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BowieNet Live Chat with
Earl Slick - 3/12/03

Session Start: Wednesday December 3rd 02:30:00 PM EST 2003

Moderator: The chat will begin just as soon as Earl arrives. Feel free to ask questions now..


Moderator: (This user is now known as Earl Slick)

Earl Slick: Hello Everyone.. lets get started

federica: Hi Earl, where did you buy those fantastic boots you had on in Milan...???

Earl Slick: I got the boots at a store called 'Clone' in Milan. I'm glad you like them!

f0ld: What hair products do you use? Do you take tips from Mike and Gail?

Earl Slick: Thanks for asking. As suggested by Gail and Mike, I use a product called Magic Move.

unicorn: What's your favourite movie?

Earl Slick: Goodfellas.

1962june13: I like your hair style

Earl Slick: Thanks. You can also thank Mr. T of West Hollywood who keeps it under control and Mr. Jim of London who sculpts it before the show.

andromache: Earl, whats your favourite pasta shape

Earl Slick: Penne.

LoveLow: do you take off your sunglasses in bed?

Earl Slick: No, I just change to my evening glasses.

CreegySeeve: Who is your favourite Bowie guitarist?

Earl Slick: Mick Ronson.

1962june13: you are half italian but from part of Italy?

Earl Slick: I'm all Italian. From Bari.

f0ld: Since you take hair advice off Gail and Mike...... is yours a hair piece? :-P

Earl Slick: Lemme take it off and have a look.

josefine: Hi Earl..I love pet questions, (due to my Great Dane Jones :p ) so which pet is your favourite? ;-)

Earl Slick: Newfoundland dogs. I have 2 of them.

f0ld: Have you ever farted surreptitiously on stage?

Earl Slick: Every night.

snoozie: Hi Earl, what do you do in the half hour before you go on stage?

Earl Slick: I get my hair scuplted and drink 2 Red Bulls.

mego: Ear, what are you thinking about when you're onstage?

Earl Slick: Good question. It's the only time of the day that I'm thinking about nothing but where I am.

somebraveapollo: Earl, are you a Catholic?

Earl Slick: Recovering.

PlatiRABBIT: How good is your Italian (cooking?!)

Earl Slick: Great! My dogs like it anyway..

mego: Who's your favorite Rat Packer?

Earl Slick: Dino.

ladyofthelake: You always look so grumpy on stage, is it, because you are so concentrated, or you're so pissed of the fans?

Earl Slick: YOU TALKIN' TO ME!?

NAZZZ66: Get your shine box

Earl Slick: I don't shine shoes no more...

scuba: Earl, why is it always you that has to fake the Spanish Guitar intro to Let's Dance?

Earl Slick: Pretty perceptive of you to pick that up. I'm just messing with Mikey.

f0ld: I saw you smile once...... what was it like? Did your face crack or ache afterwards?

Earl Slick: I'm still in therapy working it out.

erika: Earl, what's your favorite place in Italy?

Earl Slick: Lucca.

josefine: Well, what's your favourite drink?

Earl Slick: Pellegrino.

angelnr12: So..what color eyes are those sunglasses hiding?

Earl Slick: Hazel.

federica: Earl, you seem to get better with age... what's the secret of you guys who work with David?

Earl Slick: Must be the painting in the attic.

geraldcraig: Robert De Niro or Al Pacino?

Earl Slick: Both.

CreegySeeve: Is Earl Slick your real name or a stage name?

Earl Slick: Who in their right mind would name their kid Earl Slick?

lruiz: Earl what your favourite place to eat?

Earl Slick: Vincent's Clam Bar.

nemesis: Do you think Pellegrino is politically correct? Because some Bowienetters will certainly have a fit if it isn't...

Earl Slick: Of course it is. It's Italian.

tvc15dah: Hey Earl....... are just answering chic questions?

Earl Slick: I like girls better...

ragazzo_solo: Are you analog or digital?

Earl Slick: Analog.

rikki6025: What was your favorite tour?

Earl Slick: Reality.

DEmerson: Which John Lennon did you work on - Double Fantasy? What was that like?

Earl Slick: Double Fantasy and Milk and Honey. Loved it.

federica: So can you speak Italian?

Earl Slick: Buon Giorno!

cavebat: What do you miss from home when you're on tour? (And feel free to be as graphic as possible.)

Earl Slick: My dogs.

thedeuce: What bands influenced your playing?

Earl Slick: Stones and Beatles.

manwhosold: Do you all party after every show

Earl Slick: Not anymore. My license to party was revoked some time ago.

f0ld: I'm gonna pop out for a ciggie..... you want one? :-P

Earl Slick: Sure let's fire one up!

CreegySeeve: What brand of guitar do u like playing?

Earl Slick: Gibson Les Paul.

kelmar666: How old were you when you *knew* you were gonna be a guitarist on this level?

Earl Slick: 22

majortom3263: What is your favorite solo to play during the show?

Earl Slick: Sunday.

andromache: Can you sing at all?

Earl Slick: At this point they don't allow me anywhere near microphones.

snoozie: Did you give up your day job at the age of 22?

Earl Slick: Didn't have one.

thedeuce: Do you have a favorite song on Reality?

Earl Slick: NKS

erika_stassart: How old were you when you played the guitar for the first time?

Earl Slick: 14

mydeardrew: Are you answering the questions or is someone typing for you? ;)

Earl Slick: I'm speaking, someone else is typing.

federica: Do you get along well with the others of the band?

Earl Slick: I love everybody in the band. More as friends than even fellow musicians.

kelmar666: Was there anyone that you emulated as a youngster just starting out? Someone you wanted to play as well as?

Earl Slick: Keith Richards. Until I couldn't take it anymore.

venezuela: Earl, Reviewing your European Tour, what was your favorite gig(s) and why????

Earl Slick: Dublin, Berlin. Audiences were great and the band was on.

filledwithsecrets: Will you be selling your album at the Reality shows, a la Gail Ann?

Earl Slick: Yes.

martink58: Do you blush if you hit a bum note?

Earl Slick: Not at all, I just point over at Gerry and blame it on him.

Simone: Are you gonna have a website of your own sometime? And if so, when?

Earl Slick: Yes, it should be up and running sometime this week. www.earlslick.com

scuba: Is your boss that deaf?

Earl Slick: What?

federica: What are your dogs' names?

Earl Slick: Gilly and Sadie.

DEmerson: Favorite Bowie album?

Earl Slick: Aladdin Sane.

martink58: Do you ever get sick of playing China Girl?

Earl Slick: Enough with the China Girl!!

thedeuce: Who sings on your solo album if you don't get near a mic?

Earl Slick: Robert Smith, Joe Elliot, DB, and a few others...

thesaint: What's your favorite place in Britain that you've visited and why?

Earl Slick: Liverpool. I went up a couple weeks ago and picked up a couple of John Lennon style Beatle boots...

erika_stassart: When does this solo album come out?

Earl Slick: December 9th.

mirearth: Where did you record your new album?

Earl Slick: Portland, Oregon, NYC, Dublin, Ireland, London, UK

nemesis: You forgot Martha Davis

Earl Slick: Yes, and Martha Davis too...

f0ld: Do you have any phobias?

Earl Slick: Heights and bad food.

im1969: Do you plan to NOT release any singles from your new album?

Earl Slick: Yes I do. The first single is "Believe" which is being sung by Robert Smith.

1962june13: So.. what do you consider a good food?

Earl Slick: Arugula Salad. Penne al Pesto, good bread and Pellegrino.

zardoz: What's the hardest thing for you to play on guitar?

Earl Slick: Things I don't like...

martink58: what was the first record you bought, and what was the first Bowie you you heard?

Earl Slick: Meet the Beatles. Space Oddity.

ragazzo_solo: Is that you on Dick Cavett with Alomar? circa 1974

Earl Slick: Yes, that was my body...

kelmar666: I'm betting you have some sort of cherry muscle car, like a GTO Judge or something. How close am I?

Earl Slick: Sorry to disappoint you. Nissan Exterra - 4WD. Need room for the dogs.

ragazzo_solo: Do you believe in magic?

Earl Slick: Lovin' Spoonful - 1965

merman: What's your favorite pick up?

Earl Slick: Guitar or line??

mirearth: Favourite book?

Earl Slick: Steven King. Dark Tower series.

erika_stassart: What's you favorite music clip?

Earl Slick: Keith Richards whacking a fan who jumped onstage with his Telecaster.

markr: What do your tatoos represent?

Earl Slick: A lot of pain..

Simone: Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings?

Earl Slick: LOTR!

martink58: Do you wet shave or electric?

Earl Slick: Wet.

zanta42: Gandalf or Saruman?

Earl Slick: Gandalf.

f0ld: Do you own a pair of nose hair clippers?

Earl Slick: Why, do I need them?

Sax: Blondes or brunettes?

Earl Slick: Blondes...

scuba: Michael or Latoya?

Earl Slick: It's scary either way.

DEmerson: Jimmy Page or Jeff Beck?

Earl Slick: Jeff Beck.

nemesis: I give you ten bucks to smack David in the head and tell him to do one of these chats himself, rather than imploring someone else to go instead.

Earl Slick: That'll cost you ten grand...

mirearth: Do you take a laptop on tour?

Earl Slick: Analog.

linda: Jagger or Richards?

Earl Slick: Richards.

Clownie: if you had to play another instrument on stage, which one you would chose?

Earl Slick: Harmonica.

merman: Pooper scooper or baggie?

Earl Slick: Natural erosion.

susans: How were the Dandy's - did you guys jam at all?

Earl Slick: Loved the Dandy's. Didn't get too much time to jam because of our schedules, but enjoyed seeing them before we went on every night.

sigmund: What album would you recommend I go buy tomorrow?

Earl Slick: Zig Zag!

martink58: Who is your favourite comedian?

Earl Slick: Richard Pryor.

tina: Is the tour food any good?

Earl Slick: We have a great chef that cooks for us every night.

martink58: Does it take you this long to speak?

Earl Slick: Don't blame it on me. It must be this guy typing...

Earl Slick: A few more questions and I have to run...

CreegySeeve: Is an Ephiphone Les Paul a good buy or a waste of money?

Earl Slick: Should be a good buy if you go through a few before you buy..

ragazzo_solo: What's your best cure for jet lag?

Earl Slick: Don't fly.

Earl Slick: OK all. I have to go, have a bunch more album related engagements today.

Earl Slick: Be sure to pick up Zig Zag when it comes out!!

Earl Slick: THANK YOU! It's been a ton of fun..

Earl Slick:Bye!!!

Session Ended: (Wednesday December 3rd 2003 3:39:38 PM)

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