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BowieNet Live Chat Transcription - 10/5/01
with Sterling Campbell

Session Start:Thurs May 10 17:00:00 2001

*** Topic is 'Chat with Sterling Campbell, Thursday, May 10th 2001 at 5:00 p.m. EST'

Saint Alphonzo says: Hello, and welcome to BowieNet's first chat with Sterling Campbell! Sterling is here and we're ready to go. Let's get started!

aleczandah asks: "What was it like winning all those Formula 1 races in the 1960s?"

Sterling Campbell answers: That's Mr. Moss you must be thinking about....

aleczandah asks: "If you only weighed 16oz, would you be"Pound Sterling"?"

Sterling Campbell answers: You work out the math....

emmanouils asks: "hi there sterling and eric. i got just for the beginning basic Qs, favo song to play with Bowie, fav drummer of all time"

Sterling Campbell answers: Well, my favorite song to play with David would have to be Station to Station. As for favorite drummer of all time, I have a lot...

emmanouils asks: "Can you name some? I guess Bonham would be one right?"

Sterling Campbell answers: It's funny you say that, because before I came here I was listening to Led Zeppelin. Some others include Steve Ferrone, Zac Alford, Dennis Davis, Stewart Copland, etc., etc. We could go on forever...

howardj asks: "Sterling, you seem to hit the drums really hard. Do you hit em harder than the adverage bear, or is that just the way it's done. When I watch you drum, I fear that you will break the heads!!"

Sterling Campbell answers: That's just lack of technique. But actually I've been working on playing softer.

bianca asks: "Is the Toy-Session finished now and which is your favorite song from this album, Sterling?"

Sterling Campbell answers: No, we're still working on it. My favorite song so far is 'Conversation Piece.'

emmanouils asks: "What are you working on now? did you play drums for toy?"

Sterling Campbell answers: I bought Pro Tools and I'm learning how to use it. For those who don't know what Pro Tools is, it's professional music recording software.

bianca asks: "Is it right that you learned a lot about the drum-technics from Dennis Davis? How was it to be on stage with him together last year in New York?"

Sterling Campbell answers: When I was 14 years old, Dennis Davis moved into my building, and I came across him in the lobby. He was on his way to do a show at Madison Square Garden! I told him I play drums and he invited me to the show. That show was my first introduction to David's music and to the brilliance of Dennis Davis. And I knew what I wanted to do with my life! Being on stage with him last year in New York was like coming around full circle! Dennis has had a huge influence on my playing. In fact, the way I approached this last small tour was a tribute to Dennis' style.

bianca asks: "Do you have contact to Zachary Alford?"

Sterling Campbell answers: I've known Zach since I was 15 years old. We went to school together.

pozie asks: "Hi Sterling! Hearing you play as well as you do, I always wondered, do you sing also?? :)"

Sterling Campbell answers: One time I was mimicking David at rehearsal before David arrived - or at least before I thought he arrived. He walked up behind me while I was imitating his singing. He laughed!

irmavep asks: "what is the key to having a successful working relationship with david bowie?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Talk about movies and current events!

linda asks: "Sterling do you prefer Zildjan or Paice symbols?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Zildjian.

beckybeusmans asks: "If David ever asked you would you sing with him? And if so what song would you choose?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Actually, I sang backups on 'Pictures of Lily' with Mark Plati.

irmavep asks: "Do you know a guy named Jonathon Hischke or was he lying to me? ;)"

Sterling Campbell answers: Where does he live? Sounds familiar - if you tell me where he lives I might be able to answer that...is it Nebraska?

lilith asks: "Do you think Bowie fans are a bit weird?"

Sterling Campbell answers: I don't know you that well - this is my first time! ;)

bianca asks: "Which your favorite drum-solo you ever played to a Bowie-song?"

Sterling Campbell answers: The little drum break in Fame.

emmanouils asks: "do you have a website?"

Sterling Campbell answers: No. I'm just learning to type my name...

bianca asks: "In one of the Danish shows you changed instruments with Mike Garson. Mike played drums and you keyboards. Where did you learn that?"

Sterling Campbell answers: At the show.

aleczandah asks: "have you any plans to work with Destiny's Child in the future?"

Sterling Campbell answers: No. Me and P. Diddy are trying to figure out which Led Zeppelin song to cover for Jennifer Lopez.

Faye asks: "How did your sessions with Slicky go?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Great! We had a lot of fun.

alienartifact asks: "do you have any endorsements?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Yes, with GMS drums, Zildjian cymbals and Vic Firth sticks.

Faye asks: "Sterling, you never write, you never call.".

Sterling Campbell answers: Faye, why do I always have to make the first move?

bianca asks: "How much influence do you have in the arrangements of a song? Do you have freedom in your drum-playing?"

Sterling Campbell answers: David gives me absolute freedom, and I do help out on the arrangements.

starlight1 asks: "Sterling, are you touring with Bowie soon?"

Sterling Campbell answers: You're gonna have to get on David's case about that....;)

Faye asks: "Fun? With Slick involved? Are we talking about the same guy here?"

Sterling Campbell answers: now now...

emmanouils asks: "you shook me all night long" thats a great song for P.Daddy and you lol"

Sterling Campbell answers: I was thinking more like 'Thunderstruck...'

demerson asks: "Is recording of Toy all done finally?"

Sterling Campbell answers: No.

bianca asks: "Do you give drum-lessons yourself?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Is that TO myself?

linda asks: "Sterling I have been told to ask you about peanut butter.......can you elaborate?"

Sterling Campbell answers: only with jelly.

jake asks: "What was the last book you read?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Zhuan Falun by Master Li Hongzhi.

Faye asks: "You tried to explain to me once how being left-handed makes it harder to play drums. Explain again. I wasn't listening the first time."

Sterling Campbell answers: I'm left handed and I play on a right handed drum set. It plays with your brain once in a while...

demerson asks: "Was Dennis Davis your teacher? Does he still paly live with anyone?"

Sterling Campbell answers: I learned a lot about drums from listening to the Bowie records with Dennis. So in that sense he was my teacher. Now adays he is playing with Roy Ayers.

emmanouils asks: "is it like a syndrome in the bowie band , you gail and other think yuo are not great while you Rule?"

Sterling Campbell answers: David does that to us...

beckybeusmans asks: "what was the last movie you bought?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Cleopatra on DVD.

bianca asks: "Which was the best show for you, you ever played with David?"

Sterling Campbell answers: I think the first night at Roseland....

irmavep asks: "what do you think of the whole"rhythm section" idea in rock n roll - that drums are almost always accompanied by an electric bass? I'm thinking of the band the creatures composed of singer siouxsie and drummer budgie - just drum and voice. any commentary? :)"

Sterling Campbell answers: Yeah, I think that arrangement is really cool. On the Outside sessions, we did experiment with different accompaniment, arrangements, etc. The lost tapes...

lidia asks: "Do you have any advice for up-and-coming drummers?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Learn to play in time because people don't have patience anymore. You can blame the drum machine for that!

bianca asks: "What do you think of Simon Philipps?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Very good!

aleczandah asks: "Do you have a fave db album?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Scary Heroes!

bianca asks: "How important for you is improvisation in your drum-playing?"

Sterling Campbell answers: I work out a lot of the parts before hand. I guess I would say about 80% is worked out. I'm gettin' old...

emmanouils asks: "ever had a question for David that you were too afraid to ask him?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Yeah -"hey David - I'm tired of being stuck behind these drums! Can I come up front with you and sing? Cause you're getting all the attention..."

spaceface asks: "What do you sing in the shower?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Lately 'Baker Street' by Gerry Rafferty.

spaceface asks: "What was the first record you ever bought, and where did you buy it?"

Sterling Campbell answers: I didn't have to buy records, I had five brothers. But my first personal record was a copy of Houses of the Holy that I found in a garbage can.

bianca asks: "Which is your favorite painter?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Futura 2000

emmanouils asks: "what do you think of"animal" the drummer from the muppet show?"

Sterling Campbell answers: We have a good relationship.

piccadilly asks: "DO you ever get sick of looking at the band's behinds?"

Sterling Campbell answers: bands behind the what - Behind the Music? ;)

Faye asks: "What Bowie bass player, other than Gail and Mark, would you most like to work with? (say Carmine... SAY CARMINE!)"

Sterling Campbell answers: George Murray - one of my favs. I like Carmine too! He's a good guy. And also Tony Visconti.

enemyofsilence asks: "Hi Sterling! Settle an arugument for me, will ya? Tap on Eric's head - to me it sounds like a djembe - helen thinks it's more conga-esque. What ya think?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Hmmm....sounds like an empty bucket....

piccadilly asks: "Whatta think of Charlie Watts? Sex symbol? Or drumming God? Or octegenarian?"

Sterling Campbell answers: Drumming God. Another one of my favs.

Faye asks: "The drummer out of Kiss. He's meant to be a hamster, yes?"

Sterling Campbell answers: No, a Wilderbeast from Brooklyn...

Saint Alphonzo says: We're just about ready to wrap it up. Final questions, please. Sterling has to be on time for a Riverdance performance...the black Irish Jig is very popular in New York at the moment...

bianca asks: "When did you started to work with David?"

Sterling Campbell answers: On the Black Tie White Noise sessions. '92 I think.

piccadilly asks: "If Charlie Watts asked you to the prom, would you say yes?"

Sterling Campbell answers: I took Charlie Watts to his prom...

irmavep asks: "have you always lived in nyc?".

Sterling Campbell answers: Yes, born and raised, like a free range chicken...

bianca asks: "When do you think will the Toy-Sessions be finished?"

Sterling Campbell answers: When they sort out the Foot & Mouth epidemic. It's really freaking David out right now...could you imagine - no meat for David?

irmavep asks: "well have a good time sterling :) come back to chat with us soon!"

Sterling Campbell answers: Thank you very much for bustin' my cherry, guys. And I don't think you're weird. Yet...All the stalkers in the house say "OW!"

Saint Alphonzo says: Thanks everyone, and thank you Mr. Campbell for dropping by! (It's about freakin' time!!!) =8-)

Session Close: Thurs May 10 2001

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