Black Owl
Black Owl

The Journal of a Clown (Part 1)

Everyone has got stories about David Bowie, they can be funny, sad or odd.

I am not going to tell you extraordinary stories as Edgard Poe could do and I'm not going to! I know I am going to sound ridiculous, but in French we say: "le ridicule ne tue pas" (to be ridiculous will never kill you). Let's start with an odd one...

This true story happened before the Heathen tour. I was a BowieNetter and a friend of mine (we will call her "G") sent to me an email because she'd won a meeting with David Bowie. She was very happy and decided to ask me if I wanted to send to her, a song, a drawing or a poem to offer to him. It was very kind about her but I felt very silly because I had nothing special. I think that's important to offer a gift which represents something for you. Not an expensive one but something that you can't find in a supermarket.

I found an old pocket watch at home, my father offered me this watch when I was 20. I thought it was a good idea for a gift (sometimes I have no head). I chatted with a boy from BowieNet (we will call him "J") and he said to me: "You know... I don't think that's a good idea. A gift contains a message always. Do you want him to think you want to be his father?" This idea was like an echo, and it freezed me. How I could be so silly to offer that? I never wanted to give this kind of message because the pocket watch contained no details about how I had it. Finally, I bought a nice scarf because the winter is very cold in New York and I sent it to G to offer to it to David Bowie. But I never spoke about my silly idea to G.

When the Heathen tour started, David Bowie had a nice black suit with a watch in his pocket and mine was at home...

Black Owl.
4th February 2003.