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BowieNet Live Chat Transcription - 5/1/01
with Eve

Session Start: Wed May 01 19:00:00 2001

*** Topic is 'Chat with Eve, Tuesday, May 1st 2001 at 7:00 p.m. EST'

SaintAlphonzo says: Hi, and welcome to the BowieNet chat with Eve!

Saint Alphonzo says: We're just about ready to go, please get your questions ready....

Thomo asks: "What's it like to work with Dr. Dre?"

Eve answers: First of all, Dre is a genius producer - it was great working with him because just watching him work is amazing. We argue sometimes, but it was such a great experience, watching him work while the beat goes on...

nnmaddox asks: "What was working with Prince like?"

Eve answers: I was nervous at first - I was star struck. He is also a genius artist, and I respect him a lot and I'm a big fan of his, so when I got asked to do the song I was like, "of course!" It was cool, he pretty much let me go in and do my thing.

nnmaddox asks: "You teamed up with No Doubt's Gwen Stefani recently. Are you a fan of her music?"

Eve answers: I've been a fan of Gwen Stefani's since "I'm Just A Girl." I thought it would be a great collaboration, something different. She is a great person to work around, she's very professional.

nnmaddox asks: "what's currently is your CD player?"

Eve answers: Let's see... R. Kelly - PP2, the new one... and Tupak's new one... number 3 is India Arie, and number 4 is the second Tupak CD and number 5 is Mary Mary.

ChangesCat asks: "Who are your favourite female rappers?"

Eve answers: MC Light, Queen Latifah, Salt 'N Peppa and Lauren Hill.

Aleczandah asks: "Q: Do you have a "beef" with Lil Kim?"

Eve answers: No I don't have a beef with Lil Kim - I actually respect her because it's hard being a female in this business and being successful.

nnmaddox asks: "what artist(s) would you like to work with?"

Eve answers: R. Kelly, Outcast, Janet Jackson and Child.

Aleczandah asks: "I got into David Bowie via Puff Daddy. I get frowned upon for this. Do you think that Puffy is a "musical thief" and would you ever consider sampling Dave?"

Eve answers: No, I don't think Puffy is a thief, I just think he is very smart because he took a hit and turned it into another hit, because once a hit always a hit - he knew what he was doing. Personally, I don't like samples - I prefer original songs. But, if it's hot enough, I might do it.

Lilith asks: "dang my cat just peed on the floor argh".

Eve answers: Sorry to hear that, lilith...

Orissia asks: "Do you like Bahamadia and Rah Digga? Lil Kim?"

Eve answers: I like Banamadia, especially because she's from Philly. And I like Rah Digga too, she's one of my friends in the business. I think I already answered the Lil Kim part.

mannanan asks: "Will you come and perform in Europe Eve?"

Eve answers: I actually just came back from Europe doing a promotional tour in London, Germany and France. I'll be going back to Europe in June to do some shows in London and Dublin...

ChangesCat asks: "What are your thoughts on Eminem as a musician and a public figure? (btw- I love "who's that girl" :)"

Eve answers: I think people take Eminem seriously. He has freedom of speech which people have to remember. I personally like him - he's just doin' what he want to do. I mean...let him be.

ChangesCat asks: "What other types/genres of music are you into?"

Eve answers: I like alternative, I hate to admit it, but I do like some pop songs - I like R&B, of course, and I LOVE reggae!

Lilith asks: "Don't worry Eve, didn't take long to clean up."

Eve answers: that's good.

Spaceface asks: "What's your opinion on the state of the music industry today. Is it a good place to be?"

Eve answers: I think the music industry, especially where hip hop is concerned has made a lot of good moves to further hip hop. I think it's a great place to be if you're doing the right thing and if it's something that you love.

Beets0 asks: "what instruments, other than your voice do you know how to play?

Eve answers: I just sing.

Orissia asks: "What's it LIKE being 'First Lady of Ruff Ryders'!!?"

Eve answers: It's wonderful! I love it, because I am the first lady of the Ruff Ryders. They spoil me!

Orissia asks: "How does the Philly hip hop scene compare with the NY scene, if at all, Eve?"

Eve answers: Well, there is a distinct different between Philly and NY - our slang is different, our accent is different, and most of what we talk about is different from New York records. It's just a total different vibe....

Beets0 asks: "Might sound strange, but I love yer jawline, how it juts out just a little, I think it's sexy!".

Eve answers: thanks! :)

Orissia asks: "how do you like to spend your time when you're not creating/performing music, eve?"

Eve answers: Pretty much, I'm very lazy. I love my house and my doggies, and I watch TV mostly, and talk on the phone.

Lilith asks: "What's the last good film you saw?"

Eve answers: I have seen a few films since, but the one that had the biggest impact on me recently was Boys Don't Cry.

Aucourant asks: "Do you like Sade's music?"

Eve answers: I love Sade's music - it's very, very relaxing. She's da bomb!

Aleczandah asks: "Did you know that if you write your name backwards, you get "Eve"?"

Eve answers: Wow - fascinating!

Spaceface asks: "I'm looking at a pic of you sitting in a limosine, in last weeks's NME. You look fab! Have you seen it? lol".

Eve answers: Thank you! But no, I haven't seen it...

Aleczandah asks: "I want to get into the rap buisness and I had this idea - I would wear a toga and rap entirely in Latin. Do you think I could make it?"

Eve answers: in a toga? Only if you team up with 'Saint Alphonzo'...

Orissia asks: "I love your tattoos. What are they and where are the others?"

Eve answers: I'm assuming you're talking about my paw prints which are dog paws. I have one big one on my lower back, one on my left arm and one on my right arm, and one on my right shoulder. They're all different.

nnmaddox asks: "What city do you enjoy performing in the most?"

Eve answers: I enjoy Philly the most, because it's always good to go back home and show them how much I appreciate them as much as they appreciate me.

orissia asks: "I've seen you silver-speckled haired, red haired and blonde - which do you prefer?"

Eve answers: I love the red, but I prefer blonde.

nnmaddox asks: "which songs of yours are the most personal, and mean the most to you?"

Eve answers: Two songs off of my first album - one is called Heaven Only Knows, the other is called Love is Blind. And one song off my new album is called Living Life is So Hard.

Orissia asks: "Are you still with the Ruff Ryders and any new stuff coming out from them?"

Eve answers: Well, Jaba Kiss' new album is coming out soon, Drag-On is coming out again, and BMX is coming out again, and then there will be another Ruff Ryder compilation.

orissia asks: "Do you prefer writing for yourself or with the band?"

Eve answers: I prefer writing by myself.

Spaceface asks: "How are you finding fame? Is it just great, or does it have drawbacks?"

Eve answers: Fame is sometimes very overwhelming. It's wonderful at times, but it's also a lot of responsibility.

nnmaddox asks: "Do you ever have overzealous fans that go too far, and invade your privacy?"

Eve answers: I definitely do. Some fans feel they can give me opinions on my personal life, which sometimes I don't appreciate. But, I don't ever get mad, I know that they don't mean any harm, so it's okay.

Saint Alphonzo says: We're just about ready to wrap it up - thanks everyone and thanks Eve for chatting with us! We'll take one more question...

Thomo asks: "Where does your lyrical inspiration come from?"

Eve answers: I get inspired to write when I'm happy. I have to be in a really good environment. I have to be happy in body & soul.

Eve answers: Thanks for having me. If you don't have the album, make sure you go get it!

Aleczandah asks: "Yes Eve! I'll get it tomorrow!"

Saint Alphonzo says: Alright! Very enlightening. Thanks for coming and goodnight! =8-)

Session Close: Wed May 1 2001

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