(click on selected tracks for samples)
1. Over The Wall We Go - Oscar
2. The Laughing Gnome - Ronnie Hilton
3. Silver Tree Top School For Boys - The Beatstalkers - [play]
4. Silly Boy Blue - Billy Fury
5. Everything Is You - The Beatstalkers
6. When I'm Five - The Beatstalkers
7. Oh You Pretty Thing - Peter Noone
8. Andy Warhol alt. mix - Dana Gillespie
9. All The Young Dudes - Mott The Hoople
- [play]
10. Wagon Wheel - Lou Reed
- [play]
11. The Prettiest Star - Simon Turner
12. I Am A Laser - Ava Cherry
13. People From Bad Homes - Ava Cherry
14. I Am Divine - The Astronettes
15. Things To Do - The Astronettes
16. The Man Who Sold The World alt. mix - Lulu
17. Watch That Man - Lulu
- [play]
18. Growing Up And I'm Fine - Mick Ronson
19. Music Is Lethal - Mick Ronson
20. Hey Ma Get Papa - Mick Ronson
21. Backed A Loser - Dana Gillespie
22. Rock 'N' Roll With Me - Donovan
23. The Man Who Sold The World - John Cougar Mellencamp



'Oh! You Pretty Things' is a unique collection of early David Bowie covers featuring a cast of big names including Lou Reed, Mott The Hoople, Mick Ronson, Billy Fury, Donovan and Lulu.

Includes hits like 'Oh You Pretty Things', 'All The Young Dudes' and 'The Man Who Sold The World' alongside collectors' rarities like 'Silly Boy Blue', 'Silver Tree Top School For Boys'and 'Over The Wall We Go'.

This 23-track set is sure to appeal to hardcore Bowiephiles as well as the more general 60s/70s Pop fan and is the first-ever compilation of its kind.

The package features sleeve notes by David Wells, alongside photographs and memorabilia.


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