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BowieNet Live Chat Transcription - 15/11/01
with David Bowie and Iman

Session Start: Thurs Nov 15 20:00:00 2001

*** Topic is 'Chat with David Bowie and Iman, Thursday, November 15th 2001 at 8:00 p.m. EST'

BowieNet: Hey all, we'll get going in about 5 minutes.

bowie19joe asks: "David Iman you two here yet?"

David and Iman answer: We will get going in a few minutes. We are eating dinner. Back in a few :)

David answers: Hi folks! Dinner was nice. Actually, we've brought our PCs here to the restaurant, Shabby Alfs, our favorite little bistro in town. So if you don't mind us stuffing out mouths while we talk, let's go!

adynomoose asks: "Those two are so svelt, I bet they'll be done eating in 2 minutes".

David and Iman answer: David: Three minutes out. Not a bad guess though.

deanwards asks: "Hello David and Iman, Iman would you do pose again in a window display, I saw the window you did in London some years ago, it was fab".

David and Iman answer: Iman: I've never been asked again. But I don't mind.

David: I'd kind of like us to redo Gilbert and George's famous living sculpture, "Singing." Wouldn't that be cool? No? Oh well.

celes asks: "How come I can see you, but not my name?"

David and Iman answer: David: That's odd, as I only see your name and have no idea what you just said.

patsdragon asks: "DAM MY MOUSE ISN'T WORKING NOW".

David and Iman answer: David: I bet you always say that!

deanwards asks: "Am I in the wrong room, chating away to myself........."

David and Iman answer: David: Exactly how I feel!

lucidpoetress asks: "David - Wie geht's?"

David and Iman answer: David: Sehr gut my son.

susans asks: "David can you smoke eat and type all at once??!!"

David and Iman answer: David: Oh, let me tell you how much more I can do! As it's Susan's, I'll let you use your imagination.

ziggy1986 asks: "Iman did you know your still in the other chatroom?"

David and Iman answer: Iman: Thanks for telling me. I'll just log out. I still haven't got this down perfectly.

paulbeard asks: "Is that with desert."

David and Iman answer: David: More dessert than desert.

chihaya asks: "'Iman' & 'db' icons were so cute!"

David and Iman answer: David: I'm glad you liked the icon thing. I think we're going to try and install it on BowieNet in the not-too-distant-future.

zig asks: "Your PCs? I thought you had a Mac!!"

David and Iman answer: David: Always take PC's when you need to do a chat over dinner.

totalblamblam asks: "5Iman - Blammo here... I spied you at Roseland but was too shy to say hello... Had I plucked up the courage, do you think you would have told me to F\*\*\* Off? It's just that your husband is often very rude to me!"

David and Iman answer: Iman: Hello Mark, David's told me all about you, but I bet not half of it's true! Are you really that tiny? And do you find it difficult cutting paper or using scisors with 6 fingers?

sheila asks: "Iman, are you nervous about the reviews on your book?"

David and Iman answer: Iman: No, not nervous. I've done the best I can. And everybody's entitled to their opinions.

David: Except me!

Bladz asks: "What was it like working with Carlos Alomar again after all this time?"

David and Iman answer: David: Carlos is always good value for money, and does some excellent work on two songs. The lead guitar player throughout is David Torn, who specializes in 'atmos'.

mistresslisa asks: "No, it's just a bit confusing this evening."

David and Iman answer: David: It's a lot of fun when you can get into a state of mind where everything is confusing all of the time.

putzi asks: "The winter is on the way now: did you ever try snowboarding?"

David and Iman answer: David: As much as I love skiing, I was always a bit nervous of the board, having watched my son zooming at about a thousand miles an hour - I thought it was pretty pointless to even start. In all truth, I just feel more secure on the old-fashioned skis... as does my dear wife.

zardoz asks: "David, I'm making a 70's DVD - Can you send me some footage?"

David and Iman answer: David: I'll footage you in a minute!

kjgl asks: "Do you see any givaway features in Alex that make you think she might be a singer/model type."

David and Iman answer: David: We've got to be honest. She really does have a feel for music already. She gravitates towards any keyboard in the room and can play and dance for really quite long periods at a time (a bit like me!).

Iman: ...and she likes to dress up and stand in front of the mirror!

David: Also a bit like me!

zig asks: "$45 for the book AND CD ARE insanely cheap!"

David and Iman answer: David: We're just wacky zany people, zig. Should I put you down for 10?

diamonddoggie asks: "David, do you like musical theater?"

David and Iman answer: David: Not if it's supposed to be a straight play!

gilly asks: "Iman, do you think more men or more women will buy your book?"

David and Iman answer: Iman: That's an interesting question. I personally would think more women would relate to it, but having seen David's interest in certain pictures, I'm sure it'll have its male customers too.

noggy asks: "Have you ever spent the night in a tent together."

David and Iman answer: David: Oooooh!! Thank you!!! We were wondering what to do for Christmas!

kjgl asks: "David, have you ever written a novel under a nom de plume."

David and Iman answer: David: Yes, I once put out a little thing called 'War and Peace'. Try and pick it up sometime. I made it really heavy!

elshaya asks: "It's in the middle of the night... no more and I have to work soon and I still haven't got a damn question answered."

David and Iman answer: David: Sorry! Here's the answer. You'll work much better if you get more sleep. Ok?

kirsten asks: "What inspired you to write your book Iman?"

David and Iman answer: Iman: All my life in America people have asked me to do some kind of biography, but it always seemed to be such a one-dimensional thing to attempt. Then I started to think, as I became a little older, of the way my life has gone in this fashion business and how my perspective as a black woman may be interesting to women in OR out of the fashion business.

The most fulfilling part of devising this book was being able to work with such writers as bell hooks. The most fulfilling part of devising this book was being able to work with such writers as bell hooks.

Faye asks: ""Good value for money" - does that mean he's cheap?"

David and Iman answer: David: No. It's an English expression, meaning "really good."

mariozzio asks: "How did you like Matt C on drums??"

David and Iman answer: David: Matt is phenomenal. One of the great quirks of his style is that he will produce instant loops on his little tape recorder, and then drum to them on his kit. He is amazing! And has brought a real interesting atmos to the new work.

christensen asks: "Ahh, so Carlos is there again... But what's 'atmos'? Like ambient..?"

David and Iman answer: David: Atmos = short for atmosphere.

kjgl asks: "Could you pigeonhole the new album?"

David and Iman answer: David: Only thing I can say about it is that it's nothing like anything Tony and I have done before.

Howard J: Just a few more questions 'til we wrap it up...

bones asks: "Do you still play sax David??"

David and Iman answer: David: I do play quite a lot on this new album. Mainly baritone.

Kiarith asks: "David, have ye or Iman gone to any solo show of Gail Ann Dorsey's?"

David and Iman answer: Iman: We try and catch her as much as possible. We both think that she is a great talent and really deserves to be seen and heard a lot more. Her writing is really teriffic.

Gilly asks: "Does Lexi have a mohawk?"

David and Iman answer: Iman: No. She has a nohawk! hehehe

David and Iman answer: Wow, it's been a lot of fun, but a pretty long evening for us and anyway, coffee's arrived! So that means the check will be following, and I'd like to get out of here before that happens! Thanks for joining us, folks! We'll both see you soon. And I, of course, will be in and out of the room like a rat up a drainpipe.

BowieNet answers: David and Iman have left the building!!

Nite all

BowieNet answers: Go into the regular chatroom and we'll give away some prizes now!

Session Close: Thurs Nov 15 2001

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