Tibet House Freedom Benefit, New York
22nd February 2002


David Bowie: "Thank you. Thank you very much for your support. Erm. My seventeen month old daughter erm, slipped this into my trouser pocket this evening so I think that's her contribution to, erm, if she were here tonight I think she would offer this..."

(DB plays one note on the harmonica).

"Oooo." (audience start laughing).

"Joining me tonight are a quartet that have been working with er, myself and Tony Visconti for the last few months. (applause) They're called The Scorchio Quartet. Scorchio! weather? (applause) And they are Martha Mooke, Gregor Kitzis, Meg Okura and Mary Wotten." (applause).

"On drums, erm, my drummer for, many many years now, Sterling, Sterling Campbell." (applause).

"On bass guitar that's Tony Visconti." (applause).

"Er, and as always, er, it's fairly traditional that I never remember the lyrics to any songs that I've written. Except "Girl you really got...". Ooo that Ray Davies. What's that called? 'Lucky Lenny'."

"Er, we're gonna do a new song and an old song tonight, this is a new song it's called 'I Would Be Your Slave'."

(Performs I Would Be Your Slave).


DB: "Thank you very much. And I'm terribly proud to be joined by the Kronos Quartet. (applause) David Harrington, John Sherba, Hank Dutt and Jennifer Culp."

"Also joining us, on this time, snatching a very smart new bass guitar fom Visconti, Adam Yauch."

"Er who do I spy on the piano?" (mimicking someone) Mr. Philip Glass." (applause).

(DB plays longer note on the harmonica)
(audience laughing).

"Does that help in Kronos? Or would you prefer an 'A'?" (laughs).

(Performs Space Oddity).

DB: "Thank you very much indeed."