Life Lies Dumb On It's Heroes

Never let me down, don't look down. We are falling down - falling in love as the world falls down - Baby it can't fall. Death means nothing at all.

We stumble and fall. Its harder to fall. Can you hear it fall? We kissed as though nothing could fall. No place to hide -NO WAY to fall.

Chev brakes are snarling as we stumble across the road - stumble like blind men - a series of shocks, our sneakers fall apart.

We tumble blindly as we make our way. We tumble and twirl. On nite flights - there is only one way to fall - it falls upon deaf ears. When the shadows fall down the walls, we fall on today - we crash a thousand yards below - what a fantastic death abyss!

Fall into my arms - I'm never gonna fall for modern love! We saw the stars crashing down, down, down, shrieking as they fall.

It ain't easy to get to Heaven when you're going down. Heaven knows what we are. Heaven loves us. But you've seen whose in Heaven. Is there anyone in Hell?

Heaven lies between your marbled thighs. And I'm strung out in heaven's high - hitting an all time low. No more free steps to Heaven. Heaven is smiling down. Thank God Heaven left us standing on our feet!

You ain't got nothing. And I'm on the run. Under the God, some things are so big they make no sense. I am a broken man. I guess you can't make mistakes with babies.

It's so hard for us to really be, really you and really me. I can't tell good from bad and the solid book we wrote can not be found today.

Think about all the strange things circulating around. This dot marks our location. I'm uncertain if she likes me but I know she really loves me. Maybe I'll take something to help me. Nobody here can do it for me.

I will wear my wound with honor. Drifting into my solitude. I was running at the speed of life. Look at this, then look at us - more idols than realities.

You can't say no to the Beauty and the Beast. I believe in magic, the weird powers taught by mystics . You remind me of the baby. The baby with the power of voodoo - secrets never seen.

Don't fake it, baby, lay the real thing on me. We're swimming in a sea of sham. Pray that the heathen lie will disappear. In our secret fearful places we see our lives unravelling before us. Life lies dumb on it's heroes!

Nevada Kerr
March 28th, 2003.

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