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by Dasha

I love to feel the pain inside
I think that I deserve it
There's no-one here right by my side
But it's just the way it should be

It's what I get for my desire
To lead another life
To live alongside with my dreams, my fire
And even be a part of it

Oh, silence, please do come here
I want to dance with you
To whisper softly in your ear:
"Forever I'm with you"

'Cause I love someone I will never touch
The image, the fairy stardust
And every night it hurts so much
To hug my everlasting dreams

And then I see me in the mirror -
It's like another girl
And it's funny to watch her tears fall
All the way to the wet floor

You are so real, behind my back
I feel that I'll go crazy
It's very hard to feel you with each breath
And know that you are not there

My love for you is so strange, my friend
I know, and I say sorry
I smile through tears and cry:
"Take me with you, my sorrow"

It's far more better to live forever
In a non-existing dream
Than breathe each day with fever
That you'll be gone again...

Written by
2nd May 2002.

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