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BowieNet Live Chat with
Gail Ann Dorsey - 27/10/04

Session Start: Wednesday October 27th, 2004 02:30:00 PM EST

Moderator: Hello and welcome!

brenda: Hello!

GailAnnDorsey: Hello everybody... I'm Here!

kctallgirl: Hello! This is Denise in KC (the really tall girl with the big teeth and the Elephant Man Playbill) Your new website is great! We sure miss your live music and your smile here in the midwest.

GailAnnDorsey: Hi Denise... How are your?!

nemesis: slacker :-P

GailAnnDorsey: Someone calling me a slacker already?

grand1: Hello Muff. Still got the rat?

GailAnnDorsey: You bugger! Leave me Luna alone!

georg: GAD, cologne is looking forward to welcome you on 11/10! ;)

GailAnnDorsey: I can't tell you HOW much I am looking forward to playing some solo shows in Europe!

ladyofthelake: Will you play Philadelphia in cologne???? I love this song

GailAnnDorsey: Yes, I will be doing half of the CD in my set, if there is time

Simone: Do you think you will perform a Bowie song in Cologne as well? (say yes please)

GailAnnDorsey: Yes!

Simone: Are you gonna perform any new songs which aren't released yet too?

GailAnnDorsey: I have been very busy this past month and hoped to complete a couple of new songs I've been working on. So far they are not done, but could have a spark of inspiration by the time I hit Europe! Let's hope so!

brenda: Gail, what is your earliest memory? (no, not from this morning!)

GailAnnDorsey: Hearing Jimi Hendrix 'Foxy Lady', and digging the hell out of it!

Bungey: Hi Gail! First off, I would like to say that you were fantastic on Under Pressure. What Bowie songs would you have liked to perform during the tour that weren't performed?

GailAnnDorsey: Of course, I have wanted to play 'Young Americans' since I first joined the band. We were close with 'Win', but still no cigar... there's always next time, I guess... (sigh)

Simone: As none is amongst your Top 20 albums...what's your fave DB album?

GailAnnDorsey: Young Americans

brigitte: Are there still plans to play with Queen?

GailAnnDorsey: Roger Taylor seems to have been side tracked with this new artist he is working with. I don't think that Queen have any plans to be Queen right now, let alone having me in the band... Must say, I am really enjoying my solo work at the moment

Angelnr12: Do you like to see yourself on the Reality DVD?

GailAnnDorsey: I hate to look at myself on television or video or DVD anytime. I was afraid to see the DVD, but my girlfriend couldn't wait, so I had to sit through it about three times the first time we watched. It's not bad... I think I look okay. Everyone looks cool and fabulous, don't you think?

svp: I've noticed you're very humble about your guitar-playing - though I think it's lovely! Do you compose your songs on acoustic guitar?

GailAnnDorsey: I compose on acoustic guitar, sometimes bass, and often with a midi piano keyboard, because I REALLY can't play the piano, but it's great for mapping out my twisted ideas.

itsme: When did you start with singing, Gail? Your voice is incredible, I love it!

GailAnnDorsey: Thank you very much. That's very kind. I started singing as early as I can remember. One of my older brothers had a reel-to-reel tape recorder, and I would sing Otis Redding's 'Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay' in it and listen to it over and over until the tape broke!

Pallas: fave album ever?

GailAnnDorsey: Just about anything by Joni Mitchell, but probably The Hissing Of Summer Lawns. I don't know why that album soothes my soul so...

pooky: How is Mr Bowie since the... y'know... nasty op? We're all in suspense!

GailAnnDorsey: He's doing very well. He came to hear me play at the Joe's Pub gig last week (or whenever it was), and he looked fabulous. Our love will surely pull him through anything.

totalblamblam: I've always meant to thank you for inviting me to sing Suffragette City with the band at Hammersmith. One of the more memorable moments of my life. Much fun indeed, so thank you.

GailAnnDorsey: Blam, you know I love you... I missed your question earlier about the red dress. I was thinking how amazing you would look in that! xx

zigbot: Gail, I had to practically drag my husband to a Bowie gig, and although the experience made him appreciate Bowie a bit more... it was YOU he was blown away with! He kept listening to a boot of Under Pressure for days afterwards, just to hear your voice.

GailAnnDorsey: Thank you. Doing that duest means so much to me, as Queen were, as I am sure most of you all know, one of my all time favourite bands. It's a dream some true for a little girl from Philly... or even a middle-aged girl from Philly!

jule: Hi Gail, Are you planning any more concert dates in Europe in the new year?

GailAnnDorsey: I would love nothing more! So all you B-netters come out and see me and Ani! If we pack the house, it will make it so much easier for me to return on my own! Come out and see us! It's going to be GREAT!

Guest: On the dvd everyone looks a bit plastic I think. did u have influence on the effects and the editing? Who made the final cut?

GailAnnDorsey: I know nothing of the process of the DVD other than my role in it - to play the bass and sing. I have to say, there are times I get a bit sea sick from the editing, but that's how they do it these days, I guess. I'm an old-timer. Like my music videos to look like The Last Waltz! It's really about the music anyway, isn't it?

Guest: Did u try the Guinness while u were in Dublin?

GailAnnDorsey: I have tried Guiness, and I STILL can't get my head around that drink. What IS that stuff?!

Pallas: Do you like classical music, too?

GailAnnDorsey: I adore BEETHOVEN. Especially his last two piano sonatas, and the 7th Symphony, 2nd movement. Heavenly...

Pretty_Thing: What do you think of the Reality Tour dvd?

GailAnnDorsey: It's wonderful. I think every home should have one... just like my CD! LOL x

Guest: Who are some of your favorite authors you've read lately? (I've asked you this in previous chats so I know you have good taste and i want new recommendations...)

GailAnnDorsey: I haven't read a new book lately, but I have two good ones I am dying to get into when I leave for Europe next week. My good friend Ron Nyswaner just wrote his first novel, Blue Days, Black Nights, and that's a must. Then my friend Petja from Amsterdam just sent me Bruce Chatwin's 'Songlines'. There is a wonderful B-netter, Paula, who sends me great books in the mail. I will start with one of hers after these two.... By the way, I am typing for myself, so bear with me if there are spelling mistakes. I a trying to go quickly so that I can get to EVERYONE!

jule: I noticed from your journal that you talked about Luna. You were away for a long time over the past year - who looked after her for you? And when are we going to get another journal entry??

GailAnnDorsey: Luna stayed at home with her "other mom" while I travelled the world. She gets very mad at me when I go away... and yes, more journal entries are coming very soon. I can't tell you how hard it is to deal with everyday life, a blossoming solo career, a dog, a girlfriend, family, friends, AND a website! Uuugh!

pooky: I wanna give you a kiss. *M-wah!* ...So there. :D

GailAnnDorsey: Back at you, thanks!

stefnarf: I am coming to turin italy to see you. Can I bring you some flower?

GailAnnDorsey: Of course. I LOVE flowers. Thank you.

ludo: GailAnn, what can we expect from the concert in Amsterdam with AnidiFranco?

GailAnnDorsey: A good time! I will be playing some songs from 'The Corporate World', my first album that did very well in Holland back in the day. I a performing solo with acoustic guitar ONLY! How scary that is, but it's like I imagine sky-diving. You just jump, and let the wind carry you. My audiences have been the wind in my sails. They have been wonderful lately. Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years... I'm getting mushy now... Oh, and I might play bass and sing too!

tvc15dah: Come play in Ann Arbor Michigan! We'll give you a great welcome!

GailAnnDorsey: I would LOVE to play in Ann Arbor. I was there this summer with my girl friend at an antique fair. She is from Clarkston... Luna, our dog, is from Fenton, MI. Michigan.... The Mitten...

Guest: Who would you like to have a long dinner and a chat with if you could choose anyone...

GailAnnDorsey: Jodie Foster

PrettyCranium: Favorite food?

GailAnnDorsey: Vanilla Fudge. God help me, I could eat that everyday, all day if I knew it wasn't going to kill me.

j_lope: Is luna bitchy?

GailAnnDorsey: Never!

tentacle: Do you have a nickname? :-D

GailAnnDorsey: Some of my friends call me "E", short for Eeeyore, because I am very much like that character from Winnie The Pooh. Bit of a pessimist, I am...

equinoxe: Are you feeling nostalgic when you think about 96-97 period? it was an exceptional work for me... really amazing

GailAnnDorsey: Yes, sometimes. That was my favourite period with David too. I loved the jungle stuff, and the re-working of the tunes. The best time!

CreegySeeve: Does Sailor make u pay for your Bnet membership?

GailAnnDorsey: What do you think?

tvc15dah: Gail..............when do you get to vacation?

GailAnnDorsey: Never. I hope to get one this winter. I want to go to Hawaii and play tennis, and do yoga, and take walks, and read outside... Maybe I should start a holiday fund on my website. If I work hard enough on my journals and new features, and new music downloads, and lots of other fun stuff for the rest of the year, perhaps you'd all chip in for my vacation!

lruiz: Gail... Favorite movie?

GailAnnDorsey: NETWORK. Brilliant. Ahead of it's time, and still prophectic today.

s_love22: What's your favorite Ani DiFranco song?

GailAnnDorsey: Everest, on the Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up album. I LOVE that song. Maybe she'll let me join in on a chorus of that with her. I love Ani. I have known her for years now, and I have watched her grow and get better and stronger and such a brilliant writer and performer. Love her. Very grateful to her for helping me get out there on my own again. That's the Righteous Babe spirit! Check us OUT!

Pretty_Thing: How many pairs of shoes do you own?

GailAnnDorsey: You wouldn't believe it!

itsme: U? a pessimist? I can't imagine that ;) - you look so happy and positive about everything

GailAnnDorsey: Good actress

Minou: Who is the best musician you've ever met?

GailAnnDorsey: Too many to count, but a few come to mind... Charley Drayton, Zachary Alford, Rob Arthur, Carlos Alomar, Brian MacLeod, Roland Orzabal, Jane Siberry, David, or course. Nancy Wilson of Heart. I meet great musicians all the time. That's my favourite part about this job, other than all of the LOVE I get from you guys!

hamlet: Did you interfer wit tha Dandy Warhols on the tour?

GailAnnDorsey: What do you mean by interfere? I smoked a joint with them, if you call that interfering?

martyn: Ever been on stage with db and started playing a completely different song to the rest of the band? ;o)

GailAnnDorsey: Probably.

oldsalt: Apart from Queen, any other artists you'd like to work with?

GailAnnDorsey: Annie Lennox, and Roland Orzabal of Tears For Fears again. He's a good friend and inspires me big time.

Angelnr12: Do you keep all the dresses you wear on stage? Or can't you store them anymore?

GailAnnDorsey: Yes, and I have a storage space dedicated to my costumes over the years. Big auction coming one day. Probably to pay for my next album!

j_lope: Did you vote already?

GailAnnDorsey: Not yet. November 2nd, the day before I leave for Europe, and I hope I will not have to hang my head low when I step off the plane in Dublin with that mad man still president.

Guest: How do you like your eggs cooked?

GailAnnDorsey: Scrambled

Guest: First album you ever owned?

GailAnnDorsey: The Partridge Family Album. Still love it, AND have it to this day! Second album was Slade 'Slayed'.

Guest: First concert you ever attended?

GailAnnDorsey: Issac Hayes, Black Moses at The Spectrum in Philadelphia

Guest: What did you think of Polyphonic Spree?

GailAnnDorsey: I love them. Planning to use their flute player on my next CD. Audrey. She is amazing.

tvc15dah: How did you like playing with Lou Reed?

GailAnnDorsey: One of my favourite musical moments of all time to look across the stage and see David and Lou doing their thang! The other big moment was singing 'Helpless' with Patti Smith, Neil Young, David, etc. at The Bridge School Concert in 1996. I could have died and gone to heaven right then, but I didn't, thank God! I get to have even more wonderful moments... like opening for Ani Difranco in Europe!

markr: Hi Gail - do you hope to work with David again in the future?

GailAnnDorsey: I would always work for David if he asked. I never assume that I will be returning from tour to tour, but if he ants me back, I'll be there. He's a lovely person and a great teacher for me.

Simone: What is your favorite song of your own album? Do you have one?

GailAnnDorsey: Whether You Are The One, even though it is rather melancholy and dark. I also like This Time (Barely Alive), a close second.

PrettyCranium: Gail, I just wanted to tell you how absolutely stunning you are. Your voice gives me goosebumps, too.

GailAnnDorsey: Thank you.

andrea6d1: Gail, I love your voice? Do you plan on doing any songs with Bowie in the near future? Maybe on his new album? :)

GailAnnDorsey: I am going to get my friend David to sing with me on MY next album for SURE! Just want to write the perfect song for us to shine, shine, shine...

Minou: Are you a vegetarian?

GailAnnDorsey: No.

peterbraster: What is 'the make' of your bass-guitar?

GailAnnDorsey: Which one? I have so many. My main bass is named "Marilyn" after Ms. Munroe. Not because I am a huge fan, but because the bass bares a picture of her that I love. You can see this bass in the Bowie New York City Book by Myriam Santos Kayda. That bass is a Music Man Stingray. The other basses that I love are my MTD basses!

Pallas: How comes I sometimes only see your answers, but no question??

GailAnnDorsey: I think they are working on that over here.

shine: How's the Musicman Bongo bass working out?

GailAnnDorsey: LOVE IT! I am the poster girl for The Bongo Bass in Europe. I told Ernie Ball that that was the stupidest name for a bass I have ever heard. Too late now...

svp: Is most of your next album already written?

GailAnnDorsey: A fair amount. I hope to write tons of music though for the next album. A double album with a gatefold sleeve to clean your seeds on!!! Rock on!

bowiebear: Will this be your first time working with Ani?

GailAnnDorsey: Yes!

Pretty_Thing: Favorite David Bowie movie?

GailAnnDorsey: The Hunger!

hamlet: I don't even know an Ani Difranco, name title of an album of her/the band, then i`ll buy it tomorrow..

GailAnnDorsey: Check out www.righteousbaberecords.com and you can buy her entire cataloge there. Or on iTunes... My personal favourite alums are Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up and Dilate

classicrocker630: How do u like playing with Earl Slick?

GailAnnDorsey: I love Earl. He calls me a "chick". I think that's so cool. ... I'll only accept that from Earl, so don't even THINK about it!

jule: So when can we expect your next album?

GailAnnDorsey: I hope by the spring of next year. Got to get sell a lot more of my current CD's to make that happen, so everybody who hasn't already got one, check it out on my website, or in the Bowie Store, or even in your local music store! Makes a great Christmas gift!

Pretty_Thing: Is there anything that really ticks you off... a pet peeve?

GailAnnDorsey: Human cruelty and mediocrity.

Aliocha: Fo you speak French?

GailAnnDorsey: A very little, but it is my favourite language.

nemesis: So what's with the yellow smilie face?

GailAnnDorsey: I was looking for a tennis ball because I love tennis, but we couldn't find one!

filledwithsecrets: Don't you play a Carvin as well? sorry... bass geek here :S

GailAnnDorsey: Nope.

shine: Sad to hear Ernie Ball passed away recently

GailAnnDorsey: He did? Didn't know that. Bummer...

andrea6d1: Do you know anything about David's new album Gail?

GailAnnDorsey: No, sorry.

andyandy: Favourite Queen album?

GailAnnDorsey: A Night At The Opera, followed by News Of The World...

Stardusters2003: Favorite actress or actor?

GailAnnDorsey: Faye Dunaway. Don't have a fav actor, but Jeff Bridges is the sexiest motherf*@*@ in the world!

ziggy2000: Cleaning your seeds on an album cover!!! You remind me of Bob Marley, "Rastaman Vibration"! Says right on it "This album jacket is excellent for cleaning herb..."

GailAnnDorsey: Cool...

estrella: Gail, David said that he will be going back to the studio to work on a new CD. Have you already been there with the band????

GailAnnDorsey: News to me, but I don't normally lay on the albums. I do the hard work! LOL

Minou: Is there any typical Dutch food that you like?

GailAnnDorsey: Stroop waffels!

itsme: Have you been nervous when you met David first time?

GailAnnDorsey: Of course! I still get nervous when I see David!

whenimfive: How did you decide to play bass guitar

GailAnnDorsey: Was an accident. I was trying to find work as a guitarist, but everybody needed a bass player, so I switched to bass and EUREKA!

playingthegame: Do you like touring Gail?

GailAnnDorsey: I love touring! I love for it, in a strange way. I get depressed if I stay in one place too long.

route66gal: Are there any female bass players out there that you really admire right now? Sarah Brown is a local favorite.

GailAnnDorsey: There is my best friend Sara Lee of The B-52's, Allyson Palmer of B.E.T.T.Y., Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde, Meshell N'degeocello, of course. There are many now.

whenimfive: Favorite tennis players, past or present?

GailAnnDorsey: The greatest of all-time - Martina Navratilova, then Steffi Graf, then Boris Becker.

nemesis: Why do you still get nervous when you see David?

GailAnnDorsey: He's a STAR!

nemesis: What do you want to be when you grow up?

GailAnnDorsey: Smarter and more flexible.

andrea6d1: What are all the instruments you can play?

GailAnnDorsey: Guitar, bass, drums, clarinet, cowbell, and tambourine.

Pretty_Thing: Is there anything you're deathly afraid of?

GailAnnDorsey: Spiders and mediocrity!

filledwithsecrets: Fave bass player?

GailAnnDorsey: Joe Osborne-Nathan East tie

flamingredhair: Hi Gail; it's Paula. I lied. Rather, I'm being bad at work. Just had to pop in to say we REALLY want you in Des Moines. Sick of me saying that yet? :)

GailAnnDorsey: There's Paula everyone! My book supplier! Hi Paula. I promise I will get to Des Moines as soon as I possibly can. Are you skipping work??? Bad girl.

diaan: Best question at this chat? Gail?

GailAnnDorsey: This has been one of th best chats I have ever done here. The questions have been reasonable and kind of grown-up. You're slipping guys! LOL Just joking. No, I have thoroughly enjoyed this... Might have to start winding down soon. Have to get back Upstate to PRACTICE for my first European tour in over a decade! Any pressing questions that MUST be answered? Shoot!

Gaz: Do you think you will ever grow your hair long again?

GailAnnDorsey: Possibly.

PrettyCranium: GAD, come to Canada to do some shows. I'll knit you a scarf...

GailAnnDorsey: I will be coming to LIVE in Canada if W is President again!

Angelnr12: How often do you have to shae your head to keep the hair that short??

GailAnnDorsey: Every ten days to two weeks.

staff: not James Jamerson?

GailAnnDorsey: Can appreciate him, but he's not my all-time favourite

roses2rocks: what was the first instrument you learned to play?

GailAnnDorsey: Penny whistle, then the guitar.

ludo: when you are in Amsterdam, would you like a t-shirt from the fanclub "The Voyeur"?

GailAnnDorsey: Yes, ABSOLUTELY I will be doing a feature for The Voyuer. They don't know that yet, but now they do! Let's meet at a coffee shop and have some coffee! Yeah, Amsterdam! My favorite city in the world!

tvc15dah: Is Paula the person who sends you books?

GailAnnDorsey: Yes. Very good books. We could all learn something about literature from Paula. Thanks Paula.

Steph11: Did you have dogs when you were growing up?

GailAnnDorsey: I am deathly allergic to cats and dogs, but Yorkies (my Luna), and other types of Terriers and Poodles are "hypo-allergenic". They have no dander. They have hair like humans! Is such a thing possible?

nemesis: Questions MUST be answered? No... but maybe you can pass on our well wishes and see you soon onto David :)

GailAnnDorsey: I promise I will. No doubt he will read this transcript at some stage and there you have it.

Pretty_Thing: If you leave, we'll all be sad.........:(

GailAnnDorsey: I have to go everyone! I love you all and I thank you for showing up to chat with me today. I am humbled by your enthusiasm and your support of what I do on my own and with David. David has opened so many "Magical" doors for me, and I feel as if I could never repay him in my lifetime. I just keep trying to be a good person, I try not to be mediocre, and I truly, and sincerely love you all. Kindness, tolerance, and love IS the only answer to all of this madness in the world... and of course, there is the greatest medicine of all, art, and most especially music. Keep listening an supporting independent music. Together we will beat mediocrity!

brenda: what do you prefer, pipes or papers

GailAnnDorsey: In closing, I say... glass pipes. Bye everyone... SEE YOU IN EUROPE!!! I love you all. Be safe and be good to one another. Thank you sooooo much! Big kiss!

Moderator: Thank you all for you for your questions!

Moderator: Gail has left the Chat.

Session Close: Wednesday October 27th, 2004

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