A Lad Inane telling it how it is

A Lad Inane - aka "Laddie"

Aladinane is truly an amazing young man. Not only does he manage to retain his coolness while living in Texas, but he also reknown for being a real suave cat.

Aladinane's biggest talent is the ability to turn any David Bowie song into silly classics, rather like his hero and mentor, Weird Al Yankovic (only Laddie has better hair). For years now, the Ladster has been making BW bust out in belly laughs with his master craftsmanship and lyrical ability.

He is also secretly living as a homeless man in the mean streets of San Antonio, a city known for it's rough and tumble gangland lifestyle. And apparently he will work for food.




    18th December 1979.

Where do you live?
    In a small corner of the Gimli Hospital circa. the 1930s.


Your favourite David Bowie album?
    Diamond Dogs.

Your favourite David Bowie song?
    I'll list three - Rebel Rebel, The Heart's Filthy Lesson, African Night Flight.

Most embarrassing experience:
    Showing up at school with my brand new Yellow Devo Tyvex jumpsuit and realizing that EVERYONE wore that that day! Not really, but that would certainly be embarrassing.

    Being told that 2 bands have covered my 'songs'.

Most memorable experiences:
    The feeling I got when I completed my first screenplay.

    Going one whole week without speaking to anyone.

    Being told by Nietzsche that Jim Varney was dead.

Best Bowie gigs been to:
    The one where he performed all those songs.

Favourite Bowie event you've been to?
    The table in the back of the school cafeteria reserved for fans of Bowie, Kraftwerk, Numan and Italian horror.

Favourite beverage?
    Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

Favourite food?

Favourite sexual position?
    My position; I think sex should be allowed.

Name one thing that you completely hate?
    The Incredibly Androgynous Orwellian Creature Who Stopped Living and Became a Mixed-Up Glam Rock Icon!

    (Being inspired by Bowie is one thing, but this guy completely ripped him off in the late 70s).

Describe David Bowie in one word?
    COAFIL (cool old androgynous fellow I love).