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Yahoo! Halloween Chat Transcription
David Bowie - 31/10/00

Session Start: Tue Oct 31 2000

YahooMusic: OK all you scary monsters... get ready, because it is about that time...

YahooMusic: I am so pleased to be bringin' you the one...

YahooMusic: the only...

YahooMusic: the legendary...

YahooMusic: David Bowie

YahooMusic: Give him a very warm Yahoo! Chat welcome everyone!

YahooMusic: Give him a very warm Yahoo! Chat welcome!

YahooMusic: Hey David! thanks for joining us!

David_Bowie_Live: This is David...

David_Bowie_Live: And I'm mighty pleased to be here tonight!

David_Bowie_Live: I'd just like announce that we have something of an innovation this evening... this will be the first web chat with commercial breaks! So let me take you to our sponsor immediately...

David_Bowie_Live: FLASH!

David_Bowie_Live: Come on over to www.bowieart.com

David_Bowie_Live: We have an exciting new scheme there for students at quite a few art schools in Britain and America to enable them to show and sell their work without having to go through a dealer. Therefore, they really make the money they deserve for their paintings

David_Bowie_Live: Also your chance to get a free print!

David_Bowie_Live: Now - back to the studio!

David_Bowie_Live: I'm back, I'm back, yes, it's David here! Wow, that was great news, let's look at some questions!

zz_blondie asks: Hi David Happy Holloween

Totalblamblam2000: lovely to have you David

Brainiack2002: Hi David, are you wearing a scary outfit?

David_Bowie_Live: Woah...yeah...it's all grey denim and wool, more wool than you could drown a sheep in. But wearing it my way you don't remove the sheep first.

David_Bowie_Live: And you sir?

Candidate18337: Hi David! What is the best thing about fatherhood?

David_Bowie_Live: Motherhood!

Rebel_rebel_live: David what are you going to be doing for halloween?

David_Bowie_Live: Incredibly self-satisfied, as I had my teeth fixed in 1980.

Jungledweller98: How do you feel about people borrowing your personas for Halloween? I ask because I'm dressed as Ziggy right now.

David_Bowie_Live: Things have gotten a lot better since we over here at Ultra Star formed Facester, where we have a data bank of every single one of the three characters I invented, and you can download them straight onto your own face.

David_Bowie_Live: Kind of like Silence of the Lambs with no blood.

Neondisease: Hi david! Any plans to work with the Iggster, Lou Reed, or Placebo in the near future?

David_Bowie_Live: I hear Iggster and Napster's got married. The produce must be called Ignap, or maybe it was Eggnog...

David_Bowie_Live: Not really got any plans for recording with anyone at the moment... I've just finished an album called Toy. And we started mixing this week. I'll probably take a break for the next couple of weeks and then reconvene with Tony Visconti for the preliminary work on our album which we will start early next year.

Benji_is_undercover: Hi David... Just wondering if 2. Contamination will be more in the vein of the original Berlin albums with Eno (e.g. Tony Visconti producing, Robert Fripp on lead guitar, Carlos Alomar, Dennis Davis, George Murray rhythm section etc).

David_Bowie_Live: Eno and I were talking about this project only the other week. It's just talk.

David_Bowie_Live: Folks. I seriously hope that we can begin this after the Visconti album. I think the most daunting aspect of Contamination, other than the itching, is the fact that there is hours and hours and hours of sifting to do through the tapes that we recorded, some of them going back to 1994.

David_Bowie_Live: But it will be a reality.

Queenmaab7: Oooh! When will 'Toy' be out?

David_Bowie_Live: It looks like March folks. And there will definitely be some supporting gigs. No tour, mind. But definitely some supporting gigs.

David_Bowie_Live: At least in New York.

David_Bowie_Live: And if I can get a tuneup on the car, we may even stretch to Boston and Philly.

Guybeth: David! I'm so excited.

David_Bowie_Live: I'm not going to watch!

Mr_curious2996: Have you considered doing anything on a larger scale with Tony Oursler?

David_Bowie_Live: Tony has done a fantastic projection piece in Central Park. I hope some of you caught it. He's doing a similar one in London at the moment. I think at the back of my mind is the possibility of Tony working with Eno and I on the theatrical presentation of Outside and Contamination and what hopefully will be a third piece. His visual vocabulary is very similar to my own. And we get on extremely well whenever we do theatrical ventures together. I know there was talk of it being presented at Salzburg, Austria but I didn't get on with the artistic director there at all. It was rather gratifying to hear that he was removed from the festival this year!

David_Bowie_Live: Although I would have loved to have worked with Robert Wilson.

David_Bowie_Live: Although I would have loved to have worked with RObert Wilsno.

David_Bowie_Live: Wilsno.

David_Bowie_Live: Wilson.

David_Bowie_Live: As I had him light my living room once.

David_Bowie_Live: I'm lying about the living room.

David_Bowie_Live: But wouldn't it be fab to have Robert Wilson light your apartment? You wouldn't be able to have dinner without singing.

Angeldigital: bowie tell us more about the paintings. I love to oil paint my apartment is filled with paintings from me and my fiance... new jersey.

Bowiefan1: are you painting now?

David_Bowie_Live: As we speak you mean?

David_Bowie_Live: Yes I've just finished an 8x12 inch canvas here on the desk of two dusky girls and a donkey. If you wish to see the finished thing, take a trip along to www.bowieart.com. And go through the 3,000 student pieces of work. The first one to find it will receive a signing donkey through the post, from me!

Gauldini: I heard there was enough material from the Outside recording sessions to compile a 4-CD set, will you ever?

David_Bowie_Live: Last question on the Outside recording please.. But I think you underestimate the amount of work that we put in. We have almost 27 hours of tapes. Work that out into CD's - something like 24 CD's. And I'm having trouble putting the second one together... No rest for the wicked.

Melissay1: Mr. Bowie, whatever happened to the video you were working on with the Jim Henson Creature Shop for "The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell"?

David_Bowie_Live: It was abandoned after we found that the puppets ended up looking like puppets.

David_Bowie_Live: What I mean is it didn't have the east European darkness that Dom and Nick had wanted to achieve. Some of it is downright funny and I'm sure it will make its way onto a video compilation one of these days. To be a source of endless amusement to you all and another form of Chinese torture for myself.

David_Bowie_Live: You can probably find it on Vidster.

Benji_is_undercover: Will you ever be releasing an official version of "Sleeping Next To You" with Marc Bolan or "Velvet Couch"/"Piano-La" w/John Cale

David_Bowie_Live: As far as I know, these have always just been bootleg songs. Unfortunately, there is nothing at a higher quality to release. I would grab those bootlegs when you see them.

David_Bowie_Live: Don't say you heard it from me.

Manolis_varnassinger: David congrats for being a father do you take your kid with you when you have to take a concert in a long distant place.

David_Bowie_Live: Hi Manolis, that's a Greek name isn't it?

David_Bowie_Live: Alexandria is now 18 years old and studying hard as an intern at Ultrastar. She's coming along fine, and even has her own Mac.

Demerson666: Is the cover of Bowie At The Beeb a photo or a painting?

David_Bowie_Live: Demerson, is 666 just for tonight dear? I do hope so! Guy works in a collage way, so what you see is a combination of photo and paint. The underlying photo in fact is by Mick Rock. And judging by the cap was taken around 1973, early.

David_Bowie_Live: Interesting thing about caps, there was once a mob of unruly youths in London in the 19th century called The Peakies. They had sharp razors embedded in the peaks of their caps. And would use them for slashing their victims. Sort of predecessors to the Skinheads.

David_Bowie_Live: Actually, they were the descendants of the Mohocks, a bastardizaion of the American Indian tribal name. These young bucks were gallavanting around the back streets of London in the early 18th century, just at the time of the origination of the stock exchange, which of course was run in coffee houses in those days. They were the sons, idle and loutish no doubt, of rich artistocrats, and spent their time after curfew cutting the parts of poor hapless victims, taking noses and ears as mementos of their swordsmanship, and to make necklaces from.

David_Bowie_Live: Which brings us up to the 20th century, during the blackout during the Second World War, the teen gangs were called Cosh Boys. And carried heavy truncheons, rather like the American police carry today. These in turn lead to the Teddy Boys. Christ I could do paragraphs on the Teddy Boys, but I won't here, my half brother was one.

Mybarncat: Oh learned one - how do you know all these things?

David_Bowie_Live: Because I have in front of me a book called The History of Teenage Gangs.

David_Bowie_Live: I honestly have no idea why I know all this, but I think some of it comes from research that I started doing around the time of Diamond Dogs. When I was trying to evolve a new kind of street gang. And develop a rather glamorous pre-punk collusion of elements... yeah... suck on that...

Beckermusic: I recently arranged Heroes for voice, accordion, guitar, soprano sax and trombone. Are you hoping to hear more arrangements of your music - say like what Philip Glass did with Low and Heroes?

David_Bowie_Live: What's the difference between a trombonist and a pizza? A pizza can feed a family of four.

David_Bowie_Live: What do you call a beautiful girl on a trombonist's arm?

David_Bowie_Live: A tattoo!

David_Bowie_Live: How does a trombonist answer a phone?

David_Bowie_Live: Pizza Hut!

Angloduke: What's the best joke you know, David?

David_Bowie_Live: I think I just told them!

Aram66: Do you and Trent still get along? And do you two plan on doing anything together again?

David_Bowie_Live: Trent and I have always gotten along. I think we both would love to do something again in the future together. Unfortunately, as is always the case in these situations, we both tend to be workaholics and never seem to have a moment to actually get anything together together together. Hey, maybe I can row him into working with Eno and I on Contamination. That would be a blast.

bigfire692000: Do you ever chat on BowieNet under a false name?

David_Bowie_Live: I'm often there as Mick Jagger. But let's face it, who isn't?

Nicolehackett: Will you do another Roseland for us Bowienetters? Kisses, swoons and love to you!

David_Bowie_Live: I would pretty much anticipate that I will use the release of Toy as a reason for doing next year's Roseland, and why not. That seems like a pretty good reason to me.

Johnk_at_antisocial_dot_com: David: will your liveandwell.com CD ever be released for the masses, or can you still get it through BowieNet? I want a copy and would be willing to sign up in order to get one but as far sa I know you aren't offering it anymore

David_Bowie_Live: liveandwell.com was strictly for the bowienet members. It's still available upon membership to bowienet. It will not be available at any future point for the general public. We hope to continue this practice with future albums, tee-shirts and underwear, unique to Bowienet.

Sunday_b_morning: Were the songs from Beeb broadcasted live or first recorded? I love that record.

David_Bowie_Live: The songs on the radio part of the CD package, which are the first two CD's, were live, in-studio performances, then broadcast at a later date, usually within a week or two of their original recording.

Ziggylady29: Hi David Are you and Iman ever going to do a duet together?

David_Bowie_Live: Ha, ha, ha, ha hoot, hoot, ohot, snicker, guffaw, *(#$&*(#$*( :) :p

David_Bowie_Live: No

Leadbelly000: What musicians do you like to listen to when you are alone?

David_Bowie_Live: Depends on whose phone number I've got.

David_Bowie_Live: But it wouldn't be Lemmy from Motorhead. Although I love his music.

Demerson666: Is there any place on this planet that you have yet to visit that you would like to see?

David_Bowie_Live: Modesto. I've never been to Modesto, I've never even driven through it. For me it conjures up the rolling hills of Umbria. It sounds like a little subsidiary of Padua. Yes, senor! I live in the beautiful Modesto!

David_Bowie_Live: Akron follows fairly close, although I have been told I have played there many times, I just didn't see the tire.

Rschiweck: I love your Zenzi painting... what was the inspiration for that painting? Alaska

David_Bowie_Live: Zenzi is the name of Miriam Makeba's daughter. Iman and I both know Miriam and we had just seen her on our trip to South Africa. And I made the painting as a kind of memory of it all. If you want to see this painting, why not run along to www.bowieart.com

David_Bowie_Live: And now a word from another of our sponsors!

David_Bowie_Live: FLASH!

David_Bowie_Live: Buy sugar!

David_Bowie_Live: And now back to the studio!

Liquidsatan: What's your brand of cigarettes?

David_Bowie_Live: Well for quite some while, I've been trying not to smoke Marlboro Lights. Yesterday my friend Coco bought me a pack of what I think were called Shepard's Ear, or was it Hotel?

David_Bowie_Live: They have a picture of a hunting dog on the front and taste like crap. But it was a very smart design. Her logic, of course, was that as I'm always drawn to cigarette package design, e.g. Gitane, which I smoked for many years because the designer's name is M. PontiÉ

David_Bowie_Live: And it was actually on the pack which I thought very cool, I smoked the buggers. I think she thought that Shepard's Hotel would work the same way, although it was a bit like smoking a tramp's breath. So I guess I'm stuck with Marlboro Light for a bit longer.

Gitanesblondie: Tell us more about bowienet.

David_Bowie_Live: Bowienet, designed by the famous Nettmedia, is a project that I've been working on for two plus years now. We do lots of cool interactive projects, I write journals, take photos and do videos, and do chats with people I've collaborated with and other guests. In fact, I'll be running over there in about 15 minutes to start the midnight chat. I'll also be showing a video clip of a demo version of one of the songs from the next album Toy.

David_Bowie_Live: Exclusively for members.

David_Bowie_Live: The address is www.davidbowie.com

David_Bowie_Live: It's an ISP as well as a very serviceable trenchcoat.

David_Bowie_Live: It also does windows and will walk your dog, baby!

David_Bowie_Live: Let me tell you about the free month!

David_Bowie_Live: If you sign up now, the first month is free

David_Bowie_Live: After that I will squeeze you till you're bloodless.

David_Bowie_Live: Thank you for hearing me out.

Brake24: hi David, do you prefer to sing Life On Mars on the higher tonality (like the studio or Serious Moonlight version) or the lower one (like the 'hours' promotional tour)?

David_Bowie_Live: Actually, you know, Mr or Miss Tonality, it's only a tone different. I think it has something to do with my testicles. But also might have a lot to do with not smoking Shepard's Hotel.

Dr_feelgooduk: Were you interested in computers before you created BowieNet?

David_Bowie_Live: Only as an art medium. I've always utilized computer printout along with painting and sculpting. And the advent of the worldwide web made my life a littler closer to God, or Gods, or Peeps.

Bigestman_11: how about this, you could sell bowienet cigarettes with your zenzi painting on the box

David_Bowie_Live: What would you require as a basic salary? The Internet world is looking for people like you. Would it make me a better clown I ask myself.

Temp1981: What does your hair look like now??

David_Bowie_Live: I gave in to temptation last week and let my wife do it as dredlocks. I've been avoiding the papparazzi all week. They are really tight on the scalp and I think I'm going to have to cut them out next week.

Locaporbowie: wHY DO I LOVE YOU SO MUCH?

David_Bowie_Live: Probably because you are not typing in lower case.

Sailorcantdancelikeyou: How were the Grandaddy concerts you went to?

David_Bowie_Live: My favorite album this year was Sophtware Slump. Truly a gifted writer, the chief Grandaddy is. I've seen them twice this year, and just listening to them live is pure pleasure. And they are also a great bunch of guys.

David_Bowie_Live: And much younger looking than their 75 years average age. I could have sworn they were about early twenties. But you never know these days, what with DNA and the bomb.

Aram66: I loved you in "The Labyrinth"! Do you plan on ever doing movies again?

David_Bowie_Live: Yes, that was a fun evening wasn't it? And yes, I do plan on doing more movies.

Taxine: I'm going to order a pizza. What do you want on it?

David_Bowie_Live: HTML

David_Bowie_Live: And extra anchovies.

Brown_eyes_17us: How do we know its really david bowie? And not an imposter?

David_Bowie_Live: This has been a fun evening tonight. I hope the commercial breaks didn't affect your viewing pleasure. And if you REALLY want to know if this is David Bowie, come on over to bowienet in about five minutes where I'll be revealing my true identity.

David_Bowie_Live: Meantime, have a lovely evening, great coffee, good cranberry juice, and goodnight all!

YahooMusic: And that's a wrap folks

YahooMusic: thanks for joining us for this very special event.

YahooMusic: right now, you can head on over to www.davidbowie.com

YahooMusic: for David's very special chat with the BowieNet community, including a very special video viewing.

YahooMusic: can you forgive yourself if you miss that? I'd say the chances are slim!

YahooMusic: well then, until next time chat lunatiques

YahooMusic: PEACE!!

Session Close: Tues Oct 31 2000.

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