Facing The Music

The music/threat is Outside but the courage to face the music comes from within, within the heart of Grace, within the nucleus of a star. One must go through the fire and the water fearlessly.

Exploring Dream Reality/The Idiot Trance:

The word idiot from idio, idios means unique, singular, distinct, all words that describe David Bowie.

Idiot also means "distinguished by the mind or eye as being apart or different from others," "a special quality or identity," "distinguished by some unusual quality especially being in some way BETTER."

Oh, my idiot trance. All my idiot questions. I never said I'm better than you.

Trance can be defined as a state of profound absorption, a state or experience of being carried away by overwhelming emotion, a mystical experience in which the spirit is exalted to a knowledge of divine things, an expression or manifestation of ecstasy or passion.

Trance - Dream-Reality. Lost In Thought.

I'm thinking now

Trance or Stars In Your Eyes

Starry-Eyed - Regarding an object or a prospect in an overly favorable light. Having the hope and courage to put a good, bold face upon the future. Putting on your best face and facing the music. Hoping against hope that nuclear bombs will not destroy the world, incinerating the sidewalks, buildings, and trees of one city after another.

Perhaps preceded by the light of a flare in a foreshadowing of doom.

Flare - An unsteady, glaring light. A fire or blaze of light. Solar Flare.

A sudden increase and decrease in the brightness of a STAR often amounting to a difference of several magnitudes.

Starry-Eyed - Characterized by Dreamy Thinking, Visionary, Unreal.

Bowie has always had the foresight and imagination of the dreamer/seer, yet he claims he is not a prophet (a person credited with extraordinary moral and spiritual insight) just a "mortal" with the potential of a superman.

Perhaps the nuclear explosion we see in the "Lets Dance" video is merely the idiot trance of the dreamer, or the dream-reality of the visionary. Either way David sings in New Killer Star: "Ready, Set, Go..."

There is no preparation for an Apocalypse. The Bible is a comic book and we don't have a chance in Hell of seeing Jesus on Dateline, unless of course, we're visionary dreamers!

Nevada Kerr
August 6, 2003.

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