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Earl Slick - 20/7/00

Session Start: Thu Jul 20 03:48:43 2000
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Moderator Welcome to the Earl Slick chat on BowieNet everyone! submit your questions! Mr. Slick will be here in about 10 minutes to answer your questions!

HowardJ says: Do you guys have any questions? we will get started in a few minutes

Moderator Welcome to the Earl Slick chat on BowieNet everyone! submit your questions! Mr. Slick will begin answering questions shortly!

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HowardJ0 asks: "lets get started.....".

Earl Slick answers: OK everyone, we're officially under way. Any questions?

(Hello all)

Moderator Welcome! Earl Slick is here and ready to answer your questions!

Earl Slick is in the house: "Hi Everybody, welcome aboard! Just got back from doing a gig with Holly Palmer. All fired up and ready to go.. Are you all ready?"

Jeff asks: "Which tour was more fun - the one in '74, '83 or the recent tour last month?"

Earl Slick answers: Jeff, I very much enjoyed all tours for different reasons. When we did the diamond dogs tour, I was barely 22 years old, and it was my first professional gig. I think I was so in awe I didn't realize it had happened until it was over.

Earl Slick answers: On the other hand, by the time we did the '83 tour, I had a lot more touring years under my belt and enjoyed it in a different way.

Earl Slick answers: As far as the recent tour last month, it's the most fun I've ever had. I also think it's the best Bowie band I've ever been in. Wish it could have been longer.

Simone asks: "Earl, have you been glad that David called up on you again?"

Earl Slick answers: Simone, in a sentence, couldn't be happier. It's the best time we've ever had on stage, and I'm thrilled to be back.

Bonster1 asks: "is he commando?"

Earl Slick answers: Briefs.

Simone asks: Earl, tell us your favorite joke \\;0).

Earl Slick answers: What does a stripper do to her asshole every night before she goes to work?

Earl Slick answers: She drops him off at band rehearsal. God that was awful.

Rednik asks: "hi Earl... how was the gig with Holly tonight??"

Earl Slick answers: I had a ball. In spite of the fact that I had to play acoustic guitar. A little out of my realm, but it was a lot of fun. Holly was great.

Seven asks: "Can you name ONE thing about Bowie that has changed the most, since you worked with him many years ago? "

Earl Slick answers: Seven, I would say the main beneficial change starting in my Early days with Bowie was I learned the ropes, everything from touring to making records, from the most professional person I've ever worked with in a very short period of time.

Ed asks: "Um.....do you find that sometimes when you're playing you get into a sort of trance state and just live the music?"

Earl Slick answers: Every time it's the only time. When I'm really totally in the moment and at peace with myself. It's definitely a trance-like state. Beats any drug they ever invented.

Emmanouils asks: "What solo do you like playing most?"

Earl Slick answers: Hands down, the solo in Station To Station. Anything that takes that much work to put together, you bet I'm going to play and enjoy.

Bonster1 asks: "Is Earl Slick a stage name?"

Earl Slick answers: If you own a copy of my Phantom Rocker and Slick album, you'll find it under special thanks.

Froggy asks: "So who is a better guitarist..you or bowie (stupid question of the day!)."

Earl Slick answers: Hands down, David.

Seven asks: "Erm, did it hurt when you got that tattoo? "

Earl Slick answers: Just the first hour.

Froggy asks: "What is the best pedal to use in your opinion?"

Earl Slick answers: The Line 6 Digital Delay Stomp Box, besides the echoes, it does a killer backward Hendrix.

Grimmy asks: "does david sneak your cigarettes?"

Earl Slick answers: Grimmy, no, I sneak his.

Emmanouils asks: "When and where did you first meet David?"

Earl Slick answers: We first met at RCA studios in NYC. Spring, 1974. While he was in the middle of mixing the Diamond Dogs album, which in part consisted of my audition. David was in the control room. I was in the studio with the phones on, he played back some tracks from the album, I played along with the tracks, had a chat, went home.

IrmaVep asks: "slick have you ever worn a dress?"

Earl Slick answers: Only at formal dinners.

TracyStardust asks: "Hey Earl, how do you feel about getting up in front of so many people and performing? Do you get nervous?"

Earl Slick answers: TracyStardust, The larger the audience, the calmer I am. As a rule, I'm a nervous wreck. I pace relentlessly around the dressing room and I usually calm down as soon as we hit the first chord.

RaMOANa asks: "is this the place?"

Earl Slick answers: I hope so. These guys already got me some fresh coffee and donuts.

Simone asks: "at what age did you learn how to play guitar?"

Earl Slick answers: Simone, I learned to play the guitar at age 13. Was inspired by seeing the Beatles on TV. And all those chicks screaming at them.

Chipper asks: "Is HowardJ a nice guy?"

Earl Slick answers: Howard's the shit.

Chipper asks: "What is the meaning of life the universe and everything?"

Earl Slick answers: A brand new Gibson Firebird.

Simone asks: "What kind of guitar are you using?"

Earl Slick answers: A brand-new Gibson Firebird.

Lilith asks: "How many guitars do you own, and do you have a fave one?"

Earl Slick answers: Lilith, about a dozen. At the moment, it's my brand-new Gibson Firebird and my custom-made Peavey Teli.

Lilith asks: "Do you play any other instruments 'cept the guitar ?"

Earl Slick answers: Lilith, At the moment, I've got my hands full with six strings.

RaMOANa asks: "What did you do on that Saturday night when the gig was cancelled?"

Earl Slick answers: Took my girlfriend, my kids, my sister, and my cousin and had a corn-beef sandwich and went to bed. bummed.

Jeanne asks: "Hello Earl, Do you and David party together at all?"

Earl Slick answers: Jeanne, yea, just the other day we knocked down a couple of double-latte's from Starbucks.

DebKrier asks: "Who are your favorite guitarists?"

Earl Slick answers: Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix.

Zimmo asks: "Did you invent the solo on station to station?"

Earl Slick answers: Zimmo, that solo was a collaboration with myself and Mr. Bowie. It was an infamous night in the studio of David trying to convince me to do the opening Chuck Berry riff continuously over the chord changes. At the end I finally gave in and I'm glad I did.

Froggy asks: "Earl, are you really...you know...Slick?"

Earl Slick answers: What do you think?

mre- asks: "Earl: what's your feelings on the napster debate, and new mp3 technology?!"

Earl Slick answers: Would you work for free??

EoS asks: "Who's the best rhythm guitarist you've worked with?"

Earl Slick answers: Mark Plati, hands down.

GailFire asks: "What's your favorite pickup line? (used or just heard of somewhere...)".

Earl Slick answers: DiMarzio, of course.

BSCTrumpet asks: "How did you come to choose the guitar as your instrument?"

Earl Slick answers: The guitar looked so cool on John Lennon, I just had to get one.

TracyStardust asks: "Did you say that david was a better guitarist just to make us bnutters happy?"

Earl Slick answers: Yes.

Piccadilly asks: "what's your fave Bowie song to play?"

Earl Slick answers: Piccadilly, Stay and Wild is the Wind.

Arafel asks: "Does David let you take lunch breaks?"

Earl Slick answers: Arafel, David actually insists on lunch breaks, and we all order meals in which all the basic food groups are represented.

Chroyst0 asks: "What is the craziest thing you have ever done on stage?"

Earl Slick answers: Playing my first sober gig 12 years ago.

Bonster1 asks: "if you had to pick a Bowie CD you didn't play on that you would WANT to play on, what would it be?"

Earl Slick answers: Hunky Dory.

Dream asks: "Are you a daddy?"

Earl Slick answers: Dream, I am a dad. I have two great kids. Lee and Marita. Lee's already an aspiring drummer, and Marita, a great photographer.

mre- asks: "if you were god, who would you throw lightening bolts at?!"

Earl Slick answers: Napster.

BoyChild365 asks: "What are some of the other Arts that you involve yourself with?"

Earl Slick answers: Hiking with my dogs. Does that count?

Bonster1 asks: "No wine??????"

Earl Slick answers: Fagetaboutit.

CyrenaSea asks: "Where's our free food?"

Earl Slick answers: Napster has it.

Liza asks: "Hey Earl, are you a bowie fan?"

Earl Slick answers: Hey Liza, the biggest of Bowie Fans.

BSCTrumpet asks: "How many hours a day do you practice?"

Earl Slick answers: I never practice, but I'm always playing. Make sense?

Eidolon asks: "Magilla and Sadie are beautiful..What breed are they?"

Earl Slick answers: They're both full-bred Newfoundlands.

Rednik asks: "What was the most valuable piece of advice you've ever received?"

Earl Slick answers: Clean up your act before you die.

PatsDragon asks: "BANJO??"

Earl Slick answers: I played one once, with an artist that shall remain anonymous. Smashed it and quit.

TracyStardust asks: "What was the first song you learned to play on your guitar?"

Earl Slick answers: Tracy, the first song I ever learned on guitar was the theme for the TV show Twilight Zone. Since the show was only one once a week, it took me six months to learn this piece. And that's the truth!

IIIII_IIIII_IIIII asks: "Hopefully, Blam didn't slober too much on you kids at rehearsals... - Or DID he?? lol."

Earl Slick answers: Just after lunch.

Liza asks: "Earl, Hi! Who made your clothes for the NY 19th concert? You looked AWESOME!"

Earl Slick answers: The pants were made by Levi Strauss and Co., The shirt was compliments of my kids, and the coat was bought at a novelty store in Truckee, CA.

latch asks: "What cd is in you player right now?"

Earl Slick answers: Chris Cornell's Euphoria Morning.

Freecloud asks: "What is that tattoo on your shoulder?"

Earl Slick answers: Betty Boop.

BSCTrumpet asks: "Did you study music at a school or on your own?"

Earl Slick answers: BSC, I studied music at home, lifting licks off my favorite albums.

Pineapple asks: "If you weren't a guitarist what would you be doing?"

Earl Slick answers: Pitching for the Yankees.

Earl Slick answers: HJ's not picking the questions here, I am.

Freecloud asks: "Hey Slick, my left ear rang for three days after the Roseland show. Can I sue you? "

Earl Slick answers: Freecloud, can you say that louder? I'm still deaf from the show myself...


Earl Slick answers: Congrats.

Gayle asks: "When you play Ziggy Stardust, do you feel silly if you don't play it left hand?"

Earl Slick answers: I'm working on it for the next tour.

BSCTrumpet asks: "Tell us what its like working with Gail."

Earl Slick answers: What a pleasure! Lots of smiles and fun.

EriWilde asks: "Where were you born?"

Earl Slick answers: Brooklyn, NY.

TracyStardust asks: "How did you come up with the names Magilla and Sadie?"

Earl Slick answers: Both of those dogs are rescued dogs, and they had their names when I adopted them.

mre- asks: "Earl: ever flip out on LSD and pretend you were god?! heh".

Earl Slick answers: Pretend?

Freecloud asks: "Why do firemen wear red suspenders?"

Earl Slick answers: Why?

Jeanne asks: "Earl, what did you think of the Roseland itself, and the crowd?"

Earl Slick answers: Jeanne, I love the theater, it's one of the few left that you can actually play a concert in. The crowd was amazing.

DEmerson asks: "If you had to pick one, what is you all time favorite movie?"

Earl Slick answers: The Shining.

Freecloud asks: "Tell us a John Lennon story."

Earl Slick answers: The first day of the Double Fantasy sessions, I walked into the sixth floor studio at the Hit Factory and saw John sitting in the middle of a room playing a guitar.

Earl Slick answers: At which time I introduced myself, and he said nice to see you again to which I replied, I don't think that's possible, we've never met.

Earl Slick answers: To which he replied, But we worked together with David Bowie. To which I replied, Trust Me, if we had, I wouldn't have forgotten.

BSCTrumpet asks: "Do find that playing all those loud concerts has affected your hearing?"

Earl Slick answers: What?

RaMOANa asks: "Did you know your name is an anagram of real licks?"

Earl Slick answers: How'd you figure that out, and why?

IIIII_IIIII_IIIII asks: "Earl? Have you ever seen the Lucent Technologies 360\* CAM lying around somewhere in the studio? Did David lose it or something??"

Earl Slick answers: As soon as I figure out what one of those is, I'm going back to the studio to look for it.

Arafel asks: "Do you ride bikes or jog or wear a kilt?"

Earl Slick answers: I wear a kilt only when jogging. I find it gets caught in the chain on my mountain bike.

Earl Slick answers: Hi Mark, cherry stones of course.

Mark Plati asks: "little necks or cherrystones?"

Gailfire asks: "So like, now that I've expressed my hatred for the Yankees in the other chat, does that mean you won't answer any more of my Qs????"

Earl Slick answers: You are correct.

IrmaVep asks: "Firemen wear red suspenders to keep their pants up!"

Earl Slick answers: I thought they wore them to get to the other side of the road...

Staardust asks: "What's your favorite song ever?"

Earl Slick answers: Starting Over by John Lennon.

Sean asks: "What do you think of this moderator chat program?"

Earl Slick answers: I think it's wonderful, I'm having a ball.

LaLaLinda0 asks: "What artist do you own the most music of?"

Earl Slick answers: The Beatles. The Stones. And David Bowie.

Dream asks: "Have you ever had a ghost experience?"

Earl Slick answers: Dream, not in the last 12 years.

LaLaLinda0 asks: "Have you learned more about computers since joining the band?"

Earl Slick answers: I've learned a ton. Most of it from Mark Plati, the master of the game boy.

Mark Plati asks: "Hey, ya big gavone!"

Earl Slick answers: Mark, if you don't watch out, I'm sending Jimmy Valentino over there...

Gailfire asks: "tabasco sauce or lemon juice?"

Earl Slick answers: Gailfire, both.

Liza asks: "Hey, is Sailor there spying on us talking with you?"

Earl Slick answers: We're not sure... We're still in the process of having the building searched.

Earl Slick1 asks: "Dad, it's us kids- how was the show, we missed it."

Earl Slick answers: The show was great, I played acoustic guitar live, which in itself was a trip, you should have been there. Everybody here says hi.

Earl Slick1 asks: "Hey dad, do you even see what I'm."

Earl Slick answers: Typing? It took me a minute to figure it out. You guys know the drill. I think I might have spaced. There's over a thousand questions in the queue.

TracyStardust asks: "Do you like to use a thick or thin pic?"

Earl Slick answers: Medium.

Earl Slick0 asks: "Maggie & Liz ask: What are your professional goals for the next 5 years?"

Earl Slick answers: Keep playing my guitar, and get a part on the Soprano's.

Earl Slick1 asks: "Who is the awesome photographer that took those shots of you?"

Earl Slick answers: I think her name was Marita, the Slick Kid.

Earl Slick answers: This is new for me. As of now, 70 minutes.

Gayle asks: "How much time do you spend online?"

Arafel asks: "How is it to work with Mike Garson?"

Earl Slick answers: Arafel, absolutely insane!

Jack Schell asks: "What is your favorite song from Lost & Found?".

Earl Slick answers: Are you THE Jack Schell?

BSCTrumpet asks: "Do the band members have to pay for their membership to bowienet??"

Earl Slick answers: I think it comes with the benefits package. Along with the balanced meals.

Earl Slick says: We're going to wrap it up soon, so any last questions? Or burning desires?

Mark Plati asks: "Is Egg still in the building?"

Earl Slick answers: Egg has left the building.

TracyStardust asks: "How long does this chat go for?".

Earl Slick answers: How much more can you take? About 3 more questions.

Earl Slick asks: "Yo Slicky how's the weather in NY?"

Earl Slick answers: Rainy, hot, muggy, cold, and windy. And it's supposed to snow later tonight. Other than that, the weather's been great.

Chroyst0 asks: "Who would win in arm wrestling\~ you or bowie?"

Earl Slick answers: Chroyst, I better win or I have to pay for my own ticket home.

Jack Schell asks: "You Bet Bud Me and the Chief Here in Vegas!"

Earl Slick answers: You know I love them all. Glad to hear from you guys, what a surprise!/p>

Earl Slick says, "Last Question please"

Lilith asks: "I'm outta cigs, can I have one, please ?"

Earl Slick answers: Lilith, I'm out too. This chat is over.

Thanks everyone for making my first online chat so much fun! Hope to do it again soon! --\> Slicky

Earl Slick has left the building.

Moderator: Thank you for participating in BowieNet's Earl Slick Chat! Stay tuned to www.davidbowie.com for upcoming chat's!

Session Close: Thu Jul 20 05:22:26 2000

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