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Leeza's Flower Shop Do, New York City - 17th June 2000


In front of the Mask Tura puckers up Mask goes table dancing shooting Liars Club President Rednik and Leeza Evan
Leeza and pFurs Pam and KelMar David - Get ahead get a hat Suff, Pozie, Carl, EoS and Rebecca GailFire and BritBoy Better the devil y'know Alex
Bowie Headz Tura and Cherry The drink's 'armless Pam, Mask, Derek, Linda and Cherry Some vagrant gets a free drink GailFire
Snap Karen Simone and a Rabbit Blammo gets Tango'ed Mask holds Blam up Date Rape! Rednik's only here for the beer
Mark 'minus parrot' Plati Mark and Leeza Derek, Mark and Leeza Someone's stolen Derek's cigarette Blam, Derek and KelMar Ziggy Schtune
Tura and David Date Rape 2 Two Space's... Face and Boy Cockney Gringo HRH Princess Ramsey Evan and Ramsey
Tommy Newton eat your heart out Derek, Leeza, Blam and Rednik Pozie, ? and EoS Twat in a hat Leeza, KelMar and SpaceFace Hallo SpaceBoy and pFurs
EB, Blam, Mask and SteK Kel lines Derek up perfectly Kel slapsticks Rednik Kel and AmPm.. nice shoes Adam Blam and Derek get fingered Cherry, Simone and Suff
Ysengrin, GailFire and Jan Johnny Spaceboy Leeza and Derek Derek and pFurs Leeza fingers Derek EB, Blam, Pam and KelMar

All photographs are copyright of Mask, Rednik and SpaceFace

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