Outside Reality

Outside Reality

"...nothing has changed....
everything has changed..."

My life has taken a dramatic change something that was so empowering and the beauty that it had possessed was being able to see with such clarity.

It all began when my ears were immersed in the beats and rhythms of David Bowie's music. The seed was planted at a young age where you get to experience music for the first time. This becomes such an addiction, like a drug that you will always crave till the day you take your last breath.

My first addiction started when I heard the beats of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. Such an addiction that I stole my grandmother's sparkled gardening glove that shone like Jackson's infamous jeweled glove. The journey begins.

The next addiction was seeing my first music video on Much Music. Music of any sort of media was forbidden in my household. So being the little tiny rebel that I was I turned on the TV to Much Music and the beauty that had graced the screen was Annie Lennox in 'Sweet Dreams'. This addiction had changed the way I heard music, and had moved my sexuality into a whole new growth that in my later years would understand it to be my immense love for women. The most highly addictive drug that I was about to take in would be The Glass Spider Tour by David Bowie. It just so happened that I convinced my grandfather to watch it with me. And so we immersed ourselves into Bowie and our bonding song would be 'China Girl'. My grandfather had a love for anything from the Japanese and Chinese culture, so this song hit home for him.

Twenty-two years later a major change would reared its head. October 18th 2004 I was to be married to the most beautiful woman in my life. Our honeymoon was to be in Italy and starting off our journey was to see David Bowie in Milan.

Outside Reality.