Black Owl
Black Owl

5.15 The Bus Is Gone

When you are a fan especially a teenager, you can do so many things... some of them are silly, some of them are "heroic".

I remember when I was 16 (a very long time ago...) my parents decided that a private Catholic school was better for me cause it was the only one where you could learn arts. I suspect them not to have took this decision for that but I am not angry even if this kind of establishment is more a prison than a school. I was very lucky to find my best friend in this school and one day...

Friend: "Clownie, Clownie, I saw a Bowie poster on a wall. It's incredible. The poster is very big, it's an advertisement for 'Glass Spider' tour."

Clownie: "An advertisement??? It must be as big as a wall!!! I want it."

Friend: "Hmmmm let's steal it!"

We walked a while and finally we arrived close to the wall. It was the wall of a very famous shop named "Galleries Lafayette". Yes it is true, Lafayette... isn't it ironical?

Friend: "Quick Clownie, I look if someone arrives while you steal it."

Clownie: "Oh man! It is pasted on the wall. I must use a knife to cut it."

Friend: "We have time no more! I see people who come and I think they are policemen."

We left the poster on the wall and I hold my friend's hand. We ran away very fast and we arrived in late at the station. We missed the bus.

When I think about these memories I regret nothing even if I am sure that the policemen had to laugh out loud.

Finally what is the most important in beeing a Bowie fan?... To share good times with your friends.

Black Owl.
5th April 2003.