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BowieNet Live Chat Transcription - 8/2/01
with Mick Rock

Session Start: Thur Feb 08 19:00:00 2001

*** Topic is 'Chat with Mick Rock, Thursday, February 8th 2001 at 7:00 p.m. EST'

SaintAlphonzo says: Howdy everyone, welcome to the chat with Mick Rock! Mick is in the house and we'll be starting shortly...\;)

TotalBlamBlam asks: "Mick you look lovely...start talking!"

TotalBlamBlam asks: "...or the moose gets it"

SaintAlphonzo says "Mick's just, er...freshing up!"

Zachary17 asks: "funny blam blam"

Zachary17 asks: "ha ha"

Zachary17 asks: ".Hello Mick-are you there?"

Mick Rock answers: In a manner of speaking...

TotalBlamBlam asks: "Firstly Michael...Hallo love...good to see you...are you doing your headstands right now?"

Mick Rock answers: I just did one!

Beatnik asks: "Can you give some insite into Syd Barrett?"

Mick Rock answers: That's not so easy. I did speak with his sister the other day, because I'm going to do a book of my collection of Syd pics and I wanna see if Syd will cooperate in some way. Probably not, but we were pretty close years ago, so it's worth trying. Either way, the book will come out probably late next year.

Izekial asks: "What is the difference between Bowie then and Bowie Now?"

Mick Rock answers: Well, he was younger then for a start... and probably prettier. Obviously, he's matured and extended his range, creatively. But in certain ways, for instance his enthusiasm, and perspicacity, and his ability to charm the hind legs off a monkey, he still resembles the man I frst met some 29 years ago, now....

Bowerman asks: "Of all the photographs that you have taken, do you have one personal favorite?"

Mick Rock answers: In a sense, it's always my latest session that's my favorite session. Maybe it would be giving too much away to pinpoint one shot to the exclusion of all the other possibilities...

TotalBlamBlam asks: "What was the first picture you were ever paid to do?"

Mick Rock answers: It's hard to recall, but I believe it was a group called The Pretty Things and they got 15 pounds for the privilege. Or it might have been the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation.

AGirl asks: "Do you think that pictures are actually worth 1000 words?"

Mick Rock answers: Depends on the pictures and depends on the words...some pictures are worth a million words! For example, that famous shot of Bobby Kennedy dying in the hotel in a pool of his own blood - that's probably worth fifty million words in terms of the amount of emotion that it generated and still generates to this day.

Zachary17 asks: "What is your favorite American city?"

Mick Rock answers: There is only one American city. Guess.....

Lambugi asks: "what's your favorite camera, and do you carry one with you most of the time?"

Mick Rock answers: For sessions, the Hasselblad, although a lot of my earlier pictures of Syd Barrett, David, Lou, Iggy, etc. were taken on a Nikormatt. I carry an autofocus with me all the time - the Olympus Stylus Zoom 70.

TotalBlamBlam asks: "you can't say perspicacity in here mate!"

Mick Rock answers: Try and stop me!

BreakingGlass asks: "Mick Helen here, can you tell us when your new book will be released in the US?"

Mick Rock answers: Blood \& Glitter, my Glam tome will be out this autumn in the States. It'll be published in England in April.

Gregstl asks: "Do you shoot digitally or prefer film?"

Mick Rock answers: It depends. Clearly, the digital camera has its place. But there's something about the density of film and the fact that you can hold an individual image in your hand that gives me a special charge.

Adamgm asks: "Do other arts (like music) have a huge influence on the photos you take?"

Mick Rock answers: Yes, in the sense that I play music all the time during a session, and that there are certain records that I have to play...

sQueakie asks: "what do you prefer, color or b&w photos?"

Mick Rock answers: I shoot a lot of color, but some of my favorite images are black and white

Eriekittym asks: "asks what is youre most favorite movie of all time?"

Mick Rock answers: There are several. I love Aguirre, Lawrence of Arabia, Persona, La Belle et La Bete, The Maltese Falcon, Apocolypse Now. That's probably enough for one night's viewing.

Zachary17 asks: "Was Syd Barrett anything like Bowie?"

Mick Rock answers: No, not really. Certainly not personality wise. Maybe there are slight links in the way they approach their songwriting. Maybe. However, the first time I ever interviewed David, I remember how interested he was to hear about Syd. I swapped stories of Syd for tales of Iggy. Not a bad swap in any age!

Eriekittym asks: "asks whats cd is on youre cd player right now?"

Mick Rock answers: Wingless Angels and Talk is Cheap by Keith Richards.

Lambugi asks: "Mick, who or what was the subject of the most bizarre shoot you've done?"

Mick Rock answers: I don't think you're old enough for that kind of detail.

Izekial asks: "Can you explain Iggy Pop?"

Mick Rock answers: Can you?

AGirl asks: "Mick-- Who's your favorite person to photograph? (I know-- basic q!)"

Mick Rock answers: Debbie Harry's not bad - and Kate Moss. I'm back into blondes again...

Zachary17 asks: "Did Syd Barrett ever give you a present?"

Mick Rock answers: Yeah, he gave me a couple of joints and some blotter acid once.

TotalBlamBlam asks: ".Mick, there is a BowieNet member called Mask who is a great photographer, but she can't seem to photograph anything but cattle! Any advice for her?"

Mick Rock answers: Tell her to get over it!

Eriekittym asks: "aks what do you enjoy most about taking photos?"

Mick Rock answers: I enjoy the whole process of a session, especially in a confined space like a studio where I can run rampant. I get a real deep charge out of shooting. It's very cathartic for me.

Zachary17 asks: "Ever been in a haunted house-taken a picture of a ghost?"

Mick Rock answers: Well, there was this Lou Reed session....

Adamgm asks: "What are those records that you "have to play"?"

Mick Rock answers: the soundtrack to Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Wingless Angels, Hendrix at Monterey, George Formby (he does a marvelous version of 'When I'm Cleaning Windows')

TotalBlamBlam asks: "Don't forget Swedish Sex Dwarves Go Berserk On Mars"

Mick Rock answers: I beg your pardon!

Gregstl asks: "Is it easier or harder to shoot portaits of men?"

Mick Rock answers: It's irrelevant. I also take fabulous pictures of cats (my cats).

BreakingGlass asks: "Mick can we have some details about the 'rumoured' Ziggy 2002 book please!"

Mick Rock answers: There will be a very expensive, limited edition, signed Ziggy Stardust book in 2002.

TotalBlamBlam asks: "..How do you feel about copies of your Ziggy book going on ebaY for $150?!!!"

Mick Rock answers: I'm not sure what it says for the times we live in...

Lambugi asks: "Are your favorite photos staged, or spontaneous?"

Mick Rock answers: Spontaneously staged.

Gilly asks: "if your kids wanted to become a photographer, what would you advise them?"

Mick Rock answers: Don't. There are too many of them out there already....

TheMandy asks: "have you got a favorite Bowie album or song?"

Mick Rock answers: Life on Mars, or maybe Ashes to Ashes.

Zachary17 asks: "What was the last photo you took?"

Mick Rock answers: I did a session with Kate Moss on Monday. It was a lot of fun. Very rock 'n roll, very punk. She's more rock 'n roll than most modern rock bands!

Gilly asks: "do you prefer to be called Mick or Michael?"

Mick Rock answers: My mother prefers Michael, my daughter prefers Mick.

Liamsf asks: "What is the best part of working with David?"

Mick Rock answers: He's a lot of fun!

TotalBlamBlam asks: "Do you ever wake up and think "Christ, I'm still alive!"?"

Mick Rock answers: Often!

BreakingGlass asks: "life on mars is my favourite video \;-)"

Mick Rock answers: It's one of mine, too!

Bowerman asks: "Mick, I'm currently looking at the Bowie bio, 'Stardust,' and it mentions that when you first met David and Angela, Angela sexually propositioned your wife Sheila. Looking back, what is your take or opinion on Angie Bowie? "

Mick Rock answers: I don't really take Angie Bowie on...

Adamgm asks: "Mick, at what point do photos cross the line between art and objectification?"

Mick Rock answers: that's very subjective.

Bowerman asks: "Do you do nudes? ...nude photos, I mean!"

Mick Rock answers: Yes. In fact, there will be a book of my erotic imagery out sometime within the next two years.

TotalBlamBlam asks: "Have you ever gotten on the wrong side of Lou?"

Mick Rock answers: Yes, I missed his wedding. I think I hadn't slept for a month and completely forgot about it. He didn't talk to me for ten years!

Akko asks: ".What kind of photos will be shown in your new exhibition at the Proud Galleries? And are you coming to the venue?"

Mick Rock answers: Mostly images from Blood \& Glitter, which will include the usual suspects like David, Lou, Iggy, Freddie, Queen, Syd Barrett, Debbie Harry, but also Lindsey Kemp and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Marianne Faithful, My Cat Spike, a couple of erotic pieces, new pictures of David and Debbie and my old mate Smutty and a bare bottom and a nude breast, and probably at least one of my collages (probably a Ziggy one)

Mick Rock answers: ...and maybe even one from this new Kate Moss session, if she behaves herself!

Gilly asks: "was david awkward in front of a camera at first? and if so, when did that go away?"

Mick Rock answers: No, he always loved the camera from the very first frame. Remember, even though he hadn't hit the mega time yet when I first met him, still, he'd done a lot of posing for cameras. He was always a hard core pro.

Gregstl asks: "Any plans to take your new show on an extended trip through the US, lots of places here would like it."

Mick Rock answers: Yes, it's definitely going to be in LA, New York and Washington D.C. (the Govinda Gallery).

Zachary17 asks: "What do you think would bring Syd out and about again?"

Mick Rock answers: A new incarnation.

BreakingGlass asks: "mick can you please call debbie to get her to deal with HER chat! she keeps saying she will do it but keeps forgetting LOL"

Mick Rock answers: She's a naughty girl...

TotalBlamBlam asks: "Do you think there was anything sexier about that time, that isn't present in today's rock culture?"

Mick Rock answers: That's an interesting question. It was definitely a sexier time, in the sense that it was a long time before AIDS, so probably it's fair to say that people were a lot more uninhibited and experimental. At least I was.

Gilly asks: "can you give me an advice for cat photos?"

Mick Rock answers: I'd advise you to buy one of my prints. My kittyboys are very handsome. \;)

Gregstl asks: "Are you disturbed looking back at the Syd pics?"

Mick Rock answers: No - I'm actually very exhilarated! The first session was taken over 30 years ago, but I like it as much as any I've ever done.

Gregstl asks: "Did you see Hedwig on stage? It seems tailor made for your taste."

Mick Rock answers: Yeah, it's brilliant. Definitely is tailor made for my taste. John Cameron Mitchell is very talented and bright, and also very entertaining. Not a bad combination!

Adamgm asks: "If a Boy Band like The Backstreet Boys asked you to photograph them would you do it?"

Mick Rock answers: If they could afford me....I would probably have a good time. I don't have to be ecstatic about somebody's music to get enthused about taking their pictures. There just has to be some dynamic going on that turns me on. And five cute boys, how bad can that be?

BreakingGlass asks: "so Mick about my belly button! to pierce or not to pierce? that is the question. And Robert and Elizabeth say hello to you"

Mick Rock answers: Go ahead and pierce it, for God's sake! But does that mean that I have to look at it afterwards?

Akko asks: "thanks for describing the details of your show in London ealier - but you do not seem to have answered the latter part of my Q: "Do you have any plan to visit the venue????" I'll definitely be there if you do!"

Mick Rock answers: Of course, it's my show!

TotalBlamBlam asks: "Is there any unreleased footage of David we can expect to see some time in the near future?"

Mick Rock answers: There is, of course, unreleased footage of David, and there is talk about releasing some of it, in some form. Can't go into details yet.

Izekial asks: "What is a typical day like for you?"

Mick Rock answers: I get up between 7 and 10, stand on my head, get on the phone, take some pictures, hang with my lady. And I have a sandwich or two in there, too. Maybe a bottle of Sobe Green Tea.

Izekial asks: "Ever take photos of Marley?"

Mick Rock answers: Yeah, I did some performance photos of him over two nights at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1975. One in particular I sell a lot of signed prints of.

Izekial asks: "Do you paint?"

Mick Rock answers: I paint in a sense, with my collage work. I love ripping up photos.

Liamsf asks: "What are you reading now?"

Mick Rock answers: I'm reading 'The Power of the Spoken Word' by Yogi Bhajan. A masterful work.

TotalBlamBlam asks: "Fancy lunch soon? (There is no deeper meaning to that question)"

Mick Rock answers: As long as you're paying...and it can't be that little cheap cafe around the corner that you usually take me to.

BreakingGlass asks: "if course you have to look at it afterwards, no point in doing it otherwise!!!!!!! \;-)"

Gilly asks: "muahahahaha"

TotalBlamBlam asks: "Do you still prefer the comfort of ladies underclothes?"

Mick Rock answers: As long as the right lady is wearing them!

Adamgm asks: "What is your favourite inanimate subject to photograph?".

Mick Rock answers: I'm really more into animated subjects.

Gregstl asks: "What formal art training did you receive?"

Mick Rock answers: No, I studied modern languages at Cambridge.

Akko asks: "Mick, my friend claims that you used to marry to a Japanese girl. Is she right?"

Mick Rock answers: Yes, my ex-wife Sheila (a wonderful lady) is Japanese-American, though she's lived in London since 1970.

TotalBlamBlam asks: "..I'll pay if you promise to stop following me into the gents with your wide-angle!!!"

Mick Rock answers: I needed a wide angle to accommodate the subject.

Gregstl asks: "Do you sell photos via a website you would like to plug?"

Mick Rock answers: Yes. www.mickrock.com

Saint Alphonzo says: Time for a couple more...final questions, please!

TotalBlamBlam asks: "ROTFLMAO"

BreakingGlass asks: "LOL at TTB and Mick"

BreakingGlass asks: "who would you like to have a session with that you have never photographed before?"

Mick Rock answers: Snooop Doggy Dogg

Gilly asks: "when will you chat the next time on bnet?"

Mick Rock answers: When I'm invited.

Gregstl asks: "Thanks, I/we really enjoyed it."

ChasteOne asks: "I wanna know if you plan to do a photoshoot of a nekkid TotalBlamBlam....?"

Mick Rock answers: That would be worth something.

Adamgm asks: "Thank you Mick, it was wonderful having you. Will you please come to San Francisco to have a showing?"

Mick Rock answers: I do have a few prints at the San Francisco Art Exchange.

BreakingGlass asks: "ok I will say goodnight to you now Mick, thanks for answering my questions. love ya, Helen xoxoxoxoxox"

Mick Rock says: Check the Proud Gallery in Orange Street off the Strand in London after April 5th. Stay tuned for BowieNet for up to date news on all these activities. Thanks for the memories! Sayonara!

SaintAlphonzo says: Thanks and goodnight everyone! \;)

Session Close:Thurs Feb 8 2001

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