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BowieNet Live Chat with
Gail Ann Dorsey - 5/3/03

Session Start: Wednesday March 5th 2:30 2003 EST

GailAnnDorsey: HI EVERYONE!! Thanks for coming. Here I am, at your disposal.

lydia: I miss your music very much

GailAnnDorsey: Do you mean "MY" music?

nemesis: So tell us more about YOUR music

GailAnnDorsey: I am planning to begin recording a solo album within the next 2 weeks. It has been nearly 12 years since my last solo effort and I can't wait any longer.

tjn: Do you have a "home studio"? And how is it equipped? How skilled are You with studio equipment?

GailAnnDorsey: Yes, I do. I'm very old-fashioned. Still working with MIDI. I use a DA-38, an old Mac 7500, and a really nice microphone. In fact, I will be giving away one of my home demos at the end of this session!

Ade: Gail I have a music question. Which of the Bowie albums you played on gives you most pleasure? And which the least?

GailAnnDorsey: I have only played on the Earthling CD and a few songs on a CD that was not released. It's hard for me to get a look in with all the great bass players that hang around David. But, I enjoy playing with David in any capacity.

Akhros: Better put them free on the web 0 $

GailAnnDorsey: My new CD will be on sale via my website (yes, it's still not up, but will be by summer...) and hopefully I will be able to sell some on the upcoming Bowie Tour this year.

GailAnnDorsey: BTW - My website will be called www.GailAnnDorsey.com

emil: Could you told something about how is Sailor as Boss?

GailAnnDorsey: Sailor is the best boss I've ever had. It's true. There are few artists so gracious, so talented, and so funny. I love him.

nancyh: Can you give us an itty bitty teeny tiny hint about the tour...?

GailAnnDorsey: Sorry, but all I know is that I have been requested to turn up for rehearsals mid-July. Wish I knew more myself - the suspense is killing me.

nemesis: You're only saying that cause he's watching over your shoulder...

GailAnnDorsey: Just trying to keep my job. You know how it is these days!

searle: Will you push for 'Win' to be included this time around on the tour?

GailAnnDorsey: I have been trying to get that song in the show for 7 years. YOU TELL HIM!!

pids: You wear some weird and wonderful clothes on stage, are these your own choice or does someone choose on your behalf?

GailAnnDorsey: Many people suggest certain looks for me, but most of the time I am wearing my favorite designer of all time - Agnes B. Alexander McQueen and Sailor himself are a close second.

kate7: What is a perfect day for you?

GailAnnDorsey: One where I wake up.

mego1: Did you get your commemorative Cary Grant postage stamps yet?

GailAnnDorsey: I was a Gregory Peck woman, myself.

Bianca: Whose idea was it to cover the song "O Superman" by Laurie Anderson live with you and David?

GailAnnDorsey: It was David's idea, and a very good one. Perhaps one day we will make a recording of it... Speaking of Laurie Anderson, I am doing a Joni Mitchell tribute concert on March 22nd at The Symphony Space In NYC. I am on somewhere between 1 and 2 in the afternoon. I was told Laurie Anderson is on within that same hour. Check it out....

nnmaddox: When was the last time you ate cotton candy?

GailAnnDorsey: How did you know cotton candy was my favorite? Won't be eating much of it any more, just had a root canal.

LoveLow: What about your plans to play with Queen?

GailAnnDorsey: Queen have asked me to possibly perform with them at the Songwriters' Hall of Fame Awards in NYC in June. We'll see. It would be thrilling.

Simone: Are you still living in Philadelphia?

GailAnnDorsey: Haven't lived in Philly since I was 17.

susans: Have you ever had long hair Gail??

GailAnnDorsey: No, never. Too much trouble.

bowiebabe1: Gail Ann, I just gotta say, You have a beautiful voice!

GailAnnDorsey: Thank you.

Bianca: Will you ever play "Planet of Dreams" live? That song is so beautiful!

GailAnnDorsey: That's not a bad idea. Could be nice...

nessler: What do you do the time before a performance?

GailAnnDorsey: Panic.

Simone: What book are you reading right now?

GailAnnDorsey: Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser.

masonmcgrath: Gail, are you ever gonna perform solo in Holland?

GailAnnDorsey: After this year's Bowie Tour, I plan on touring with my solo show. Holland is one of my favorite places to play, and will be on the top of my list. Can't wait.

caroline: What was the last movie you went to?

GailAnnDorsey: Chicago. Loved it. Musicals are my favorite. Always wanted to be a dancer, but I can't dance for shit. Doesn't stop me from making a fool of myself at parties.

Bianca: Will David produce one of your solo-recordings in the future?

GailAnnDorsey: I would hope so. I have been trying to write the perfect song for us to do as a duet. Maybe this will have to happen on my next CD that I will start recording sometime next year.

mikey-g: What has been your fav Bowie gig (venue) and why?

GailAnnDorsey: My favorite Bowie Gig has always been, and will always be, his 50th birthday concert. That was a blast!

susans: I'd really like to see you perform with Skin.... I really liked Skunk Anansie...

GailAnnDorsey: I play bass on her new solo album that will be released in Europe this June. I just saw her last month in NYC. We have talked about doing something together for a long time. I'm sure it will happen eventually.

Saxonny: Other than music, do you paint/scuplt/mosaic/puppeteer/(insert any art form here)

GailAnnDorsey: I love tennis. I love movies. I love cigarettes, but I've quit - it's been 5 months now, hooray!

Linda: How do you unwind after the high of gigs?

GailAnnDorsey: Downers.

trickster: What's the worse song you have ever heard?

GailAnnDorsey: There are so many, but the first one that comes to mind is "A Thousand Miles" by that dreadful Vanessa Carlton.

lydia: What is something that you really hate to do?

GailAnnDorsey: Cook. I hate cooking.

pids: What music do YOU listen to?

GailAnnDorsey: Dionne Warwick, Olivia Newton John, Bread, and My Boss...

ant: Hi Gail-Ann, how long did you lived in Amsterdam?

GailAnnDorsey: Roughly one year.

somebraveapollo: Gail were you pissed off Bowie didn't ask you to play on Heathen

GailAnnDorsey: No. I am always surprised that I am still in the band after all these years. Besides, I always get called in for the hard work.

rin: What do you think of reality tv shows?

GailAnnDorsey: Just watched my favorite movie of all time a couple of nights ago - Network. I suggest everyone watch this movie again.

wldjareth: Are you on this NEW album that is coming out?

GailAnnDorsey: I have not participated so far, but I hope to be involved in some way. I am so determined not to dissappoint my fans any longer by depriving them of a solo CD. So, I hope that my recording schedule and David's do not conflict.

merman: Hola Gail. Will you do any Karen Carpenter songs at your next Three Woman show at Joe's Pub? I missed the second set for the Bacharach.

GailAnnDorsey: You were at the Chanteuse Club show at Joe's Pub? If so, thanks for coming. There is another one scheduled for June 12th and 13th. See you there.

Ramoana: If you had to give up one, which would you pick - singing or playing bass?

GailAnnDorsey: Playing the bass, I'm afraid. Really good question.

Bianca: Which is your favorite song from "Heathen"?

GailAnnDorsey: "I've Been Waiting For You" is probably my favorite.

theodora: Who are your favourite bass players?

GailAnnDorsey: Nathan East - my baby... Charles Mingus - hands down.

GailAnnDorsey: Oh yeah and Pino Palladino - half Italian, half Welsh.

whenimfive: Who are your favorite singers?

GailAnnDorsey: David hates her but, Barbra Streisand!

nemesis: What do you do in your spare time?

GailAnnDorsey: Worry about when I will have some more spare time.

f0ld: Do you sing in the shower?

GailAnnDorsey: Absolutely and in the dentist chair, and on the bus, and during sex.... and.....

rin: What do you think of Celine Dion selling out to Vegas?

GailAnnDorsey: Don't care much for Celine Dion, but would love it if she sang one of my songs, so I could retire.

Tommy: Does sailor know, you're singing during sex???

GailAnnDorsey: What do you think?

somebraveapollo: Gail, are there any bowie songs you never want to play live again?

GailAnnDorsey: It would have to be something from the 'hours...' record...

LoveLow: Were you happy that Catherine was joining the band so that you werenn't the only girl anymore?

GailAnnDorsey: Yes. I got her the job. Needed to have someone to talk to about all those handsome fellas in the audience...

barbarella69: What's the last concert or performance you attended as a spectator and not performer?

GailAnnDorsey: Aimee Mann at The Egg in Albany, NY - near my home.

nemesis: So Cat tells us she's a deadhead... Do you have something equally embarrassing to share?

GailAnnDorsey: Haven't I already - Barbra Streisand!!

mego1: If you could ask yourself one interview question, what would it be?

GailAnnDorsey: How do you feel about yourself as an artist and performer?

ladyofthelake: How loud did you scream, after David was calling you on phone, to play with you?

GailAnnDorsey: Not too loud, I was at someone else's house.

pids: Knowing that we do that Sailor is 'well read', do you ever find that some things he says go over your head, or can you match him?

GailAnnDorsey: Yes, sometimes I feel that I am a fish out of water talking with Sailor, but I know he loves me so I try not to be too hard on myself.

Lindzay: Did you enjoy working with Tears For Fears?

GailAnnDorsey: I loved working with Roland Orzabal. He was producing my solo album before I joined the Bowie Band. I think he was an excellent taskmaster for me. He kicked my A-S-S!

caroline: You and David have such chemistry on stage...should we wonder? lol

GailAnnDorsey: "...you little wonder, you little wonder, you... "

LoveLow: What's your favourite swearword?

GailAnnDorsey: Must we go there..?

deiwob: Do you do any levitations too, GailAnn?

GailAnnDorsey: I've made a few things levitate in my day.....

Bianca: Which have been the latest CDs you bought?

GailAnnDorsey: The Roots, the Dixie Chicks, and the new Vince Gill.

wldjareth: Do you like Amy Grant?

GailAnnDorsey: Hate her - I wanted to marry Vince.

DEmerson: Have you heard Johnny Cash's version of NIN's Hurt?

GailAnnDorsey: Just heard it, actually listening to the whole album right now...

kate7: Do you have a boyfriend?

GailAnnDorsey: I'm just going to do this once and for all - I have a girlfriend and I love her very much... and we have a Yorkshire Terrier named Luna.

Inca: You seemed to be really enjoying Willie Nelson's set at Glastonbury. Are you a fan?

GailAnnDorsey: I am hoping to do a duet with Willie Nelson before I die. It would be my greatest gift.

manofmusic: Could you have a dinner with someone who hate David Bowie?

GailAnnDorsey: I often do!

pids: Did David name your Yorkshire Terrier by any chance? ;)

GailAnnDorsey: It's not ALL about David....

Robbo: Gail, what is your favourite tipple????

GailAnnDorsey: White Russians.

beets: Can your Yorkshire Terrier fly?

GailAnnDorsey: No, but she can sing. A chip off the old block.

lambugi: I know your super friends with Sara Lee. What is she working on now?

GailAnnDorsey: Sara Lee is indeed my best friend. She is currently exceutive producing my solo CD. What a good friend. I hate making phone calls and organizing things - she's great at it.

Tommy: You are THAT old???

GailAnnDorsey: SCREW YOU! : )

izzy: Your dog sings? where did you buy it from?

GailAnnDorsey: Detroit.

theodora: Would you say that the world of rock'n'roll is misogynist?

GailAnnDorsey: Is there any world that isn't?

GailAnnDorsey: OK everyone - settle down now....

whenimfive: peace not piece

GailAnnDorsey: Yeah, that's right, that's what I meant.

wldjareth: What is you secret for staying so lean and trim?

GailAnnDorsey: It used to be smoking, now heaven help me....

searle: what`s the greatest love song ever written?

GailAnnDorsey: Love, by Joni Mitchell. It's on the 1982 CD - "Wild Things Run Fast "

whenimfive: Are you a perfectiionist?

GailAnnDorsey: Unfortunately - or fortunately - depends on what I'm perfecting.

DEmerson: So, you won't be wearing Trevor Bolder muttons chops on the next tour?

GailAnnDorsey: Who told you?! I've had that idea for years.

nessler: If someone takes you for Skin and asks you for an autograph, than what do you do?

GailAnnDorsey: She has hair now... Come to think of it, so do I at the moment.

whenimfive: If you could be a fly on the wall, where would that be?

GailAnnDorsey: Willie Nelson's tour bus... Image what a contact high....

deiwob: Do you eat a lot of candy? Do you know what Stroopwafels are?

GailAnnDorsey: Of course I do! I love Stroopwafels! Please bring some to the Dutch shows....

susans: Were you in the audience at the Tibet show?

GailAnnDorsey: Missed it this year. Was home with a terrible flu for the last 2 weeks. Bummer.

GailAnnDorsey: I think I'll be wrapping this up in about 5 more minutes, I have to catch a bus home.... give your best!

beets: What will you do with the rest of your day?

GailAnnDorsey: Laundry. How exciting - right?

aurora: Why don't you take a cab?

GailAnnDorsey: Don't live in NYC.

nessler: Do you and David ever do practical jokes on each other?

GailAnnDorsey: No, but Roland Orzabal once gave me a policewoman strip-o-gram for my 31st birthday. It was backstage before a show in Hollywood, FL. Policewomen are my biggest fantasy.

Bianca: Is there an artist left with whom you would love to work?

GailAnnDorsey: Annie Lennox, and Bjork.

GailAnnDorsey: I just want to say thank you to Total Blam Blam and the contest winners for the "Birthday Caption Contest" I hope you all enjoy your bootleg CD's and photos. Speaking of CD's - let's give a few away right now!!

GailAnnDorsey: QUESTION : What kind of car do I drive?

Muff Doilly: Audi

GailAnnDorsey: CONGRATS!!! Send webmaster@davidbowie.com an email with your mailing address...

GailAnnDorsey: QUESTION: What's my favorite movie of all time. HINT - I mentioned it earlier in the chat....

gmoney: Network

GailAnnDorsey: CONGRATS - send an email to webmaster@davidbowie.com with your proper mailing address.

merman: Network

GailAnnDorsey: CONGRATS - send an email to webmaster@davidbowie.com with your proper mailing address.

GailAnnDorsey: Network

GailAnnDorsey: CONGRATS - send an email to webmaster@davidbowie.com with your proper mailing address.

merman: Network

GailAnnDorsey: CONGRATS - send an email to webmaster@davidbowie.com with your proper mailing address.

GailAnnDorsey: GREAT JOB ALL!!

GailAnnDorsey: Thank you for spending some time with me thisafternoon. I look forward to seeing you all in the fall. Please be safe, and please be kind to one another. Much Love. Gail XOXOXOXO

GailAnnDorsey: PS - GREAT questions.

GailAnnDorsey: (This user is now known as Webmaster)

Webmaster: Gail Ann Dorsey has left the building.

Session Close: Wednesday March 5th 2003

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