Little Miss Wonder

Little Miss Wonder


"Come away from the edge".

The speaker places a hand softly on my shoulder. Pulling away from the offer of protection I turn round, my eyes squinting against the afternoon sunlight to view the person who had dared interrupt my plans.

"I'm OK. I don't require any help".

What immediately strikes me is his height. An imposing figure of well over 6 ft dressed in pale denim jeans. His black t shirt bears two white, printed words. Some letters are faded as if tapped out on an old, dusty typewriter. Dark hair cropped short and roughly spiked provides no distraction from his lined but distinctive features.

A smile slips across his exceptional face. "We all need help every so often".

I glance at the station clock. The minute hand teeters towards 5.15. My heart would have missed a beat if it had any emotion left within it to feel anything. It is nearly time.

"I haven't asked you for help". I spit the words in his direction.

"That is not true" he replies "I feel it in your voice".

Doesn't he realise I have made up my mind? If he can feel my needs in my voice as he said then can he see the thoughts in my head? Does he know I'm going away? No one knows. No one wanted to listen. It would be best if I were not here. In the moment before he spoke I had made my decision. People will see the mess and scream but all in all it is my answer.

Coughing, he moves his lips. "Every decision we make in life takes just a fleeting second. It's that easy".

My toes are on the edge of the platform. I can hear the train. I am ready.

The people bustle along the platform. Their heads filled with thoughts of dinner that night, whether to watch EastEnders, reading bed time stories and preparing for the next day.

The clock watches patiently from its high position... tick tock tick tock... He had been right. In one second, just one minute of our life time the world can change, our perception can be altered. Like looking through crystal, the reality sometimes appears distorted, but if we keep looking, have faith in ourselves then the beauty becomes clear. The tall man with CRYSTAL WORLD emblazoned on his shirt was no where to be seen. His exceptional face had disappeared from the crowd. He had changed time for me so I could change my track.

It's 5.15. My angel has gone.

Little Miss Wonder.
7 September July 2004.