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by Nevada Kerr

Eucharistic intercourse
God and Goddess merge
Harlot of the final course
Grace is sure to splurge

Frictional gratitude
Won't mitigate the urge
To anoint the fateful wounds
Of the rising demiurge

Break the bed, wake the dead
Stroke the wand and rub the ring
Communion in the wine and bread
The bloody thorns that roses bring

Horizontal sorcery
The longing to return
Grease that big wheel Charity
Before her bridges burn

We banquet in eternity
I eat you and you eat me
Soul food for the journey home
To the Ravished One in Three

Sacred word of the rasping bird
Ration for the famished herd
She revels in my deliverance
Sheathing tongue and sword

Written by © Nevada Kerr
April 16, 2005.

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