had for lunch

Rednik: Emm they'd look great in a heap on the floor ;)

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: come on, Emm, that's some play.

HJ/Mod: GO Emm!

Mark Plati: Repetition, my favorite role is pharmacist by a long shot

Piccadilly: Emm! When I met you I petted your shirt and tried to steal it remember? You got scared an ran away!! Hahaa!

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: I tried to pet your puppet's shirt, and that's when it all went horribly wrong.

Angelinaspain: Anyone like the Fiona Apple CD?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I absolutely love it! I've been trying to get everyone I know to listen to it, including one DB.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Love it, love it, love it, love it. I really love it. I love the songs. It's adventurous.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I like the sound of that record, dammit.

Mark Plati: Haven't heard it yet..should I get it girls?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: most definitely.

HJ/Mod: Bowie is workin the Juke box here

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: if db would stop playing the Commedian Harmonists, maybe we'd be able to put on Apple.

Mike Garson: Well guys.....all this talk of food has made me hungry

Mike Garson: I'm going to go get my own pecan pie now!

Mark Plati: Mike, when are we gonna eat?

Mullet: yeah she right up there Celeine Dion ughhh

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Come on, Celine Dion??

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: No discussions about Celine Dion, or I'm going home.

Mike Garson: Mark: We have to go back to that place in Italy....it's the only place thats really happening

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm, or any other Canucks for that matter, ha ha ha

Mark Plati: I'm really Celine's husband, that's why I disguise myself with the hat

Melis: Hey Dave did you find a record to replace that Little Richards Third Volume?

David Bowie: some fool gave me his prised album out of his collection

HJ/Mod: sucker};)

David Bowie: utterly stupid move on his part, as I'm so arrogant, I wouldn't DREAM of thanking him

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Bye Mike!

Mike Garson: Okay....off to get my pie. Love to Holly, Gail and Emm (and Mark and David too!)

HJ/Mod: bye Mike

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly and Emm: Bye!!!

Mark Plati: Go get that pie, Mike!

David Bowie: we KNEW you couldn't resist, Mike :)

HJ/Mod: thanks for droppin in!

Mike Garson: Glad to be here!

Mike Garson: Love to all!

Bonster1: Girls: do fans give you weird presents????

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: I once got a scone.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: yes, sometimes. Can't think of any right now.

David Bowie: in the 70s fans would often give me their partners


David Bowie: I frequently gave them back

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Presence, presents, that's what I'm after.

A_Girl: ok, I asked David this once, but Gail, Holly, Emm, should I give up my virginity?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Most seriously we ask, "Are you in love?"

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Love has nothing to do with giving up your virginity.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm sings Tina Turner.

David Bowie: what has love got to do with gettin' it?!

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm want's to know if Mullet has a Mullet.

ZigaZag: Gail, do you ever want to flash any hot guys in the audience???

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I have, you must have missed it. I have.

Schoki: Gail: on which tracks of the Hutchence album do you appear?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Slide Away, and one other.

Piccadilly: Do you guys ever feel the need to crowd surf, or is that so 10 years ago?

David Bowie: I feel crowds are so 10 years ago

NitrousOxide: Did you go to see the Sensation Exhibit in our fair Brooklyn

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I saw it, and I loved the jellied candied spaces under the chairs.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David says, Rachel Whitereed.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly, and the coagulated head was Mark Quinn, very intense.

Angel: David, everyone else answered my question, now it's your turn... if you were a breakfast cereal, what kind of cereal would you be and why? *Howard, I promise to shut up if you ask this for me*

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: Oats.

David Bowie: oats

Rednik: Hol/Emm besides singing what other jobs have you done?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I used to teach water aerobics to sweet-natured blue haired old men.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David says, glam rockers.

Mark Plati: blue mullets

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: What Holly really means is that she used to teach water sports to rather mean, old blue haired men.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Blue Mullets (Emm)

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: That's where I got the cowboy walk.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: I used to answer phones for an ex-con with bad hair.

A_Girl: Emm; how does it feel to work with a man who has GREAT hair now?

Emm/Holly/Gail: You mean Mike?

HJ/Mod: lil

DEmerson: Holly did you ever go to the Rat in Boston?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Yea, I know the rat. I've been there.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Oops, that was Holly.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I played there with a band of strapping young guitar jocks.

ExVirgin: Robbin Williams what was he like at the WB awards?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: That's Robby to you.

Kate: Girls, How long does it take you to get ready (make-up, dress, etc) before a concert?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Forever! It takes me hours because I'm the old granny. I have more cracks to fill...

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: That's what my last date said!

Mark Plati: that was nasty......

HJ/Mod: ouch

Emm/Holly/Gail: David says, my usual tradition is to phone for lift on wheels

Emm/Holly/Gail: "lift" on wheels.

Emm/Holly/Gail: And about 3 hours before the show, a small surgeon will turn up and do the necessary, which will usually stay in place for the entire show.

Emm/Holly/Gail: I can't recommend "lift on wheels" more highly.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: That David Bowie's got a way with words.

ExVirgin: would you ladies consider posing for playboy?

Emm/Holly/Gail: David says, I shouldn't really answer for them, so I will. I don't think they are Playboy kind of people. They're much too classy.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm says, perhaps Hussler.

Mark Plati: I'd like to see Garson in Playboy

Emm/Holly/Gail: oops, Hustler.

Eva: markyp will we ever see you in playgirl?

Mark Plati: just wait until the 'Men of Cycling' issue


Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I've been getting into Nair lately, with baby oil.

ManicBoy: Mark, what do you think of Cannondale bikes?

Mark Plati: I think they suck, but they make nice little accessories

DEmerson: Are Emm and Holly getting all kinds of offers from other big bands now?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Glenn Miller, Jimmy Dorsey. Maynard Ferguson, and Cool and the Gang.

Billydoll: Would you girls consider forming a girl group of your own? a la All Saints et al

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Emm and I are putting something together right now. The 1st song is called, "Just say Ahhh".

Eva: I mean a girl group

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: It is all girls, yea. And I'll be playing drums. Emm: And I'll be doing interpretive dance.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: I love her interpretive dance.

Electric Blue: matching outfits?

Simone: interpretive dance, like in Paris and Vienna ?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: yea, matching outfits, all in white with orthopedic shoes.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: You mean sensible shoes.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Lesbian shoes. Sensitive shoes.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David says, Emm's interpretive dance has gotten so much better than it was even in Paris and Vienna.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: You should see my floor routine.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David says, As I said, her interpretive dance....

Burgy: db, what was your impression of william burroughs?

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: Here it is... (          )

Angelinaspain: Emm, did you take dance lessons?

sQueak: Are you all laughing your asses off right about now?

HJ/Mod: ;)

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: I've learned everything I need to know about dance from Holly.

Mark Plati: I have no ass left....

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Just like I tell Emm everyday, it's all in the hands.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: yes Squeeky, we're all on the floor with Emm, doing a floor routine.

Freecloud: What was in that pecan pie

HJ/Mod: it is gone!

IrmaVep: Mark Plati can dance.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: Dead can Dance.

Emm/Holly/Gail: What's new?

Mark Plati: where is this dancing thing coming from....?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Lesbian Shoes.

Mark Plati: Lesbian Shoes?

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: The girls are putting an album together, "Knights in Lesbian Shoes"

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: The single will be, "Drinking From The Furry Cup"

Emm/Holly/Gail: or maybe Diving in the furry cup.

sQueak: OH THAT'S BAD!

Repetition: We are an Italian factory that produces beautiful Lesbian Hats!!:)))

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Wow, OK.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Riiiight.

Mark Plati: let's hear it for the Italians!

RaMOANa: as long as the hat matches the bag

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: I don't know what that means exactly, but I like it.

sQueak: are you ALL lesbians?

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: Holly, Emm, Gail, David, rolling on the floor laughing.

Emm/Holly/Gail: And smirking.

Emm/Holly/Gail: And smurphing.

Margot: I have hatmakers on both sides of my family tree, which accounts for my being mad as a hatter. and a lesbian.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: We have another Sheky Green.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Margot, never been down under.... ;-)

Emm/Holly/Gail: David says, that's not what I've heard!

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Hear they've got cool hats down there. Lesbian hats, that is.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Cool hats, or cool bats?

ManicBoy: what do girls really talk about in the bathroom?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Cool pet beavers I think.

Emm/Holly/Gail: MONEY!

Bonster1: I have to pee can I go now?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I'm not answering that.

Emm/Holly/Gail: OK, clean it up a bit all (Larry)

Emm/Holly/Gail: 10 more minutes.

sQueak: Q: "Why can't a lesbian wear make-up and go on a diet at the same time?" A: "Because she can't eat Jenny Craig with Mary Kay on her face."

Emm/Holly/Gail: Any GOOD questions?

Freecloud: So which one of you is Ringo?

Emm/Holly/Gail: I am.

Mark Plati: I'm Brian

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: I'm having trouble growing the beard, but I can play moderately out of time.

Gilly: Did you see the movies "The Sixth Sense" or "The Ninth Gate"?

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: 6th Sense surprisingly moving.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: I loved it. It was a damn-good watch.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Whole room talking about 6th sense now.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm says, I think we should talk about Liam Neeson.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: So does Liam.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: If anyone has a copy of a film called "Two People" with Lindsey Wagner and Peter Fonda from 1973, I WANT IT!

Emm/Holly/Gail: Some shameless plugs:

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: You can visit me on BowieNet, and on my own site which will be open soon, and at www.hollypalmer.com

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: www.emmgryner.com

HJ/Mod: www.DavidBowie.com/emm

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I'm hard at work on material for my new album, and I promise it will be finished this year.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Either I'll be finished, or it'll be finished.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: if ti's not finished in time, Gail has promised to eat a bug on BowieNet.

RaMOANa: ok don't promise stuff and not deliver, like some other divas we know, Gail ;)

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: And who says I'm a diva??

Total Blam Blam: Can I do the cover please Gail - Please - pretty please

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: Does that make me a Devo?

Susan_S: He's cheap Gail

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: But very good value for the money.

MARGHIR: I invitate you all down under - especially nice nude bass players in hats!

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Flea's on his way.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: I'll be carrying his hat.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: Don't you mean his helmet?

Emm/Holly/Gail: I heard he was a military man.

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: Don't mess with a military man.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: I sincerely apologize for dragging the down of this chat down. Continually.

HJ/Mod: last question

HJ/Mod: let's wrap it up

Rene: Emm Will You Marry ME ?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Emm: No.

DEmerson: Holly any guest appearances on your CD to speak of?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Siggi from the Sugar Cubes. Plays drums on a track. And it was produced by Howie B DJ Sculpture music man

Susan_S: Gail...who's working with you on your album?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: Oh Boy, I will be collaborating with Skin from Skunk Anansie, (David says don't you mean Skunk and Nancy? Great Movie).

Emm/Holly/Gail: Gail: and Mike Garson and hopefully our beloved. David will be watching the floor show.

HJ/Mod: one for mark P?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Two snaps and a circle from Holly on that one.

Emm/Holly/Gail: David: I hope to prepare Gail's floor routines.

HJ/Mo: one for David?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Holly: Isn't Emm surpervising that?

Emm/Holly/Gail: Thank you all and good-night!

HJ/Mod: thanks kids

HJ/Mod: that's it

HJ/Mod: they have all left the building

Session Close: Thu Jan 27 02:55:00 2000

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