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BowieLive Chat Transcription - 13/11/98

Session Start: Fri Nov 13 19:54:44 1998

*** Now talking in #LiveChatBowieGabrels

*** Topic is 'Open Chat with David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels'

#LiveChatBowieGabrels Welcome to tonight's chat event. David and Reeves will be with us for the next hour anwering your questions. Because there are so many of you asking questions, we ask that you limit your questions to one per minute.

*** db is now known as db\band\bReeves

Moderator1: We will get started in about 5 minutes

* Moderator1: Let's begin: any questions??

Zimbra: Hello Mr Bowie and Mr Gabrels, are you planning to release the live and well album on CD, a la Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

David and Reeves: As we said earlier on BowieNet, we really think that you guys will have a lot to do with that and I think that we'll make a final decision as to what form it will take in the early part of next year. By the way, Hello everyone!

David and Reeves: I see a lot of the usual suspects but also, happily, a lot of new faces too. Greetings from Reeves and David.

NathanAdler: Reeves, the guitar solo that you made in "Looking For Satellites" is amazing, maybe the best solo that I heard. How you compose a long solo like "Looking for Satellites" ?

David and Reeves: It wasn't a composed solo. I didn't think the song should have a solo and David insisted so what you're hearing is me being pissed off that I had to put a guitar solo in a song that I thought shouldn't have one. AFter it, I left the room, got a cup of coffee and thought that it might have been one of the best things I have ever did.

Isabel: If Marc Bolan was still alive would you consider touring with him

Moderator1: Hope you are all enjoying tonight's chat. Please remember that flooding the room on will result in being kicked off the server. Please limit your questions to about one every minute. Thanks.

David and Reeves: Marc and I are in fact planning a tour which should coincide with the next CD of the Outside triology.

JoniVeSadd: what do you think doing a colaboration with either Nick Cave or Polly Harvey or Bjork

David and Reeves: We tried once with Polly but it didn't work out. We were going to do a version of "The Man Who Sold The World" but we both had different ideas on what the arrangement should be. It ended friendly enough but I doubt that we will get back together again. By the way you probably noticed that we just went down for a minute there. Reeves knocked the plug out.

Spider: are there any plans to sell BowieNet merchandise....T Shirts etc??

David and Reeves: It will be coming in a few weeks when Worlds is shipped to everyone.

Freecloud: Hi there David and Reeves. What did you do to the bass on Earthling? It's so fat and flat at the same time. It's obviously altered and not direct into the board. Will you give us your secret recipe?

David and Reeves: The bass was actually recorded direct but split into three through a tube d.i. and then through two different types of distortion pedals.

David and Reeves: But mostly it's Gail.

David and Reeves: Hi Tybalt!

David and Reeves: How's the programming world? he he he

Snowie: Who is your favorite person from War and Peace, David?

David and Reeves: It's a toss up between Andreas and Brad Pitt.

Mark and Midge: was there a sound and vision video?

David and Reeves: There is indeed a Sound & Vision video. I've been trying hard to cut it up but it's beeen taking simply ages.

David and Reeves: I hope to have it thoroughly destroyed within the year. Promise.

Solari: Reeves ion gwar...?

David and Reeves: Not often

Grazia: Reeves when your site will be on

David and Reeves: Two week ago.

David and Reeves: And they can address any further questions to Al at getwild.com

Emilio: When did you last see the other half of Tin Machine? By the way, was the split amicable?

David and Reeves: Do you mean the front half or the back half?

Canney: Reeves: How's your new solo album coming along? Near completion yet?

David and Reeves: Reeves: It's about four songs away from being tracked and it's got

Moderator1: Reeves Gabrels will take that one. Just a moment please. We are typing as fast as we can.

David and Reeves: David and Robert Smith, Frank Black, Dave Grohl, Danny Saber, Mark Plati and also David wants me to mention again that David is on it as well.

David and Reeves: David says David's doing all the guitar playing.

Bonster1: If Reeves is typing it's not very fast then....

David and Reeves: Talk to my Mom.

SheepShgr: Reeves: when you are playing Bowie classics in concert (e.g. Moonage Daydream or Scary Monsters), do you feel that you have to "conform" to Mick Ronson's or Robert Fripp's particular nuances, or do you just like to let loose and do it all your own way?

David and Reeves: The reply would be I don't really think about it because it's fairly ingrained and nice name...

David and Reeves: and what are your hobbies?

JoniVeSadd: David/Reeves do u visit fans sites and if so would u leave remarks??

David and Reeves: Sure I visit the fan sites. I some times sign the guest book but I'm a real a-hole and never put my name,

Mattie: He runs Sheepage Wildlife

David and Reeves: Funny! Funny!

Tybalt: hey.. why doesn't reevz join us sometimes in #Bowienetchat?? we'd have sooo much fun! ;)

David and Reeves: Unlike some people, I don't have time. David says "I must be some people".

David and Reeves: Time is money and it's my money!

David and Reeves: And it's my time.

LaughingGnome: Reeves who designed that sweet guitar for The Earthling Tour?

David and Reeves: It's a Parker guitar but the actual artwork on the guitar was made up of collected objects that were thrown at me while I was playing on stage. Plus the odd wisdom tooth.

Gegs: What is the next official release and when can we expect it?

David and Reeves: We promise to have something out late next Spring.

Aki: Hey Reeves... did you get mad at Billy Corgan for ripping off your hairstyle?

David and Reeves: Mike Garson is pissed off at both of us.

Steen: DJ Joseph Brooks of LA asked me to ask you...who's holding "cracked actor" hostage, and why can't we see it???

David and Reeves: Cracked Actor is held hostage by the BBC who own all rights in it which is a real drag because I would love to have that show available for your guys. The good news is the guy who directed it thinks he has found a whole bunch of outtakes from that '74-'75 tour, excuse my memory.

David and Reeves: Excuse me while I kiss my mind. Reeves says David has the memory of a goldfish. Excuse me while I kiss my mind again

Valerius: Reeves, was it your choice to wear the kilt?

David and Reeves: Yes it was my choice in spite of the protest of the rest of the band and anyone on stage behind me. David says and if you really want to know regulation if it's particularly cold, he wears a small Scotsman.

Niké: Do you like Stella Street, David?

David and Reeves: What the hell is Stella Street, Nike? Does it have anything to do with Paul McCartney?

Bianca: How do see art in the late 90s? What are your favourite painters?

David and Reeves: I usually go to galleries.

Bianca: What are the lastest records you bought?

Moderator1: Reeves Gabrels will take that one. Just a moment please. We are typing as fast as we can.

David and Reeves: Psyience Fiction and an album called Trans One which is all ritual sufi trance.

David and Reeves: I'm so relieved to hear that Dungarees.

Dungarees: Its like Sesame Street, but the puppets dont have hands up their butts...

Tybalt: the song contest.. is it beyond hope? dont say no, because it has been hacked numerous tyimes (by me as well as others)... is something gonna happen with it? is it gonna go on? is there hope for some of the legit writers out there?

David and Reeves: In spite of you the contest is going extremely well and every legitimate writer will get a fair chance.

David and Reeves: We've had over 5,000 entries so far and going strong. And the hits are in the millions.

David and Reeves: Again, in spite of you.

David and Reeves: Ha Ha

Aki: In terms of industrial music, what are your favorite new bands?

David and Reeves: Gearwhore

Alligator: Will you consider playing in Oklahoma on your next tour?

David and Reeves: We never miss Oklahoma. We never go there so we never miss it.

David and Reeves: But seriously folks, only if we can play Cain's Ballroom.

David and Reeves: The home of Oklahoma Swing. this from Reeves

HJ: What kind of new features would you like to see for BowieNet?

David and Reeves: Can I throw that question back to you guys? Please e-mail Bowienet with what features you'd like to see.

Lady: hey Dave, you prefer to sing or to paint?

David and Reeves: Sometimes I like to sing while I paint and other times...

Alligator: the sex pistols were beaten by hicks outside of Cain's ballroom.

David and Reeves: Because they were pussies

David and Reeves: David says spoken like a true American

Bianca: Will there be anymore unreleased 70s tracks released on BowieNet?

David and Reeves: There's a strong possibility but it's not a priority this year.

ShivasIrons: question for David....Are you still shadow boxing?

David and Reeves: Reeves answering: David had to give it up because it kept hitting back

Squeakieeeee0e: David OR Reeves: Have you bought any bin liners at Walmart lately ? (joke)

Moderator1: Please be patient as David and Reeves ponder their next answer....

David and Reeves: Ich ein binliner

Solari: I want more answers to outside...!

David and Reeves: So do I

David and Reeves: David says so do I

David and Reeves: Eno - so do I

David and Reeves: Jon Pareles - so do I

David and Reeves: Ed: Enough so do I's

David and Reeves: Hunt Sales: Who Am I?

Aki: Have you heard about the new crystal cone technology which will eventually allow people to type onto a computer screen directly from their brains, and would you be interested in getting one of those implanted in your brain?

David and Reeves: Who says I haven't got one already? Reeves: We've always been interested in wet-wiring.

David and Reeves: David: Look you can't see the fingers move.

Rick: Reeves, Have YOU ever written your name in the snow?

David and Reeves: Yes but first and last.

David and Reeves: And in part of the Gettysburg Address.

Bonster1: Are one of you sleeping with Aki??

David and Reeves: David: I don't Know. Reeves: I don't Know. Brian Eno: I Don't know

David and Reeves: Jon Pareles: I don't know but I will write about it.

Isabel: David are you still an aligator?

David and Reeves: These days I'm more of a small fridge.

David and Reeves: Disconnected

KelMar666: Reeves, if you had 20 minutes with courtney love, what would you do?

David and Reeves: I would give her a complete makeover.

Total Blam Blam: When you get drunk at disco's and you end up dancing together - what particular style of dance do you choose to express your admiration for each other?

David and Reeves: Reeves: I have found I get the best results by letting David lead. David And I tend to promote Maypole dancing.

Freecloud: How many people are actually in the room there (counting both of you twice)?

David and Reeves: Well I can see Aki, Squeakie, Tybalt, Total Blam Blam...I would say about 100.

ShivasIrons: who between David and Reeves has the sharper wit, and who's most likely to tell jokes?

David and Reeves: Reeves: I have the sharper wit, but David tells the jokes.

David and Reeves: I'm an ideas man.

David and Reeves: David: But he's off sick at the moment.

Mark and Midge: Any chance of a single for Christmas?

David and Reeves: Yes please. Send it care of BowieNet.

Bianca: Will there be a regular Earthling-live album out to buy?

David and Reeves: No. Unless the BowieNet members require otherwise.

David and Reeves: But from this point, I don't see it happening.

KelMar666: Reeves, who's tougher, you or Iggy?

David and Reeves: Reeves: Isn't it obvious?

Squeakieeeee0e: Bianca getting all the questions in!! No fair

David and Reeves: Come on then Squeakie, what's the question?

Mattie: Iggy then.

David and Reeves: Reeves says, than what?

Squeakieeeee0e: Question on the song contest: am I correct in saying that the first verse is 8 lines long and the other 2 are 4 lines long?

David and Reeves: I think you're correct Squeakie, I'm not much on counting but it sounds right to me. Ask Reeves, he's got more wit.

David and Reeves: In fact he's full of it.

David and Reeves: Reeves: Spelling is correct.

Palace: David: what's life in Bermuda like?

David and Reeves: How can I tell?

LaughingGnome: Is Gail Ann Dorsey single and does she like Gnomes?

David and Reeves: I guess you could say she's single but spoken for.

David and Reeves: I'm going to try and get Gail to do a chat room.

Tybalt: my computer's about to crash. can you stop everything and wait until i reload before moving on with the chat? please? I'll give you a dollar.

David and Reeves: Both Reeves and I are terribly upset about your computer, Tybalt.

David and Reeves: We wish you all the luck in the world and hope that you are able to get it fixed really really soon.

David and Reeves: We love you people, please remember that.

Alligator: briefs or boxers?

David and Reeves: Reeves: No. David: Is that lawyer's briefs?

Bianca: When will you direct your first movie, David?

David and Reeves: I did one already. It hasn't been out for some time. It was called Potamkin. Try and catch it.

ShivasIrons: Reeves, who is your favorite current-day guitarist.....excluding yourself?

David and Reeves: Dave Tronzo, Chris Haskett, Phil DuGruy (except Phil's completely out of his mind).

David and Reeves: David: By the way Hi Coco! And Hi G.X.!

Mattie: David have you returned Tina Turner's wig that borrowed to wear in Labyrinth?

David and Reeves: Who says it was Tina's?

LaughingGnome: And your not Reeves?

David and Reeves: I have enough problems, don't do this to me.

Total Blam Blam: Potamkin? More details please - We've not heard about it

David and Reeves: Well spotted Blam Blam...you guessed that it wasn't mine at all. You saw through my little scheme, you got me there.

NathanAdler: Reeves and Bowie, What about record Tin Machine III ?

David and Reeves: Actually, while we are doing this Chat Room, we are quickly putting it together on a small side table.

KelMar666: Reeves, who is funnier, David or Robert Smith? Answer honestly. ;)

David and Reeves: David before midnight and Robert after midnight.

Jamtland: Are you going to re-record "Please Mr. Gravedigger"

David and Reeves: I did already. It was called 1.Outside.

Canney: David, when's your next solo art exhibition going to be?

David and Reeves: I'm really troubled at the moment because of BowieNet and recording, I've really not found time to make all the things that I want to.

David and Reeves: I'm just going to have to put in hold for a while.

Ila: Remember this cd you gave away with GQ last year, care to do that again soon?????

David and Reeves: I always feel so awful about giving CD's away. Next time it will be an old Nirvana CD.

Gegs: David - when in the UK do you still drive a car to get about?

David and Reeves: I'm not sure that I have any answer to this but I find when driving a car is usually the most applicable appliance.

David and Reeves: Reeves: Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside the dog, it's hard to read.

Canney: Did you used to have a black Ferrari in the UK?

David and Reeves: I can't talk about that because the owner never knew.

Freecloud: David, how do you feel about Reeves' boa guitar strap?

David and Reeves: David: I prefer it to when he was wearing the stack heels.

David and Reeves: Reeves: I hate when he feels about anything I'm wearing.

David and Reeves: David: Meow!

LaughingGnome: Do either of you have dogs?

David and Reeves: Reeves: Not since I took up reading.

Isabel: do you have a favourite painting?

David and Reeves: Anything by Tom of Finland.

Grazia: reevz you are my best man

David and Reeves: David: Are you the Grazia that wanted Reeves to sign your butt in Brazil?

Spider: Have you seen Velvet Goldmine yet?

David and Reeves: Yes

David and Reeves: Yes, my but you have a good memory.

Ila: David, who would you have sign your butt?

David and Reeves: I've been a lucky boy. All my wishes have been fufilled.

David and Reeves: Reeves: I said no.

David and Reeves: David: But you can't have everything.

Valerius: Did you spend every moment of the film feeling ripped off?

David and Reeves: Oh come on Valerius. How did you really feel?

Aki: David or Reeves... What is your favorite Bowie biography? Or... what is the bio that you dislike the least?

David and Reeves: David: I was more than a little peeved with 'Loving The Alien' who's dossier of anecdotes included myself a grandising trip to Somalia

David and Reeves: Obviously he couldn't tell the difference between Iman and myself. I am well over two inches taller than her.

JoniVeSadd: David / Reeves do u read horror or sci fi books if so whos favourite authors

Moderator1: Reeves Gabrels will take that one. Just a moment please. We are typing as fast as we can.

David and Reeves: Reeves: I'd recommend Neil Stephenson 'Snowcrash'. David: I never really got past Philip Dick.

Isabel: do you like dancing with the big boys?

David and Reeves: Reeves: Yes, when you're 6'1, they're hard to find.

Squeakieeeee0e: David YOU are SHORTER than Iman

David and Reeves: You are SO not right.

LaughingGnome: Scanner Darkly rocks!

David and Reeves: Reeves: Yes indeed.

ZIPI: what do you really think of Tony Blair??

Moderator1: David will take that one. Just a moment please. We are typing as fast as we can.

David and Reeves: I really do think he's a great guy and I honestly believe England is very luck to have him as Prime Minister.

Mark and Midge: Seeing that you both have a good sense of humour..who is your fav comedians

David and Reeves: Total Blam Blam, Tybalt who I think is one big f--- comedian, Eddie Izzard

David and Reeves: Scott Thompson

David and Reeves: Sandra Bernhard

David and Reeves: Andy Kaufman

David and Reeves: Steven Wright

David and Reeves: Sam Kinnison, Bobcat Goldthwait

Dactylus: Moderator - how do I ask David a question - pardon my ignorance.

Moderator1: ask away

Tybalt: Stephan Write! dammit i cant spell.. Steven Wright! WORD!

David and Reeves: Oh Tybalt you are too funny

David and Reeves: Reeves Mum You can't hack either.

KelMar666: Did you know that Tybalt is my prison bitch? I could sell him to you for some cigarettes.

David and Reeves: Please add to comedian's list, KelMar666 who uses truth in her comedy

Freecloud: Okay, David and Reeves - what's the take on Beck?

David and Reeves: We lilked him best when he was with the Yardbirds.

David and Reeves: And his grandad is very cool

David and Reeves: Breakway: Reeves says hi to Charlotte and congratulation to After Image.

JoniVeSadd: David explain to me why people like the spice girls im confused and somewhat slightly dazed about it

David and Reeves: And on the 8th day, God make the buck.

Will: Why do you call Bermuda home these days?

David and Reeves: Cause Afghanistan doesn't sound right.

Afterimage: Thanks guys!!!! Charlotte sends a gurgle!!!

David and Reeves: Reeves says well she's more literate than me.

David and Reeves: Breakway: David: By the way, how many of you guys are calling in from Europe?

Tybalt: not i.. this degenerate is missing work for this.. i'm gonna be fired, and its all yer fault ;)

David and Reeves: Wow first the computer and now your job. Good things CAN happen.

Thomas: Skiving off work in Boston - whats the worst job either of you have had?

Moderator1: Reeves Gabrels will take that one. Just a moment please. We are typing as fast as we can.

David and Reeves: Reeves: Working at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Brighton.

David and Reeves: David: Lead Singer in Tin Machine. Reeves: What's the difference?

Snowie: Say hi to Tim, your nibourgh at Bermuda!

David and Reeves: Hi nibourgh.

Emme: Hello David and Reeves (note alphabetical order)! You both seem so relaxed and comfortable with this whole chat scene. Is there hope for me getting used to this (I'm ready to run, screaming...)?

David and Reeves: I find it better never to look at the screen.

Jo: Do you the secret chicken recipe?

Moderator1: Reeves Gabrels will take that one. Just a moment please. We are typing as fast as we can.

David and Reeves: Reeves: Yes I stole a package of it and I'm saving it for my retirement at which point I will reveal the secret recipe to the world.

SheepShgr: Reeves and David: can you give us a general idea of the division of labour on your "co-authored" songs? i.e. who does what and in what order? (and my hobbies involve things that would get me in jail in many parts of the world, so I'd prefer not to publically discuss them :))

Moderator1: David will take that one. Just a moment please. We are typing as fast as we can.

David and Reeves: It's really an intangible thing. I think the process is a series of leap frogs from one guy's idea to the next. The accumulative end result seems to be a piece of music. Sometimes it's a chicken pie.

Valeria: how do you feel having so many people who want to ask you questions?

David and Reeves: Wow if I had my way, I would do this two, three times a day, everyday.

Freecloud: David and Reeves, if you guys arm-wrestled, who would win?

David and Reeves: Iggy Pop

Straffer: are you listing to any music at the moment??

David and Reeves: Anything but give our full attention to these questions.

David and Reeves: We are at the moment playing four copies of Rammstein very loud.

David and Reeves: Each CD player playing a different track simultaneously.

Bianca: Do you see the future of art in video-installations?

David and Reeves: Only if they're by Tony Oursler or Bill Viola. On the whole I think installations are over. SO over.

KelMar666: Reeves, would you set yourself on fire like the lads in Rammstein?

David and Reeves: Not intentionally.

Snowie: Will you ever do something with Scott Walker????

David and Reeves: Dinner maybe?

Ila: Reeves, do you ever secretly dress up as David and parade around, saying: I AM David!! I am David!

David and Reeves: No. but I do ocassionally dress up as tigger. I AM David, I AM David.

Zimbra: theres only one David Bowie

David and Reeves: Not when I'm dressed as tigger.

Bonster1: Which can you do longer? Sex or mindless chatter?

David and Reeves: I prefer a nice cup of tea.

David and Reeves: Reeves: and I prefer both simultaneously.

Mozzer: who do you want t play u in the new Ziggy film

David and Reeves: Reeves Gabrels

LaughingGnome: David What is your view of modern theatre. Would doing a play again interest you at all? Do you think the theatre has a chance of survival as we become more of a technological society?

David and Reeves: David: I guarantee somebody will soon be making the Russian writers into films. You'll start seeing things like The Cherry Orchard come out on film. Mark my words.

Freecloud: Do you guys still take drugs?

David and Reeves: Dali says: Dali doesn't take drugs. Dali is the drug.

NathanAdler: Bowie, when you intend to come back to work with Brian Eno again ?

David and Reeves: I'm still looking forward to Marc Bolan coming back to work with me.

Bonster1: David, did you know your son is usurping you chat time by holding court in the room of the masses???

David and Reeves: Don't phone hime.

David and Reeves: Don't phone home

David and Reeves: Dun phone home

Tybalt: i'm learning to play guitar.. if wreevz should somehow suddenly disappear, can i play with oyou, David?

David and Reeves: Oh Tybalt I can't wait. I just can't wait. Will the guitar be electric he asked hopefully?

Reinhold: why does Duncan answer more questions on the other channel than you guys in this one?

David and Reeves: Because he can type.

Zimbra: What do you think of the new direction 4 hero has taken with the Two Pages album (esp the jazz drum'n'bass fusion)?

David and Reeves: I'm not hip to this one. Sounds good. I'll have to get it.

Niké: Complete this sentence: I like Alanis Morrisette because...

David and Reeves: Reeves says because her butt is bigger than mine. David says because she's got a butt.

Lelai: one more time whats the best thing either of you wd take away from each decade starting with the nineties if you only hve the choice of 1 thingfor each decade and hi to both of you from coco

Moderator1: Please be patient as David and Reeves ponder their next answer....

David and Reeves: 90's fragments

David and Reeves: 80

David and Reeves: 80's fragmenting

David and Reeves: 70's fagments

David and Reeves: 60's - Reeves was a kid but he wants to do 50's

David and Reeves: Reeves: 55 DeSoto and 56 Les Paul Junior

Grazia: how are the band's other members (alford..dorsey..garson)

David and Reeves: As Gail Dorsey is female we can only talk about two of them but I believe they're fine (David)

Gilly: would you speak an audio book or a computer adventure character? please?

David and Reeves: Would anybody care if I spoke on an audio book?

Isabel: do you prefer Cd's or vinyl records?

David and Reeves: CD's make better coasters, and I have a problem pushing the vinyl into the CD player.

Total Blam Blam: Peter and the Wolf was a gas

David and Reeves: You never fail to amuse me. You have to be English

Akros1: mp3

David and Reeves: Reeves: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

David and Reeves: David: Viagra

alwayscrashing: Reeves, what is your favorite Bowie-oldie to play?

David and Reeves: Heartbreak Hotel

KelMar666: Reeves, have you ever beaten anyone up?

David and Reeves: Yes he has, and Gail was furious.

David and Reeves: Reeves: That bitch took my cigarettes.

Ila: David, what's your favorite room in your house???

David and Reeves: The one that Reeves is in

Freecloud: Reeves, how do you feel about playing with Elvis now that he's dead?

David and Reeves: Fine except I hate having to pick him up at Burger King when he's done work

Mattie: Reeves, are you wearing your kilt right now?

David and Reeves: For you

Mattie: Elvis is dead?

David and Reeves: Reeves says I hope so, they buried him

Isabel: how about a duet with Pamela Anderson?

David and Reeves: Reeves says that would be a trio.

Thomas: Do I need to write further songs when I win my 15,000 USD publishing contract on can I just have the cash?

David and Reeves: You will be locked in a small room and expected to write from 9 til 6 weekdays and three weekends of the month

David and Reeves: We've been going for an hour and a half now, but at Reeves' insistence we're going for a bit longer.

Dactylus: David - Have you heard the new Love & Rockets cd? If so, what do you think of "Bad For You" - Sounds suspiciously like "Jump, They Say"

David and Reeves: Daniel Ash is wearing my feather boa guitar strap and I want it back.

Isabel: are you sending lyrics for the contest?

David and Reeves: No, I'm terrified I'd lose.

Squeakieeeee0e: I don't like Placebo.. I dont understand why Dave thinks it's so great

David and Reeves: You're not listening Squeakie, it's one of the best albums of the year. You must must get the new album.

David and Reeves: It's a quantum leap from anything they've done so far.

Valeria: Did you enjoy coming down with the chair on the glass spider tour?

David and Reeves: I came down with everyone on the Glass Spider Tour.

Bianca: What do you think of all this 70s revival?

David and Reeves: Pretty much like the one in '88.

SheepShgr: Will there be a follow-on Best of the 80's release? Or are you planning a Worst of the 80's instead??

David and Reeves: How long have you been a Sheep Shgr?

Gilly: I loved the glass spider tour

David and Reeves: Gilly, meet Sheep Shgr.

Bonster1: What do you guys think about on stage when you are performing (music)

David and Reeves: Thinking stops. Action and intuition takes over. And in Reeves' case, not falling down.

Squeakieeeee0e: We've ALL met the Sheep Sgr

"mark and midge": David did you really hate the glass spider tour that much!?

David and Reeves: I actually thought that some of the staging was quite innovative

David and Reeves: I think I took on an awful lot with that tour. Had I done it now I would streamline it. Too many ideas at the time,.

KelMar666: Reeves, are you a "beer" man, if so which do you prefer?

David and Reeves: You must be mistaking me for Zach.

Gilly: I loved your pony tail David

David and Reeves: Don't you mean my tony pail?

Bonster1: Reeves is a wino

David and Reeves: No........tequila, if anything.

Squeakieeeee0e: David has a pony tail?????

David and Reeves: What is this with the pony tail? I once wore a pony tail in the early 60's. Went for a week and this is serious, I called myself Tom Jones.

David and Reeves: Somehow it didn't work out.

Canney: The Tom Jones Index?

David and Reeves: No...the Tom Jones Experience we were called.

Gilly: Don't try to deny it. I took photos to prove it

David and Reeves: Absolutely true, they do exist somewhere.

Ila: David, what do you want for Xmas???

David and Reeves: The Brian Eno Diaries.

Akros1: What do you think of Prince now David huhuhu

David and Reeves: I liked him in his The Artist Formerly Known As Tom Jones stage

Mozzer: Any chance of an MTV unplugged

David and Reeves: I think you can get them on their back catalogue division. There's a lot of artists to choose from. I think Nirvana did one.

David and Reeves: That's always a favorite I hear. You could probably pick up an Elton John if you look hard enough. Reeves, my favorite is Kraftwerk Unplugged.

HJ: What happened to that acoustic album that you two were rumoured to be working on?

David and Reeves: It was released in September. It's called Kraftwerk Unplugged

Aki: Could you tell Ron Roy to put up the live version of V-2 Schneider at liveanddwell.com, next? I really love that song.

David and Reeves: We'll try and find a copy. That's a very good idea.

Akros1: Are you still Friend with Hunt and Tny Sales Reeves and David hehe

David and Reeves: Reeves says Yes we are which is why we give them so much shit

David and Reeves: David says if you were friends with them, you would give them shit too

Gegs: Why do you never sing "Drive in Saturday"

David and Reeves: Reeves says I can't since my voice changed.

Canney: Tell me a joke.

David and Reeves: Reeves says Tybalt.

David and Reeves: David says first nun: where's the soap? second nun: yes doesn't it?

KelMar666: Does Gail ever have to tell you two to behave?

David and Reeves: Rather the other way around I fear. Gail is a fabulous but naughty girl.

Grazia: Bowie I want to hear Starman d'n'bass

David and Reeves: You are in dire need of a therapist

Jo: Can I buy stock in Bowienet?

David and Reeves: Just send me a thousand dollar postal order

David and Reeves: ...on second thought

Isabel: what happen to the nuns?

David and Reeves: This is the sweetest question all night.

AlwaysCrashing: Reevz, are you Canadian?

David and Reeves: No I'm French

Thomas: Robbie Williams or Gary Barlow?

David and Reeves: David: Absolutely.

Freecloud: Reeves, do you have a thing for Jerry Lewis?

David and Reeves: Having worked with the Sales brothers, I have no desire to hear Jerry Lewis again and I never liked the Three Stooges either.

Bonster1: Could you guys quit now? I've pushed the " long lunch" thing a bit far....

David and Reeves: Ten points for stamina, Bonster. Tell her she looks great in a helmet.

Mattie: I thought the Stooges broke up and Iggy went solo?

David and Reeves: Reeves and David: So did Iggy,

Total Blam Blam: David, did you know that Reeves is always flicking v's and pulling faces behind your back on stage? - I hate to grass but somebody had to tell you!

David and Reeves: I have a mirror as you know... Reeves: As you'd expect.

Valerius: Reeves, if you had multiple personalities, what would their names be?

David and Reeves: Who would you like to speak to?

LamBugi: When is Duncan's first film coming out?

David and Reeves: At the moment he is on his third college film, but he's already written his first draft for his first out of college movie.

David and Reeves: Other than that, you should probably ask him yourself. I'm sure you all have his e-mail

Rick: Could you guys just say, "Hi Rick" so I can die happy?

David and Reeves: Hi Dick!

Squeakieeeee0e: He told US to ask YOU

David and Reeves: Dun phone home

Gegs: Does Duncan play your music?

David and Reeves: Yes, all the guitar parts.

Jo: What color is you hair now adays

David and Reeves: Same as it always was.

Aki: Does Duncan eat his peas?

David and Reeves: Yes and he phoned home. Hi Dun! I'll call you later when I got this lot out of my room.,

Snowie: David will marry me one day?

David and Reeves: This is more than unlikely, Snowie.

David and Reeves: Have you not seen that therapist yet?

CenobYte: David, what do you think of Bono?

David and Reeves: Loved him. Great mayor, great personality, should never have married Cher.

Ila: David, what is the sweetest thing a fan's ever told you??

David and Reeves: Who please is Ziggy?

Dactylus: David - I loved "A Foggy Day (in London Town)" from the Red Hot series. Any more "crooning" planned in the near future? It was beautiful...

David and Reeves: My mooning days are over.

David and Reeves: And I leave the rest to Reeves with his famous butt.

Bianca: What is the funniest accident that ever happened on stage?

David and Reeves: It has nothing to do with Reeves' butt.

KelMar666: So Reeves is an ass-man, eh?

David and Reeves: David: Need I say more?

Snowie: wrong, I am a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

David and Reeves: Such clarity at such a young age.

"mark and midge": are you grouchy in the mornings..or funny like you are now?

David and Reeves: David: Reeves is a real pain in the butt. Actually, this is not true. Reeves is never awake in the morning

SheepShgr: Reeves, why is your band called "The Bentmen"? Does it have something to do with a certain piece of their anatomy?

David and Reeves: The Bentmen is not my band. I'm just a member on occasion it's sort of like being in the National Guard.

Total Blam Blam: Reeves: how long did you persevere with the Gateaux as bottleneck technique?

David and Reeves: Only til we were done filming Top of the Pops.

Ila: This is great!!!!! Is everybody else getting this awesome feeling like we're on our own little planet right now????

David and Reeves: Yeah, we're having a great time too, Ila. We'll definitely be on again in December.

David and Reeves: By the way, Sandra Bernhard is going to be our next chat room guest in about two weeks time. She really is a scream. You better have your humour honed to a shiny point for that one.

David and Reeves: Keep checking BowieNet over the next few days for exact time and date.

NathanAdler: Bowie, I know that Reeves is on guitar in "What's really happening", and rest of the band ?

David and Reeves: Reeves and David WERE the band on that one.

Snowie: Have you been in Ziggy village at Cyprus?

David and Reeves: Could you send details into BowieNet? I'm serious. This is really funny.

David and Reeves: I know there

David and Reeves: a Ziggy Stardust resort in Thailand. I think Evan has it on his site.

David and Reeves: In Updates.

Bonster1: David and Reeves Did you like doing Howard Stern's Birthday????

David and Reeves: Actually, we were well surprised. I'd heard so much about him but he's really a decent chap.

David and Reeves: One of the best looking audiences we ever worked to.

David and Reeves: This is a five more questions warning folks. Thanks a million for joining us. It's been a great afternoon. We'll keep doing this.

"mark and midge": do you think this chat brings you closer to your fans?

David and Reeves: Reeves says it's brought me closer to the screen. David says its bought me closer to Reeves and overall I think it has given us much better communication. Don't you? Ask the damn questions and we will try to answer as many as possible.

David and Reeves: I'm just jealous that my son types faster.

CenobYte: David have you ever visited my Syd Barrett site... the 'Syd Barrett Spot'?

David and Reeves: E-mail me the URL please.

Bonster1: whats yer E-mail adddress?? ;)

David and Reeves: Info @ DavidBowie.com

Total Blam Blam: Do you reccomend Lime Cordial with Spam?

David and Reeves: Reeves says only when served with Cheez Whiz.

Freecloud: Finally, guys, one last question - what will you do when the bubble bursts?

David and Reeves: David: It didn't already?

Bianca: When will you have DavidBowie.com as a local provider in Europe?

David and Reeves: Early next year. UK coming late this year.

Snowie: Why you never come to Serbia?Are you afraid of NATO Bombs?

David and Reeves: I was born in Serbia. My friend Hanif Kureshi wrote a book about those experiences called "Buddha of Serbia".

David and Reeves: One last question folks.

Gilly: how do you feel about the fans who dont own a computer or have internet access?

David and Reeves: Reeves and I would like to type a few words for them now...

Total Blam Blam: Is Reeves a sexual magnet?

David and Reeves: Last question, last answer and Total Blam Blam has it.

David and Reeves: No, he's just a magnet.

David and Reeves: Our thanks go to Eileen who typed all this for us and all our friends and comrades at Ultrastar, Concentric, Bill Gates' house, Paul Allen, tee hee hee

David and Reeves: And of course, you lot. As they used to say in the old days, love on ya!

Moderator1: thanks so much everyone...goodnight

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