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Chatroom Conversation with Miss X

Session Start: Sun Nov 14 09:29:50 1999

Session Ident: MissX (missx@news01)

MissX: Hello Rednick

Rednik: Hi

MissX: bah its Rednik i spelt wrong

Rednik: yeah don't worry bout it everyone does it

Rednik: it's my surname backwards

MissX: yeah right Kinder then?

Rednik: yep

MissX: Are you the Paul Kinder who runs Bowiewonderland?

Rednik: No I run BowieWonder... world

MissX: yeah I mean BowieWonderworld

Rednik: no probs everyone calls it "land" as well LOL

MissX: I saw your website on Friday for the first time its really really awesome

Rednik: Thank you very much... that's kind of you to say

MissX: I figure it must take a lot of work

Rednik: Yeah

MissX: I read some of your diary its very funny - you are cute

Rednik: LOL

MissX: whats lol???

Rednik: it means laughing out loud

MissX: oh ok

MissX: Do you know Bowie?

Rednik: Erm.. LOL I know of him

MissX: Well you've seen him lots of times and those pics with him

Rednik: yes I'm an old man now ;) LOL

Rednik: How old are you?

MissX: I'm nealy 16

Rednik: from the US??

MissX: yeah in LA with my mom she's a Brit as well

Rednik: Ooo really? Invite me over then LOL

MissX: when did you first get to see Bowie show? Ziggy

Rednik: Not quite... I had a ticket but me mum wouldn't let me go LOL... 1976 at Wembley was the first time I saw a live DB show

MissX: Wow! Awesome, you actually saw him when he was Neil

Rednik: Neil?

MissX: yeah Neil the thin white Duke

Rednik: Neil The Thin White Duke? LOL what's that?

MissX: yeah

Rednik: Where do you get Neil from??

MissX: Neil was the thin white duke's first name

Rednik: LOL how do you come to that conclusion?

MissX: Cos it says so in a song

Rednik: What song??

MissX: Let me look hang on a sec I'll check

MissX: Word on a wing

Rednik: You've lost me here hon, where does it mention Neil?? LOL

MissX: Oh Lord, I Neil, and offer you my word on a wing

Rednik: it's kneel not Neil! LOL

MissX: shit is it

Rednik: hahahahahaha

Rednik: yep sure is

MissX: now i feel totally stuuupid !!!!

Rednik: It's Ok honey it happens to everyone at some point

MissX: I'm going now I've gone all red

Rednik: That is without doubt the funniest lyric thing that I've ever heard.. I love misheard lyrics LOL

MissX: Jeeezz I'll never live that down never, I'm gonna go to my room now and sulk, I feel a total dumb ass

Rednik: Thanks hon you just made my night.

Rednik: You just cheered me up no end. See ya x

MissX: bye

Rednik: Tarrah

Session Close: Sun Nov 14 09:49:55 1999

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