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Session Start: Wed Aug 16 20:00:51 2000
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SaintAlphonzo says: Here we go!

Mark Plati says HI!! WASHAPPPPP?!?!?!?!??!!

Thomo asks: "Hey, what did you do with Shawn Colvin?"

Mark Plati answers: I engineered a lot of her last record and played some bass as well.

Slices asks: "When did you first know that you had "made it" in the business? And were you ready to live like a pauper if you didn't?"

Mark Plati answers: 10 years ago, I worked with Prince and that's how knew it was happening - and I certainly wasn't prepared to live like a pauper!

Tone asks: "What is the one album or track you produced that you are most proud of?"

Mark Plati answers: One of them would have to be "Dead Man Walking" from Earthling - I still think it's an amazing track.

Charly asks: "Hi ya Mark. So, how did you get into the producing/engineering lark then?"

Mark Plati answers: In 1981, I saw a friend of mine's band make a record and I knew from that point on that I had to do that.

Charly asks: "So Mark, are you feeling better now after your bike accident in May?"

Mark Plati answers: I feel pretty good - I am back on the bike but my elbows still crack a little from time to time, and my hands hurt somewhat. Does anybody know a good acupuncturist?

Charly asks: "Mark, what was it like working with David. The fanmix was great fun, is he always fun in the studio?"

Mark Plati answers: It's always a good time working with David in the studio -especially on the 60s album. It's been a real treat to produce this record with him.

Faye asks: "Mark, I know I've asked you this before but for the benefit of the world: which is cooler, guitar or bass?"

Mark Plati answers: WASSSSAP, FAYE?!?!?!? I love guitar, but bass is still more primal for me.

Grimmy asks: "What's your favorite Clash song?"

Mark Plati answers: London Calling, hands down.

Charly asks: "You've worked with some interesting artists. What was it like to work with Marc Cohn? I like some of his work."

Mark Plati answers: Mark had a fabulous sense of humor, and he wrote great songs. He was a lot of fun in the studio, and I miss him. I hope he's well. He's a good guy.

Charly asks: "Mark, do you have any pets?"

Mark Plati answers: I don't at the moment, but at one point I had three cats.

Charly asks: "I love your web site btw, some great pix up there!"

Mark Plati answers: Thank you very much! I haven't had much time to tend to it recently, but I put up news last week that may (or may not) have been posted which describes the making of the 60s album.

Electric_Blue asks: "Hi ya Mark :) How's life without Slick? Do you have plans to work with your guitar brother again soon?"

Mark Plati answers: Slick called me early this morning with his FM DeeJay voice, pretending to be a hit man waiting outside my front door in a black limosine. Clams just aren't the same without him.

Charly asks: "Mark, do you ever work/play without headgear? You always seem to wear a hat or ban."

Mark Plati answers: It's the only thing that keeps my head together! charly asks: "Mark, do you prefer playing guitar up there on stage or working in the studio? Or do you like both equally?"

Mark Plati answers: They're both really great, but I couldn't see doing one all the time. But they're really complimentary.

BoyChild365 asks: "DID Sailor BATHE with those boats?? Did YOU bathe with the BOATS?? LOL".

Mark Plati answers: Yes we did, and they're currently auctioning off the bath water on Ebay! charly asks: "What's your favourite city in the world?"

Mark Plati answers: New York, without a doubt. I've yet to find anywhere else in the world where I could live, and continue to be as excited on a day to day basis.

Emmanouils asks: "Mark first time worked with Bowie was -90 right? Anything you want to say how you met?"

Mark Plati answers: In 1990 I worked on the Fame 90 remix with Arthur Baker, which was actually really funny. I didn't meet David at the time, we only met 6 years later when he was working on Telling Lies.

HowardJ asks: "did you really work with D. Brown?"

Mark Plati answers: Dennis Brown was a reggae singer who died last year. When I started working in New York in 1987, I used to do a lot of engineering at a studio that did a lot of reggae records. One of the artists they put me with was Dennis Brown. At the time, I thought we were only doing one or two sessions, but it ended up being an entire album! Kinda the same thing happened with David...

SeeDawg asks: "Hi Mark....Who do you want to work with that you haven't already?"

Mark Plati answers: I'd love to work with The Eels - they're one of my favorite bands, and I think that E is an amazing writer.

Charly asks: "Mark, what do you do to relax? How do you chill out?"

Mark Plati answers: The last time I chilled out was sometime around 1975.

BoyChild365 asks: "Sorry, Mark... But can't we just be dirty?? (WASHAPP?)".

Mark Plati answers: Yes - just be as dirty as you wanna be, baby!

Chipper asks: "Do you answer the questions or does HJ?"

Mark Plati answers: Howard gets to slip one in every once in a while..

Chipper asks: "What is the meaning of life?"

Mark Plati answers: If Mikey likes it, it must be OK!

BoyChild365 asks: "Who is the cutest David Bowie Band member, in your humble opinion?"

Mark Plati answers: Is there even a contest here? Mike Garson, of course!

Grimmy asks: "if you were a vegetable which vegetable would you be?"

Mark Plati answers: I don't know about vegetable, but if I was a fruit, I'd be one of those star fruits, cuz they're so weird looking and you don't really know what's inside...

Emmanouils asks: "What kind of bike do you have??? I read on your site you had an accident lately?"

Mark Plati answers: I have two Treks - one I use for long rides and the other is a "beater" bike which I ride to really posh places like Ultrastar.

EriWilde asks: "Which songs did you collaborate with Susane Vega?"

Mark Plati answers: I only worked on one song with Suzanne Vega for a Phillip Glass soundtrack. That was a really fantastic session though. I was a big fan of hers at the time, and still am, so it was a big privilege to record her vocals.

IrmaVep asks: "mark were you telling the truth during fanmix about how many pieces of headgear you own? or are the 2 or 3 that I've seen you wear in the public the "formal" ones? \\;)"

Mark Plati answers: It's down to 15 now, as the laundry have lost a couple.

Dream85 asks: "Which do you enjoy more, being a musician or a producer?"

Mark Plati answers: That's a really tough call. Both have their advantages, and both are really fulfiling. I don't think I could decide which camp I'd be in if I had to choose one.

BoyChild365 asks: "Is the grass REALLY greener on the "other side"??"

Mark Plati answers: I'll let you know when I get there!

Electric_Blue asks: "Are you missing playing live after being out on the road?"

Mark Plati answers: I actually am missing it quite a lot - I haven't played live in a couple of years, so playing with David has really rekindled my desire to do that. Hopefully, there will be a time when we can do it again.

Pam asks: "Did David have false labor pains? \\;)"

Mark Plati answers: No, but he did have some weird cravings....

Bonster1 asks: "Does Gail get mad when you take over on Ashes To Ashes?"

Mark Plati answers: She only gets mad because she has to work my foot pedals with her bare feet.

SeeDawg asks: "What is your favorite Bowie album... cd?"

Mark Plati answers: It's a toss up between Aladdin Sane and Station to Station. Both of those travel with me wherever I go.

TracyStardust asks: "What have you been working on lately?"

Mark Plati answers: I've been doing a few different things. I've been working with an artist called Merlin from Montreal on an album for MCA, and I've also been working with Joe McIntyre who used to be in New Kids on the Block.

SeeDaawg asks: "How is it working with Prince... oh I mean "The Artist"?"

Mark Plati answers: Prince was really interesting. At the time, I had heard so many weird things about him, but I found him to be very shy and very quiet, and he kind of just let me get on with doing what I was doing, which was mixing.

Bonster1 asks: "Mark: Where do you see yourself ten year from now?"

Mark Plati answers: I have no idea what I'll be doing next week, so there's not really much I can tell you about ten years from now. Hopefully I'll be alive and well, and pedaling and making noise.

Grimmy asks: "Do you ride the rides at amusement parks, and if so, which ones?"

Mark Plati answers: I really like water parks. Raft rides, water slides, wave pools. And NO head gear is involved.

BoyChild365 asks: "Is Gail truly as FLY as we might think?"

Mark Plati answers: Gail is absolutely stunning, even after she's been asleep on the plane.

BoyChild365 asks: "Is Holly dating anyone at the moment?? LOL"

Mark Plati answers: I was 12 years old when I started playing bass. I had been playing drums 2 years prior to that, but then I saw a fellow student playing an electric bass and I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

PatsDragon asks: "OK don't answer."

Mark Plati answers: Great, thanks for lettin' me off the hook. Now what was the question??

Chinle asks: "Mark how ya doing?? Will the VH1 Storytellers songs ever see the light of day on a future album??"

Mark Plati answers: China Girl actually did end up on a VH1 Storytellers Album. I don't know the fate of the rest of it - maybe, maybe not!

Bonster1 asks: "Shall we just chat with Charly?"

Mark Plati answers: He DOES ask good questions, doesn't he? \\;)

Screen asks: "What do you think is needed in order to become a great producer? What equipment and what experience is mandatory?"

Mark Plati answers: Wow - that's a great question! I think you just need to have an open mind and listen. You have to be receptive to the feelings of your artist and your surroundings. Plus you have to love music. At least this is what works for me.

Bonster1 asks: "When you were a kid, what was your favorite group?"

Mark Plati answers: When I was really young, my first favorite group was probably Three Dog Night. I guess that dates me! From there I moved into the Beatles, Bowie, Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell.

TracyStardust asks: "Who has been your favorite person to work with? Other than David, we all know you love him best \\"

Mark Plati answers: I had a really great time with an English duo called Alisha's Attic. They are two lovely girls.

BoyChild365 asks: "Did you REALLY go to Elizabeth's Flower-Shop, or was that you're stunt double?"

Mark Plati answers: It must have been a stunt double on a stunt bike with a stunt bandana ordering some stunt flowers for a stunt baby....

Electric_Blue asks: "how did you enjoy Glasto?"

Mark Plati answers: Glasto was fabulous. I was amazed at the scope of it all, plus that fact that we managed to get on on time. It was even more surreal two days later when we played to a crowd of 150.

Dream85 asks: "If you hadn't made it in the music business, what would you be doing?"

Mark Plati answers: I have absolutely no idea. I've known I've wanted to do this since I was around 10 or 11 years old, and there wasn't really any backup plan to speak of. When I got to university, I was a business major for all of 2 days.

TracyStardust asks: "Do you get to pick whose questions you answer?"

Mark Plati answers: No. Howard picks them. It's the only way he's agreed to unlock me from the chair when the chat's over!

Lilith0 asks: "What's the first thing you do when you enter a studio?"

Mark Plati answers: Check on the brand and quantity of coffee.

Grimmy asks: "which powerpuff girl are you?"

Mark Plati answers: Blossom - everybody knows that!

Daze-E asks: "#_mods or rockers?"

Mark Plati answers: mods

Jareth740 asks: "What's your favorite food?"

Mark Plati answers: My favorite dessert is Key Lime Pie. Favorite food is too broad a category to answer!

TracyStardust asks: "How did you become involved with music?"

Mark Plati answers: I first got involved with music by listening to the car radio when I was really young and I'd go on shopping trips with my mom. When I was around 9, my parents gave me a transistor radio which never left my side from that point on.

TracyStardust asks: "How the hell do you ride your bike around NYC?!?!? Speaking as a native NYer, I'm a little afraid of bicyclists. \\"

Mark Plati answers: I think of riding around NYC like being in a gigantic video game. In my opinion it's still the best way to get around town barring bad weather.

GeraldCraig asks: "what computer software do you use for recording".

Mark Plati answers: I've been using Logic Audio for the past 5 years. At this point, I've been recording entire bands into the computer. In fact, the entire 60s record is sitting on my hard drive!

Bonster1 asks: "So what's going to be the best track on the 60s CD?"

Mark Plati answers: Right now, it's between "I Dig Everything" and a couple of other titles I'm not going to disclose at this time. This was a fabulous record to make!

Bonster1 asks: "Admit it, you weren't a Bowie fan before you met him? \\;-)"

Mark Plati answers: Not true! I had many connections with David's music while I was growing up. One of the critical points for me was learning how to play Space Oddity and figuring out that he actually played A major instead of A minor. I realized from that point on that this guy was pretty interesting.

Dream85 asks: "What's in your cd player right now?"

Mark Plati answers: The new K.D. Lang album, the latest Eels album and a record by an artist called Nina Nastasia. A New York City singer/songwriter that I used to play with a few years ago. It's a fabulous record, you should all go buy it immediately! \\;)

Electric_Blue asks: "Have you had any offers for that red and black shirt of yours after DB wore it? LOL"

Mark Plati answers: I KNEW that would happen! I told him not to wear it....

Mark Plati answers: I'd say the Rickenbacker 12 string. I've had this guitar since 1981, when I bought it off of a friend of mine for $200. It's a real gem!

Dream85 asks: "If you could get rid of anything in the world, what would it be?"

Mark Plati answers: Nukes, HIV and Pokemon!

Mark Plati answers: Awwwww.........

Lilith0 asks: "Oh btw, the Europeans are tired :)"

HowardJ asks: "Why do you and Gail switch up on Ashes????"

Mark Plati answers: Gail and I decided to switch off in Italy on one of those TV shows where you pretend to play. Oooops! I wasn't supposed to say that.... after that, we decided to do it for real, as she really likes to play guitar as well. This time out we also switched on Seven, and who knows what we'll do next!

Emmanouils asks: "Hey Mark what do u enjoy most romance or sex?"

Mark Plati answers: romance, romance, romance!

Dream85 asks: "Who has been the most influential person in your life?"

Mark Plati answers: Without a doubt, my daughter. She has taught me more about myself than I'd known in my life up until then.

Electric_Blue asks: "How does it feel to have other people remix tracks you mixed originally?". Mark Plati answers: It depends. Sometimes people come up with really great things that you never would have thought of, and other times it's just purely comical.

KingTommy asks: "Mr. Plati, do you ever consider your own line of headgear or throwing it to people in a crowd like people through drumsticks and guitar picks? \\; )".

Mark Plati answers: No, but that's a great idea! Maybe you could do a website for it...

Charly asks: "SHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Mark Plati answers: Sorry Charlie...

Jareth740 asks: "Do you swear?"

Mark Plati answers: Fuck no!

Charly asks: "What was Tina Turner like to work with?"

Mark Plati answers: It was only a remix - she never showed up! Clearly your checking the Discography which is good because I've forgotten everything on there!

EriWilde asks: "Who is your most favourite bassist among those who have corraborated with David?"

Mark Plati answers: It's between Gail and George Murray.

Electric_Blue asks: "Do you find it strange being recognised by Bowie fans?"

Mark Plati answers: I have to admit, I found it odd at first. After all, why would people wanna talk to me? In fact, why are you all here??? \\;)

IrmaVep asks: "Is Plati a... studio name? or your real name? \\;)"

Mark Plati answers: No, my real name is David Jones...

DEmerson asks: "I know Holly introduced Emm to David, but as you worked with Holly in the mid 90's did you introduce HER to Bowie?"

Mark Plati answers: Reeves and I both thought of getting Holly in to sing on Thursday's Child after my daughter turned down the gig.

GeraldCraig asks: "What's your career highlight so far?"

Mark Plati answers: During one week in 1996, I was working with David, Shawn Colvin and Babylon Zoo all at the same time.

BlackCherry asks: "Paper or plastic?"

Mark Plati answers: paper or plastic what? Condoms???

Mark Plati answers: my money is on Mike...

Alex asks: "Who out the band breaks wind the most, my money is on Mike."

Mark Plati answers: ... he is the cutest. Cuties always fart the most!

Gregstl asks: "Any bizarre recording techniques you'd like to share?"

Mark Plati answers: One time David sang into an empty watercooler container. I've also had people sing through empty paper towel tubes. That's all I'll give away today...\\;)

BlackCherry asks: "is there an instrument that you don't know how to play that you would like to learn."

Mark Plati answers: I'd love to know how to play saxophone or Oboe. I don't have a clue with wind instruments.

demerson asks: "You worked with Al Green - did you ever get to see the Reverend Green do a sermon?"

Mark Plati answers: Again, Al Green was a remix and I never got to meet him.

Gregstl asks: "Do you use analog stuff to record first and then download it, or is it digital end to end."

Mark Plati answers: On Earthling, I recorded all the drums analog first and the dumped them into the computer. The last few records I've had enough nice preamps and converters that I didn't think it was necessary.

BlackCherry asks: "what was the longest duration that you worked with someone in the studio on a single album?"

Mark Plati answers: It took absolutely forever to do the Deee Lite album. Months and months - I don't remember exactly.

Lestat asks: "How many Gates would a Bill Gates bill if a Bill Gates could bill gates?"

Mark Plati answers: Several.

Jareth740 asks: "Has David ever said anything really nasty to you? or vice versa?"

Mark Plati answers: if so I don't recall.

Charly asks: "Is there anywhere in the world you'd love to visit that you haven't already?"

Mark Plati answers: There are loads of places I've never been. I'd love to visit Egypt, South American rain forests, India and Alaska.

EriWilde asks: "I have many friends of bassists that would like to cut a figure like you... What do you think is the most distinguishing property one should have to be successful?"

Mark Plati answers: I think you just have to set your sights on it, and know in your mind that you really wanna do it, and then not relent in your pursuit.

kingtommy asks: "I don't know how old your daughter is, but I'm guessing she's young. I'm just guessing, do you think she'll like having a new pal in Alexandria? : )"

Mark Plati answers: Maybe one day they'll form a band together...

Gregstl asks: "Any Brian Eno sightings lately? I don't want you to abdicate , but I love the things that weird man comes up with."

Mark Plati answers: Actually, I'd love to do a project with Brian and David together.

Jareth740 asks: "Is there a question you really get sick of hearing?"

Mark Plati answers: I'm not sick of hearing it, but I haven't seen the baby and so I have no info for you...

RBishop asks: "How does it feel to go from behind the boards to right onstage?"

Mark Plati answers: It was a bit of a shock at first, at the Storytellers gig I was scared to death! Could you tell?

Gregstl asks: "What's the biggest career gaff, any bad disco albums out there?"

Mark Plati answers: Oh, there's loads! And it's up to you to find 'em.

Charly asks: "Lager or Bitter. Or are you a spirit man?"

Mark Plati answers: I actually only drink wine at this point, and very rarely. I just stopped drinking alcohol for no reason other than it got boring.

Emmanouils asks: "Goodnight Mark and take care. Cheers from Athens Greece."

Mark Plati answers: Goodnight, Greece is the word!

RBishop asks: "How do you feel about the Brits saying that Earthling was a "Techno Wannabe?"

Mark Plati answers: In that respect, the Brits can stuff it!

Gregstl asks: "Any artist surprise you by their lack of musicality?"

Mark Plati answers: Yes. I can't name any names, but you'd be amazed at some of the people that show up in the studio to record.

IrmaVep asks: "does being a parent help you understand why parents are such jerks sometimes?"

Mark Plati answers: It sure does! You realize that your parents are just people trying to be the best they can be, and that no manual came with the baby.

SaintAlphonzo says: Almost time to wrap it up, folks! Send your final questions please!

EriWilde asks: "Why aren't you joining in the production of '2. Contamination'?"

Mark Plati answers: How do you know I'm not? Where do you get our information? What else do you know that I don't know?

IrmaVep asks: "Have you ever seen a UFO?"

Mark Plati answers: No, but I saw a Stealth Bomber do a fly over the Hudson River on July 4th. It about scared me to death!

Jareth740 asks: "Would you ever wear tights?"

Mark Plati answers: I'm wearin' 'em right now!

ivdf asks: "which bowie do u prefer: the techno avant-garde one? or the "hours" one?"

Mark Plati answers: I prefer all the Bowie's. That's what makes David such a great artist - he doesn't like to repeat himself. That's why I really like working with him. I don't think I'll ever be bored working with David.

BoyChild365 asks: "Have you ever encountered a deep creative block? What do you do to remedy that sort of thing?"

Mark Plati answers: Sure. Sometimes you just don't know quite what to do. Generally I'll take a little time out, do something completely unrelated to music and make sure I have peace and quiet.

IrmaVep asks: "mark answer my horror movie question :)"

IrmaVep asks: "If you could film a cheesy horror/slasher movie, what would it be called?"

Mark Plati answers: Bloodythirsty Bimbos from Appalaccia!

kingtommy asks: "Do you give street performers (I'm really curious about musicians) money?"

Mark Plati answers: Usually I do, and sometimes I take their business cards. There are some amazing musicians out there busking.

IrmaVep asks: "WOOOHOO!!!!!"

Gregstl asks: "What direction will David take next? Can you tell by what he listens to or do you just wait for him to approach you with his next concept? It seems like he always sees a concept first."

Mark Plati answers: I'm not really sure. We're still knee deep in the 60s record. I have no idea what he's gonna wanna do after that, and I'm sure he's preoccupied at the moment and not really considering such things.

Mark Plati says: Good night all, and thanks for the questions!

SaintAlphonzo says: Thanks and goodnight - look for the transcript of the whole chat tomorrow!

Thanks everyone. Mark has left the building.

Session Close: Wed Aug 16 10:18:10 2000.

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