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BowieNet Live Chat with
Catherine Russell (aka Cat) - 19/12/02

Session Start: Thursday December 19th 2:30 2002 EST

dbfan1847: hey Cat!! what did you enjoy most about the tour?

Catherine_Russell: Having different set lists almost every show was really great. It keeps me on my toes. It's great to have so many songs to choose from. It also keeps the fans excited.

squeakie: WHAT is the last movie you went to see?

Catherine_Russell: Bowling For Columbine. It was excellent and disturbing. :)

keiths: Excuse my ignorance, but what is your musical history? And how did you get to work with DB?

Catherine_Russell: I met Gail working with Jane Siberry in 1996. When David was looking for a singer that could play parts, Gail suggested me. I am VERY happy she did.

caroline: Will you tour w/ Bowie next year too?

Catherine_Russell: Yes, I am very happy to say that I will. It's a dream come true. It sounds corny, but it is.

kate7: Hi Cat! You always looked as if you were enjoying it a lot to play with David and the band. Is there a special procedure before each show to get in the "right mood"?

Catherine_Russell: I love my work so I am always in the "mood" to play good music especially since I have been a fan of David's music since 1970. I vocalize and practice the songs everyday.

kiless: What places haven't you toured but wish you could / or look forward to?

Catherine_Russell: Africa, Russia. I think that's it...

Simone: Cat, what was your favorite show this year and why? or one of your faves, since that's difficult to answer I guess.

Catherine_Russell: The Meltdown show was one of my favorites! The excitement from the audience was so intense! And I thought everyone in the band had a good show that night. The theater felt very intimate.

Pretty_Thing: What is the BEST part of being in David's band?

Catherine_Russell: The music is very challenging for me as a keyboard player. I always feel that the music is fresh. And David is so nice, he is so nice, all the time. He really cares about the music and about his fans. He is an amazing song writer and I learned so much from him.

totalblamblam: Hallo - Am I in?

Catherine_Russell: Yes you are in Blammo! Nice news bit you've done up for me. Thank you!

nemesis: And the worst part?

Catherine_Russell: There is no worst part.....

totalblamblam: Thanx Cat - Very kind of you. How upset were you personally by the disappearance of the Jackalope?

Catherine_Russell: I was upset because I was used to having the Jackalope next to me on the stage. I was very happy to have it back.

mowie76: When you're on stage with David and the band, you seem to do a lot of laughing. Are you laughing with David or at him? :)

Catherine_Russell: I am laughing because I am happy to be doing work that I love. And I love to see happy fans.

glitter_rouge: I adore your hair. How long have you had the dread locks?

Catherine_Russell: Thank you. I've had dreadlocks since 1987.

icarus: Hello, Cat: Are any other band members there with you today?

Catherine_Russell: No. I'm here with Alex...

dbfan1847: what kinda stuff do you like to do in your spare time

Catherine_Russell: I don't have a lot of spare time. I work with other musicians around NYC. I've gotten back into reading, which is very exciting. And I am currently writing the music to be used as part of a collection of poetry. Basically, cleaning my apartment, takes any spare time I have. Since I've been on the road most of this year, the holiday season is the time for me to see all my friends.

zara.bow: Cat where are you from?

Catherine_Russell: I was born in Brooklyn and raised in upper Manhattan and the Bronx. I moved to northern CA at 16.

nnmaddox: Ever sing backup on a Bowie song and go "hot damn, im singing THIS song with David f-ing Bowie"?

Catherine_Russell: I haven't yet but, I think I am going to...

caroline: I hope you and your family have a safe and happy christmas and New Year.

Catherine_Russell: Thank you for the kind words.. I wish you and your family the same.

Dr. Teeth: Do you like cheese? If so what kind!

Catherine_Russell: I LOVE CHEESE! All kinds of cheese!

mowie76: How did your musical career start? Were you playing instruments as a little girl?

Catherine_Russell: I started with the violin in elementary school. Then played tuba in junior high school, and then switched to drums in the school orchestra. I used to play piano by ear with the radio when I was young. I was a voice major all through school. I loved choral singing. right after college is when I started making money playing gigs.

nemesis: What about peanutbutter?

Catherine_Russell: I HATE PEANUT BUTTER!

Bianca: How was it for you to play the entire Low-album live?

Catherine_Russell: I LOVED IT!!! It's such a great body of work.

nnmaddox: what song would YOU like to see db perform?

Catherine_Russell: Lady Stardust.

LoveLow: did you like David's music before you started working with him?

Catherine_Russell: YES! Ziggy Stardust was my favorite album when it came out. The original vinyl copy that I have is so scratchy that it is barely audible. The journey that that album takes me on is the same now as it was then.

d-tone: Is David demanding in rehearsals?

Catherine_Russell: No. Everyone is into doing whatever it takes to get the songs to where we want them. So it's an equal process on everyone's part.

caroline: Do you and the rest of the band get on with each other most nights?

Catherine_Russell: Yes the band gets along very well. That's one of the great things about this gig.

glitter_rouge: Do you ever feel 'lonely' while on tour?

Catherine_Russell: No. I'm never lonely. I miss being with my boyfriend, but I usually bring plenty to do on the road. And on days off, band members often do things together.

Simone: Are you a BowieNet member too?

Catherine_Russell: YES.

f0ld: Are you ignoring me? :P

Catherine_Russell: NO.

LizSK2: Hey I'm in!! My first ever chat! Hi Cat :o)

Catherine_Russell: HI!!

dbfan1847: Do you like doing David's older stuff or his newer stuff more?

Catherine_Russell: I don't really have a preference. I find that I like all of the material that we have done without exception.

Pretty_Thing: If you're a Bowienet member, what's your nick? :]

Catherine_Russell: MsKitty.

Bianca: With which other musicians did you work before you got to work with David?

Catherine_Russell: http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&uid=SEARCH&sql=Bjpfixqlgld6e#top

Mego: Who's your favorite Muppet?

Catherine_Russell: Kermit!

kiless: What's one thing you take with you on tour without fail?

Catherine_Russell: Portable speakers, and my cd player.

mowie76: What's in your cd player right now?

Catherine_Russell: The last thing that was in there was The Best of Sam and Dave. I like classic rock, and classic soul. I am very much old skool.

Simone: Did you attend a good concert lately? As part of the audience that is?

Catherine_Russell: I'd like to say that being able to hear Tom Petty for the last 2 months was GREAT! I've just been on tour with Jackson Browne, who was opening for Tom and the Heartbreakers.

kiless: What's the worst thing about touring?

Catherine_Russell: Not having a kitchen.

spaceface: Any new bands really pulling your strings at the moment?

Catherine_Russell: They're not really new, but Placebo is a GREAT sounding band.

caroline: Have you noticed many familiar faces in the audiences?

Catherine_Russell: YES! I have. I'm getting to know them by name.

Gardner: Do you like cooking? what's your favourite dish?

Catherine_Russell: My boyfriend does all the cooking. I clean up the kitchen, but I make a MEAN baked macaroni and cheese.

nemesis: Coke or Pepsi?

Catherine_Russell: You're funny.

kiless: Do you get to keep any of the things thrown onto the stage?

Catherine_Russell: Someone threw a HUGE stuffed dog onto the stage one night and we kept it. He became part of the show.

nnmaddox: coke or LSD?

Catherine_Russell: Ahhh... the good old days.....

nemesis: JW's dog!

Catherine_Russell: EXACTLY!!!!!!!

merman: The Bronx was my favorite Marathon concert. Was it a rush for you to play there?

Catherine_Russell: The Bronx was also my favorite show. The people were so excited and so were we.

rebecca: Ahem, Tonight?

Catherine_Russell: We were going to do it, but we had already learned close to 50 songs and we had to stop some place.

scarface: Had you seen db in concert before you joined the group?

Catherine_Russell: Yes, I saw Glass Spider tour at Giant Stadium. It was a great show, but I got separated from my friends and almost got crushed down front by the stage.

Pretty_Thing: Whose idea was it to bring James Brown to the Tower Theatre??

Catherine_Russell: It was David's idea. He got so much pleasure out of that. It was really funny to see him laugh every time "James" did his famous scream.

kiless: It's four am for me - what time is it for you and what do you have planned for your day apart from this?

Catherine_Russell: It's 3:30 here... after this I will go home and continue to unpack my suitcases. A friend of mine is playing with her band tonight so I will see her. She plays at The Bitter End @ 8:00 (Bleeker St. NYC)

merman: Do you like Caribbean cuisine? Like jerk chicken, etc. I love that stuff.

Catherine_Russell: YES! I am half Panamanian so I grew up on island cuisine.

LoveLow: what kind of movies do you like? what did you see lately?

Catherine_Russell: I love vintage cinema, you know - Gregory Peck is my favorite. I don't follow much new cinema, but I did like Dogma. I thought that was GREAT!

nancyh: Could you tell us something surprising about you?

Catherine_Russell: I've been a DeadHead since '67

glitter_rouge: What's a DeadHead?

Catherine_Russell: A Grateful Dead fan.

Zara: If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

Catherine_Russell: I don't mind.. I'm 46.

nemesis: What would your hair advice be for David?

Catherine_Russell: His hair looks GREAT!

f0ld: Is it a wig?

Catherine_Russell: NO!

merman: Cat. Are you a Aquarius?

Catherine_Russell: No. My birthday is September 20th, Virgo..

Bianca: Which is your favorite painter? Do you often go to the galleries?

Catherine_Russell: El Greco is my favorite painter. I also like Salvador Dali.

kiless: Australia tour, Australia tour - I want to see you live! Will you be there with Bowie??

Catherine_Russell: If David goes to Australia in 2003 I will be with him.

Mister Rice: Catherine, have you ever been to Ireland??

Catherine_Russell: Yes, I have. I would like to explore the countryside. I have only been in Dublin.

LoveLow: What's your favourite car? I just love the new Mini!

Catherine_Russell: I LOVE the Mini too... I want one! And someday maybe I'll have the Astin Martin that I dream of.

Zara: How long does this chat go on for? And have you done a live chat before, how long did that go on.

Catherine_Russell: I've never done a chat before. But this is GREAT! I'm having a really good time.

LoveLow: what would you like to do if you could not be a musician?

Catherine_Russell: I would be an actor in the theater. I've been acting since 1977 and I love it.

keiths: My nephew is 20 and just about to play live for Ms Dynamite.He writes some decent stuff but seems happy doing session/live work for others. Any tips for his career?

Catherine_Russell: That's GREAT! I really like what she has to say and the band members were all very nice. The only advice I have is to play as much music as possible. There is no substitute for experience.

kate7: How you're gonna spend the holidays? Will you be in NYC? Hope, you'll enjoy it with your family and friends!

Catherine_Russell: My family comes to my house Christmas Day. Lots of laughter and food. Other than that, I will just be enjoying being in NYC. I love live classical music so I will go to some concerts.

f0ld: You done all your Xmas shopping yet?

Catherine_Russell: No, I am going to start that right after this chat.

PotJock: Any thoughts on the new WTC site? Seems like everyone just wants to replace the towers.

Catherine_Russell: Yes. The most pleasing entry was from a British architect who's name escapes me - it had the most trees and no skyscrapers. I don't think we need a copy of the twin towers.

f0ld: will you answer my one question before you go?

Catherine_Russell: I don't know how to answer it.... Sorry..

Pretty_Thing: Do you like living in New York?

Catherine_Russell: If I have to live in a city, New York is the best city, although I love Paris - I lived there for a year many years ago.

Catherine_Russell: I should go now.... Thank you SO MUCH!! This was really fun and I want to do it again soon. Happy Holidays to you all.

Catherine_Russell: I'm off to shop!!

Session Close: Thursday December 19th 2002

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