David Newman

David Newman - aka "Diamond_Dave"


    Haven't Looked.


    July 26th 1977.

Where do you live?
    Brisbane, Australia.


Your favourite David Bowie album?
    Diamond Dogs.

Your favourite David Bowie song?
    Sweet Thing.

Most embarrassing experience:
    My first time in a nightclub when Rebel Rebel came on. Here I was trying to perform my best Bowie dance and I had though it was a success. Unfortunately a girl came up to me later and said I danced like Elvis :(

    The other sad moment to leave me with a red face came at Hidden Secrets Cafe one winters morn in 1995 when I had arranged to meet the girl who I had plucked the courage to ask out after 7 months of watching from afar. In my rush to get ready for my big date I had forgotten to zip the fly on my slacks. So there I was with the girl I was infatuated with and my zip was down the whole time. Not such a bad thing in some cases except I had no underwear on this day. Funny thing is I didn't even feel a cold draft as my mind was pre-occupied impressing this girl. She knew the whole time but failed to tell me until 2 nights later on the phone when she told me how cute she thought it was. I guess it worked in the end... AAhh, the things we do for love.

Most memorable experiences:
    Meeting Suede on their tour down under in 1999. It was a huge thrill to meet my idols and find them to be the most lovely chaps around. I was able to spend half an hour having a beer with Simon Gilbert, the drummer.

    Also standing at my bus stop in town this year and having Nick Cave walk past me. He was to perform the following night and I was fearful of not being able to meet him. Low and behold my wish came true in the most strangest of places, a bus stop in the middle of town.

    Finally, spending time with Will Seargant and Ian Macca from Echo and The Bunnymen during the sound check, signing autographs, taking pictures and talking about Liverpool F.C. What a wonderous August evening to enjoy :)

Best Bowie gigs been to:
    When I get to see one I shall endevour to fill this in.

Favourite Bowie event you've been to?
    Well, I have run a few Bowie nightclubs over the last 7 years. It's the only way I usually get to hear him in clubs. I run videos on a big screen, play Bowie and Bowie related tunes and mix with other fans. It's my compensation for not being able to see him live as the bastard has not been to Australia since 1987. I have only been a fan since 1992.

Favourite beverage?
    Used to be Carlsberg, though now it's orange juice.

Favourite food?

Favourite sexual position?

Name one thing that you completely hate?
    People who fail to see Bowie's influence on today's culture.

Describe David Bowie in one word?