Young American Earthlings - 2003

I'm a lad insane, a passionate bright young thing. I was taken away to war. In the '14-'18 war I went to sea. I thought my Sunday love was waiting home for me.

It happened to Little Frankie - War made him a soldier. Peace left him a loser.

And my friend Johnny's a nobody and nothing can help him. All he's got is someone's face. He can't read. He wants a brain. In America where stark individualism is the norm, nobody needs anyone. Johnny's looking up at the stars but there's nothing in his eyes. Just the impermanent toys of Peace and War.

The Zeroes are singing tonight. Bowie's afraid of the words. Low tech at the wheel in a high tech/satellite nation, (a nation in therapy). Johnny wants to think of a joke but nobody laughs anymore. He's so war torn and resigned.

Bowie almost self-destructed back in the 1970's living in America - stress, pain, and pills. The pills that he took made his fingers disappear!

There's nothing in our eyes but nothing ever goes away. My World War II heroes are all here - Himmler and Churchill, and Garbo - there's a twisted name on her eyes!

The Earthlings are a joke! Don't be so forlorn - It's just the payoff! The rain before the Desert Storm. Karmic retribution for turning a deaf ear in times of war and stress.

President Joe once had a dream. The world held his hand. So he told them his plan for a Saviour Machine. They called it the 'Prayer', its answer was law. Its logic stopped war. Some cried in boredom when the peacefuls stopped the war and left the generals squashed and stifled.

La di da. Down, down, down on the ground. Like a dead man walking through an alien nation. Time does fly when it's in another pair of pants. All the world is watching and war torn. Where do we go now?.

In Memory Of World War III

Nevada Kerr
March 20, 2003.

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