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BowieNet Live Chat with The Bowie Band
(Earl Slick, Gail Ann Dorsey, Gerry Leonard, Mike Garson) - 14/12/03

Session Start: Sunday December 14th 2003

Mike Garson: Hello all

tungsten_sk: Hello Mike

Mike Garson: hi

1962june1 hy Mike

Mike Garson: goodday

thedeuce: Mike, is that an LCD screen on your keyboard to show you the sheet music?

Mike Garson: yes

Earl Slick: Hello

Alenyx: Mike: is it true that you are / have been a scientology member?

Mike Garson: 20 years ago

caroline: Mike, how was Montreal last night?

Mike Garson: Montreal was phenomenal. David sang his ass off the audience was great

putzi: thank you for the great shows so far

caroline: Hi Mike and Earl... how are you guys today?

Mike Garson: we are happy campers cause ot the great show last nite

Pretty_Thing: How do you and Mike plan on spending your holidays this year? With family?

Mike Garson: with family

pnut80976: Mike, are you guys gonna reschedule Philly?

Mike Garson: yes we will rescedule everything we missed

majortom326 Mike, what's your favorite solo to play during the tour?

Mike Garson: Disco King, Loneliest Guy, Life On Mars, Motel, Changes

Erika Stassart: Mike, what's your favorite concert (city) yet?

Mike Garson: Dublin and Glasgow also Montreal last nite as David was a real trooper

zig: Garson: are you also releasing a new album soon?

Mike Garson: a classical improvised album will come out in january

cavebat: Mike - do you sleep with gloves on to keep your hands safe?

Mike Garson: I wish

the_artist: hey Mike. Me and my dad were at Birmingham Wembley and are going to Isle of Wight shorty. I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the band for making my 15th birday something (really!) special.

Mike Garson: my pleasure

venezuela: Earl: When do you fix your setlists for the recent concerts?

Earl Slick: They're prepared before each show every night.

teri.varhol: Earl. I have a simple question? Which DB song do you hate? :)

Earl Slick: Love 'em all.

Simone: Hi Mike, which country/city are you still most looking forward to on this tour?

Mike Garson: Austalia and New Zealand as I haven't been there with David. I was with the smashing pumpkins

wldjareth: Earl when is the Wedding???

Earl Slick: Who's wedding??

mydeath: was Mike kamen the same one on the 74 tour (the one who passed away)

Mike Garson: yes

josefine: Hi Earl! How are the dogs?!?! :p

Earl Slick: Dogs are good!! I pick em up in a week to take them home.

Baby_Grace: Mike, how was to work with Trent Reznor (Fragile album)?

Mike Garson: I love Trent a great artist

craignelson: Mike - you always look like you enjoy playing Sunday. Is it a tough one to do?

Mike Garson: I love listening to David and Gerry and Earl

dinkus: Mike, are you also "Afraid of Americans"? ^_^

Mike Garson: I'm afraid of the whole planet

qp (erik.p): Mike do you see something in a tour with David alone?

Mike Garson: I do fantasize about that

tina: Earl, who did most of your ink?

Earl Slick: I don't remember any of their names, but it was all done in LA between '85 and '90.

starla: Earl, do you have anything planned on the side?

Earl Slick: Yes, pasta.

Saxonny: who are the other two "mystery guests"

Earl Slick: They're so mysterious we haven't even seen them yet.

sugar_rae: Earl and Mike, What do you do in your free time?And where is home?

Mike Garson: we shop have dinners laugh talk about making the music better

dbfan1847: Earl what's your favorite kind of pasta?

Earl Slick: Anything imported form Italy.

the_artist: Who's actually chatting? Just Mike and Earl? :)

Earl Slick: As of now, yes.

gitta: Mike: Any other artists you like to work with!

Mike Garson: I like Radiohead

bcrone: what american city are u most looking forward to

Earl Slick: NYC, of course.

somebraveapollo: Earl, were you in goodfellows

Earl Slick: I wish.

italiagirl: Earl, do you have a favourite place in Italy?

Earl Slick: Lucca

the_artist: Hey Earl great new album!

Earl Slick: Thanks!!

martink58: Earl, cornflakes or grits?

Earl Slick: Grits.

martink58: Earl and Mike, are you in the same room now?

Mike Garson: yes

Doc: what's your favourite place, Mike?

Mike Garson: sedonna

Erika Stassart: Mike, what's your favorite drink?

Mike Garson: water

rikki6025: My wife likes your sun glases, where did you got them?

Mike Garson: new york

minky: what city are you in

Mike Garson: new york

Natasha: Mike: Steinway or Bechstein?

Mike Garson: Steinway

hunkydory88: Mike or Earl, do you know if Waterloo Sunset is going to be played on the tour?

Mike Garson: probably not

mlisa927: Earl and Mike, just letting you know philly is anxiously awaiting you! Hope to see you soon!

Mike Garson: thanks

Alenyx: Earl: what are your favourite guitars? Fender, Gibson?

Earl Slick: Gibson Les Paul's at the moment.

sebdag: Mike, how is your grandfather 'role' going?

Mike Garson: I adore it

mossgarden: Mike - can I get a decent keyboard for under 100 bucks?

Mike Garson: no

piratestardust: Earl... must know your favorite color?

Earl Slick: Red

icarus: Mike: Slick or Gabrels?

Mike Garson: I love them both for different things maybe I'll clone the 2 of them

TerrificStarDusty: Earl, what kind of dogs do you have?

Earl Slick: Newfoundlands

hunkydory88: Mike, are you looking forward to the 3 Chicago shows?

Mike Garson: absolutely

gitta: Earl, any special song you really love to play on tour?

Earl Slick: The flavor of the week is Reality.

iamadj: Earl- do you like to vacation in sunny warm places?

Earl Slick: I prefer to be up in the mountains in the snow.

nnmaddox: what's your favorite lou reed record?

Earl Slick: Rock and Roll Animal.

mossgarden: shit, man. I can't afford nothin' fancy

Mike Garson: maybe you can find a cheap Yamaha or ebay

Gerry Leonard: hi

Natasha: Do any of the band socialize together outside touring time?

Earl Slick: Yes we do. Usually looking for restaurants to hang out in or in some cases a pub.

thedeuce: and what does one drink in a pub?

Earl Slick: If he's Irish as much as possible.

mossgarden: Earl - where do you shop in NYC? You dress like a badass mo'fo

Earl Slick: Every corner of the island.

hunkydory88: Gerry, did you enjoy Dublin?

Gerry Leonard: Fantastic ted

Pretty_Thing: Earl......... do you prefer red or white clam sauce with your linguini?

Earl Slick: White

tomboy: Gerry: I just saw the Riverside DVD again...mmhmm are there pants in your size?

Gerry Leonard: Size does not matter

chas: Another Mike Garson high point is on the song TIME,lets get a capaign going to play that live then

Mike Garson: I love that song. I'd love to do Time. We haven't done it since 1974

starnymph: Gerry, ever tried Guiness and Lucozade?

Gerry Leonard: Not at the same time

CreegySeeve: Gerry: what's your favourite Dublin pub?

Gerry Leonard: Grogans abr

mossgarden: Gerry - your thoughts on time travel?

Gerry Leonard: it takes too long

sourstardust04: Earl- What is your favourite soft drink?

Earl Slick: Pellegrino.

Zowie: hey is there anybody out there

Mike Garson: I'm here Mike Earl Gerry

tomboy: Gerry: how you felt playing in your hometown Dublin.... and about the big welcome?

Gerry Leonard: Unbelieveable

Margaux: Where is David?

Earl Slick: Where is Waldo?

glitter_rouge: Gerry- what was it like working wiyh Laurie Anderson?

Gerry Leonard: Laurie is the best. she hepled me write my first song

kisch: Gerry - how are you getting on with this bunch of Americans (and one Brit)?:)

Gerry Leonard: Like my house is on fire ... ahhh

snoozie: Gerry - what was your first meeting with DB like?

Gerry Leonard: I was nervous

mydeath: David live is the most powerful aingst ridden thing I have ever heard

Mike Garson: amen

Baby_Grace: Gerry, do you know Liam O'Maonlai?

Gerry Leonard: Ro say hello

Bianca: Gerry, how did you and David first meet?

Gerry Leonard: at the laundromat

skywatcher: Earl, Gerry and Mike. What's your favorite Christmas song?

Mike Garson: Christmas song chestnuts etc

ziggdust: Earl, what's Gerry wearing?

Earl Slick: His P Jays

pnut80976: Gerry, what color is your hair these days?

Gerry Leonard: out of a bottle, a white one

Doc: what's your favorite DB album, Gerry?

Gerry Leonard: Low is a good one

iluvdb: I love you guys

Mike Garson: thank you

jackschell: Earl What booties are your wearing?

Earl Slick: Lighten up Jacko

tomboy: Gerry: how you handle all the different characters as a band leader?

Gerry Leonard: everyone is fantastic, as long as they obey

brigitte: Does any of you guys know why Sterling is missing from the band credits on the Riverside DVD?

Mike Garson: don't know

Alenyx: Gerry, Earl: do you still have your first guitar? what was it?

Gerry Leonard: I made my first and sold it to Earl . some of this is true

Saxonny: are any of you guys Trek fans?

Earl Slick: No. How about X-files?

martink58: have you guys had a Bowie snow-ball fight yet and, is so, who won?

Mike Garson: i just threw a snowball at Earl before we got to the chat

pnut80976: Earl, what are you getting David for Christmas?

Earl Slick: An autographed Zig Zag album.

marcbolan: Gerry, what's your favourite movie?

Gerry Leonard: I love Fargo

sourstardust04: Mike- Does David get on your nerves alot?

Mike Garson: no

starla: Do you use a cattle prod or whip in leading the band, Gerry?

Gerry Leonard: They perfer to be beaten

angelnr12: Does any of you ever feel like messing up a song during a concert just for fun?

kiless: Any of you RED DWARF fans???

Earl Slick: That's not very PC is it?

caroline: Gerry - where do you live?

Gerry Leonard: in a house

filledwithsecrets: ok Earl what did you think of end of x-files? I thought it sucked

Earl Slick: I think they could have come up with a better one that that myself.

CreegySeeve: Gerry, did u play keyboard on some Bowie shows last year?

Gerry Leonard: on Stay, Earl made me do it

Pretty_Thing: Earl do you have any phobias?

Earl Slick: Heights and mushy pasta

n604ff: T Rex or Mott the Hoople?

Earl Slick: T-Rex

zelvis: Gerry, what was your first db experience...song, concert etc.

Gerry Leonard: Slip Away, Battery Park gig

ron: Gerry will you ever tour on your own again?

Gerry Leonard: yes if I can get my license back

minky: Earl, what's your best memory of Station to Station tour?

Earl Slick: As soon as I remember any of it I'll let you know.

thedeuce: Mulder or Scully?

Earl Slick: Scully

ladychater: Is there anything special about tomorrow's gig that you can tell us? I'm bummed about all this snow and need something to cheer me up before I shovel. Staten Island's under an avalanche.

starla: Gerry, is your house still on fire?

Gerry Leonard: burns longer and brighter than leading brands

pooky: Gerry, what's yer fave kind of guitar

Gerry Leonard: Gibson SG

darinflame: Is Bowie as hilarious all the time as his journal writtings are?

Mike Garson: yes a great sense of humour

Bianca: Gerry, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?

Gerry Leonard: Lord of the Rings. Read the books!

CodaQueen: Earl, who's your favourite guitarist (other than yourself!!!)?

Earl Slick: Keith Richards

wind: Would you like a cashew?

Mike Garson: I live cashews

pstama: Gerry you looked nervous at the Move Festival last year whilst playing solo on stage, do you get nervous in gigs?

Gerry Leonard: Was I there? Small gigs are the worst.

Saxonny: but Scully's a redhead...*wink*

Earl Slick: It's redheads this week.

Gaz: Mike,Who is the most religious in the band?

Mike Garson: each band in their own way is very spiritual

ladyofthelake: Gerry, you don't seem that shy anymore, what cures you?

Gerry Leonard: Meditation

sourstardust04: Gerry- What is your guitar pick of choice?

Gerry Leonard: The one in my pocket

Bianca: Mike: Do you think "Win" will make it to the setlist at the end?

Mike Garson: we keep pushing it

sourstardust04: Earl- what is your favourite scary movie?

Earl Slick: The Shining

somebraveapollo: Gerry, Celtic or Rangers?

Gerry Leonard: Celtic

angelnr12: Do you mind that guy filming backstage all the time?

Mike Garson: no problem

mandn: Mohawk or Liberty spikes?

Earl Slick: Mohawk

caroline: How come it's only men here today?

Earl Slick: Who says there is only men here?

marcbolan: What's your favourite character of Lord of the Rings?

Gerry Leonard: Gandalf

mattdaman: Mike - I hear you are going to be the cover story for the January Keyboard magazine! Congrats!

Mike Garson: it will be out by christmas. it was a great article to do

mydeath: has anyone visited Luther

Mike Garson: I pray for him

wldjareth: Ok you guys, Do you play JOKES on each other???

Earl Slick: Ask Jerry to check his pockets.

ladyart: Gerry do you believe in shakra and karma etc?

Gerry Leonard: In a secondary way ...

craignelson: Gerry-will you be watching Return of the King next week?

Gerry Leonard: ah you would have to

Saxonny: Gerry: can you check your pockets?

Gerry Leonard: Earls wallet...

starnymph: Are you wearing your shades Mike?

Mike Garson: just took them off to type

iluvdb: ever hear of Reiki Gerry?

Gerry Leonard: yes ...

sourstardust04: Gerry, Mike, Earl- Who is your favourite Beatle?

Earl Slick: John Lennon

diamond-friendly: Mike, did you play on the previous two (unreleased) versions of 'Disco King?

Mike Garson: yes I did and they were good too but this is the definitive version

gitta: Gerry, any female favourite artist?

Gerry Leonard: Kate bush is awesome

Wine: Earl, have you ever thought about stripping on stage? (meaning: taking off your sunglasses for a sec)

Earl Slick: Keep an eye out at the Garden.

CreegySeeve: Gerry, are ya from the Northsider or a southsider dub?

Gerry Leonard: Bleedin' northsider

ragazzo_solo: Mike, someone described you accent as British- Noo Yorker, why? did you live in England?

Mike Garson: in the 70s but I still have a Brooklyn accent

ladyofthelake: Are you typing with your cool sunglasses on?

Earl Slick: I'm not typing at all.

SoDreamer: Mike, what is your fave jazz album?

Mike Garson: I love Bill Evans at the Village Vanguard

craignelson: Gerry - any chance of answering my Sunday question?

Gerry Leonard: I love playing it. It's a little trick if I mess up it all goes horrily wrong... but when it's right it makes me feel useful

piratestardust: Who agrees that Gwen Stefani is HOT?

Earl Slick: Slick does.

roy: What happened to Kate Bush?

Gerry Leonard: I heard she might make another record, I hope so

the_artist: Mike is Time going to make the set list

Mike Garson: probably not but slick and I love to fool around with it in soundchecks

Gaz: Earl, do you or any other member of the band believe in ghosts?

Earl Slick: I definitely believe in ghosts. Once saw a cat ghost.

skywatcher: Gerry, what's your favorite Kate Bush song?

Gerry Leonard: Side two of hounds of love

itsme: Earl, when did you laugh on stage last time?

Earl Slick: Montreal

kennyhay: what do you think of the Dandy Warhols?

Earl Slick: Love the Dandy Warhols

roy: Gerry do you know the Corrs?

Gerry Leonard: I knew Jim form Dublin

jungtheforeman: Wouldn't a GREAT CD EP be the three versions of Disco King all together so the public can compare how the song has evolved?

Mike Garson: great idea but I doubt it will happen but you never know

Marillion: Gerry i'd still love to know what gear you're using on SUNDAY

Gerry Leonard: Line 6 Dl 4

Saxonny: Earl: is your offer for 10K to slap someone upside the head still on the table?

Earl Slick: You should have taken the offer the first time. It's up to a 1/2 mil now.

n604ff: Gerry-do u prefer sporks or just a fork and spoon

Gerry Leonard: Where can I get a spork

iluvdb: Hey Gerry... would you like a Reiki treatment?

Gerry Leonard: I got one.

PeaceFrog3 How is Macy Gray?

Mike Garson: I watched the show last nite and she and the band were great

ron: Gerry do you like the Virgin Prunes?

Gerry Leonard: Sure do

gitta: Mike, you like Kristeen Young's piano-play?

Mike Garson: I do loke her playing and overall artistry

Gaz: Gerry, do you like Father Ted and who is your favourite character in it? go on, go on, go on!

Gerry Leonard: Fantastic ted ... all of them.

DANDYO: Mike do you do classical?

Mike Garson: I compose a lot of classical music

zanta42: Earl - do you eat spaghetti with a fork and spoon?

Earl Slick: Fork and spoon.

diamond-friendly: Gerry, re: my Earlier question - Ever used an Echoplex and/or Repeater?

Gerry Leonard: no have not yet

Caracas: Earl, where have you seen the cat-ghost?

Earl Slick: At 1735

ladyart: Mike,are your fingers insured or are you just carefull??

Mike Garson: I just have an innate trust

CrystalTJapan: Gerry: you can get a spork at Kentucky Fried Chicken

Gerry Leonard: What about Kentucky fried elephant?

govijul: Mike - Solo Album? Theyre all at it. Why aren't you?

Mike Garson: I have a classical one coming in jan

the_artist: Gerry do you like Radiohead?

Gerry Leonard: Love the head

markr: Mike - what's gonna be on your new album?

Mike Garson: all improvised classical pieces

johnwesley: Mike, do you like troublesome old boards like wurlitzers, or are you purely a futurist?

Mike Garson: My love is the acoustic piano but I still like the Fender Rhodes

starla: The sporks are huge there, Gerry

Gerry Leonard: made of ivory

majortom326 Mike, any chance you'll be tickling the ivories (sp?) for Aladdin Sane on the tour?

Mike Garson: I wish but I doubt it

tomboy: Gerry: What about a spooky show in NY - next year?

Gerry Leonard: Dec 30 this year, Living Room.

n604ff: Mike- do you prefer kayaks or canoes?

Mike Garson: cznoes

kiless: What do you miss most about home when you are touring?

Earl Slick: My dogs

icarus: Mike: what do yo think of Diana Krall?

Mike Garson: she's good

JoeJ0082: Earl and Gerry, any tips for a aspiring guitarist?

Gerry Leonard: eat asparagus

jackschell: Earl What's your favorite track on your new Cd?

Earl Slick: The Cat

Gail Ann Dorsey: HI!!

Erika Stassart: Earl, what kind of ice-cream do you like?

Earl Slick: Prallines and cream

LizSK2: Mike: Do you improvise some of the Disco King solo every night? Parts of it sound new each time I've heard it

Mike Garson: yes I keep some parts the same and I change around a lot as I feel it

studiometier: Gerry, have you been to Largo in LA to hear Jon Brion perform live?

Gerry Leonard: Yes, He is unfathomable.. brilliant

itsme: hi Gail welcome!

Gail Ann Dorsey: Hello everyone... sorry I'm late

martink58: Earl, where can I buy a copy

Earl Slick: Tower, Best Buy, Sanctuary website, Amazon and every major retailer

kennyhay: Gail, what did David whisper in your ear when he recieved his standing ovation after life on mars in Glasgow?

Gail Ann Dorsey: My memory fails me...

chrisg: Is it in th UK Earl?

Earl Slick: Feb

TerrificStarDusty: Gail, what did you wish for when you blew out those candles?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Good health and peace on earth

iluvdb: what is the name of your new Album Earl..I wanna get it

Earl Slick: Zig Zag

thedeuce: Gail, I noticed when you were here in Richmond you play barefoot. any reason?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Richmond where? Virginia?

angelnr12: Gail, Mike and Gerry...thanks again for Cobblestones! Was great to see you do your own thing.

Mike Garson: we had fun

the_artist: Gail type "Hi Rupert Love Gail" pleaseeeeee :)

Gail Ann Dorsey: Hi Rupert, Love Gail

iamadj: Earl - is Sanctuary records good to you

Earl Slick: Best label I've ever been on

zelvis: Gail..just wanted to tell you hello, and you are a lucky lucky lady!!!!!! Well deserverd at that!!

Gail Ann Dorsey: Thank you. Yes, I believe I do have good Karma

zelvis: as in rolling papers????

Earl Slick: as in Zig Zag Oregon

slipaway: GailAnn, where do you get your stunning outfits?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Agnes b., Alexander McQueen... Jimmy King, our wardrobe master... lots of cool places but mainly Agnes b. she's me favourite

iluvdb: Earl...tell me about Zig Zag..is it all instrumental?

Earl Slick: no, 4 instrumentals, 6 vocal tracks including DB and Robert Smith

martink58: Earl, when you gonna do a solo tour?

Earl Slick: Select gigs possibly at the end of 2004

mattdaman: Gail - Do you and Mike share head shaving tips?

Mike Garson: Gail taught me how to shave my head

iamadj: Gail - did you write "Philadelphia"

Gail Ann Dorsey: Yes. I wrote all of the songs on my new CD, except for three songs that were cowritten with others... namely, Roland Orzabal of Tears For Fears, and a friend of mine from Atlanta, singer/songwriter Kristen Hall

iluvdb: Thanks Earl! I will order it tomorrow!!!

Earl Slick: Thank you.

chrisg: Gail - Has Rude Blue been reissued??

Gail Ann Dorsey: I hear it has by some company in England that specialize in reissuing out of print material. Good for them! Now I can get a copy for myself!

zardoz: Am I invisible?

Gerry Leonard: No

CreegySeeve: Gerry, are ya still there?

Gerry Leonard: yep

iluvdb: do you have a website Earl?

Earl Slick: www.earlslick.com

Simone: Earl, which track is David on on your new CD?

Earl Slick: Track 3, Isn't it Evening

Gaz: Mike, Which song do you like performing most on this tour?

Mike Garson: Disco King, Life on Mars, Changes, The Loneliest Guy, Motel

waxy: Do you prefer to play in small or big venue?

Mike Garson: smaller ones for the intimacy

majortom326: Gail, What is the most challenging bass part for you on the tour?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Playing 'Reality' is a total work out for me, and 'Slip Away' and 'The Motel' are a little challenging because I am playing fretless bass, and I don't really play fretless that well. It's the first time I have ever tried it. Tough, but rewarding when I get the damn thing in tune. Otherwise, the gig is most enjoyable

mydeath: Earl have you heard Slaughter on 10th Ave - Ronno

Earl Slick: One of my favorite tracks of all time. Mike worked on the piano part from midnight to 6:00am and he won't let us forget that.

iluvdb: can I order zigzag from your website Earl?

Earl Slick: no, but the links are there to amazon, etc.

craignelson: Gail - is Under Pressure the highlight of recent shows? It's great

Gail Ann Dorsey: I don't know. Is it the highlight of the recent shows? It certainly is an amazing feeling to sing it with David. Especially since Freddie Mercury was and still is my hero! Thank you.

Gwnavere: Mike, Earl... did Tony V do any work on your albums

Mike Garson: I'd like him to produce me sometime doing Bowie songs

somebraveapollo: Gerry, Bono or Geldof?

Gerry Leonard: Bo Dof, Geldof is smart but cranky. Bono is a big mouth but passionate

1962june1 I love the Disco King Mike! I think you give the best of yourself there!

Mike Garson: thanks it's a ball playing it


Gerry Leonard: Line 6 and a Kaoss pad

markr: Earl, what's your choice of car?

Earl Slick: 4 x 4

sourstardust04: Earl- What is in your cd player right now?

Earl Slick: Zig Zag

iluvdb: are you in Philly right now Gail?

Gail Ann Dorsey: No, I'm in New York getting ready for tomorrow nights' big show at Madison Square Garden! Are you coming?

andre1: Is Mike Garson on the photo on the back of Slaughter on Tenth Avenue

Mike Garson: I can't remember

blujean: you can't call Bono a big mouth

Gerry Leonard: Why not...

brigitte: Gail are there still plans for some Queen gigs?

Gail Ann Dorsey: They have mentioned to me about doing some dates with them in Europe next October November. I'd love to do it just once. What a thrill it would be! I'm a lucky girl...

mandn: Lotus or Ferrarri

Earl Slick: cj7

craignelson: you guys fans of Pro Tools when recording?

Earl Slick: yes love it

gayle: Any of you: what political movements do you care most about?

Mike Garson: the answers don't lie in politics we have to all look inside

gitta: Pablo Picoss, it seemed to disappear from the setlists.

Gerry Leonard: It's on 209 south

Erika Stassart: GailAnn, do you have any pets?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I have a Yorkshire Terrier named Luna. She's 5, I think... (It's really my girlfriend's dog, and she doesn't recall her exact age.)

Ysengrin: Mike, push David to do more songs like Disco King.

Mike Garson: you can't push David as he has his own pace but I know what you mean

Alenyx: Gerry what are the chords for Days?

Gerry Leonard: Gm, Bb, F, Eb

SoDreamer: Earl, if you were not a musician, what you would have done?

Earl Slick: Would have been a bandit

1962june1 yes Mike because you are good in playing jazzy thinks

Mike Garson: I love jazz improv

sugar_rae: Earl, your fav wine?

Earl Slick: Gave it up years ago

CreegySeeve: Gerry, can u walk through Grafton Street without being recognized?

Gerry Leonard: Yes but not without being mugged

pooky: Gail - most embarassing stage moment?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I can't think of one, but I'm sure there are many. I probably chose to subconsciously block them out.

iamadj: Gail - what area in Phila are you from

Gail Ann Dorsey: West Philly, near The Tower Theater, Upper Darby

mydeath: who could be the next Bowie

Mike Garson: no one

ladyofthelake: Gerry, I love your guitar while loving the alien (and on the other songs)

Gerry Leonard: Thank you. It's a great song

richd66: Gail - could u have a word with Brian May about his hair....

Gail Ann Dorsey: I love his hair! I think it's sexy

webmaster: right on Mike.

Mike Garson: thanks

martink58: Earl, New York Dolls or Heartbreakers?

Earl Slick: New York Dolls

glitter_rouge: Earl do you suffer from metrosexualism?

Earl Slick: What the hell is this?

geraldcraig: Gerry, did you enjoy playing Dublin?

Gerry Leonard: I had a blast. Very nerve wracking and moving

mattdaman: Mike - Is it true that when Saddam Hussein was captured he was listening to a bootlegged version of 'Aladdin Sane?'

Mike Garson: if he was it serves him right for not listening to the original


Earl Slick: No weed either.

caroline: What are each of your favourite tracks from Reality?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Mine is The Loneliest Guy, and Disco King... Try Some Buy Some would be my only other fav.

studiometier: Mike are there any DB songs you'd like to perform that you haven't had the opportunity to yet?

Mike Garson: yes Lady Grinning Soul

blujean: Gail are you looking forward to tomorrow's show

Gail Ann Dorsey: Absolutely!

snoozie: Earl - on ZigZag did David sing the third song in his own way or did you tell him how you wanted it to sound?

Earl Slick: David wrote the melody and the lyrics over some existing music that I had.

martink58: Gerry, tell David to re-record Loving The Alien

Gerry Leonard: I'll tell him you said so

tungsten_sk: Do anyone of you know or even like Placebo?

Mike Garson: they use to open for us they are good

TerrificStarDusty: Gail, is David a fun person to work with?

Gail Ann Dorsey: The best.

CrystalTJapan: Earl: Mestrosexualism is the new fad term for guys that care about what they look like

Earl Slick: Guilty as charged.

craignelson: now Saddam's been caught, how about giving him a break and getting him in the band?

Mike Garson: he'd probably have horrible rhythm and we don't put cowards in the band

blujean: Gerry have you any plans of an solo album

Gerry Leonard: I have two, gerryleonardspookyghost.com

Ysengrin: Earl: fave cheese?

Earl Slick: Pecorino Romano

spidey: Mike you would be AWESOME on Lady Grinning Soul!!! God that would be something to hear live!!!!

Mike Garson: maybe someday thanks

dinkus: Is there going to be DVD of the Reality Tour once you're all done?

Gerry Leonard: Yes it was shot in Dublin

gart: GailAnn, is David completely well again? I noticed the concert in Montreal "only" being 110 minutes...

Gail Ann Dorsey: We all hope so. I thought he did a great job last night considering. I think he is just taking it easy and working his way back to his total brillance. We have New York City tomorrow. Gotta be in good shape for that

pooky: Gerry, what's your fave word

Gerry Leonard: Yahoo

martink58: did I mention it's my birthday tomorrow?

Earl Slick: Happy Birthday.

stoneandwax: Don't blow it all on NYC, I'll be at the Mohegan Sun show the next day :)

Mike Garson: each show has its own magic and we never rest on our laurels. some shows just are better than others and it's bigger than us

zanta42: Earl, what's your favourite Italian musician?

Earl Slick: Louie Prima

carola: Mike, how is your feeling about long touring and staying away from home?

Mike Garson: I miss my family terribly but I dont always tour so I have a good balance

pooky: Gerry, what's your fave gizmo?

Gerry Leonard: ebow

starla: Gerry, you are such a yahoo

Gerry Leonard: see it's a good word

sugar_rae: Earl, how old are you?

Earl Slick: I don't remember.

tungsten_sk: Mike, thank you, you're the one that finally answered any of my questions. Love ya!

Mike Garson: it's very hard as I'm a slow typist and hundreds of questions are flashing by my eyes

iluvdb: Gerry..do you believe in reincarnation?

Gerry Leonard: every time

Bianca: Gail, any chances that you might play "Planet of Dreams" with David live one day?

Gail Ann Dorsey: That would be nice. I love that tune. Perhaps I'll suggest it. It's hard to get new songs in the set sometime...

jungtheforeman: Does David appear on the new Mike Garson album?

Mike Garson: it's just solo piano

martink58: do you know beforehand if it's going to be a good show?

Earl Slick: You never know till your about 4 or 5 songs in.

redhayes: What's an ebow

Gerry Leonard: it's an elbow without the L

iluvdb: will you marry me Earl?

Earl Slick: Are you a girl or a guy?

sourstardust04: Mike- Bach or Mozart?

Mike Garson: according to my moods both amazing geniuses

markr: Gail, what's been the best show for you so far?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Berlin was great. Montreal was a cracker last night - flu and all! Dublin was slamming, but for me I get put off by the filming aspect.

hunkydory88: Earl I saw a pair of your underwear on Ebay

Earl Slick: You got to be kidding me.

kiless:Gail, have you ever been to Australia before?

Gail Ann Dorsey: NO! I CAN'T WAIT!

pooky: Earl - do you wear prescription sunglasses?

Earl Slick: yes, can't even see the set list without them let alone the audience

SoDreamer: Gerry, did the band find a new mascot?

Gerry Leonard: Yes, a peng a lope

sugar_rae: Earl, when is your birthday?

Earl Slick: October

markr: Gail, are you still trying to get David to play Win?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Forget it. I think that's a long shot. I WISH we would play the whole Young Americans album. That's my favourite Bowie album ever.

somebraveapollo: Earl, does Bowie have good looking female fans?

Earl Slick: The Best

mydeath: play My Death it's just everything in a song

Mike Garson: I love that song maybe sometime

majortom326 Gail - The smaller venues must be such a different vibe. Is it difficult to playing a stadium after playing a club?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I love the smaller gigs. More fun, I think

Erika Stassart: Gail, what's your favorite place in the world?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Amsterdam.

Bianca: Mike, I love the art-pieces on your site! Did you create some new art-pieces while you are on the road?

Mike Garson: I'm always doing art work on the road I did about 200 new ones so far

sugar_rae: Earl, what is your sign?

Earl Slick: Libra

markr: Gerry, what's a peng a lope?

Gerry Leonard: a cross between a penguin and an Antelope

iamadj: Gail - ever been to Hawaii

Gail Ann Dorsey: LOVE HAWAII! I think I will disappear to Hawaii and smoke pot with the Veitnam Vets down in a beautiful valley somewhere with waterfalls when my career is all washed up!

starla: Can a peng a lope fly?

Gerry Leonard: but it can swim and run.

thesaint: Mike. What is your favorite DB album?

Mike Garson: Hunky Dory, Aladin Sane, Outside

artimus: Are you (The Band) and DB available for Bar Mitzvas?

Mike Garson: sure

studiometier: Earl, do you ever feel like the Pamela Anderson of the band? Everyone so keen on your looks and all.

Earl Slick: No my tits aren't big enough

j_lope: Gerry -ever been to Achill Island?

Gerry Leonard: Yes.

studiometier: Mike between art and music, do you sleep at all?

Mike Garson: very little

db197 Mike, what inspires your art?

Mike Garson: the creative impuse we all have

im1969: Earl, I heard you have a new album out called Zig Zag - if I ask you a question about it will you answer it? Do your dogs like your new album? What pasta should we eat whilst listening to your new album (Zig Zag)?

Earl Slick: The dogs love the album. They were there the whole time I was writing it and some of the recording and I think this would go well with penne with pesto.

mirearth: Gail - Coming to Paradiso in Amsterdam?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I would like to play the Paradiso myself again. After the Bowie tour next summer, I will be doing some solo shows to support my new CD. Maybe I can't fill the Paradiso anymore, but I will play in Amsterdam nonetheless

spidey: Mike, slow typists? Thought you were a wizard on the keyboard ;-)

Mike Garson: you got me there

tomboy: Gerry: do you think about going back to Dublin for good!

Gerry Leonard: too damp.

Alenyx: Gail: girls or boys?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Both

TerrificStarDusty: Mike, Gerry, will one opf you say hi to me? You're the only ones that haven't talk to me yet

Mike Garson: sorry hi there

cingstars: Earl, will you tell us the actual date of your b'day?

Earl Slick: October 1st

Saxonny: Mike: where is your website? Art rocks...

Mike Garson: mikegarson.com

marcbolan: Gerry, Can I mail you? Want to talk about this reincarnation-thing.... :)

Gerry Leonard: next lifeime

teri.varhol: Gail, do you prepar some solo concerts only after Reality tour?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I will do some solo spots with Gerry (Spooky Ghost) in Australia, and maybe some other appearances with just me and my guitar along the way in the US.

glitter_rouge: Mike - do you fancy cheese? what kind?

Mike Garson: I like Bree

Simone: Is that gig on the Bahamas still on?

Mike Garson: I hope so

bristow: Gail, what is your favourite film starring David Bowie?

Gail Ann Dorsey: The Hunger... It's the women in that film. Boy oh boy!

lunamagic: Is David busy in the kitchen?

Earl Slick: yeah he's cooking up a storm

CreegySeeve: Mike, can u play any other instruments?

Mike Garson: a bit of drums but piano is my life

sugar_rae: Earl, dinner tonight?

Earl Slick: sorry got a date with Mikie

saloca: Mike, have you already come to Brazil?

Mike Garson: I've been there several times

Bowiebear: Gail, PLEASE come play Los Angeles!!!

Gail Ann Dorsey: I will. I will try to get on my friend Nic Harcourts radio show on KCRW when I come to promote my show.

italiagirl: Earl,do you play any sports?

Earl Slick: Does hiking count?

pnut80976: I think it's Brie

Mike Garson: I knew I spelled it wrong

TerrificStarDusty: Gerry, what part of Dublin are you from?

Gerry Leonard: Clontarf,

chas: If Earl is the Pam Anderson,then Who is the Fredo of the Band

Earl Slick: Sorry we don't have a Fredo

sourstardust04: Earl- Do you like sushi?

Earl Slick: Yes but prefer sushimi

n604ff: Gail please play the Tower

Gail Ann Dorsey: I will probably play the Tin Angel in Philly. My solo thing is stripped down and acoustic for the moment. Once I start selling some CD's (www.gailanndorsey.com) then maybe I can have a kick ass band like the one I play in here!

somebraveapollo: Gerry, were you as sad as the rest of us celts, when England won the rugby world cup?

Gerry Leonard: No, I was happy they won!

geraldcraig: Mike, any chance of some piano lessons?

Mike Garson: sometime when I'm off tour I do some piano lessons and or consultations

Bianca: Mike, at which age did you start playing the piano?

Mike Garson: 7

carola: Gerry, how does it feel to play in front of huge audiences??

Gerry Leonard: It's so nice to see all the people happy.

mirearth: Mike - Do you find the time to go to Disneyland with your grandchild these days?

Mike Garson: been there alot with him

georg: Beavis or Butt-head?

Earl Slick: Butthead

ragazzo_solo: Gail, is it true in you were in Gang of Four?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Yes. Played on the Mall album and did a tour with them in 1991or 1992, can't remember. They are fabulous! Would like to work with Andy Gill again someday soon.

aladdinsane12: Mike, who is your favorite comedian?

Mike Garson: Robin Williams


Gail Ann Dorsey: Sorry, I spoken for, but thank you for the compliment.

andre1: Nobody better on piano. I does look like you on Slaughter on 10th Avenue.

Mike Garson: could be thanked for the compliment

martink58: Gerry, would you like a nice cup of tea?..... ah go on...... ah go... go on, go on, go on

Gerry Leonard: bishop piggy in the middle

zelvis: Mike, how did you meet db?

Mike Garson: in 1972 thru the singer Annette Peacock

Erika Stassart: Gail Ann, when did you began playing music?

Gail Ann Dorsey: When I was five I started singing 'Sittin' On the Dock Of The Bay' into a reel to reel tape recorder my brother had. Then I started playing the guitar at nine.

blujean: Mike what inspired you start playing piano?

Mike Garson: there was a piano in my house and everyone played so I figured there must be a reason so I started tickling the ivories

Simone: Gerry, where in Australia will you do the Spooky shows??

Gerry Leonard: Perth Sydney I hope. check the site closer to the dates

zelvis: Earl...what is your favorite book?

Earl Slick: The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King. I just bought Book #5.

piratestardust: Do you guys ever get star struck? with who?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I'd die in front of Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, and if I ever met Lindsay Wagner I would die too. They are my childhood heroines!

gitta: Gerry, last movie?

Gerry Leonard: Decalog parts 1 and 2

mego: Gerry, what's the best joke you know?

Gerry Leonard: What's brown and sticky

kennyhay: Mike when did u first meet David AND HOW DID U MEET HIM

Mike Garson: In New York in 1972 right before the Spiders 1st USA tour

thedeuce: Earl, how is the Wolves of Callah?

Earl Slick: I just picked up the hardcover the other day. I'm going to start it after the last gig on the break.


Gerry Leonard: Laurie Anderson . Suzanne Vega..

mirearth: Gail - Would you like to write soundtracks to movies?

Gail Ann Dorsey: That's EXACTY what I am going to do in a few years after I'm too old to be seen in this hideous music business. I will start making movies too. You can be old, ugly and fat, and no one has to see you!

ramoana: Did you like The Dark Half, Earl?

Earl Slick: One of my favorites

Caracas: Earl, do you like Iggy Pop?

Earl Slick: yes

pnut80976: What IS brown and sticky?!

Gerry Leonard: a stick!

mydeath: Mike ever see Bolder or Woodmansey

Mike Garson: not for ages I miss them

richd66: Mike, don't you get confused now a lot of the older songs have changed key?

Mike Garson: not really but I sometimes miss the original keys

pooky: Mike, do you and Bowie take make-up tips off each other?

Mike Garson: sure!

queerbychoice: Gail, what are some of your favorite books?

Gail Ann Dorsey: The Posionwood Bible, Illusions by Richard Bach, Perfume, Stupid White Men, Fast Food Nation, Willie Nelson's Autobiography, everything by Toni Morrison, hmmm... lots of stuff

sugar_rae: Earl, how tall are you?

Earl Slick: 5 9ish

xen: Mike, do you ever play things too high to mess with Dave's head... or would he fire you? ;)

Mike Garson: I sometimes push it a bit for the joy of creating

glitter_rouge: Gerry, do you like the White Stripes?

Gerry Leonard: Yeah hes a good gtr player

divinewings88: Mike - What is your favourite classical piece?

Mike Garson: I love so much Chopin Beethoven that it's hard to pick one

redhayes: Gail - what do you do in your spare time

Gail Ann Dorsey: Fiddle around on the computer. I love computers. I also do a lot of archiving. I enjoy that. I've got a lot of shit to organize!

mydeath: ever played Bewley Brothers

Gerry Leonard: Last tour we did

pstama:......Favourtie DB haircut Gail????

Gail Ann Dorsey: Earthling

1962june1 Gail Mike Earl Gerry: who is tiping your answers?

Mike Garson: I'm doing my own

roy: Earl; Do you party anymore? Or is it all health food and mineral water?

Earl Slick: No more partying. Eat pretty good. Still drink too much coffee.

Bowiebear: Gail, singing has to be your best talent!

Gail Ann Dorsey: Thank you. I think for sure that it is my greatest gift

mirearth: Mike - don't borrow db's lipstick, he's had the FLU!

Mike Garson: good advice

esw: Gail, have you read any other Barbara Kingsolver? I love her _Animal Dreams_.

Gail Ann Dorsey: No. Been meaning to. I was given the Poisonwood Bible by Zachary Alford's wife Beatrice one Christmas.

Bianca: Mike, how much influence do you have to interpret a song in the studio? Do you have absolute freedom in the interpretation of a song while you play in the studio?

Mike Garson: David gives us a lot of freedom and he's the BEST producer

ruskie: Earl, we're the same height. Could you send me some of your clothes when you get bored of them?

Earl Slick: How much do you weigh?

sherrah17: Earl, what's your fave song off of Ziggy Stardust?

Earl Slick: Five Years

tomboy: Gerry: when your live CD will be released?

Gerry Leonard: hope Early next year

SoDreamer: Gail, did you ever think about being a dancer?


dinkus: curious... who is the youngest member in the Bowie band?

Earl Slick: It must be me ... Slick.

kiless: What song do you think David should always do?

Mike Garson: Lady Grinning Souls

divinewings88: Gail - do you think David will play any memorable songs tomorrow for the capture of Saddam Hussein?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Like what?

gitta: Earl, which year?

Earl Slick: In the 50s.

pooky: Gail - what's the meaning of life

Gail Ann Dorsey: Love

pnut80976: Earl, favorite super hero (other than db)?

Earl Slick: Spiderman

saloca: Mike have you already playes "It's hard to be a saint in the city with Bowie?

Mike Garson: I love that song and bruce came to the studio a longtime ago when we were recording it

ladyart: Slick have you been sniffin the coffee again?? lol

Earl Slick: Just sent out for some more.

ramoana: Gail, where did you get that fabulous boa skirt (worn in Dublin)?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Jimmy King made it frily, but the original dress is Vivian Tam

iluvdb: I'm the daughter of a cop

Earl Slick: I'm the son of a cop and Mikie is a son of a bitch too.

iluvdb: Mike..next time you guys are doing a show just start playing it and David will have to sing it!

Mike Garson: lol

CodaQueen: Gail Ann, who's your favourite bass player ever?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Charles Mingus... the Nathan East

richd66: Mike - couldn't agree with u more about Lady Grinning Soul

Mike Garson: a truly beautiful song

Mikegateley: Gail, would David let you do a cover version of any of his songs for your next album?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I'm sure he would.

iluvdb: do you believe in aliens Gerry?

Gerry Leonard: I don't believe they are aliens.

pooky: Earl - if you could whizz back to any era, which would it be?

Earl Slick: mid 60s London, England

the_artist: does David smoke

Gail Ann Dorsey: Not anymore

somebraveapollo: Earl. Beatles or the Stones

Earl Slick: Stones

Stardusters200 Gail, what kind of bass guitar do you have?

Gail Ann Dorsey: MTD, Music Man, G&L, Lakland, Epiphone...lots

gart: Mike, did you ever play the Stylophone? I just bought one on Ebay.

Mike Garson: not my thing

1962june1 Earl: why do you lke to be the tough one?

Earl Slick: What do you mean tough one?

marcbolan: Gail, I think you're great

Gail Ann Dorsey: Thank you.

xen: Do you smoke?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Not anymore!

n604ff: Earl - Stairway to Heaven or Free Bird

Earl Slick: You're not giving me much of a choice.

thedeuce: Mike, on the A&E Special, you broke into Time. Were you waiting for Bowie to catch on?

Mike Garson: just a joke I knew he wouldn't sing it

saloca: Gerry, do you believe in Beatles?

Gerry Leonard: just believe in me...

richd66: Gail, how about you - still given up smoking?

Gail Ann Dorsey: GAVE UP 15 MONTHS AGO!

Mikey: Gerry, do you ever use Infinite Guitar?

Gerry Leonard: never come across one

somebraveapollo: Mike, Beatles or the Stones

Mike Garson: Beatles

Guest: Gail- do you like to play with db?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Love it!

dbfan1847: I get the feeling I'm being ignored

Mike Garson: sorry

aladdinsane12: Gerry, Led Zeppelin or The Who?

Gerry Leonard: Zepplin

Bianca: Mike, do you think the Outside-saga will be continued? Would you like to see this happen?

Mike Garson: I would

PeaceFrog3 Gail, what's you favorite year in music history?

Gail Ann Dorsey: The entire 70's!

classicrocker630: Earl would u like to tour with the Stones?

Earl Slick: I would love to. Always a big fantasy.

thedeuce: Mike, where did that Omnichord come from?

Mike Garson: don't know

LizSK2: Gail: Bob Babbitt or James Jamerson?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Both!

starla: As band leader, Gerry, would the rest of the band jump off a bridge if you did?

Gerry Leonard: I would push them

shiftypenguin: Mike do you plan on releasing any solo albums soon?

Mike Garson: January

xen: Gail, I wanna have your babies!

Gail Ann Dorsey: Cool!

thedeuce: Mike, PLEEEEEASE play Here comes the Bride at our wedding!

Mike Garson: I forgot congrats

saloca: Earl, do you feel like launching a single?

Earl Slick: yes, January 5, Believe will be released as a single with Robert Smith on vocals

lounatic: Gerry Lenonard what do you think of Lou Reed?

Gerry Leonard: He's great. But odd.

deiwob: Mike, Time or The Disco King?

Mike Garson: love them both maybe a medley

sourstardust04: Gerry- Guns N Roses or Van Halen?

Gerry Leonard: haircuts all around

shiftypenguin: Mike, who influenced you piano style?

Mike Garson: hundreds of pianists and composers

iluvdb: How did you do it Gail?

Gail Ann Dorsey: A book called 'The Only Way to Stop Smoking Permanently' by Allen Carr. Excellent. Highly recommend it!

roy: Mike; do you like Abba?

Mike Garson: fun songs

teri.varhol: Earl, do you play a computer games?

Earl Slick: I'm still trying to figure out how to work my cell phone.

gitta: Gail: Favourite Bowie-Album?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Young Americans

Kaboda: Gail, Mike, Gerry and Earl - which do you use, Mac or Windows? What does David use?

Mike Garson: mac

filledwithsecrets: Gail, Trevor Bolder or George Murray?

Gail Ann Dorsey: George Murray

tawjlee: Gerry, what's your fav Bowie song ever

Gerry Leonard: Heroes

wldjareth: Gail I really enjoyed meeting you at Poughkeepsie. Are all the other guys in the band as friendly as you????

Gail Ann Dorsey: Absolutely!

the_artist: Mike Life On Mars or Wild Is The Wind

Mike Garson: hard choice both

thesaint: How did Robert Smith wind up on the album?

Earl Slick: Through Mark Plati as Mark was producing a track for the Cure that I played on and one thing led to another.

Bowiebear: Gail, does a love of 70's music include an acceptance of all that was Disco?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Sure

xen: Mike, is there anything you wouldnt play if David asked you?

Mike Garson: he instinctively knows when and what to ask

martink58: Earl, have you ever had a mullet haircut?

Earl Slick: Haven't we all?

majortom326 Does David ever change the setlist during the show - calling out a late addition? If so, any recent occurences?

Gerry Leonard: Yes he does. Glascow second half was improv...

Thamesbank: Mike do you ever get tired of the Uncle Fester jibes?

Mike Garson: yep

diamond-friendly: Mike, what's your favourite 1.Outside track, other than the Motel?

Mike Garson: I'm Deranged

Bianca: Gerry, are you looking forward to Las Vegas?

Gerry Leonard: NO Gives me the creeps

Marillion: Mike, when I listen to Disco King it always reminds me of My Death, is there any relationship between the songs besides the subject??

Mike Garson: perhaps the minor keyand or my style

caroline: Do any of you guys lsiten to classical music?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Beethoven Forever!!! 7th Symphony. Greatest piece of music ever written. Want the 2nd movement to be played at my funeral, follwed by 'Rockin' Heaven Down' by Heart fromthe Bebe Le Strange album

astronette: Gerry, just how odd is Lou Reed?

Gerry Leonard: two left feet

gtz12: Earl, have you played Sound and Vision this tour?

Earl Slick: yes we have a few times

iluvdb: How old are you Gail?

Gail Ann Dorsey: 41 and happy to be alive

pooky: Gerry, you a fan of air guitar?

Gerry Leonard: and headshaking

ladyart: Earl you commented on my fountain pen at Dublin. Have u got one

Earl Slick: Hi, nice to hear from you.

lounatic: Gerry what was it like to work with laurie anderson?

Gerry Leonard: inspirational

the_artist: I think Life On Mars was the most exquisit moment of my life. Brought a tear to my eye. And I'm only 15!

Mike Garson: thank you you have good taste

tomboy: Gerry: what is your fav song from your own cds?

Gerry Leonard: all I am not

sourstardust04: Mike- but are you deranged?

Mike Garson: a bit

blujean: Gail were you a db fan before you jined his band?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Not a huge fan, but I listened to most of his stuff... excuse my typing, by the way... I just saw some mistakes go by.

bristow: Gail, did you ever meet Freddie Mercury?

Gail Ann Dorsey: No. I wish. God bless him.

PeaceFrog3 Earl, ever feed your dogs homemade Italian cooking?

Earl Slick: Only when they steal it when I'm not looking and they have.

sourstardust04: Gerry- andy warhol or pablo picasso

Gerry Leonard: Warhol

amadj: Gail - what's your fav disco song

Gail Ann Dorsey: Enough Is Enough, Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer! Cher 'Take Me home' is the bomb too.

Guest: why aren't B-sides or bizarre little nuggets ever played?

Mike Garson: good question

ramoana: how old are you, Gerry?

Gerry Leonard: 4009 years

divinewings88: I'm deranged

Mike Garson: we all are a bitv as humans

pooky: Gail - no way your 41! how do you keep so perfect?!

Gail Ann Dorsey: God bless you. Must be my good Karma again, and my mother's good genes

filledwithsecrets: Gerry: Fripp or Belew?

Gerry Leonard: both great, Fripp is more of a movement

diamond-friendly: Mike, have you heard the 'unreleased' Outside material which was leaked onto the web Earlier this year? It's wild! ;-)

Mike Garson: I haven't heard it yet

martink58: Earl, Clash or sex Pistols?

Earl Slick: Pistols

martink58: Gail, why do you use your middle name?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I just like the way it sound together. I always liked names like Rickie Lee Jones, Emmy Lou Harris, etc...

studiometier: I enjoyed Life on Mars on Parkinson's show. Can't wait to hear it here in California. I also cried during the 1998 tour when I heard Moonage Daydream.

Mike Garson: I hope we play it that nite

Thamesbank: Gerry, Powers or Bushmills?

Gerry Leonard: Powers

tomboy: Gerry: can't you find a way to play your mandoline (?) in a Bowie show ;)

Gerry Leonard: only if the power fails

PeaceFrog3 Gail, what's you fav. Queen song (besides Under Pressure)?

Gail Ann Dorsey: That's a hard one... there are so many

artimus: Where's Elvis?

Earl Slick: Where's Waldo?

xen: Now that Macy Gray is supporting instead of the Dandys, are we gonna see a change in the set list? Maybe more soulful?

Mike Garson: you never know with David

thedeuce: Gerry you don't look a day over 4006

Gerry Leonard: why thank you

teri.varhol: Earl, do you like other animals than dogs?

Earl Slick: Bats and squirrels.

Ville: Gail, do you too always think of Freddie when you hear the Darkness' singer sing?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Haven't heard that shite, fortunately.

somebraveapollo: Earl, was lennon as cool as he is portrayed?

Earl Slick: Even cooler

n604ff: Mike- Nat King Cole or Perry Como

Mike Garson: Nat a great jazz pianist too

CreegySeeve: Gerry,would u run for president of Ireland if asked?

Gerry Leonard: ask me. I take in the roads at night so they don't get wet.

the_artist: Mike: please type, "Hey Rupert hows it going" :)

Mike Garson: hey rupert hows it going

thedeuce: Earl, alfredo sauce or pesto?

Earl Slick: Pesto

astronette: Gail, are you a vegetarian/vegan?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Used to be in my 20's, but now I eat meat like it's going out of style. Don't like pork much, though

flyingv82: Earl, Mick Ronson or Stevie Ray Vaughn?

Earl Slick: Mick Ronson

tomboy: Gerry: chocolate or cheese?

Gerry Leonard: both but not together

jill: Mike, on the Outside tour, you played amazing extended v of Nite Flights too - maybe one day again?

Mike Garson: good idea

marius: Mike- give David spirulina, health food stores have it. the flu would be over quick.

Mike Garson: nice

jill: Paddy or Powers?

Gerry Leonard: Paddy Powers, Austins brother

jill: Where's Frodo?

Earl Slick: He's with Waldo

michellefry: Mike, do you keep the sheet music handy in case the LCD monitor fails during the show? Electronics can be so tempermental sometimes!

Mike Garson: I have it as a reference

mirearth: Gail - Where in Amsterdam did you live?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Near Centraal Station. The Niuew Zijds Kolk Steeg. A little one bedroom apartment over the Yellow Bike Company. It's still there. I hada look at it when we were in Amsterdam this year. Looks a little run down now.

starla: Mike, you are an enigma. You're awesome

Mike Garson: thank you

sourstardust04: Earl- do you like your name?

Earl Slick: I like it. Do you like it?

Bianca: Mike, do the bandmembers have any influence of choosing the songs for a setlist for a show? When do you get to know the setlist before a show?

Mike Garson: sometimes

iamadj: Earl - are you having fun here

Earl Slick: Having a ball. Put on your seat belt the coffee just arrived.

CreegySeeve: Mike,how many pianos have u got at the moment?

Mike Garson: 3

sugar_rae: Earl, where are your roots?

Earl Slick: Brooklyn.

martink58: Gerry, Phil Lynott or Big Tom?

Gerry Leonard: Big Tom bought me fish and chips

pdefalco: Earl, Acoustic: Vintage Gibson or Martin?

Earl Slick: Vintage Gibson

bristow: Who's the most 'Bossiest' in the band?

Earl Slick: Mikey is the most bossiest in the band.

saloca: Mike, I see you are a man with few words. Tell me, are you married?

Mike Garson: 35 years

gart: Is working with David a democracy? Or is he the boss?

Mike Garson: both

LizSK2: Where is the adorable Catherine Russell?

Earl Slick: She's home drinking wine with Waldo.

studiometier: Gail, what languages do you speak?

Gail Ann Dorsey: A little bit of Dutch (took classes in night school in London), and a little bit of French (had a French girlfriend for four years)

diamond-friendly: Gerry, are you familiar with David Sylvian's work? If so, do you like it? I suspect that you might...

Gerry Leonard: Yes I like him. Japan,

Thamesbank: Earl ever read any Dean Koontz?

Earl Slick: Yes I have. Easy read but he's no King.

kennyhay: Gerry guiness or lager?

Gerry Leonard: Large Guinness

Marillion: Earl, any plans on releasing Gibson SIGNATURE series??

Earl Slick: Write to Gibson at www.gibson.com

Bowiebear: Earl, does neatness count?

Earl Slick: yes, very much

saloca: Mike, how many kids?

Mike Garson: 2 daughters 2 greandsons

redhayes: Mike - wow 35 yrs congrats!!!!

Mike Garson: thanks

jay: Gail - what other duets would you like to do with David?

Gail Ann Dorsey: You Don't Bring My Flowers

sourstardust04: Earl- Pacino or DeNiro?

Earl Slick: DeNiro

Bianca: Mike, how did you like working on "Buddha of Suburbia"? Which is your favorite track of this album?

Mike Garson: strangers I love that recording

tomboy: Gerry: why does it takes so long before Bowie noticed that you're not only a great man on the guitar, but that you have a brilliant voice, too?

Gerry Leonard: Why thank you. Did he notice?

divinewings88: Mike, is your Bowie piano sheets available for purchase?

Mike Garson: some of my solos will be in keyboard mag in Jan

SavageJaw: Mike, Did you like it in Scandinavia?

Mike Garson: love it

PlatiRABBIT: Gail, when did you live in London?

Gail Ann Dorsey: 1983-1994

blujean: Earl, what is your favourate film?

Earl Slick: The original Godfather series.

SoDreamer: Gail, what languages does David speak?

Gail Ann Dorsey: English

the_artist: Where's David right now

Earl Slick: I don't know. Let me ask him.

itsme: Mike, do your kids also play instruments?

Mike Garson: they are both married and teachers they also played a bit as kids

teri.varhol: Mike, do you like soundtracks?

Mike Garson: some

somebraveapollo: Mike are you glad you werent in tin machine?

Mike Garson: yeah

LizSK2: Earl, are you getting fed up of all these Italian questions?

Earl Slick: Keep them coming.

martink58: Gerry, do you practise your moves at home in front of the mirror, when no one else is around?

Gerry Leonard: no I go to the town square

esw: Mike, what do your kids teach?

Mike Garson: I try to find there passion

noggy: Earl do you know any Hos

Earl Slick: You mean Hoss ... Like in Bonanza?

kisch: Gerry - could you please say HI to me?:) PLEASE? will be forever greatful.

Gerry Leonard: Hi Hi Hi

Bianca: Mike, What do you think of the "Stigmata"-Soundtrack?

Mike Garson: not bad

thedeuce: Earl, do you read sheet music or just use tab?

Earl Slick: Don't read. Don't know what tab is. I just wing it.

geraldcraig: Gerry, best Irish band?

Gerry Leonard: Ash are great

shiftypenguin: Mike, how did you and David get back together again, who called who?

Mike Garson: David it was meant to be

Bianca: Mike, what do you think of the "Stigmata"-soundtrack?

Mike Garson: very cool

markr: Gerry, any possibility of a show in Moscow?

Gerry Leonard: Let me get my hat and coat

PeaceFrog3 Gail, did you eat a lot of cheesesteaks when you lived here in Philly?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Absolutely! I ALWAYS have one every time I go home.

Simone: Mike, what kind of teachers are they?

Mike Garson: Spanish and kindergarten

martink58: please tell us David's mobile number

Earl Slick: 32496290759208452042074 097108491759184081020493818931 ^^^^&&^((&))*()*_()_(&(&*^&^%^ $%$^&$%##$#

roy: Mike; are you an optimist?

Mike Garson: I guess so

mirearth: Gerry - What did you think of the applause on the second nigh in Dublin? You think DB got jealous?

Gerry Leonard: It went on and on . Db Loves that stuff.

divinewings88: Mike, what did you think of "The Return of the King" soundtrack

Mike Garson: sorry dont know it

zardoz: Who would earn most busking?

Earl Slick: Slick says it would have to be Gerry

richd66: Mike, could you recommend something to get me started on listening to classical music - I've tried but never got very far.

Mike Garson: not sure.

studiometier: Gail, Pat's or Geno's?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Jim's mate!

CreegySeeve: Gerry, do people ever give u their demos hoping you'll pass them on to Bowie?

Gerry Leonard: all the time

the_artist: Mike do you like fiddler on the roof

Mike Garson: yes

marius: Mike, maybe oneday someday a whole Low show .throw in station to station too

Mike Garson: maybe

Simone: Mike, now what?? Is Stigmata soundtrack "very cool" or "not bad"? make up your mind :)

Mike Garson: according to the day

CodaQueen: WOW!! You like Ash, Gerry? I think they're brilliant. I've got all their cd's (and their first single on vinyl) I remember first seeing them on tv almost 10 years ago!!

Gerry Leonard: fantastic

kennyhay: Earl do you play on David live rcorded Tower Theatre Philadelphia 74?

Earl Slick: yes I sure did

studiometier: I would love to hear Lady Stardust.

Mike Garson: great song

zelvis: Gail...did you ever hang at The Balcony in Upper Darby???

Gail Ann Dorsey: I USED TO WORK THERE! THAT WAS THE FIRST AFTER SCHOOL AND SUMMER JOB I EVER HAD WHEN I WAS 16-17! WOW! THE BALCONY. WHAT A TRIP. (I worked in the head shop department... of course)

fumanchu: Earl: how do you maintain the note for heroes...you did not use an ebow...how was it done??

Earl Slick: It's a Fernandez sustainer that's mounted inside my guitar.

slipaway: Mike, what do you think of Pacobel?

Mike Garson: I love the canon

mego: Is Slick now speaking in the third person?

Earl Slick: What does that mean?

angelnr12: Gerry...what about the aplause on the first night Dublin? (when David mentioned your gig?)

Gerry Leonard: The cobble stone never got more advertising . The applause was tremedous both nights.

ragazzo_solo: Earl, ever seen the Serious Moonlight book? there are pictures of your house in there, David pretending to drive an invisible car behind yours

Earl Slick: yes I have

divinewings88: Mike, do you like raging crazy audiences, or calm and subtle?

Mike Garson: depending on the music

tawjlee: Gerry, do you ever get fed up with each other when you're on tour?

Gerry Leonard: Never

thedeuce: Mike, Canon in D is our wedding song *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Mike Garson: great choice

mirearth: Gerry - Does DB give you demo's to pass it on to people?

Gerry Leonard: all the time

Guest: Gerry have you read any of Tolkien's works?

Gerry Leonard: Hobbit Lord of the rings

Marillion: Mike, I took over a CD store specialised in classical music, unfortunately I had to close it by lack of demand I can still order CD's though, wanna help me rebuild it by becoming my number 1 customer??

Mike Garson: thanks but I'm better off just playing

richd66: Gerry, as musical director do u get to do all the best guitar bits?

Gerry Leonard: I give the shitty ones to Earl

bloemie: Gail- when will you go on a tour with you're own songs??

Gail Ann Dorsey: I am planning to go on a small "coffee house" acoustic kind of tour next summer fall when the Bowie tour is over. I would like to sell as many of my new CD's that way as possible, so that I can make the money to pay for my next album, that will be BRILLIANT! Don't have a concrete schedule yet, but starting to think about the possibilities. By the way, people been having trouble finding my new CD at the Bowie shows?

starla: Are you three persons, Slick?

Earl Slick: Have you taken your medication today?

tawjlee: Mike do you prefer stand up only gigs or are you not bothered

Mike Garson: either or piano I like sitting synths standing

majortom326 Gerry - What's the most challenging piece for you to play on the tour?

Gerry Leonard: Sunday, Pablo Picasso

brigitte: Gail, where in London did you live?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Ferndale Road, Brixton/Clapham North

saloca: Mike, any rumour of Reality tour come to Brazil?

Mike Garson: I don't think so sorry

geraldcraig: Gerry, which night was better in Dublin?

Gerry Leonard: We liked the second show best ...

richd66: Gerry, what's the music that plays at the beginning of the show with the cartoons?

Gerry Leonard: a live jam in rehearsals

marius: Mike- did the band get a chance to play together while David was sick.

Mike Garson: nope

astronette: Gerry, do you think it's dull during the concerts when people remain seated in their chairs instead of jumping up and down (and blocking tiny girls' views)?

Gerry Leonard: Yes, Jump

pooky: Earl - what's your perfect way to wind down?

Earl Slick: Believe it or not a cup of coffee and a smoke.

pnut80976: Earl, how about a pizza with pasta on it as a topping?

Earl Slick: That's a bit American and a bit heavy.

thomass72: Gerry? why do you look so serious on stage...bored or really serious??

Gerry Leonard: Not bored, Trying not to mess up

visioness: I always loved the way "Wild is the Wind" is done by DB and band... very sexy!! He did it at Roseland and I melted... Is it in this tour??

mirearth: Gerry - Would you like to do an email interview for Bowielive.com?

Gerry Leonard: sure

Doc: :Where the idea of beginning of All the Young Dudes comes from? (it starts like Young Americans)

Earl Slick: It came from Sterling.

sourstardust04: Earl, Gail, Mike, Gerry - can you write me a note so I dont have to go to school tomorrow :-D pleease

Mike Garson: take the day off

iamadj: Mike - I know you guys recoginize the fans (like myself) that come to most of the shows all over the world... what's your thoughts on that.

Mike Garson: enjoy

diamond-friendly: Gail, which has been your favourite Bowie tour (musically speaking) to date?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Outside and Earthling because we played so much more diverse material. We are all trying to get him to do more 'Joe The Lions' and 'Panic In Detroit' and stuff like that. Fingers crossed. I'd love to play those kind of songs again. 'Small Plot Of Land'? Fabulous!

tawjlee: Earl, what has been your favourite gig so far this tour? Reasons?

Earl Slick: Montreal. Really needed to play after 2 weeks off.

sugar_rae: Earl...... Where do you live?

Earl Slick: In a house in the country.

shiftypenguin: Mike will you adopt me?

Mike Garson: we are all one big family on some level

mirearth: Gerry - Did you like Bowie music before you were working with him?

Gerry Leonard: Yes, used to fall asleep to it on repeat . wake up to V2 snieder

martink58: Gail, don't you think Audrey Hepburn was a babe?

Gail Ann Dorsey: ABSOLUTELY! 'Two For The Road' She was stunning

mirearth: We like the second Dublin show best of the tour so far!

Mike Garson: maybe so

n604ff: Gerry have you been to the last stand in Dublin?

Gerry Leonard: no

fumanchu: Mike: do you enjoy Michael Nyman's music?

Mike Garson: nice

artimus: Earl did you ever meet/work with Mick Ronson?

Earl Slick: yes, I actually had an opportunity to work with Mick a few times and as a result became very good friends

tomboy: Gerry: next to Dublin 1 + 2 - what was the best show for you?

Gerry Leonard: Lots of good ones. Berlin . Birmingham 2 . South of France . Glasgow ....

Wine: what do you miss most about touring when you're not touring?

Earl Slick: The energy buzz.

astronette: Gerry, but what about the tiny girls?

Gerry Leonard: Stilts

Bianca: Mike, are you planning to do a solo-tour for your new album? Any plans of coming to Germany then?

Mike Garson: id love to sometime

slipaway: Earl, that is you playing guitar during the Serious Moonlight tour, right? How old were you there?

Earl Slick: That's funny.

esw: GAD: I'm listening to 'Small Plot of Land' as we type!

Mike Garson: great piece

mirearth: Gerry THANKS please mail to info@Bowielive.com

Gerry Leonard: email me at spookyghost.com

Ysengrin: Gail: didn't even see your new cd last night in Montreal :( A real shame.

Gail Ann Dorsey: There was a customs problem, but they WILL be on the stalls for the remainder of the tour. You can also buy it from www.

Gail Ann Dorsey:.com. I apologize for my website not being anything yet (other than the CD order form), but by the first of the year it will be FABULOUS! I will be posting pictures from the road, having contests, writting a tour journal, all kinds of fun stuff! Stay tuned...

LizSK2: Earl: Letterman or Leno?

Earl Slick: O'Brien

gitta: It's V2 SCHNEIDER!

Gerry Leonard: it is. I was asleep

LizSK2: Mike: Bill Evans or Thelonius Monk?

Mike Garson: bill but I did monk too I used to seehim live he once fell on me drunk I loved it

rjeeps: Outside was great - more Teenage Wildlife and Nite Flights please

Gail Ann Dorsey: Yeah, that was great wasn't it?

visioness: PANIC IN DETROIT.... yeeeessssss!!!

Earl Slick: Great idea. Let me see if the boss will do it.

martink58: Gerry, did you know every time you say 'I don't believe in fairies' a fairy dies?

Gerry Leonard: I never say that

markr: Mike, do you enjoy Stevie Wonder's music?

Mike Garson: love him a genius

iamadj: Mike - were you into the drug faze with David back in the 70's

Mike Garson: never

martink58: Gerry, did you like echobelly?

Gerry Leonard: how about lead belly

sugar_rae: Earl, what did you do with your 2 weeks off? Do you live here in the US?

Earl Slick: Interviews for my album which was released on December 9th.

icarus: Gail-Mike-SLick-Gerry: Is db paying you over-time for this chat???

Mike Garson: charity

Gaz: Mike,Did you have to wear loads of make up when you joined the spiders on tour?

Mike Garson: yep

starla: Gail, do you prefer singing or playing the bass?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Singing is more difficult, but ultimately more rewarding. The bass is fun, fun, fun

xen: Who would win in a fight between Earl and Gerry?

Gerry Leonard: Earls dogs

angelnr12: Mike: what's your favorite saying?

Mike Garson: it is what it is

pooky: Earl - what's your type of lady?

Earl Slick: Brunette

MATTDAY: All in love is fair - Superb song, Mike do you agree?

Mike Garson: amazing

icarus: Gail-Mike-SLick-Gerry: Is db paying you double-time for this Sunday chat???

Gail Ann Dorsey: Are you kidding?

sugar_rae: Earl...why is the age a big secret? You are HOT! And remember, age is all in the mind.

Earl Slick: 52

dez: Mike are there any styles of piano playing you just can't stand besides bad playing that is....?

Mike Garson: no

im1969: Mike - were you ever shocked by David's on-stage antics during the ZS shows?

Mike Garson: no

Thamesbank: Gail hasn't answered me yet.. It's cos I'm not a hot babe isnt it?

Gail Ann Dorsey: What was your question?

zanta42: Earl - do you prefer single coil or humbucker pickups?

Earl Slick: I've been back on Humbuckers lately. It depends on what I'm looking to get.

Celine: Gail will the coffee house tour make it to the UK?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Yup.

mirearth: Gerry - You're gonna play solo stuff in Holland?

Gerry Leonard: am I?

artimus: Earl, will you play on a Saphin record? If he asks nicely?

Earl Slick: Who is that?

LizSK2: Mike: Would you consider Kind of Blue to be the greatest jazz album ever or is that too obvious (I prefer bitches brew myself!)

Mike Garson: they arre both great different times so both appropriate

richd66: Earl - you've been quoted describing yourself as 'a cocky 22-year-old when you first met DB in 1974. Do you stand by that?

Earl Slick: Absolutely.

Bianca: Gerry, have you been to Japan before? Do you look forward to the shows there?

Gerry Leonard: I love it there

iamadj: Mike - very cool, I've been clean and sober for 13 years+ now...the best thing I've ever done.

Mike Garson: congratulations keep it up

iluvdb: Earl..how do you get your hair to stand up like that

Earl Slick: Ask Teddy and Jimmy.

Thamesbank: Mike do you still have that furry coat on that pic of u with hair posted the other day on bnet?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I hardly ever go on Bowienet. I didn't see the picture. The answer is probably yes. You are a hot babe, I'm sure.

Celine: Earl I think your guitar solo on Sunday is amazing...

Earl Slick: Thank you.

PeaceFrog3 Earl, you look 24!

Earl Slick: Thank you so much.

filledwithsecrets: Mike: Zawinul or Corea?

Mike Garson: both great artists in their own unique way

keiths: Gerry, who drinks the most alcohol on tour?

Gerry Leonard: can't remember

thedeuce: Earl, how can I stop my cat from trying to claw at my marshall half stack?

Earl Slick: Ask Jerry. I heard he was very good with cats.

Gaz: Gail, which is your favourite holiday destination?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Never had a holiday, but if I had the time and money to have one, I would go back to Hawaii, play tennis, and smoke pot with the Vietnam Vets!

drella: Mike, as a piano player, what is your opinion on John Cage's prepared piano pieces?

Mike Garson: interesting not my exact cup of tea but a necessary contribution

thedeuce: Mike, how about just playing Here comes the bride on a cassette for me?

Mike Garson: forgot about it

starla: Gerry, you always look liek you came in from a tornado. Brilliant!

Gerry Leonard: I stand next to a Gale...

ladyart:DO any of you still see MARK.P?? if so tell him I want me bandana back lol

Earl Slick: Still see him often. Still best friends.

1962june1 Earl I meen serious with the fans

Earl Slick: What does that mean?

martink58: Mike, did you ever fancy all living in the same house, like in the beatles film 'Help'?

Mike Garson: we each love and treasure our own space

esw: Gail Ann: will the coffeehouse tour come to Toronto? I *highly* recommend Balzac's Coffee in the Distillery District as a venue.

Gail Ann Dorsey: I would love to play Toronto. I'll keep that venue in mind. Thanks for the tip.

icarus: Gail-Mike-Slick-Gery: Thank-you for chatting with us! ^i^

Mike Garson: our pleasure

tomboy: Gerry: What's the story behind the decision to live in Copenhagen?

Gerry Leonard: I like it there

pooky: Who's Waldo?

Earl Slick: No, ______ where's Waldo?

icarus: Gail-Mike-Slick-Gery: Thank-you for chatting with us! ^i^

Gail Ann Dorsey: You're very welcome. Thanks for your interest.

Ville: A Finnish jazz trio ( Trio Töykeät ) recently covered Starman. Have you heard it, Mike? If so how was it?

Mike Garson: Haven't heard it

LizSK2: Gerry: How can you concentrate with gorgeous Gail standing next to you?

Gerry Leonard: It's hard

bloemie: Gail- And Holland (tour)?? Try to perform at Paradiso in Amsterdam.

Gail Ann Dorsey: I will. Get all your friends out to buy tickets and I will be there! Thank you.

Celine: Gerry how'a your Gaelic these days?

Gerry Leonard: go maith

blujean: Earl, I think you've got your own little fan club going on here

Earl Slick: That's wonderful. I'll take it.

spidey: cats or dogs?

Earl Slick: Dogs

studiometier: Mike you're very complementary re: other musicians. Any dislikes?

Mike Garson: considering the world conditions any music is better than the insanity thats out there

pnut80976: Mike what did you think of those keyboard guitars in the 80's. Did you play?

Mike Garson: fun for a while

iluvdb: you guys are all the best!!!!

Mike Garson: thanks

iluvdb: Gerry..what is the source of your spirituality?

Gerry Leonard: Buddism

martink58: Gail, if you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Walk around the White House and see EXACTLY what those bastards are REALLY up to.

martink58:Earl, Mike, Gerry, Gail you guys ROCK

Mike Garson: thanks we try

rob2themaxx: Hello to you guys!

Mike Garson: to you too

keiths: Gerry, how does an Irishman discover Buddism?

Gerry Leonard: There is a lot in Ireland now. But I came across it in NYC

shiftypenguin: Gail, what do you think of Bjork?

Gail Ann Dorsey: She's a hot babe. I love Bjork. I would like to be the black Bjork

Simone: Mike, do you think the setlist for the upcoming shows in US/Australia/Japan will mainly stay the same as in Europe, or still change a bit?

Mike Garson: it will evolve probably

brigitte: Gerry, Tibetan Buddhism? Which of the four lineages?

Gerry Leonard: Dzogchen

iamadj: Gail - where will you play at in Philly

Gail Ann Dorsey: The Tin Angel

tomboy: Gerry: how many cd of your own you sold since you're playing with Bowie?

Gerry Leonard: 200000000000000000000

zelvis:Mike...all time favorite leisure activity?

Mike Garson: playing the piano

Bianca: Mike, do you have any pets?

Mike Garson: I used to have a great husky nothing now

studiometier: Gail, do you vote in the US? Political much?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Didn't for years, but I do now. Anything to help.

visioness: Gerry... what's the best time of year to visit Ireland?

Gerry Leonard: try the summer, thats the last four days of August

saloca: Mike, your performance in Stranges when we meet is brilliant!... Other too, but this one is great!

Mike Garson: great song thanks for the compliment

pooky: Gerry - which way do you fold your arms?

Gerry Leonard: At the elbows

kringkast: Hi Everyone! Seattle welcomes you

Mike Garson: thanks

Marillion: Gail, what's your favourite pot??

Gail Ann Dorsey: The very, very fragrant green stuff with purple hairs. I think they call it sensi! Aaaah!

keiths: Gerry, you were gonna play the 12 bar in London. Do you realise how small that place is? Like 140 max. Are you gona do it again?

Gerry Leonard: I'll try to play London again next year

joern: Please tell me, why didn't you play "Everyone Says Hi" at the European Tour...

Mike Garson: I miss that song

PeaceFrog3 Mike, do you think the piano gets a bad rap?

Gerry Leonard: The music of Arvo Part

MATTDAY: Mike - Did you work on the Orwell based project Bowie planned pre-Diamond Dogs. If yes how do you think the project would have turned out compared to the SUPERB Diamond Dogs?

Mike Garson: I don't think so

concret: Who is the old man on The Motel footage?

Earl Slick: Mikey

iluvdb: Gail. why do you shave your head? it looks great on you

Gail Ann Dorsey: Hair is a hassle. To maintain it takes up too much time. I have enough things to think about and do everyday than to take time out for a hair cut, or such

xen: Mike, you should get a bearded collie, they have the most wonderful temprements... kinda like you....

Mike Garson: cool

sourstardust04: Gerry- have you ever seen a pink penguin?

Gerry Leonard: and green ones too

Ville: Mike, Gail, Earl and Gerry, will I be seeing you too next summer at a festival gig with David?

Mike Garson: yes

TVC15KIP: Gail will you play the 9:30 club in DC?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I played there with Dar Williams and Mary Chapin Carpenter in 2000. I don't know if I have enough of a following on my own.

velvetgirl: Mike Great! I love huskies, they are fantastic

Mike Garson: they are

Doc: Is it true that Intro song came from Heroes tune?

Gerry Leonard: no

martink58: Mike what's your fave from Reality?

Mike Garson: Days, Disco, Loneliest

Bianca: Mike, do you think there is a possibility of some smaller shows in Europe inbetween the festivals next year?

Mike Garson: probably not

Marillion: Gerry, what's the name of the intro tune? It RULES!!

Gerry Leonard: intro tune ...

craignelson: Gail, come round to my house - we have some of that sensi!

Gail Ann Dorsey: Cool. Smoke up!

brigitte: Gerry, which Lama are you studying with? I'm studying Mahamudra by the way...

Gerry Leonard: Lama Surya Das

craignelson: Mike - have you done any soundtrack work?

Mike Garson: Stigmata with Billy Corgan

thedeuce: Earl, do you put anything in your coffee?

Earl Slick: Sugar and half and half

rjeeps: Mike - how many versions of Disco King have been recorded?

Mike Garson: 3 I think

zanta42: Earl, what do you generally put as your mid-range frequency?

Earl Slick: 1 0

mirearth: Gail - Who was first, you or Skin?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Me, of course. I was there before ALL of them! I was shaving my head in 1982. Skin has admitted to being "inspired" by me.... hmmmm

thomass72: Mike, which of the three dico king you prefer??

Mike Garson: the latest is the coolest

pooky: Gail - what shoes are you wearing?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Timberlands. It was snowing today

martink58: Mike, do you ever play piano with your ass, like Gerry lee lewis?

Mike Garson: my feet

visioness: Any idea how long before the rescheduling will be? weeks, months?

Mike Garson: weeks

CreegySeeve: Mike,what would u be if u weren't a pianist?

Mike Garson: doctor

geraldcraig: Gerry, Strat or Les Paul?

Gerry Leonard: SG

chatmaster: Ok everyone, 5 more minutes and the band's got to split...

sugar_rae: Earl, will you have chat times on your website?

Earl Slick: We haven't set it up yet but I'm thinking about it.

filledwithsecrets: Any chance of Sterling joining us? He rocks!

Mike Garson: no but hes a great drummer

xen: Mike, what do you think about 'Bring Me The Disco King' being a part of the Outside narrative...?

Mike Garson: cool

zelvis: Earl now fans will be throwing cartons of half and half to you

Earl Slick: make sure the expiration date is not expired

zelvis: Thanx for that weeks answer???

Mike Garson: sure

lruiz: Earl, Good to be back in NYC?

Earl Slick: Always good to be in NYC.

iluvdb: Gerry...Reiki is very simple...can never be done wrong and can never cause harm. very simple to learn. You could be a healer in an afternoon. It boosts your intuition by 1000%. I highly recommend it. Sounds like it is right up your alley

Gerry Leonard: My sister practises it. Am I do go to someone in NY.

shiftypenguin: Mike, ever meet Warhol and/or what do you think of his art?

Mike Garson: I've been at parties with him. Very creative not my exact thing though

rjeeps: Earl - Stay or Moonage Daydream?

Earl Slick: Moonage

pnut80976: What's for dinner tonight?

Earl Slick: Clams

Thamesbank: Mike do you still like furry coats cos I have a great bright blue one would suit you?

Mike Garson: sure

zanta42: Earl, 1 0 as in all the way up, or at zero?

Earl Slick: zero

the_artist: Gerry say Hi Rupert pleaaaaase

Gerry Leonard: Hi Rupert . Bye rupert

angelnr12: thank you for answering our quests! You people rock!!

Mike Garson: your welcome

pooky: Gail - what's your biggest regret?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Moving back to the US, and not going back to finish my album with Roland Orzabal that I was working on when David called me on the telephone and asked me to play on the NIN tour.... Basically, my biggest regret is not having enough confidence in myself.

saloca: Mike, in your opinion, which is the best Reality song?

Mike Garson: Loneliest Guy

iluvdb: well if you need it Gerry when you get to philly it would my pleasure...Diane zielinski 215-499-9862...Reiki Master,,,,,confidenitality guaranteed

Gerry Leonard: Thanks. send me some anyhow

Doc: looking forward for your updated site, Gail!

Gail Ann Dorsey: Thank you. I promise, it will be great!

thomass72: Mike, what were the 2 other version like??? more rock..???

Mike Garson: one was Disco and the other more drum and bass

lruiz: Earl, great CD, working on a next one??

Earl Slick: Going to start writing next Summer for the new one.

CrystalTJapan: Mike, Gerry, Earl, Gail: Thank you for coming to chat! Looking forward to seeing you all in LA in January! :-)

Mike Garson: thanks

lruiz: Spooky, great opening to Pablo..thanks??

Gerry Leonard: crazy right ...

Gaz: Mike,Earl,Gail,Gerry, Thanks for doing the chat it has made my day!

Mike Garson: our pleasure

spidey: XXX

Gail Ann Dorsey: you too... it's been fun.

studiometier: Mike, thanks for all the answers!

Mike Garson: sure

brigitte: Thank you guys, enjoy The Garden.....

Gail Ann Dorsey: Thank you...

sourstardust04: LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Garson: thanks

slipaway: Thanks for the chat..see you in DC

Mike Garson: ok see you there

ramoana: I love your intros on Battle for Britain and I'm Afraid of Americans now, Gerry

Gerry Leonard: Thanks.

1962june1 Mike not bring me the disco king?

Mike Garson: ok


Gail Ann Dorsey: I'm learning and trying and living! Thank you for the kind words.

the_artist: Earl say "Hey rupert" pleeeeeeeese

Earl Slick: Hey rupet pleeeese

paul: break a leg guys - thanxs

Mike Garson: thanks

CodaQueen: thanks for chatting...you're all so wonderful :D

Mike Garson: thank you

Marillion: Gail, did you have smoking sessions with the Dandy's??

Gail Ann Dorsey: Baby...

starla: Take care, all of you...no more sickness!

Mike Garson: thanks

pooky: Could one of you give Bowie a kiss from me? I love you guys, you ROCK!

Earl Slick: I'll have Mikey take care of that.

Caracas: What is DB missing mostly during the tour?

Earl Slick: Needs more pesto.

Wine: thank you, can't wait for the festivals in europe next year!

Mike Garson: thanks

thedeuce: get a flu shot!!!

Mike Garson: ok

studiometier: I feel like I have 4 new friends

Mike Garson: thanks

Simone: Thanks so much for the chat...was lots of fun! and I' m looking forward to your site too Gail!

Mike Garson: thanks

filledwithsecrets: have fun at the Garden guys

Mike Garson: thanks

rob2themaxx: Take care guys, hav a great tour, SEE YOU IN THE ISLE OF WIGHT!!

Mike Garson: ok

geraldcraig: Mike, any chance of hearing Time live again?

Mike Garson: hope so

marcbolan: It was a really nice even for me. :)

Mike Garson: cool

lunamagic: Please, come back soon!

Mike Garson: thanks

Marillion: Gail, if you play Paradiso I'll bring pot and make sure the show will be sold out! love ya babe! :-D

Gail Ann Dorsey: See you there...Bye y'all.... Be safe, we well, and have love in your heart. That's what will change the world.

mirearth: Mike - Please tell DB that after this tour we will be able to handle small gigs again:)

Mike Garson: ok

peanut: Thanks so much you guy!

Mike Garson: thank you

SoDreamer: Thanks to all of you, here and there. See you on next summer.

Mike Garson: cool

ruskie: Are all of you staying with DB for the festivals next year?

itsme: Thank you for chatting with us :)))

Mike Garson: our pleasure

ladyofthelake: Thank you thank you thank you

Mike Garson: mutual

artimus: very gracious, rock tomorrow!

Mike Garson: we will give it our best

iluvdb: DB is truly a rock and roll god

Mike Garson: agreed

Stardusters200 Thanks every1 for the chat!! It was really fun>:}!!!!!!!!

Mike Garson: cool

xen: Mike. You are a man of few words. Kinda like Silent Bob from the Kevin Smith films. But with less hair.

Mike Garson: thanks

Session Ended: (Sunday December 14th 2003)

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