Black Owl
Black Owl

Let's Laugh And Dance The Blues

Don't leave this room and don't turn off your computer. This story is true and you aren't in the twilight zone.

Even a clown is allowed to look nice once a year. That's why I decided to go to my hairdresser 'cause my hair were long. I couldn't imagine to go to Paris for a Bowie concert like that.

I don't know why I have the feeling to sound as a Barbie now... nevermind.

I keep on telling you what happened to me in September 2002. I were sitting to wait my turn when my hairdresser asked me why I was there. I don't know why she asked this silly question. No one goes to see her hairdresser only to have a dinner...

I explained to her my plans to travel to Paris for a concert. Please, note that my hairdresser is young and very modern but her English is totally nonexistent... very important note.

This is the "Shakespearian" dialogue (a new Hamlet version?)

The Hairdresser: "Oh! a concert? Who is the singer?"

The Clown: "David Bowie." (pronounced with a French accent of course).

The Hairdresser: "Oh yes! I know this guy!"

The Clown: "Really???"

The Hairdresser: "Yes... I remember. He is the one who sang hmmmm 'China Grill' isn't it?"

Black Owl.
4th March 2003.