Hunger City

Part One

Hunger City. The desolate moaning in the distance...

Smelling the street TopHat Trevor stalked her block with deadly green eyes. The dogs yelped with hunger.

"Easy, Easy" She said patting one on the back. At that moment a large slinky creature appeared from the shadows with the upper torso of an androgynous human and the lower torso was of a dog.

"Well?" it said.

"No sign on the forbidden lot."

"Then he's at the garden."


"A moment."

At this Tophat Trevor made a motion and the extremely large dogs yelped and barked and ran out in different directions. One running quickly to an alley corner pulling out its obvious secret stash, a half remaining rotted human corpse, and began ripping flesh and eating bone.

TopHat dropped to all fours and ran off next to the creature.



A tall man with a hat and fancy suspenders appears, a scarf and collar and netting tied shirt with high dark brown leather boots his skin is whiter than death.

"Ah... Trevor how nice to visit."

"Visit? I live or survive here if you rather."

"Pretty as ever..."

Halloween Jack looks at the Creature, the diamond dog next to her.

"Doing your job?"

"Always master..."

"Well, there are new bitches* in town." (*Meant as the dictionary definition.)


"Go on Boz."

With that the Diamond Dog ran off. Ran Past the moldy streets and even farther into the darkness.


"My poor sis..." Halloween Jack gave her a symbolic kiss on the cheek.

"Shall we go?"

"Hallo, I know you were at the garden... again..."

"So? What if I was?"

"What to you mean?"

"I am owner of Hunger City. I am ruler here! I am all-powerful here! I AM A GOD here!!"

"I know this Jack, but if we are to survive...WE still eat the Flesh of the Dead."

"Oh Trevor I am sorry. Let's go home"

"Jack, what's the matter? Please tell me?"

"Nothing Sister let us go."

"It's that woman isn't it?"

"She is not of your concern."

"Like heel she isn't! She's destroying you Jack."

"She is doing nothing of the sort! She is merely human. No human can harm me!"

"Hallo... please..."

"That is enough!! Let us go, NOW!!"

And so they go through the streets of a dead city of a dead world raped of true life. With humans in sterile skyscrapers or if they are less fortunate in safe gardens.

And so whilst Trevor and Jack return to their home we focus on a safe garden. In fact a girl within it... Sara*. (Pronounced Sar-a not Sarah).

She looks like most people now, drained of life.

Her skin is extremely pale...

July 2003.