Hunger City

Part Two

Her skin was extremely pale almost blue looking. Her face was heart shaped and her body though wide hipped is willowy and slender with pale brown hair to her ankles. Her blue eyes sparkled with life unlike many people anymore, a shine, a reflection of the soul.

She hummed quietly to herself. Music as forbidden since the Diamond dogs loved it so, mostly rock 'n' roll which people thought brought the end of the city. But music was loved by the dogs and loved by her. Especially rock 'n' roll, Halloween Jack was immortal. And would out live all, her father who had placed her here, her family who had cursed her with this place. Lately she felt someone was watching her. She hardly ever had visitors in this safe garden as it was in the middle of the city.

A few hours later...

There was a loud noise outside the garden.

"Is anyone there?"

Sara was over taken by a figure in front of her.

A man with soft auburn hair and skin the color of a ghost. Very tall compared to her and shiny black boots, but she couldn't see in his eyes.


"Heh...hello, sir. Are you lost?"


"My goodness you're thin! No offense, are you hungry? I was just about to eat..."

"I, I'll come with you."

She lead him to a small trap door built into the ground of the safe garden a few feet from it chimney pipes stuck of the ground awkwardly. She pulled up the door and lead him inside.

"I've been saving something for when I had company."

"What is this place?"

"What place?"


"Oh, no. This is my home."

"How? Why? Why is it not above ground?"

"It's not safe..."

She pulled out from a small built in root cellar fresh vegetables, a rare commodity.

...Here eat this."

"No, why is it not safe?"

"The death, the disease, the peoploids, the creatures, the Diamond Dogs..."

"The Dogs?"

"Yes among other things."



And so he ate the fresh food, but it tasted sour like poison in his mouth. The girl had no idea of the Diamond Dogs Their beauty, their grace, their hunger.

"I, I have a secret."

Though she knew she shouldn't tell a stranger this she had too he was a low lander anyway and would never tell anyone important.


"Yes, you must promise not to's a secret that is punishable."


"Yes, if anyone found out I would be punished severely."

Now this was getting somewhere. He could get this in the human mainstream and that would revenge the insult upon his empire.

"I love Rock 'n' Roll."

It hit him like a hammer knocking all the air out of him.


"I love the dog's music! It's so lovely and loud."

Music was sacred to him and the dogs and all of his empire. He wasn't sure if she had insulted it or not, but he still took offense. And she was on the ground with his overpowering hand upon her throat.

"Sir? What did I say?"

She saw his eyes now. She saw them change from blue and green to red. Right now everything was red.

"You...You're HALLOWEEN JACK!!"

"Hehehe...So you Guessed! HAHAHA!!!"

He picked her up by the throat.

"I could kill you. Snap your little neck with the twist of my finger."


At the sound he dropped the girl. As soon as she hit the ground she scrambled into a corner to hide and watched in awe as the red eyed crazy man changed back into the soft spoken man with auburn hair.

"Good day, Miss."

"Who was that yelling?" she whispered to herself.

She saw a woman jump through the door. She was very strange. A top hat on her head, half cape dangling from her shoulders, and a large cracked garnet hung from her neck...her outfit well indescribable. She was pale like Jack only green eyed.

"Hallo!" and she ran to him.

"Trevor. Let us go."


And with that they were gone. Sara sat in a corner shivering and feeling the indentions of fingers on her neck.



Halloween Jack was vomiting.

"I'm fine. I had to get that poison out."

He smiled; Trevor smiled back, and they walked home.

Their home was a shabby looking...

8th August 2003.