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Tony Visconti - 1/8/00

Session Start: Wed Aug 02 00:41:47 2000
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HostJeffrey: Welcome to the BowieNet Tony Visconti chat. This is a moderated chat, and thus you will not be able to see/hear anyone else in the room. You will only see the questions Tony chooses to answer (and ramblings from the moderator). Have Fun!!!

GrimminySweep asks: "Tony, who made your HYPEMAN costume, and do you ever wear it for the missus?"

HostJeffrey: The chat is begining!

Tony Visconti answers: My girlfriend, Liz Hartley, and Angie Bowie made the costume and I never wore it after that night.

BreakingGlass asks: "Tony, how is David different to work with these days? Is he easier or more demanding?"

Tony Visconti answers: He's a pussycat.

Ratz0 asks: "Tony what can you tell us about Saviour Machine".

Tony Visconti answers: Ratz0, what would you like to know about Savior Machine?

Rednik asks: "Hi Tony... how was it in the studio for the 60s retro album?"

Tony Visconti answers: Rednik, the 60's album is sounding great. It's wonderful to have a second chance at some great early songs that David's written.

Tony Visconti answers: All I did on it was write strings and conduct the session.

Malone asks: "What in your opinion is the vital element to a successful peice of music or song?"

Tony Visconti answers: Melody.

BreakingGlass asks: "Did you enjoy the Roseland show? I think I saw you up in the balcony one night :-)".

Tony Visconti answers: It was excellent. The band was the best I ever heard them. It was great to see David's former drummer Dennis Davis come up on stage and jam on a few songs. I was told that David's voice was shot, but he sounded fantastic.

Ed asks: "Who is or was the most temperamental musician you ever worked with?"

Tony Visconti answers: Ed, I would say Marc Bolan of T-Rex.

Lilith asks: "Which, in your opinion, is the best Bowie album you've produced?"

Tony Visconti answers: I have 3 favorites, and I can't make up my mind which I like the most. They are: The Man Who Sold The World, Heroes, and Scary Monsters.

TJN asks: "Tony, by the way greetings from Gérald, the Rita Mitsouko's drummer (\;-))".

Tony Visconti answers: Hi Gerald, famous drummer in Paris. Are you still working with Les Rita Mitsouko?

Rednik asks: "Tony on 'All The Young Dudes' the line "Oh man I need TV when I got T. Rex" - is that a reference to you do you think?"

Tony Visconti answers: Rednik, I've asked David the same question, step in line.

KJGL asks: "Tony.. How highly do you rate John Squire as a guitarist".

Tony Visconti answers: He's absolutely brilliant, right up there with Ronno.

Putzi asks: "Hello Tony! I've seen an interview where you talked about the making of "Heroes"...very interesting! the thing with the microphones!"

Tony Visconti answers: Putzi, I get stopped on the street about the 3 microphone technique used on Heroes. Basically, I used the whole concert-hall of Hansa Studios in Berlin to get David's vocal sound. But the middle and rear microphones only switched on when David sang loud.

Akane asks: "What was the first impression of David Bowie?"

Tony Visconti answers: I liked him a lot, apart from his stinky chain smoking.

KJGL asks: "What 'new' or recent bands do you hold in high esteem Tony?"

Tony Visconti answers: I like Kid Rock. Enimem and The London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Zuback asks: "Tony, important question here, What was it that made the noises on beginning and end of Scary Monsters? Before "It's No Game I" and after"ING Part II" I've listened and analyzed those sounds to death. Wind/frying eggs? typewriter? And what do they signify?"

Tony Visconti answers: Zuback, it is the sound of a multi-track tape recorder starting up, my Lyrec 24-track machine in my studio. We put 2 microphones on it and recorded it in stereo. We used paper leader tape, and that's the scratchy sound you hear at the beginning. At the end, you are hearing the tape running out and flapping.

DEmerson asks: "Hi Tony. Which Bowie album would you say was the hardest to produce?"

Tony Visconti answers: The Man Who Sold The World because we were experimenting and doing things that no-one had done before.

Malone asks: "Do you think Marc Bolan would have been in the music buissnes as long as David, had he not died?"

Tony Visconti answers: Malone, I think Marc Bolan would have had the equivalent of the Lawrence Welk show of 2000 had he lived.

DEmerson asks: "We know you are a musician. have you ever released an album of your own, or thought about it?".

Tony Visconti answers: Thank you for asking. You can buy my abortive attempt at being a rock-star through orchard.com. The album is called Visconti's Inventory, and I made it in 1977.

TJN asks: "What did fondamentally change in your way to work between the '60s and now?"

Tony Visconti answers: TJN, nothing. I'm just better at it.

Purple asks: "What's Up with the Rustic Overtones?"

Tony Visconti answers: Purple, I'm pleased to announce that their album will be released very soon on Arista records. The delay was because of Clive Davis leaving the label. The new administration love the record. Of course, you all have to buy it because David is singing on 2 tracks.

NoiseMaker asks: "Hi Tony what's Fripp like to work with in the studio?"

Tony Visconti answers: He is one of the best guitarists I've ever worked with, and the most intereting. To watch him plugged into Eno's synthi, playing the feedback of the speakers with his body movements, and having the strangest notes I've ever heard come off a guitar is something I'll never forget.

NNMaddoxO asks: "Many people are accused of "ripping off" Bowie's sound. Where do you think the line is crossed from being influenced and being a "rip-off""".

Tony Visconti answers: Well, Gary Numan kind of ripped Bowie off. I would say that the Dandy Warhols were inspired by David.

Coder asks: "Are you still surprised when David takes a new direction musically?"

Tony Visconti answers: No, not at all. I would look forward to every new studio album because I never knew which country I'd be working in, or with which musicians, or which music we were going to derive some exotic concepts from.

Electric_Blue asks: "who would you like to work with most - that you haven't already".

Tony Visconti answers: Elvis.

Passenjer asks: "Did you know at the time that you were working on "Low" that it would be so influential?"

Tony Visconti answers: Yes, because David prefaced the album by saying "This might be a waste of an entire month of your life. Are you willing to come to Paris and experiment with Eno and me?" After 2 days of recording, I knew it wasn't going to be a waste of time, and I knew we were going to send heads spinning.

RobertWeatherby asks: "Tony, do you have a good story from the Berlin era with Iggy."

Tony Visconti answers: Yes, the funniest incident occured when David, Iggy, Coco, and myself went through checkpoint charlie into East Berlin. The East German soldiers took a look at David and Iggy's passport photos, and burst out laughing.

Akane asks: "Have you ever advised Mr. Bowie about his singing style?"

Tony Visconti answers: Yes, it was about the chain-smoking.

Passenjer asks: "Wait, you don't find kid rock's work to be derivitive and masturbatory?"

Tony Visconti answers: Passenjer, yes. That's why I like the group.

Freecloud asks: "Tony, what is your favorite kind of microphone to use when recording David's voice?"

Tony Visconti answers: Freecloud, he sounds good on a few mics. One is an obscure mic by Beyer, it is a double-ribbon mic. The latest mic I've recorded him on is a telefunken 251, I think. I'm not good at numbers. He also sounds great on the classic Neumann U87.

Tnarx asks: "From a person who knows next to nothing about the making of music, what does producing an album entail?"

Tony Visconti answers: Tnarx, deception, hypnotism, and sheer animal magnitism.

TheCandidate asks: "What is the biggest challenge to producing a live album?"

Tony Visconti answers: In the case of Stage, I knew I wasn't able to get him back in the studio to do touch-ups on vocals or any instrumental mistakes. This is common with other so-called live albums. So, what I did was record 5 different concerts in the same remote van and I edited different nights together. It was not difficult because the recording console was always set up.

Eric1 asks: "What do you think of all these 70's bands doing summer tours together like they were still in their prime?"

Tony Visconti answers: Well, if they can still make or recreate the great music that they are known for, then why not. I am dubious about when a classic group plays in casino-venues.

TracyStardust asks: "What's the most memorable thing that happened in the studio?"

Tony Visconti answers: Tracy, Bowie, Eno, and myself were singing backing vocals on Red Sails in Switzerland. A waiter made a wrong turn and walked into our studio carrying a tray of food and drinks, which he almost dropped. We and the waiter looked at each other with mouths wide open.

Ed asks: "What is the strangest instrument ever used on a Bowie album?"

Tony Visconti answers: Ed, using the fabulous electronic violinist Simon House on the Lodger album. Also we met this strange musician on Scary Monsters who brought the first guitar synthesizer ever made into the studio. We recorded him in the stairwell at the power station.

Helen2 asks: "Tony, what music would you suggest to David to use as lullabies, I think he is going to need them soon".

Tony Visconti answers: Anything recorded by the Comedian Harmonists.

Eric1 asks: "Any plans on going country - marrying and producing a hot country babe?"

Tony Visconti answers: I was thinking of recording and marrying Minnie Pearl.

Anker asks: "Is it me or does SCARY MONSTERS sound so sonically different from other DB's other albums. How was it recorded? Anything special".

Tony Visconti answers: Anker, we recorded it in 2 great studios and we seemed to get it right by this time. It was just everything coming together that we had done from the beginning of our association.

Malone asks: "What do you think the future of internet music is? (such as MP3s etc..)?"

Tony Visconti answers: Malone, the quality of MP3 is inferior to CDs. That's a well-known fact. But, I am looking forward to the day when we could download music quickly, at at least 24 bits sampling rate, along with the artwork and blurb, which will revolve in 3D, etc. I think it's still early days for downloadable music. Let's not even get into the legal aspects right now.

Lilith asks: "Do you have a fave author?"

Tony Visconti answers: Lilith, J.R.R. Tolkien and Jo Rowlings.

TracyStardust asks: "How did you get into producing?"

Tony Visconti answers: I failed as a songwriter. Read about it on my website. www.tonyvisconti.com

BSCTrumpet asks: "How long does a typical album take to produce?"

Tony Visconti answers: A typical album takes about 11 weeks. I have made albums in as short as 2 weeks, and as long as 9 months.

SeeDaawg asks: "Tony.....what is the exact story surrounding the mixing of "STAGE"?"

Tony Visconti answers: Seedaawg, Stage had to be mixed and sent to the RCA factory before David's tour ended. Nothing was fixed or over-dubbed. I mixed it in London at my own studio, and I had to fly to Germany where the band was playing. We hired a studio and played it back to David and the band for approval. They approved.

Freecloud asks: "Tony, what do you think of the new digital editing systems like Pro Tools? Or do you prefer to splice tape by hand still?"

Tony Visconti answers: I have ProTools 24 MixPlus in my house, and I love it. I'm still quite good at razor-blade editing, but why bother.

TracyStardust asks: "Is there an album you've released that thought would go no where...when it actually became big?"

Tony Visconti answers: Yes, in Britain, I produced an album with Elaine Paige, 1st lady of British musicals. Her friend Tim Rice thought it was a great idea to put Bowie's producer together with her. I didn't think the album woul do anything, it's not Rock and it's not Theatre, but the thing sold several million.

Lilith asks: "It's 2.30 am. here. Should I go to bed?"

Tony Visconti answers: Lilith, I'm sorry if I'm keeping you awake.

Akane asks: "Didn't you worry that Japanese in "It's No Game" might sound strange to those who don't speak that language? I speak Japanese."

Tony Visconti answers: The Japanese was a literal translation of the English. So what's the problem?

Bianca0 asks: "When is the song "Mother" you recorded with David going to be released as tribute to John Lennon?"

Tony Visconti answers: Bianca, I would guess that this being the 60th birthday of John Lennon had he lived, it might come out this year on a CD where other artists contributed their versions of Lennon's songs. Yoko is the executive producer of this album, so she would know the answer.

Ed asks: "What was the Bowie album that took the longest time to record?"

Tony Visconti answers: It was Scary Monsters, because unlike all the others, we took a 2-month break after the rhythm tracks were recorded, and getting down to the vocals and over-dubs, the reason was that David wanted to take time to carefully write the lyrics. This was a big departure from all the other albums which were done very spontaneously.

Eric1 asks: "What do you think of the current teeny bopper craze? - N'stink, Prickley Spears, Backdoor boys?"

Tony Visconti answers: Eric, I have nothing personal against those artists. My gripe is with the record industry who will only support this kind of music. I find there is no sense of cultural responsibility these days.

Bianca0 asks: "How much does the enviroment of the studio influence the recording? I'm referring here to the Hansa Studios in Berlin."

Tony Visconti answers: A tremendous amount. David is aware of this, and that's why almost every album we've made was in a different studio and a different city. The reason is David makes a great effort to investigate the cultural happenings of the city he will record in, and somehow it gets into the grooves.

Coder asks: "I know you're an avid photographer, what is your favorite subject matter to shoot?"

Tony Visconti answers: Nudes.

Eric1 asks: "What is snood?"

Tony Visconti answers: It is the greatest computer game I've ever played. You'll find it on snood.com. It's free.

Putzi asks: "Do you enjoy classic music?"

Tony Visconti answers: Yes.

TJN asks: "Tony, do you agree that anything NEEDING more than 8 tracks can't be good ???"

Tony Visconti answers: I was so happy when 16 track was made available. I made some of my best albums in that format. When 24 track came out, I scratched my head wondering how I was going to fill the tape up. However, the largest production I ever recorded was 96 track (2 48 track machines locked up).

TheCandidate asks: "What is your most favorite Bowie song?"

Tony Visconti answers: Lady Grinning Soul, and I wish I'd produced it.

Akane asks: "Are you planning to work with Mr. Bowie near future?"

Tony Visconti answers: Yes, I'm doing the next official studio album.

charly asks: "Tony, what do you think you might have done if you hadn't become a musician/producer?"

Tony Visconti answers: I sometimes wish that music was only my hobby, but I would probably dedicate my life to learning something obscure like teaching Tai Chi in Estonia.

IrmaVep asks: "Do you think that major labels stifle an artist's creativity and force them to compromise?"

Tony Visconti answers: IrmaVep, oh yes, oh yes. Major labels have long given up supporting artists that make great albums in favor of the all-mighty single. If you are going to spend $500,000 upwards on a single video, then there is not much budget left for a quality album.

Putzi asks: "Which instruments are you able to play?"

Tony Visconti answers: Putzi, I play guitar, bass, double-bass, and recorders (the kind that you blow in).

GD78 asks: "Tony get an answer to this! what is the best way to produce interesting people?"

Tony Visconti answers: I only produce interesting people. And I make it possible to get their wildest dreams onto tape. This is not easy.

TJN asks: "Why did you do only 1 title on "Young Americans"?"

Tony Visconti answers: TJN, huh? The only titles I didn't do were Fame, and Across the Universe. I did all the rest, including the title track. Read your credits, man!

Bianca0 asks: "Which of the non produced album by David would you like to have produced when you see back now?"

Tony Visconti answers: I am totally envious of Hunky Dory, probably my favorite Bowie album, and I didn't produce it. Rats!

Eric1 asks: "...and is there an album you thought would go big that went nowhere?"

Tony Visconti answers: Besides Inventory, 8-) I recorded a Flamenco Rock group in the '70s called Carmen. David was so impressed by this group, he used them in his 1980 floor show. I though the world was ready for Flamenco rock, apparently it wasn't. But you should check this album out, it's fantastic in my opinion. I think it is available on a small German label called Line.

RobertWeatherby asks: "Tony you have been around, what is your favourite beer (what country)?"

Tony Visconti answers: When I did drink, my favorite beer was made in Henley on Thames by a brewery called Brakspears. It was a frothy ale and my favorite was their special bitter.

Hansm asks: "Sorry if I came in late, but what about the '60s remake album you and Bowie just finished? Why remake thsoe songs?"

Tony Visconti answers: Hansm, that's a good guestion. I wasn't sure it was a good idea at first, but the new arrangements and the production values of this period make them sound like fresh new songs, and honestly, some of the best songs David has written come from that period.

TracyStardust asks: "Are you having fun talking to us?"

Tony Visconti answers: My only other option to talking to you would be going to my favorite Japanese porn site.

Caroline asks: "What kind of computer do you have?"

Tony Visconti answers: I have about 7 different Macs.

Eric1 asks: "Who's your favorite female singer?"

Tony Visconti answers: Eric, a lady from St. Louis, Kristeen Young.

Jareth asks: "Nude males or females? or do you go for the odd shaved dog?"

Tony Visconti answers: Jareth, shaved dogs - you've got it! Also grass hoppers in silk stockings.

TJN asks: "Did you ever work with Paul McCartney?"

Tony Visconti answers: TJN, yes, I wrote all the orchestrations on Band on the Run, my name was left off the original, but McCartney graciously added it onto the re-issue that came out last year. I also wrote the orchestration for Only Love Remains on Press to Play.

DEmerson asks: "Do producers get as much sex as the rock stars?"

Tony Visconti answers: Better. From shaved dogs.

TracyStardust asks: "What's a poof?"

Tony Visconti answers: A botty boy.

TracyStardust asks: "Do you spell it favorite or favourite?"

Tony Visconti answers: Both ways.

KJGL asks: "Whats your favourite db lyric please Mr Visconti?"

Tony Visconti answers: The Laughing Gnome.

emmanouils asks: "I know you have a special interest in the Alexander technique. My father was also badly injured in his back with problems. Is there anything you would like to say about this technique to us?"

Tony Visconti answers: I am a certified teacher because I had a bad back, and I don't have one anymore. I liked it so much I bought the company, but seriously, you should definitely put Alexander Technique in a search engine and learn as much as possible about it. It can only be learned from a teacher and not from a book, unfortunately.

WeirdnGilly asks: "What producers work do you admire?"

Tony Visconti answers: George Martin inspired me to become a producer. In modern times, I really like Steve Albini and Butch Vig, but there are several others that don't come to mind immediately. So don't feel insulted, my buddies.

Freecloud asks: "Tony, did you co-produce Diamond Dogs? Because on the sleeve all it says is that you helped with mixing and played strings....we have a debate going here....."

Tony Visconti answers: Freecloud, David had already produced Diamond Dogs by himself, but was frustrated with the mixes. He phoned me for advice, and I suggested that he come to my new home studio. After the 1st day, he decided to mix the album with me, he was delighted with the results. I did strings for 1984, though, and I may have recorded a vocal or two, but I wouldn't say that I was the co-producer.

Eriekittym asks: "What do you think of Napstar being shut down last Friday night?"

Tony Visconti answers: So much for the legal system. Napster got a reprieve.

emmanouils asks: "You believe aliens have visited earth as you say on your site. Have you ever had an alien talk with Bowie?"

Tony Visconti answers: No, but we were entertained by a story that Dennis Davis told us when we were making Low. When he was in the Air Force, he accidentally walked through a restricted hangar and saw a crashed-up alien spacecraft. He was ordered to leave immediately and not to say a word about it.

Emmanouils asks: "It seems like you love Brooklyn. Anything specific other than the fact its your home?"

Tony Visconti answers: Brooklyn, like certain parts of London, afforded me to grow up in a multi-cultural society. I am forever grateful for that experience. I was just there a few days ago and went to Coney Island on a lark.

Grimmy asks: "When you lived at Haddon Hall did you ever lock David out and then laugh at him and his perm?"

Tony Visconti answers: Grimmy, yes, every night.

Lilith asks: "Do you play computer games?"

Tony Visconti answers: Oh? You're still awake?

Tony Visconti says, "Last few questions folks."

Eriekittym asks: "asks: "How do you choose your music projects?"

Tony Visconti answers: I look for originality, great song, great vocalists.

SeeDaawg asks: "Tony.... have you ever worked with John Lennon?"

Tony Visconti answers: No, but I stayed up all night with him and David at the Hotel Pierre.

BSCTrumpet asks: "What album took 9 months and why?"

Tony Visconti answers: The Other Side of Life by The Moody Blues. This had the song Your Wildest Dreams. That song alone took a month to record. The reason, those guys just like to work slowly.

TheCandidate asks: "Do you miss vinyl?"

Tony Visconti answers: No. As a producer, I would be saddened that the listener would never hear the depth of the wonderful sound I would hear in the studio. Many sacrifices had to be made to get onto vinyl. CDs are not the greatest medium, but I can for instance hear subtle room reverbs on the Wild Eye Boy from Freecloud that scratches obscured on the vinyl version.

TracyStardust asks: "Do you enjoy what you do?"

Tony Visconti answers: Immensely. I'm enjoying producing now more than I did years ago. In fact, I used to hate producing. But today's technology makes it more fun and less frustrating.

Tony Visconti answers: Riabear, drink a lot, Really a lot, Really Really a lot. Then give it up and share about it for the rest of your life.

Lilith asks: "Have you produced any new bands lately?"

Tony Visconti answers: Yes, Antigone Rising, an all-girl NY based group. Kristeen Young, whom I mentioned earler, Richard Barone, The Rustic Overtones, and I'm about to go to Japan and work with The Yellow Monkey (seriously, that's what they call themselves).

eric1 asks: "Do have have one of those "Razor" scooters?"

Tony Visconti answers: My kids had to have them. I made the mistake of going down my steep drive way and nearly ended up on my ass. They should be banned.

Helen2 asks: "How about a favourite painter?"

Tony Visconti answers: Modigliani.

Freecloud2 asks: "Tony, I hear that David is really fast in the studio. Is that true? "

Tony Visconti answers: Unbelievably fast. He wrote the lyrics and sang the final take of Joe the Lion simultaneously.

anker asks: "What would be your dream production job to end all production jobs?"

Tony Visconti answers: I suppose if I could get David, the remaining Beatles, Beck, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, to create a super-group with Dennis Davis on drums, I'd be very happy.

Charly asks: "Tony, is there any album which you wish maybe a bit more studio time had been spent on it?"

Tony Visconti answers: If you are referring to a Bowie album, I would say the Lodger sounds incomplete to me. It was recorded and mixed in 2 uncomfortable studios. And I think we couldn't wait to leave every night. I happen to like it very much though. It just sounds unfinished.

Charly asks: "Tony, do you have a favourite place to record/produce. Any particular studio or city?"

Tony Visconti answers: I like to record in either London or NY. I like to mix in Paris. London and NY have great rooms and great energy. Paris has great equipment and great food.

IrmaVep asks: "Sad story - Siouxsie and the Banshees went to the Hansa Studios to record Hyena in the mid 80's and found that none of the equipment had been updated and the place was in a sad state of repair."

Tony Visconti answers: IrmaVep, Hansa was in a sad state of repair when we recorded there. It wasn't the studio; it was the vibe. And we made those albums on the same equipment, so what's the problem?

Charly asks: "Tony, do you enter the studio with particular goals in mind or do you just take things as they come, so to speak?"

Tony Visconti answers: I always start an album thinking it might be my last one, so I want it to be great. I want to be involved in making great music that will outlive me.

Freecloud asks: "Tony, how's your Quidditch game going?"

Tony Visconti answers: Great, but I accidentally sat on my broomstick the wrong way and had to go to the hospital to have it removed.

Emmanouils asks: "Jeff Beck?? or new Beck ? (pls say Jeff Beck)."

Tony Visconti answers: Both.

TheCandidate asks: "Tony, in your opinion in one word how would you describe David as an artist?"

Tony Visconti answers: Unique.

Grimmy asks: "That happened to U2 too!"

Tony Visconti answers: I was just telling the BowieNet team that the reason we recorded at Hansa was not for the studio, it was for Berlin.

Grimmy asks: "Can you breifly review David's many fashion mistakes?"

Tony Visconti answers: Grimmy, he's braver than most of us.

Guest53452 asks: "hi tony, how tall is bowie?"

Tony Visconti answers: In high-heels, six-foot-five. In stocking feet, five-foot-three.

Guest53452 asks: "is it true that Carlos wrote chingaling ?"

Tony Visconti answers: Yes, and the Star-Spangled Banner too.

Guest53452 asks: "do you know shuna from worthing ?"

Tony Visconti answers: Are you referring to the prozzy who lives at #82? With young model on her doorbell?

Guest53452 asks: "how come you can spell Modigliani being in music and all ?"

Tony Visconti answers: Because like Pizza, it's an Italian word.

Grimmy asks: "guest63452 is Bowie, you know...".

Tony Visconti answers: Wrong. I am Bowie posing as Tony Visconti.

TheCandidate asks: "David and Tony.... what do you like best about working with each other?"

Tony Visconti answers: The jokes.

Guest53452 asks: "did you ever ski with bowie?"

Tony Visconti answers: Yes, he actually taught me how to ski, seriously. We skiied at Les Diableret in Switzerland. David once asked me to watch him ski down a slope, then he asked me how good his form was. I answered you look like David Bowie on skiis.

TJN asks: "Tony, if your son would like to become sound engineer, nowadays, would you sustain him?"

Tony Visconti answers: No. I'd try to convince him to become a lawyer. Save me some legal fees.

Grimmy asks: "and are you wearing undies?"

Tony Visconti answers: Grimmy, yes. Outside my jeans.

TracyStardust asks: "Will you come and chat with us again?"

Tony Visconti answers: Yes, but the questions better be better next time.

Tony Visconti answers: Seriously, this is a lot of fun. Especially for the fact that I don' have to type.

Tony Visconti has left the building.

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