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Glastonbury 2000 Festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset - 25th June 2000

The Man David 71 reborn Look the jacket's same pattern as 71 shirt How can you tell from here? I got good eyesight Nah your pulling my leg
Same pattern I'm telling ya When's that Swedish girl gonna come on? I've played here 2 times Is he on? Where is he? Big screen doll
Zoom in for Gods sake David and Tony Day David and Dad Wheres the zoom switch? Nope thats not it I wish Mask was here
Well the crowd looks great Bowie! Bowie! Different stage lights anyway What's a zoom? Here you take some It looks further away doesn't it
David during Ziggy David during Ziggy Zoom in you knob David crowd surfs Why ain't the zoom working Arrgghhh
Gawd he looks great David and Gail Ann The Emperors new clothes David at Glasto 2000 Beer Tent for 7 year olds Beer Tent for 70 year olds
David and Craig

All photographs are copyright of Rednik, EB and Hayley Madden

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