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BowieNet Live Chat Transcription - 15/11/01
with David Bowie and Iman - Part 1

Session Start: Thurs Nov 15 2001

David: This is David Bowie. Good evening to you all, and a happy Christmas. Here's my first Christmas present... my wife IMAN!

Lydia: So Iman, did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine that you would marry the one and only David Bowie? vice/versa David, did you ever think you'd marry the BEAUTIFUL Iman?

Iman: Yes, I always dreamed of marrying David Bowie since I was a little girl in Somalia .. and he was only in his 40s!

sirshannon: I have been celibate for 28 days!!!

David: Yes sir... it's all over town!

Ruth: Iman - how long did it take you to write your book?

Iman: It took 2 and a half years because I did get pregnant in between.

Kiwi: Hello David and Iman, David it must be great working with Tony Visconti again, has the way you both work changed much since Scary Monsters? I can't wait to read your book Iman.

David: It was just a treat working with Tony again. We've been planning this for the past 3 years or so. All the elements or all the star signs came together this last 6 months. And we've now completed the project which hopefully will get to you, Spring of next year. And do read Iman's book. It's really really good!

Charlie: Iman, have you done anything like this project before, in literary terms?

Iman: No, I have never written a book before. This is my first. And I have already been approached to do other projects. Probably the next one will be on beauty.

anamaría: Iman: why did you decide to write a book?

Iman: I have been approached for several years to write a conventional biography. But I opted to wait to write on something more substantial. And I hope this is the one.

RobbieBlender: I'm really excited about the format of the book. Could you tell us more about it, Iman?

Iman: I talked to the book designer, Jonathan Barnbrook, who has designed also Damien Hirst's books, because I was looking for someone who was not in the fashion industry. I was looking for a book-within-a-book. Part biography, part photo book, part on race, the politics of beauty, and some nude pictures!

seriousmoonlit: David, when are you publishing your bio?

David: I'm still working on my bio. It's going to be called I AM A MAN. And we'll have lots of nude pictures of IMAN in it. I'm not sure if I'm going to put it out for the public or not. It's just something I'd like to have lying around the house.

billydoll: ohhh nude, I'm there now!

David: Oh, for crying out loud, get yer kit back on again there!

sirshannon: So, is this a large, "coffee table"-type book? Lots of pictures?

Iman: Yes, it's not a coffee table book. It's more complex than that. Usually coffee table books just sit on the table. This will actually be read. Like it is a pandora's box, every time you will discover something new.

QueerByChoice: Iman, is it ever hard to adjust to being married to someone who changes identities every few years?

David: Iman's ignoring that question, however we are not aware that she has ever asked us that.

Starla: What inspired the "stripper" piece with Sandra Bernhardt?

Iman: I was trying to go for some frivilous pictures and ideas. Instead of trying to set the record straight about my discovery, I thought, 'what the hell, let's try something new and re-write the history'. I chose Isaac Mizrahi and comedian Sandra Bernhardt to rewrite that part of the discovery. She came up with this whole stripper story, and Ellen VonUmwerth did the photographs as strippers in the 60s. We had a ball!

Charlie: Iman, the cover photo of your book has an almost eerie quality to it. Where/when was it taken?

Iman: It was the last photograph since I could not come up with what the image should be. A young photographer by the name of Marcus Klinko and his partner Indrani did. And I loved that it was defying, African, mysterious - all the qualities I hope to be.

jeff_wood: David, are you frequenting any fun clubs of recent like the old Hurrah?

David: Because of the recording sessions, and spending as much time at home as possible with home and wife, it's been fairly infrequent. However, I do try to get down to the Irving Plaza as much as possible. Most of the bands that I like tend to go there. Although I slunk off to the Beacon theatre the other month to catch Granddaddy. I've done a couple of Madison Square Garden's as well. But the lights are usually too bright and go home with a headache.

girlstardust: Is Alex talking yet?

Iman: Yes, she is talking a lot. Unfortunately it is not in English - or any known human language. But she is walking and running. And communicating with Pluto...

otis: Iman do baby Alex have a favorite TOY? Or she just likes to bang on pots 'n' pans?

Iman: Yes, she has a favorite little doll - stuffed - called Puddles. And she's very musical. She doesn't not use pots and pans... but David's instruments!

Artemis_silver: Any plans for further additions to the family?

David: A nice oak dinning table.

agoino: Iman, who is Pluto?

Iman: 9th planet from the Sun!

Schoki: Iman, what was it like to walk the cat on the catwalk? Seems it did not like to walk.

Iman: Poor cat, and poor me!

EriWilde: Would you clearify the rumour of the second baby?

David: Hello Eri! No second baby to our knowledge.

Zachary21: Hey, David I have a Leo moon and I born January 4th - isn't that neat, just sharing...

David: Awesome dude! I got two Leo's at home!

angelfire: Iman, what is your secret to keeping so fit after having your little one?

Iman: Basically, I run little Lexi. But I do work out. I go to the gym when I can. 3 times a week. And I walk everywhere.

Moose: Does Lexi have any pets?

David: Just me and mum

imadj: What is Alex getting for Christmas?

Iman: Lots of hugs and kisses!

dbfan1847: Are you gonna get any pets in the near future? If so, what?

David: Yeah, both Iman and I had pets when we were kids. But I think you have to wait until the baby is at least 2 until you can safely introduce pets into the family. And giraffes are hard to look after.

argonaut: David, did you already kick smoking?

Iman: No he hasn't. And we're all waiting for the day that he will!

Omikron: What are you getting each other for Christmas???

David: I'm buying her lipstick, and she's getting me an empty pack of Marlboros.

littlewonder: You had a giraffe?!

David: Funnily yes, Iman only had a little puppy in Somalia. But down in London, giraffes were quite the thing. If you went down into the park on Sundays, there would be loads of kids walking their giraffes on long leashes. By the time the sun had gone down, there would be a heck of a tangle and many children were lost this way... the giraffes walking back to the houses alone. My goodness, those were the days.

Paul: Who's cooking the Chritmas dinner

David: I should be cooking the Chritmas dinner, as is traditional among males in South London. It will consist of beans, rice, and a stuffed giraffe. But then Iman will be doing Christmas cooking a couple of days later.

Putzi: Lucky you! We in Austria always had whales!

David: I know Austria was always territorial, but I don't believe you either had England, Scotland, or Wales.

Simone: Do you speak any other languages?

Iman: 5 languages: English, Italian, French, Arabic, and my language Somali

Mackey: Hey I'm a Taffy here! LOL!

David: And God bless you! Don't forget that there is a Jones in this room.

Moose: Iman, Does Lexi have a favorite book that you and David read to her?

Iman: Goodnight Moon. Night after night after night.

TV Eye: Iman, would you prefer being called Mrs. Bowie or Mrs. Jones?

Iman: I don't care as long as it's Mrs. in front of it.

Zardozzzzzz: Hi David & Iman, I'd like to know about your differences in tastes. What does David like that Iman doesnt and vica versa?

David: Ok, that's a good question. But you answer first Iman.

Iman: No, you answer first.

David: Oh come on darling, it's your turn.

Iman: But no... after you!

David: Well at least I know one thing about our similarities. We're both very decisive people!

ChiGirl: Go on Iman! Punch him!

Iman: POW!!

David: Ouch!!

Farawayeyes: Who puts the kettle on when the adverts start and who hogs the remote??

Iman: I always put the kettle on, and David's always remote!

David: No darling... that's EMOTE. I EMOTE!

Caroline: Is NY better or worse since Sept 11?

David: New York has always been a terrific place. And we both really adore living here. Somehow if it's possible, it seems to be an even tighter community than it was before. I don't think either of us would want to trade places with anywhere else at the moment.

Omikron: What is the last CD each of you bought?

Iman: Alicia Keyes

David: I never buy CDs, I just phone the artists up and tell them to send them to me. I have a very small CD collection... and no one takes my calls anymore! But in truth, I bought the Strokes.

Kurtz: David, how did you choose "America" to sing at the Concert for NYC? It was great!

David: I was looking for something which really evoked feelings of bewilderment and uncertainty, because for me that's how that particular period really felt. And I really thought that Paul Simon's song in this new context really captured that.

leezaleeza: d'ya like the strokes cd?

David: It has 3 good songs on it. I think they've got to stop sounding quite so retro, and really open up their writing more, and they could be quite good. I haven't yet seen them live, so I can't say if they really live up to all the hype. But I was quite disappointed with the album.

jé: The White Stripes are better

David: Similarly, I've heard a lot about White Stripes, but I haven't yet heard them.

RobbieBlender: What inspired you to spend your hard earned cash on the Strokes record? ;-)

David: I get to hear just about everything.

Shorty: Iman, how tall are you?

Iman: 5'9'' short

David: By the by, I do think the Dandy Warhols are a terrific band both on stage and on record. Their writing seems to get better with every album, and I'm sure this is the case with the Strokes too.

Celes: David what's your favorite Beatles song?

David: Revolution #9

Simone: You saw them at Glastonbury didn't you?

David: Yeah, I saw them there. But I've also seen them play New York, and I loved them both times.

onlooker: Iman, what else do you have planned for the book? Any more TV shows?

Iman: November 19, The View. December 6th, The Today Show.

TV Eye: David, do you ever consider putting your stilettos on to look taller than Ms. Bowie?

David: No, not for Iman. But I did put them on to meet Tony Blair a couple of years ago. He's a stand up guy... he didn't bat an eyelid.

Sca: Iman is your book only written in English?

Iman: Yes. So far, only in English

wlovedb: Iman, you had a baby and wrote a book in the last 2 years. What are you planning to the next?

Iman: Take a long break, and concentrate on my cosmetic company.

appleboy: Iman, can I buy your book in New Zealand?

Iman: Yes, you can buy the book in New Zealand.

moonspyke: Iman: have you had a chance to use any of your other languages recently?

Iman: A lot of the cosmetics company's business is international, so I find that I might be using any of up to 3 different languages on a business day.

MissGina: Love your hair care products... Got me through college quite nicely...

Iman: It's lovely to hear. Thank you!

Moose: What department stores sell your cosmetics?

Iman: Nordstroms, and Sephora.

Susans: Iman I see you quoted 'Loving The Alien' in your book. Is that a favourite of yours?

Iman: Yes, that's one particularly I'm fond of. And it seemed to anticipate our meeting.

pinkmonkeybird: Do you bicycle?

David: No, but I zappy.

nonick: What's zappy?

David: Type it into Google.

dbfan1847: can we please have a pic of you riding your Zappy? PLEASE!!!

David: Unfortunately, I do have some. I shall post them on BowieNet on the next few days, and just lie with my head under the covers.

Zig Dust: Why won't you answer any of MY qustions? ;-)

David: I just have!

PatsDragon: db do you think macs are better than pc's

David: Macs rule! But then again, I'm very graphics heavy. I suppose Windows fits in somewhere in this world... well most of it actually! But at least Macs don't get viruses .. ah ha! Whoops! Why did I say that?

Simone: What's the latest movie you saw?

David: Solaris, by Tirkovsky. I hadn't seen it in over 31 years. It came out the same year as 2001. I thought it much better then. I'm not sure what I think now. It's really really long!!! And very very Russian! My eyes got tired reading the subtitles this time around.

Mask: do you have the dual processor? (asked in a very green sort of way)

David: Hi Mask! Naturally!

RoTheLion: Not Solaris again! Us poor Trekkies...

David: Again, and again, and again... until I've got everybody watching it!

TV Eye: Iman, are you not a little disappointed that David "hand-picked" five of his older recordings instead of recording five new ones for the promo cd?

Iman: They're all favorites of mine. So it was anything but a disappointment.

Duchess: Iman do you find David doesn't let you answer any questions.

David: How absurd! I would never dream of answering for Iman!

Bianca: David, which is the favorite motive or photo you ever took of Iman?

David: There's a couple of corkers that I have in my drawer next to our bed. I whip them out occasionally and reminisce.

jé: Iman have you heard the new songs?

Iman: Yes, I have. And they're all lovely!

David: Do you want the fifty dollars now?

Iman: Thank you so much for coming and joining us tonight. It's been much more fun than I thought it could be. I shall definitely join David for some more of these in the future. Let's do this again sometime again soon, shall we?

David: I think we have to say goodbye now. I had cooked but with all this typing the food's gotten cold, so I'm going to have to trash it and take her out to dinner again. Thanks so much for joining us. Let's hope the next time won't be too long away.

David: Oh... I almost forgot...

David: Iman and I will see some of you guys in the BowieNet chatroom in about 5. As you can tell it's going to be a really quick dinner.

David: Bye all!

BowieNet: All you bowienetters join us at: http://www.davidbowie.com/members/modchat

BowieNet: http://www.davidbowie.com/members/modchat/ in 5

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