Black Owl
Black Owl


During The Show: Wish I Sang A Valentine

Dear Black Owl,

This is the second part of the letter. I arrived at the hotel safe but in a sad mood. I missed my family.

The hotel is placed in "buttes chaumonts" and has got a funny name: "Bergson-Bolivar". Did you know the linguist Bergson had an affair with the man who liberated Latin America, Bolivar??? I bet they speak about it in the sun... ok... ok... it was just a silly joke. I forgot you aren't a rebel, rebel. You look sometimes like these Metro travellers, you know.

When I arrived, my friends haven't arrived yet. I decided to have a look where the Zenith was. What a bad idea! I took a bus and a second bus and a third bus... I was lost in Paris. Finally I had to take a taxi. Always crashing in the same car?

The Zenith is in "porte de pantin", that's ironical when you know what "pantin" means in French.

(Porte=door, Pantin=Puppet or someone you can manipulate Porte de pantin=muppets door?). I suppose every Pierrots must go there at the end of their life. There is no heaven for them. Clowns go to the "porte de pantin"and become ashes to ashes.

Some fans were sitting patiently at the front. But I am shy and I didn't say "hi". I came back to the hotel with the taxi and finally my friends drove me to the concert 'cause they are very kind.

The Zenith is bigger than Olympia. But only 6000 persons can enter. Behind the stage, there was a wall where the name "BOWIE" were written with lights. Like Broadway music hall "decor". They remembered me candles. I didn't say we were the cake and he was the gift. I hate your sense of humour, Owlie. The show started with "Life On Mars", Bowie looked fit and the band too. They were very friendly too and even if some people say they play for money, I had really the feeling they played 'cause they love that. A lot of people regretted not to hear "Low" but the new version of the old song "Rebel Rebel" was very appreciated... but I don't want to explain everything.... you will go there next time ;)

I didn't stay for the second show, even a clown must go and have responsibilities at home, you know.

I felt happy and silly too. I wanted to stand up and applause or sing like others but I was so electrified that I couldn't move. But I don't know why I tell you that, Owlie. You aren't so sensitive than I. You couldn't see a love who flies and knocks to your door. Are you afraid of your own?

Black Owl.
October 2002.