Tattoo by

Tattoo by

Mr. Touchshriek


The room was dark, you could only just make out the two figures on the floor. The record on the turntable was crackling. Everything else was silent and still.

Eventually the sound of a train could be heard, not outside though, it sounded like it was in the room with them. Weird noises and bending sounds quickened the heartbeat. A voice spoke. One of the figures on the floor moved, the other remained motionless. The experiment had started, but it would soon come to an end.

He had started his journey, but so had she! The problem was it wasn't the same train they had boarded. In fact she had stayed on the platform and turned away from him. It was too late, or was it?

Suddenly and without warning she spoke to him, her voice was anguished and tormented, her life was taking her nowhere and she just couldn't fit into his scheme of things. Spending SOME time together wasn't enough for her, she wanted all his time. He sighed. She turned and walked away.

The following week dragged passed him so slowly. He went over THAT night, time and time again. Why hadn't he asked her to stay? Was it because he knew deep down that they didn't want the same things? So surely it was better to let her go than cling to her, like a leaf clings to a tree. He told his friends she'd had ideas above her station!

Mr. Touchshriek.
5th February 2003.