David Bowie's music in sing-a-long children's book and CD entertains and educates young readers

San Diego, CA - The official release date for the children's book MUSICAL STORYLAND is set for April 24, 2004. Music and lyrics written and performed by DAVID BOWIE provide themes for the soon to be released sing-a-long children's book, Musical Storyland. This brilliantly illustrated read-a-long, sing-a-long text and musical disc helps children improve their reading skills while exposing them to music and visual art. This book is packed with mysterious and sometimes zany characters that mesmerize all audiences. Although this book is designed for children ages four and up, adults will also find themselves captivated by the incredible themes, catchy tunes and exceptional artwork. This fully illustrated 32 page, jacketed, hardcover book contains a musical disc with 25 minutes of playing time and retails for $19.99. Contact Worlds In Ink Publishers, Inc for distributing and sales information at

Author JAMILLA NAJI's inspiration for the book was generated by her great appreciation of David Bowie's music and what she refers to as the "musical generation gap" she experiences with her daughter. She states, "Songs we all learned as young children have their time and place, but I hardly feel like singing them as an adult. This music is timeless and can be enjoyed by all ages."

The high quality and ingenuity of this book is the product of two and a half years of full time work by illustrator and author Jamilla Naji of San Diego, California combined with the design contributions of Chris Bryson at the Waxed Paper Press, New York. Universal Music Special Markets, TRO Essex Music, Inc., Warner Bros. Publications U.S. Inc, and Embassy Music Corporation provide the authoritative source material for this project.

Jamilla Naji is one of twelve featured artists this year at the San Diego ArtWalk fine art exhibition. ArtWalk will be held in the Little Italy neighborhood of downtown San Diego, CA on April 24th and 25th from noon to 6:00pm. Jamilla will be displaying original artwork from Musical Storyland and signing books at this event. For more information on ArtWalk, please refer to the website

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