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Gail Ann Dorsey - 29/8/00

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Saint Alphonzo says: Here we go! Bring on the questions!

nnmadox asks: "Gail, how did you feel about at first about singing Freddie Mercury's part in "Under Pressure"?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I was in tears the first time David suggested that I perform Freddie's part in Under Pressure. I believe it was in Boston during the Nine Inch Nails Outside tour. I've probably said it before, but Queen is my favorite band of all time. To this day, it is always a special moment for me to perform that song with David.

nnmadox asks: "Do you ever log into BowieNet?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Yes I do - I love the different screens that you get each time that you log on. At first, I thought something was wrong and I was going to the wrong site, but I think that the BowieNet site is the coolest one I've seen so far.

nnmadox asks: "Do you feel that your personal life has been affected, by playing with such a high-profile artist?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Yes it has. It is sometimes difficult to tell somebody what you do, like a stranger or somebody that you like, because when you say that you play bass guitar for David Bowie, there expression changes and I feel awkward. Also, being connected to him, people assume things about me that perhaps may not be true.

nnmadox asks: "What inspired you to play a guitar?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I started on the guitar (not the bass), and my first guitar heroes were Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, the late Terry Kath of Chicago, and Jimi Hendrix. The guitarists that encouraged me the most to continue with a career in music was Nancy Wilson of Heart. She was the first woman to come along who could really hold her own - and still can!

Seedaawg asks: "Hi Gail... We Philly fans love ya and are proud of ya... Where in Philly did you grow up?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I grew up in West Philly, 8 blocks from the Tower Theatre where David did his famous Live at the Tower Theatre concert in the 70s. I was too young to go to that concert. Well, not too young, but my mother wouldn't let me. She thought he was a freak! I want to say thank you to my Philly fans - I am proud to be from Philly, it's a great music town!

Seedaawg asks: "Who has the best cheesesteaks Pat's or Geno's?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Jim's, of course...

Seedaawg asks: "What is your favorite Bowie album?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Young Americans.

nnmadox asks: "What artists do you enjoy listening to in your spare time?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Queen, Heart, Dion Warwick, Abba, Earth Wind And Fire, Anni Difranco, and the Partridge Family.

Aleczandah asks: "Do you get tired of constant comparisons between yourself and Skin from Skunk Anansie?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I want to say that first, I had to deal with musical comparisons to Tracy Chapman in the old days when I released my first solo album the same year as Tracy's first solo album. Then it was Me'shell Ndgedeocello, who now has a big afro, so we won't be mistaken for each other anymore!

Then there was Skin, and she is a good friend of mine, and I don't mind any comparisons with her, because she is very talented, very beautiful, and it's not to bad to be mistaken for someone like her.

Seedaawg asks: "Who is your favorite bass player?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Charles Mingus with a close second Chuck Rainey.

Lilith asks: "What do you like to read ?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I like to read a lot of Buddhist books. I'm very interested in the religion. I love Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood, and since just finishing the Poison Wood Bible, I will be looking into the works of Barbara Kingslover.

Anthonya asks: "Gail how did u get involved with David"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Again, I may have told this story before, but I just received a phone call from David out of the blue asking me to join the line up for the Outside tour. I thought one of my English friends was playing a trick on me. When I realized it was him, I couldn't say no - that's for sure!

Lilith asks: "What's your favourite film, and why?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: My favorite film is Network. And why? Because the prophecy has come true!

Hulagan asks: "Gail, how many instruments can you play?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Four instruments that I wouldn't embarrass myself on. Five including my voice.

nnmadox asks: "Do you feel more pressure when you take lead vocals on a song, at a concert?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: It's always difficult to sing, more so than playing an instrument. I have a solo show at The Bottom Line in New York City tomorrow night, and it has been the first time in 9 years that I have performed solo. I am scared! Singing is a beautiful gift, but you cannot hide behind anything when you use your voice - it puts me in a very vulnerable position.

BeckyBeusmans asks: "What's your fave song of David's to play?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I have been waiting a long time to play Ziggy Stardust which we did at the Roseland shows and at Glastonbury. I always used to play a cover of that song in my high school bands back in the 70s!

nnmadox asks: "Do you enjoy life on the road, during an extensive tour?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I have been touring for almost 15 years, and I must admit it gets a little harder as the years go by. But I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I were at home for more than 6 months. I love the fact that music has given me the opportunity to see so much of this fabulous world.

nnmadox asks: "Do you own any pets?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I am allergic to cats and dogs, but I am one of the biggest cat lovers in the world. I think I was a cat in a past life. I tried to buy a turtle the other day, but in the state of New York, they have to be 4 inches or bigger - and I didn't want to have to take care of such a big turtle.

nnmadox asks: "Why do you think David has such a cult following?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Because he is one of the greatest artists in the world. Simple.

nnmadox asks: "What has been the most rewarding moment of your musical career?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: There is more than one rewarding moment, but I still come back to being on stage at Madison Square Garden for David's 50th birthday and playing Waiting For The Man, and seeing Lou Reed and David singing together. That's a memory that I will take into the next life!

nnmadox asks: "Who do you look to for inspiration?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I look for inspiration in everything, not necessarily a person, but in sunshine, rain, breathing, sex, everything.

KJGL asks: "Gail, sorry but I've just got back from a 3 day festival and I'm completely jiggered so I must go to bed. Could you please say hello to my daughter Katie and give her a little bit of advice on bass guitar as she has just started learning to play it."

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: My best advice to any beginning musician, especially a female, is to have confidence in yourself and in your instrument, and PRACTICE a LOT!

TGWFTE asks: "Hi Gail, what is your earliest memory associated with music?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: My earliest memory is my brother had an old reel to reel tape recorder, I don't think they had cassettes yet - and he used to let me sing Sitting on the Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding into this tape recorder. I would play it back over and over again for hours. It was then I think I knew I wanted to sing and make records.

TGWFTE asks: "What does a typical day involve when you are not playing music?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Laundry, answering e-mails, picking up the dry cleaning, inspecting the car, and worrying if the phone will ring for a new job. Sometimes I have a chance to watch a film from my enormous video collection.

TracyStardust asks: "Gail, are you nervous on stage?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I am always nervous just before I walk onstage. Even after so many years, the nerves never go away. The moment I play the first note, everything is okay, and the universe seems to take over from there.

Rednik asks: "Hi Gail, how have your gigs been going? Having fun?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I have been having fun with Dar Williams, we don't officially start the tour until September 14th, but the festivals we have done have been a cool experience. I will also be doing one more solo performance before I head off with Dar. It is something in the Woodstock area at the Birdclyff Theatre. It is a benefit for a local musician - her name is Bar Scott whose 2 year old son has cancer. The show is on September 8th and Kate Pearson.

TracyStardust asks: "What cd is in your cd player right now?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Sinade O'Connor and the new Neil Young.

Electric_Blue asks: "How do you and Mark decide what songs to swap guitars on?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I haven't played guitar on a regular basis for quite a few years, so I decide by how easy the song is to play on guitar! But I'm getting better on guitar and maybe Mark and I will end up doing 50/50 - who knows!

Rednik asks: "Any special things lined up for your SOLO gig tomorrow in NYC?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I am only doing a 30 minute set, and I will be doing a few covers as I haven't had a lot of time to write some new material recently. If you're in New York City, come and check it out!

TGWFTE asks: "What song would you like to play in concert that you have not yet played? (any artist)"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: With David, I have always wanted to play anything from Young Americans, especially Win or the title track itself. Perhaps he will grant me this wish one day...

TracyStardust asks: "Did you take lessons, or teach yourself how to play?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I am a completely self taught musician. I could not afford lessons growing up, and in school I preferred taking lessons in film and video, which ended up being my major in college. My biggest teachers in music have been the great musicians I've had the chance to work with. Experience is the best teacher, if not the only one.

Bonster asks: "What's your favorite thing about fans and your most unfavorite?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: As a teenager, I was a big fan of many artists, and I understand the fan mentality. Without an audience, a performer has no outlet. My least favorite thing about fans is the rumors that get started. For example, I was very upset about the so-called "outing" on Teenage Wildlife. I read a great quote once that said "live never to be ashamed about what is said about you, even if it is true." I am not against being honest with the public.

Hulagan asks: "When you guys are rehearsing and recording, is David silly and fun, or all work?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: David is one of the silliest and funniest people I have ever met. As the years have gone by, it has only become more and more pleasurable to be in his company.

Froggy asks: "How would you describe your solo stuff?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I am still in the writing phase for songs for my next album, but my background is very much AM radio, easy listening music. This was the first music I heard and fell in love with, and is still probably the largest influence on what I create now. I am trying to make easy listening in the 21st century "cool" again! \;)

Bonster asks: "How are things with Dar Williams? Will you be playing her version of Star Man?'

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Dar is cool, she mentioned to me that she did a version of Star Man, but I have never heard it. Perhaps we will do it somewhere in the tour.

Paoola asks: "Hello Gail, I am from Florence Italy. How was your touring experience with Zucchero?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I had a nickname for Zucchero - it was "Porco." My Italian is not so good, but I believe that means pig.

Froggy asks: "Do you play better when you are bare foot?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I am generally always in bare feet whenever possible. It's that thing of looking for inspiration from the earth, I suppose.

TracyStardust asks: "Is there a Bowie cd that you wish you played on?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I wish I had played on "hours..." but I was busy with "Porco." Of course, the other album I would love to have been a part of would have been Young Americans.

TracyStardust asks: "What's ur fav color (I had to ask this one, for fun \)".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: blue

ErieKittym asks: "What is your most favorite song?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Alfie by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. hint....

Lilith asks: "How long did it take for your fingers to stop bleeding when you started on those strings ? I gave up...".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: They still bleed - get used to it!

TracyStardust asks: "Isn't David sexy in person? (hehe)".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Yes. Of course!

Bianca asks: "When will you launch your own web-page? ".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I have been asked this question as well as when will I release my next album many times in the last few years. I make a solemn promise that 2001 is the year of Gail Ann Dorsey.com and a new CD to follow!

EriWilde asks: Who decided to make you chat here when you have to manage your extremely hard schedule?

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I always enjoy a BowieNet chat, and I am honestly surprised that people would like me to chat! So thanks for that. But I wanted to make sure I had a chance to chat with the fans before I went on the road as the year will be over before we know it.

Froggy asks: "Are you looking forward to Nightbirds?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Yes, but I'm SCAAAAARED!!!! Send me some good vibes! \;)

Cotterill asks: "What did you enjoy the most from the Glastonbury gig?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I almost caught Willie Nelon's red bandana!

Bianca asks: "Who trained you playing the clarinet? I loved your playing in "London Boys" and "I Dig Everything" this year! "

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Clarinet was the one instrument I did take up at school. I was very young - perhaps 10 or 11. I played in the school orchestra, and made it to first clarinet. I haven't played the clarinet sicne that time until now!

KMSuperVixen asks: "What is the best birthday present you ever got?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Well, the real answer is my first guitar on my 9th birthday. After that, a strip-o-gram on my 31st birthday from Roland Orzabal from Tears for Fears!

Cotterill asks: "What other ambitions did you have other than guitar playing when you were younger".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Being a movie star and writing scripts for the Bionic Woman.

ChangesCat asks: "When the db-band is performing together, do you have any pre- or post-show rituals?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I don't know that there are any band rituals, but for myself I always take a moment to thank the powers that be for putting me where I am at that very moment.

Charly asks: "What's your tipple? Wine, spirits, lager?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: White Russians... my favorite!

NiteFlite asks: "Favorite city?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: None greater than Amsterdam!

Paoola asks: "Hi Gail I'm from Florence Italy. What's your favourite item when you go shopping?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Agnes B.

Anthea asks: "What's your definition of success?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Living to see another day.

Lilith asks: "How can you look so cool on stage ?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Years of practice in front of the mirror!

Emmanouils asks: "I've never seen you with long hair? When was the last time you had long hair?"

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Almost 20 years ago!

KMSuperVixen asks: "Have you ever met David Cassidy or Shirley Jones?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I won a contest on WIP radio station in Philadelphia in 1979 to play softball with Sean Cassidy. I have an 8x10 photo of Sean and the "team." Would love to meet David, would love to have married David! \;)

Froggy asks: "Do you have any dreams yet to be fullfilled concerning music?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: To write a song as beautiful and timeless as Life On Mars?

Lilith asks: "Does Sailor take you to art galleries when you are on tour?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Yes - he's a great tour guide. I think he knows more than the museum tour guides!

Saint Alphonzo says: Five minutes left!

Christensen asks: "Hi Gail, how about some gigs in Europe? ".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I would love to perform in Europe, more than anywhere else. I feel that I have a wonderful, loyal and intelligent fan base in Europe. European audiences are the best!

Charly asks: "What's it like working with Mark Plati, he seems like a really happy character?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Mark Plati is one of the nicest human beings I know. He is very talented, as I'm sure you can see and hear. And most of all, he makes me sound wonderful - a girl needs a little help sometimes!

Charly asks: "Who's your favourite cartoon character?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Fred Flintsone!

MossGarden asks: "Gail, you should cover a Roxy Music song. :)".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I used to do Love Is The Drug in a Top 40 band in Philly back in the mid-70s. Maybe I'll do it again! And yes, I did work with Brian Ferry in the early 90s.

Froggy asks: "What is your favorite Ani Difranco album?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: My favorite Anni Defranco album is Not a Pretty Girl with a runner up of Up Up Up Up Up Up

Lilith asks: "What was the first concert you ever went to ?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: Iassic Hayes, Black Moses tour, 197...... hmmmm.... I think maybe 1971 - I had my first hit on a joint!

EoS asks: "Is the gig sold out for tomorrow, or can you just sneak me in?".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I don't think so - I'm afraid there are no comps, but you can buy your ticket at the door!

Lilith asks: "Do you pick what to wear on stage yourself ? You always look so fabulous :)".

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I do now, but in the beginning of working with David he had a very strong idea of costumes and concepts. Now I primarily wear Agnes B. - she's the best!

Gail Ann Dorsey answers: I want to thank everyone for coming, I'm always amazed that you care and I appreciate it (and no more imposters, please)! If you can, check me out at The Bottom Line tomorrow (Wednesday, August 30th at 8:00PM EST, and a second show at 10:30PM). The Bottom Line is on W. 4th and Mercer Streets in the Village. Hope to see you there!

Saint Alphonzo says: Thanks everyone, and goodnight!

Session Close: Wed Aug 30 01:18:10 2000.

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