SteK - aka "Baby Stephen King" aka "BB King"

Stephen was christened 'Baby' by Blam over on BowieNet as a regular part of his news write ups for reasons which are now obvious. After seeing the photograph I added up here of him recently (the cosmic orange toilet brush one), he got that worked up and in such a state he started the biggest piss poor threat in legal history. He even reported it to one of his nursery school teachers, who told him to have a nap and stop being so childish. So for acting just like a baby, and a big baby at that, he will now forever be known as BB King.

He doesn't post much on the boards here, I don't think he's managed to suss out how exactly to acheive a posting, but we'll forgive him, being only 2 months and all ;)


    Yes please!

    2 months.

    Next week so send me a prezzie!

Where do you live?
    Cheshire, England. Way too close to Rednik.

Email: (Ed. You wish!)

Your favourite David Bowie album?
    Err... this week? It's Station To Station.

Your favourite David Bowie song?
    Blimey now your asking! Oh let's go for Magic Dance :-)

Most embarrassing experience:
    This f**king message board!

Most memorable experiences:
    I'm not telling you that! It's rude :-)

Best Bowie gigs been to:
    Mark and Lard Show Radio 1 - October 1999.

Favourite Bowie event you've been to?
    Event? What like a fan thing? None of them... they are all crap. I'll have to go for the aftershow party in Paris on the 'hours...' tour.

Favourite beverage?
    Any poofy girls drink like Baileys or Tia Maria... oh Southern Comfort is nice too.

Favourite food?

Favourite sexual position?
    Doggy Style (but not with dogs... despite what Kinder says about some of my ex's).

Name one thing that you completely hate?
    Twats posting pics of you up when you look a c**t.

Describe David Bowie in one word?