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Remixes by GeoCentric

Fashion (GeoCentric Mix) - 'You Belong In Rock and Roll' and a little bit of "Heroes"

"Heroes" (GeoCentric Mix) - the rhythm is from 'Pallas Athena' from the Tao Jones disc.

Space Oddity (GeoCentric Mix) - Hal from 2001, the Apollo 11 moon shot and Kraftwerks 'Radioland'. I heard that track the first time at the S2S show before the Dali film in 76 in Philly. I've never been the same since.

New Town (GeoCentric Mashup) - features It's No Game, Stay, A New Career In A New Town, Queen Bitch, Under Pressure, Aladdin Sane, Fame, Moonage Daydream and Golden Years is in there too.

Lady Stardust - a hip hop version - yeah really!

And something I'm calling 'Stay Jam' - it's a mash up of studio version woven with live versions from '76, '78, '97 and '04. It's a wall of sound.

1 Lady Stardust (GeoCentric Remix)
4,015 KB
2 Stay (Time Travel Jam)
7,324 KB
New Town (David Bowie Mash Up)
5,459 KB MP3
Heroes (GeoCentric Remix)
6,900 KB MP3
Fashion (GeoCentric Remix)
5,714 KB MP3
5:15 The Angels Have Gone (GeoCentric Remix)
4,68 MB MP3
The Dreamer (GeoCentric Remix)
5,41 MB MP3
Fashion (GeoCentric Remix)
5,714 KB MP3
6 Space Oddity (GeoCentric Remix)
5,485 KB

Copyright 2007 George Wolstenholme

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