Just Another Future Legend

Come to me in tears and blame. I'm the future, I'm tomorrow. I'm the end. I'm destiny. I'm torn between the light and dark where others see their target. A future full and empty, knocking on my door, Time, a divine symmetry, flexes like a whore.

I'll make you a deal for your future's sake. You've gotta have a plan in the world of today, for tomorrow's man. He'll show you tomorrow, he'll show you the sorrows of what you did today.

But, how come you only want tomorrow. You raise yourself high. You step out of time. Tomorrow's rewards are the bloody skies of today. You'll be shooting up on anything, tomorrow's never there. Stay away from the future. Back away from the light. Call it a day.

We are Today's scrambled creatures, locked in Tomorrow's double feature. It happens today. The damage today. And I'll stand by you, now. Not tomorrow. Yesterday. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow's back claiming redemption is on your heels and a toothless past is asking you how it feels.

There's gonna be sorrow. Try and wake up tomorrow. We'll pretend we're walking home because your future's at stake and they're carving up my children's future. I shall live my life on bended knee if I can't control my destiny.

Please make sure we get tomorrow, all this pain, all this sorrow. I demand a better future. I'm already five years older. I'm already in my grave. If there was only some kind of future, I wish I was a sailor a thousand miles from here. I wished I had a future, anywhere.

Nevada Kerr
11th March 2003.

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