New Killer Star

Star - Waxing fortune and fame. Destiny. An outstandingly talented performer.

Star - a self-luminous, heavenly body of great attraction and significance, producing energy by means of New Killer fusion reactions.

Fusion - The merging of diverse and distinct musical elements into a unified whole.

Killer - One that has a forceful or striking impact. One that is extremely difficult to deal with. Ponderously excessive.

Not to be confused with "Killah" and other gangster rap thugs.

Killer - Strikingly impressive, devastating.

Killer Instinct - The aggressive, tenacious urge for domination in a struggle to attain a set goal.

New - The first of its kind to exist. Made or become fresh. Being other than old.

"I'll never get old." David Bowie

New - Beginning as the resumption of a previous act or thing.

Example: The "New" music of REALITY. A continual thrust that began with Heathen. Here the Killer's Threat becomes a thread, the continuing element of genius that marks all Bowie's music. And of course, he has not lost his qualities of NEWNESS such as liveliness and energy!

New Killer (also pronounced Nuclear). The essential and enduring part.

New Killer - A weapon whose power derives from an uncontrolled New Killer reaction.

New Killer - The central person about which our gathering and concentration takes place.

New Killer Star - The core or heart of the matter. The first seed of Reality. The place in a New Killer reactor where fission occurs.

Fission - When a Killer Star produces many new albums/roles thereby releasing large amounts of Energy to continue making great music.

Thrust - Driving Force. Annoyance. Threat.

An indication of something impending - The impending "Reality." Something in our blood. Something in the air.

The Bowie Knife stabs and portends. Its portents elicit amazement and wonder.

The Thrust - A push or lunge with a Pointed Weapon. The salient or essential element or meaning.

Reality is the essential weapon!

The Very Heart Of The Matter

And David Bowie is its New Killer (Nuclear) Star.

"Predator, pillager, and extortioner, reality bites, gulping down the poor dunce."

Nevada Kerr
June 23, 2003.

It would be cool if the song New Killer Star was a spoof on the modern iconoclastic terrorist - the gangster thugs, heathen anarchists and other assorted fiends in human shape that have somehow escaped the redemptive grace of love!

Nevada Kerr
July 28, 2003.

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