Young Ziggy

Young Ziggy

An Introduction

OK, so being 15 I was obviously never around in the height of David Bowie's career and I unfortunately never got the opportunity to see him live, I was 7 when he last toured. However, despite this I am still a massive fan of David Bowie, I think he is a genius.

In this blog I am going to review Bowie's albums etc, but also explore what it's like being a David Bowie fan when all your friends and age group are far more interested in the likes of One Direction and Justin Bieber (trust me it's not easy).

I have always had different taste in music to most people my age. My first album was 'Abba Gold' and whilst most of my friends' first concert was 'X-Factor Live' mine was Coldplay.

I first got into David Bowie when I was about 10 and for about 6 months I was absolutely obsessed with him. However, I soon found a new favourite artist, The Lightning Seeds, and the phase was over. Since then I have been through various phases including Mika, Snowpatrol, Paramore and my current favourites Take That (none of which any of my friends are particularly impressed by). However, around 6 months ago after scrolling through my iPod I came across Ziggy Stardust, my former favourite song, and once again I was hooked!

Now I don't claim to be a superfan or an expert in David Bowie's music. I only have his 'Singles Collection' and I do not even really know all the tracks on there. However, the tracks I do know I love, Ziggy Stardust, Ashes To Ashes and Life On Mars? to name a few favourites. However, I am constantly developing my knowledge of David Bowie's music and am saving up to buy some of his many albums!

One of the things that I admire most about David Bowie, other than his music, is his creativity, not only in his songwriting but also in his creation of characters and personas for himself. Having not listened to much of his music I am not acquainted with many of these characters, however what I have heard makes each of these characters seem incredibly real and almost like a being in their own right which I personally find incredible!

OK so that's the introduction thing done, my next blog will be a review of whichever David Bowie album I can get my hands on first.

Thank you for reading. :)

Young Ziggy.
17th August 2012.